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The ConferenceI recently started a new job with a major media company. Part of the job is attending various conferences sponsored by various media conglomerates. I had been warned that I would need my media credentials to enter the various events throughout the week. The first day you want to get out and catch up with old friends and former colleagues. I was in the hotel lobby where I was catching up with a buddy who works for a rival network when he asked “where’s your media credentials”. “Damn, I left it up in the room”, I said. “I’ll catch up with you at the convention center “, I told my colleague Herbie since it was going to take a while for me to get back up to my room on the 22nd floor. I got to my room and noticed the housekeeping cart was outside my room but my door was closed. Usually if the housekeeping cart has been outside my hotel rooms in the past, it meant that the housekeepers were cleaning the room. Seeing that the door was shut, I figured that the housekeepers were off on a break and that my room was where they were going to resume. As I approached my door, I heard the unmistakable sounds of a female moaning. I opened the door and there was the maid, with her pants down around her ankles, on her side with her back to me, jilling off to a porn video on my work laptop. I was enjoying the view as she had long black hair bakırköy escort that went down to her shapely ass. Unfortunately my credentials were right next to the laptop so I knew I was going to scare the shit out of her. “What the fuck?” I asked, pretending to be shocked (I was, but I was also thinking how I was going to capitalize on this situation). “Oh mierda, lo siento señor”, she stammered and quickly tried to cover herself. “¿Tu hablas ingles?” I asked, putting my elementary spanish to use. “Si, I mean yes” she answered as she started to turn red. “Did you enjoy the show?” I asked. “Are you going to report me?” she asked. “I can if you want me to…what’s your name?” I asked. “My name is Marisa”. “Answer my question: did you enjoy what you were watching?” Marisa started turning red again but still no answer. “Well I guess management needs to know what their staff are doing…” I said, letting me voice trail off. “Yes I liked it”, she snapped. I walked over to my laptop and noticed a video was playing. A cute BBW was happily catching loads at a gloryhole (here’s the link to see her in action – pulled out my dick and said “here’s the real thing cutie. Get over here and taste this dick.” Marisa stared at my hardening dick and then she beşiktaş escort grabbed it and started mumbling in spanish “buena polla, buena polla”. Then she proceeded to lick, nibble, and inhale my dick. She practically attacked my dick and then she licked and sucked my nuts as she started stroking my dick. She then started sucking me the way my favorite porn star was blowing dicks in the gloryhole video that was still playing on my laptop. “Marisa stop”, I said as I could my balls tightening for an impending release. She smiled and increased her suction and started squeezing my nuts really hard. “Cum madre hijo de puta”, she whispered. “Hell yeah bitch” I said as I grabbed her head to force more of my dick down her throat just as the first cum blast hit her tonsils. She didn’t miss a beat as she swallowed every creamy drop. She kept going until I had to yank her off my dick. I pushed her back onto the bed and yanked her pants off. I dove her between her thighs to taste her sparsely-haired pussy. I ran my tongue over her swollen clit. She started moaning and before long, she grabbed my head and tried to drown me with her spasming cunt. “Suck me papi” she hissed as she ground her mound against my mouth and tongue. I lapped her pussy like a thirsty hound dog. Suddenly she stiffened, clutching the sheets beylikdüzü escort tightly, and let out a long, low primal gasp. Her pussy erupted with her cream, drenching my face and the sheets. Seizing the initiative, I pulled her to the bottom of the bed and eased my dick into her creamy pussy. I was standing on the floor and was able to bring her short legs up to my chest and sunk my dick deeper into her clenching goodness. After long stroking that pussy for a while, it was time to change up. I flipped her onto her stomach and positioned her clit on the corner of the bed.I entered her from the back and began to ground and pound. The friction of the sheets against her clit was causing Marisa to cum nearly nonstop. I wasn’t concerned that her cries might be heard down the hall; all I wanted was to fuck her brains out. I spanked her sexy ass as she ground against the sheets and backed up onto my dick. Her cries of “papi” were the soundtrack of our fuckfest. I flipped her back over and placed her legs on my shoulders and plowed her tight pussy with fervor. Marisa started cumming again and I could feel my load rising in my nuts. “Look at me”, I growled at her. Her eyes fluttered open and I asked, “you want my cum mami?” She nodded rapidly. I said to her in a loader tone, “I can’t hear you, Marisa. You want my cum?” “Yes! Yes, papi! Give it to meee!” We loudly came together as I erupted deeply in her pussy. “I’m here until Saturday and you’ll need to come to my room every morning”, I told her. “Ha! I’ll be back tonight, papi” she laughed. I didn’t make the keynote address and I knew this conference was going to be a blast!



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