Muriel first met the strange man years ago in a dream. What augury of fate brought the two together neither could say. He was well built; a toned, athletic body, His muscles were firm but not frighteningly bulging. His eyes shone like emeralds in a handsome face, not the most attractive in the world, but still cute, he reminded her of a young Leonardo DeCaprio. She loved to tousle His spiked hair and scratch at His goatee in a playful way. Though they could not touch, they fell in love quickly. He would tell her of the Dreamland in which He lived, existing as one of the Unborn Dreamers. Muriel loved to hear tales of the holy city of Ulthar, where cats are sacred and any transgressions against them are even more grievous than those against a human. And the fabulous port city of Celephais on the Cerenerian Sea, where strange people from stranger lands would gather to do business. Of Unknown Kadath where the Gods were rumored to dwell.

Muriel longed to be with the stranger and begged for Him to take her away to the Dreamland, but alas He could not and told her she must find her own way to the seven-hundred stairs that lead down to the Gateway. She would wander through her life merely awaiting the next time she could sleep. Though she was an astoundingly beautiful woman with a slim and shapely body she remained single so that she might go to the stranger unattached. She would often talk of the stories He told her; of the war between the cats and the Zoogs, the sad tale of Iranon the bard, the priest Barzai who challenged the Gods themselves; and the people lauded her creativity they shunned her for her strangeness.

For six nights of the week He would leave Muriel free to dream on her own, searching and searching in hope for the Gateway. On the seventh night He would come to her and they would cherish their time together. The longing to embrace each other was torturous, though because they were separated by a thin veil of dream they could not.

The years went by, and Muriel grew weary of the waking world. People were cruel for the sake of being cruel and she could feel the bitterness of life eating away at her. Often times she would question the sanity of her obsession with the dream man, but every time she spent time with him she would feel it was truth.

Finally, one night as Muriel drifted off she found herself atop a great staircase leading deep down into the darkness, and more darkness pressed in on her from every side. She looked onward stunned and fearful. Was this finally it, did she finally find the Gateway. At first her steps were hesitant, she had learned long ago not to get her hopes up, but as she strode onwards she grew more convinced. She counted the steps as she went; 650, 651, 652, suddenly a gleaming copper gate came into view and her eyes went wide. Through the bars she could see spreading wide verdant fields and summer wildflowers. Rushing down the last steps she pushed through the gate and into the land of dreams.

The sun washed over Muriel, bathing her in its warmth and stealing her vision for a moment. When her eyes regained focus she saw her dream man illegal bahis approaching, leading two saddled zebras. His hair was it’s usual wildly spiked style and he wore a pair of lose fitting jeans and a dress shirt unbuttoned to show his moderately haired chest and his firm abs.

“Hello there my love,” He called out, “My name is Trevor.” He swept his hand towards her, a blue rose materializing in it. He tucked the rose behind her ear to adorn her hair, then pulled her forward into a passionate kiss. His lips were full and well suited to kissing and his tounge darted lightly between her parted lips, just barely wrestling with hers before drawing back. After what seemed like an eternity they pulled apart. Muriel was swooning slightly, butterflies dancing in her stomach, and a tingle shooting through her as her pussy started to grow a little moist. Trevor too seemed to be stunned by the kiss, dropping his suave demeanor for a moment, and Muriel couldn’t help but bite her lip and give a sly smile when she saw the considerable bulge in his pants.

After a moment of gazing lovingly at each other Trevor jerked his head back, indicating the zebras. “Shall we ride darling?”

Muriel chuckled at the thought of riding a zebra, “Sure thing handsome, where are we going to go?”

“Well I know you are fond of both cats and books, so let’s head over to Ulthar and take in the sights there.”

They climbed aboard their mounts and began riding off when a disquieting thought occurred to Muriel. “Will I return here when I wake up?” She looked to Trevor as she asked, concern crossing her face.

Trevor laughed, “No worries, once you cross the Gateway you wake up when you want to, and since an eight hour sleep period is a month’s time here, you’ve got plenty of time before you have to worry about your physical needs.”

Muriel smiled, satisfied with that answer.


A few hours later they arrived in the fabled city of Ulthar and immediately Muriel was swarmed by cats. Word had reached them of the great kindness she showed their kind in the waking world and they truly appreciated it.

Trevor reached out and scratched the nape of a cat that had lept onto Muriel’s lap. “Cats are the only creatures with unfettered access to the Dreamland. They surely know you well, you may even run across some of yours here. I’ll be sure to teach you their language later.” He said with a wink.

Muriel squealed with delight causing the cat on her lap to start to rise before it settled back down and began to purr.

Trevor led Muriel throughout the city, showing her the sprawling market, the grand temple and at last bringing her to the largest building in the city.

“This is the Grand Library. If the people of your world thought the library of Alexandria was something, you’ll hafta get a look in there later.”

Muriel’s eyes went wide at the prospect. “Can we go in now!? I want to see it!”

Trevor chuckled, “Actually I have something else I thought you’d want to see first.”

He lead her deeper into the city, following winding cobblestone paths into the residential area. At illegal bahis siteleri last they came upon a moderately sized two story house with a sprawling garden. “It’s no palace, but being a Captain in the Imperial Guard does have its perks.” Trevor slid off his mount and held up a hand to help Muriel off hers. “So what do you think?”

Muriel slid into his arms, wrapping hers around his neck and kissing him again. “I think it’s fabulous.”


Trevor led her to the bedroom of his home, Muriel could feel her pulse quickening in anticipation of the culmination of their years of desire. Drawing her close to the bed Trevor gently brushed Muriel’s hair back and began kissing her neck and gently nibbling at her tender flesh. Muriel let out a small moan and she could feel herself growing wet from so simple of a gesture. She wanted him with an intense passion.

Trevor began to slowly strip off her clothes but Muriel could wait no longer to feel their flesh pressed together. With a quick spin she slipped out of his grasp and pushed him to the bed and practically ripped off her own clothes before tearing at his. Trevor hastily stripped down and the two of them took a moment to stare hungrily at each others exposed bodies. Muriel’s body was lean and curved, her well sized breasts heaving. Her ass was big, but in a very pleasant way, and Trevor couldn’t help but reach out and grab a handful of her fine rear.

Muriel reached out and took hold of his cock, it was nearly seven inches, well above average but not so large as to be frightening. She leaned over seductively and began licking the shaft of his hard cock. Trevor’s eyes closed half way, smile spreading slowly on his face. Muriel suddenly thrust the whole dick into her mouth sliding deep down onto it, eliciting a massive gasp of pleasure from Trevor. The sound of his pleasure excited her even more, her pussy was dripping wet, the delicious juices beginning to run down her thighs.

Trevor grasped her hips and with a bulging of his muscles spun her around with his dick still in her mouth, Muriel giving a surprised gasp. Her pussy was now right in his face and he lay back on the bed bringing her down with him. The fragrance of her juices were more alluring than any other scent he had ever smelled, and he ran his tongue along the lips of her perfectly formed vagina, tasting her sweet nectar and making her shudder with pleasure. He reached one hand down to fondle her breasts and with his tongue continued to tease her moist pussy, intentionally darting just around the clitoris and occasionally rubbing against it.

Muriel’s sucking slowed and deepened as her mind became awash in ecstasy. The teasing was driving her crazy and she dug her nails into his legs in a passionate frenzy. She began rotating her hips, grinding her pussy into his face when all of a sudden a burst of pleasure burst over her. Trevor had locked his lips firmly around her clit and was lightly flicking it with his tongue. The combination of the sucking and licking right on top of her clit felt divine and Muriel could feel the orgasm building quickly inside canlı bahis siteleri her. She began rotating her hips more insistently and moans of pleasure began resounding from her mouth.

Trevor loved the feel of her moaning with his cock in her mouth and he too was nearing climax from it. His moans vibrated Muriel’s clit even more, bringing the stimulation to the breaking point. Both of them were awash in pleasure the urgency of the moment driving their minds blank to everything except each others bodies. Muriel let out a large scream of pleasure as she came, biting into Trevor’s cock slightly and squirting her fluids onto his face as she orgasmed. Trevor loved it and he too came, squirting a load right into Muriel’s mouth, as she convulsed and writhed with her orgasm on top of him. She clamped her lips closed around his cock, sucking all of his sperm into her mouth. It was salty, but not unpleasantly so and she savored the feeling of unity from their mixing fluids. With a great gulp Muriel swallowed his cum then began gasping with pleasure, but Trevor wasn’t done.

His muscles flexed as he flipped her over onto her back and rotated her around, positioning himself over top of her, his cock poised right at her dripping wet opening. He slid an arm under her neck and leaned forward kissing her passionately. He gazed into her eyes, his blazing emerald orbs locking with her glimmering hazel, confirming that she was truly ready. She nodded slightly, an eager smile on her face.

Trevor leaned forward and kissed her again as he thrust his cock into her hungry pussy, eliciting a huge moan from her. Muriel savored every inch of his cock as it thrust in and out of her, filling her tight pussy up. Their sweaty bodies were crushed together in passion, flesh rubbing on flesh in the ancient orgasmic dance as old as life itself. Muriel’s nails scraped across Trevor’s back and she bit hard into his collar bone. Their animalistic passions had full hold of them and already they were nearing another orgasm. Trevor’s fingers danced across her clit as he thrust deep into her pussy.

Muriel’s head dropped back as she let out an earth shattering orgasmic scream, her whole body going tense as a lightning storm of pleasure surged through her. Trevor moaned with pleasure as her pussy convulsed around his cock, with one final thrust he came deep inside her tight pussy, his semen coating her insides until it leaked out.

With a sigh of pleasure Trevor collapsed to the side and Muriel over to gaze lovingly at him. They kissed passionately for a while longer before falling into sleep.


Weeks passed and the two enjoyed their time together immensely. Muriel was both amused and annoyed by the fact that even though she was dreaming she still had to sleep, as Trevor put it, “Hey, I don’t make the rules.”, but was content that she got to do so in Trevor’s arms. They made passionate love on a nightly basis and never seemed to tire of each others caresses. Unfortunately it came time for Muriel to awaken in the waking world and she grew sad.

“What if I can’t find my way back, I couldn’t live without you.” She lamented.

“Don’t worry my love, the wise dreamers who visit frequently have said it is easier to find the Gate each time you visit. I shall be waiting for you every time you prepare to sleep. I will always be there for you.”



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