The Dunguen pt 1It was my biggest fantasy , i had always wanted to visit one and i knew i would be nervous as much as i was excited but i had never wanted to push myself so much before in my life , all the new experiences and feelings would tip me right over the edge , i tingled from head to toe in anticipation as i was led by my Sirs hand down some stairs, the visual overload would be too much so my Sir decided to blindfold me to reduce the stimulation, after that he placed my collar around my neck reminding me that i was his , i belonged to him and i boy i never felt safer , i was led blindfold into a room , all i could hear was the sound of my heartbeat pounding till i heard a soft whisper in my ear , stand still he ordered softly, i froze and did what i was told, my Sir began to remove my clothes gently at first , i could feel his hands shaking with excitement like a c***d on christmas day opening up his ” big ” present, he got rougher with his grasps at my clothes till i was stripped completely , i could feel how wet i had become , as he removed my knickers the evidence was visable , Sir commented ” well arent we an excited little kitten ” i replied breathlessly ” yes Sir i am ” .He said to me in a dominating tone , right kitten I love you but I’m about to treat you like i dont , this is going to be the best experience of your life, those words made me shake inside so much , i couldnt believe the moment was finally here , i could feel the afyon escort adrenaline starting to rush through my body as my Sir took me by the hand and led me slowly over to what i thought was a platform as i stepped up onto it guided by my Sirs hand and instruction, i didn’t know where i was or what surrounded me , my Sir began to remove my blindfold , as my eyes ajusted to the low light in the room all i could see was my Sir staring at me with an evil grin and lust in his eyes , i could see i had never looked so vulnerable and sexy to him before, he kissed me slowly and softly on the lips as my eyes panned round the room at all the instuments that would bring me pain and pleasure , the excitement was too much , My Sir placed his hand on my inner thigh as my cunt juice ran down my leg, his hand slowly rose to my now aching cunt , his hand was wet through with my jizz , he removed his lips from mine and placed 3 fingers into my mouth and forced me to taste myself , as i did he reminded me that i was his dirty whore and was there to please him. I replied” yes Sir i am” with a smirk on my face. He removed his fingers from my mouth and his hand met sharply with my face as he slapped me, he barked “what are you smiling at you useless piece of fuckmeat? ” My smirk left immediately and my brain sunk quickly into a submissive space i had never experienced before , he was so Masterful , at that moment i knew he owned every fibre of my being , suddenly escort afyon the realness of it all became apparent. I was there to serve him and i was there for his purpose only . He needed to feel alive and for the first time i was about to make his dreams come true also , i would finally feel like the good girl he needed me to be . He barked ” no more smirking” as he pushed me up against a st andrews cross , the cold wood against my hot skin shocked me , he took my arms and legs and tied me up and asked me to close my eyes while he picked the toys and impliments he wanted to use on me , i waited patiently as he picked them and brought them over to the table , he looked at me with a sadistic gaze, i locked eyes with him as he explained what he was going to do with me , i couldnt take much more, my brain was exploding with excitement, he kneeled down in front of me burying his face in my soaking wet cunt , licking and sucking at my wetness , my juices coating his face , soaking his beard, he grabbed my ass pulling me closer into his mouth, i exploded uncontrollably as his tongue licked faster and faster at my pulsating clit, i came so fast and hard like i was being shocked, my body shaking and tears rolled down my face with relief, it was the most intense orgasm of my life , he stood up and kissed me so deep i could taste my self on his tongue , the wetness of his beard soaked my chin . I couldnt breathe , he had taken my breath away afyon escort bayan with that kiss ,i was a hot sticky mess and i could bearly take my weight even though i was tied up it was hard for me to be strong. He broke away from me staring at me the whole time , he asked ” are you ready kitten” as he picked up his first pain toy , i replied “yes Sir i trust you ” he smiled sinisterly and began to untie me , i was confused then i realised he needed me facing the cross so he could mark my back , ass and legs , he began slowly at first , building me up, he took his time with me making me feel every lash, i remained still in anticipation of the marks he was leaving behind , taking the stinging sensations and being as still as i could knowing i was making my Sir proud , my body was shaking and aching, i smiled to myself as i entered subspace, i was floating, almost on another planet . It was a euphoric feeling i didnt want to end . Nothing could touch me , the bond was incredible , i felt so cared for and protected, How long had i been here ? 20 minutes 40 minutes , an hour? I had no clue, my Sir knew i couldnt take much more as i wept, he stopped suddenly as i screamed for the last time , i was shaking uncontrollably as he untied me i collapsed into his arms , dazed and weak from the pain, collapsing to the floor he held me closer than he ever had before , i felt like the most treasured possession he had ever owned. He wiped my tears and kissed my face tenderly , i looked at him feeling broken , exhausted and full of love for him, he himself was shaking from the excursion he had expelled on me , i felt a sense of pride as he reminded me what a good girl i had been for him.



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