We sat on the couch, not too close, but not too far either. We’d been friends for a few years now. Maybe acquaintance was a better descriptor for our connection. We traveled in the same circles, and always seemed to get along well, but I’d never really considered any sort of relationship between us, there just didn’t seem to be that spark. Of course, I don’t think we’d ever really been alone before and we hadn’t really intended to be alone together now, things just sort of worked out that way. I briefly entertained thoughts of elaborate schemes to get me alone, but quickly dismissed them as ridiculous. Ridiculous. That was definitely the word. He’d never expressed much interest in me before, at least not that I could remember.

I tried to concentrate on the movie, but it was useless. The electricity I felt between us wasn’t going away. If I closed my eyes I could feel him sitting next to me, feel his presence there. I couldn’t believe he didn’t feel it. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t felt it before. Turning my head slightly I watched him. He seemed to be watching the movie, but then so did I. I wanted to touch him so badly. Wanted to feel skin on skin, needed some kind of confirmation this feeling really was coming from him.

I thought back, trying to think of the first time I’d seen him, met him, talked to him. It was probably at one of Meredith’s parties, that was really where I knew him from, but I couldn’t seem to recall the first time. I relived the times I did remember him, usually amidst a group of friends. He was usually quiet; I really didn’t know a whole lot about him. I knew he liked animals, at least dogs; he’d talked about his dog like it was his best friend. My cat had decided elsewhere was a better place to be, so I don’t know how they’d get along, but I remember him reacting favorably to a cat story of mine.

I shifted slightly towards him, pulling my legs up Indian style. Now my knee was only about 6 inches from his thigh. Progress! At this rate, we’d be in our 90’s before any clothes came off.

I forced myself to focus on the movie for a moment, glad I had seen it before. Yep, this could be considered a slow moment.

“I’m going to get a pop, would you like one? Coke, diet coke, ginger ale?”

I stood up and took half a step towards the kitchen as I asked, turning back to look at him. He looked up from the movie and into my eyes. There was silence for a full heartbeat too long. I had never really noticed their particular shade of blue before, almost grey. In my head, I was halfway back to him, to the couch, when he said

“A coke would be great.”

His voice quavered a tiny bit over ‘coke’ … what had he really wanted to say? My heart leapt at the possibilities. As I went to the kitchen, I felt him watching me. Blood pounding in my ears, I held the fridge door and took a couple deep breaths, trying to regain my composure. I grabbed the pop, determined to press things further.

Deliberate planning insured I’d get the skin to skin contact I sought, if he wanted his drink. With one glass in each hand, I sat back illegal bahis down; pleased to notice he’d moved two or three inches towards the center of the couch. Towards me. Now there was only about 8 inches between our jean clad thighs. I held his drink out in the hand closest to him, not saying anything. Could not decide what, if anything, should be said at that point. He took it with the hand closest to me. Our arms and hands touched, rubbed lightly against each other. The electricity was real. The electricity was him.

Heart racing, I leaned forward and set my glass on the coffee table. He did the same. I sat back, turning towards him. He said my name as he looked at me, meeting my eyes and then falling silent. The longing, the apprehension, the question – I could hear it all in his voice. I couldn’t muster my voice, and he seemed to have lost his. I was taking too long! Fear, doubt, embarrassment were filling his eyes! Nearly in a panic, I leaned forward before he could turn away, and gently pressed my lips to his. Trying to show him what I couldn’t find the words for. Slid my lips across his slightly, barely sucking on his lower lip. He finally reacted, I felt his lips moving against mine, felt the tip of his tongue gently brush my upper lip. The universe collapsed into that kiss.

All I could feel were his lips, tongue, teeth. Tasted them. Marveled at the rightness of it. Not a dry kiss, but not too wet either. Not a hard kiss, but not too gentle. Not invasive, but not passive either. This was just right. I felt like goldilocks. I had no idea how long that kiss lasted, it could have been seconds or decades, but eventually I wanted more. I could feel him wanting more too, and yet neither was ready to end the kiss.

Vaguely I felt him slide his hands into my hair, holding my head as I pulled myself across him, straddling his lap. He slid toward the edge of the couch, allowing room for my legs behind him and more of our bodies to be in contact. I could feel the bulge and heat in his jeans, I wondered if he could feel the warmth and wetness in mine.

Finally I released his lips, kissing and sucking along his jaw line, pulling his earlobe into my mouth and teasing it with the tip of my tongue. I felt his excited breath across my ear making me shiver, then hot against my neck as he lowered his face to kiss the skin just above my collarbone. He slid one hand out of my hair, down to my hip to pull me closer to him then he brought his hand up between us, first gently brushing past my breast, causing the nipple to tighten more, even through the layers of shirt and bra. Then he brought his hand back down, gently holding my breast, lifting it, sliding his fingers back and forth across the nipple, feeling it though the layers of fabric, making me gasp and release his earlobe.

Suddenly the clothes were too much, I wanted, needed to feel more of him. I reached behind him, grabbing the back of his t-shirt and pulling it up, untucking it, pulling it up farther, making it clear I wanted it OFF. He obliged by lifting his arms, and the shirt was gone.

More illegal bahis siteleri skin. I ran my hands lightly over his chest and upper arms, feeling the energy between us, feeling the warmth of his skin. Watched my hands touching him. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his chest. This was a man. He had muscles because he used them, not because he worked out in a gym. He was substantial. Not fat, but obviously he enjoyed life. This was real, not a façade, not a show. Masculinity in the best sense of the word. I heard his intake of breath as my fingers paused briefly at his nipples.

Then his hands were at the bottom of my shirt, sliding under it, his hands on my bare skin as they rose up across my back to unclasp my bra. I felt as if my breasts burst free of the bra, the soft fabric skimming across my taut nipples driving me wild. My shirt and bra quickly disappeared.

We looked at each other again; making eye contact for the first time since I’d kissed him. I trembled at the desire I saw in his eyes, my pussy quivering. He touched my face with one hand, the other gently resting on my hip. Gently caressed my check and drew me to him, tenderly kissing me. My throbbing nipples touched his naked chest and the kiss didn’t stay tender for long. We were sucking each others lips, tasting each other again. Feeling my breasts pressed against him, nipples on fire. His hands were flat on my back, warm and strong. Insistent that I stay there, pressed against him.

He shifted a bit, kissing, nibbling, sucking down my neck as I arched my back, panting and moaning low and soft. I grabbed the back of his head, pulling him lower, raising myself up. I wanted to feel his lips, his tongue against my breasts. But his burning mouth stayed at my neck and shoulders and then he leaned back a bit. I made a frustrated sound, too beyond thought to realize or consider what he wanted, just missing his mouth on me, when suddenly both of my naked breasts were in his hands. I opened my eyes and watched his face, the wonder and pleasure in it as he felt their soft skin, holding the weight of them, seeing the flush across them caused by his touch.

He started to squeeze my nipples a little, pulling on them slightly, rubbing his thumbs across them. I couldn’t take it anymore, I leaned back, closing my eyes and letting my head fall back, moaning when the feeling couldn’t be contained. The moaning became a constant undulating sound, and I felt a climax approaching. I held my breath and froze in place, not wanting my movements to distract from his touch, so perfectly gentle and rough. Growing bolder, he started squeezing a little more firmly, pulling on my nipples as I tried to keep from thrusting my hips at him, wanting to focus on the lightening jolting from my nipples to my pussy.

Then he grabbed each nipple firmly and pulled them up and out, just enough so that the weight of each breast seemed suspended from the nipple, every nerve engaged. He moved both hands slightly and the lightening jumped from both nipples at once sending me over the edge. I came, gasping canlı bahis siteleri for air, digging my fingers into his shoulders to keep from falling backwards.

Eternity ended, and I sat up slightly, not supporting myself from his shoulders anymore, lightly rubbing and caressing them where I feared I may have left bruises, where I almost certainly had left marks from my nails. My breathing was returning to normal, and the rest of the world came into being again. He had his hands cupped over my breasts, almost hiding them, as if to protect them. I focused on his face, seeing an amazement and greedy lust there. Smiling and leaning forward, I kissed him, then leaned farther to whisper in his ear

“If I suck on you till you cum now, can you cum for me again later?”

His throaty “yes” was definitely the right answer. I slid off his lap, kissing and nibbling his chest and neck as I did. His hands left my breasts, and reached out beside him, grasping the couch cushions. I reached out to the bulge in his jeans, feeling the heat there. Looking up at him, I slowly slid two fingers into his waistband, just brushing the silky head of his cock, making him jump a little, feeling the slick precum already there. The desire on his face was encouraging. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Looking back down, I saw the tip of his cock pressing up past the waistband of his briefs. I slid my index finger slowly over it, savoring the feeling, before grabbing both his underwear and jeans and pulling down.

He lifted his hips to help and the sight of his hard cock, pointing proudly upwards, was just too tempting. His pants were just about at his knees; all wadded up because I hadn’t pulled them over his feet at all, when I sat forward and took the head of his cock into my mouth. Obviously, I’d surprised him. With a startled moan, and an involuntary thrust of his hips, pressing him a little further into my mouth, he started cumming. He moved his hands to my head, as if to pull me off his cock, but I wrapped one hand around his shaft, so I could control things a bit better, and held his balls with the other, feeling the pulse of each stream of cum shooting into my mouth, moaning in pleasure around his cock to let him know this wasn’t a bad thing. His hands went back to crushing the couch cushions as he consented to my control of his cock.

Gently sucking, moving my tongue against his slit, feeling the cum pulse against my tongue, savoring it in my mouth, I slowly moved my head up and down on his cock until he stopped cumming. Then I just held him in my mouth, not moving, not swallowing, just looking up at him, watching his face, his eyes still closed, his breathing starting to return to normal.

He opened his eyes as I felt him soften a fraction. Looking into his eyes, I pulled my head back a little, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock just once, and swallowed. He groaned, closed his eyes and let his head fall back. Any trace of softness vanished as I licked off all of his cum, tracing every vein and ridge with the tip of my tongue. Hopeful I’d have the chance to give him a proper blowjob later, I kissed the head of his cock, pulled his pants and socks off, and moved up to the couch, to sit beside him. My pants were still on, so I hoped his answer to my earlier question was accurate….



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