“No, David! Please don’t do that!”

Helen Collins pulled away from her son’s urgent mouth as she struggled from his encircling arms.

“We’ll talk about this tomorrow,” she added, her face flushing. “I’m going to bed now and I suggest you do the same. You’ve clearly had too much to drink.”

David tried to mutter an apology but Helen had already left the room, leaving him feeling embarrassed and confused. His mother’s fortieth birthday party had been an intimate occasion for family members and a few close friends which had passed off successfully. Until, that is, he had impulsively taken her in his arms and kissed her passionately on the mouth.

A few minutes later he was in bed and drifting off to sleep, remembering how sexy his mother had looked in her new dress, one which was unusually short for her. The low, square-cut neckline had exposed a good deal of cleavage, which he had found it difficult to take his eyes from. When she had pecked him on the cheek to thank him for his present of a bracelet, the nearness of her body and the heady fragrance of her scent had compelled him to press his lips forcefully against hers, the full consequences of which remained to be seen. Only a grovelling apology seemed likely to get him out of trouble.

Helen didn’t find it quite so easy to get to sleep that night. The initial shock of David’s sudden embrace had faded, leaving her with memories that were far from unpleasant;her lips tingling from the desperate pressure of his mouth, his hands eagerly fondling her bottom, his erection pressing urgently against her stomach. What should she say to David in the morning? Various possibilities swirled through her mind until she settled on one which, though clearly unwise, she found too tempting to resist. Only then was she able to fall into an uneasy sleep.

– – – – o O o – – – –

Helen was surprised to find David already up when she entered the living room on the following morning-normally he slept late on Sunday mornings. She imagined that the previous evening’s incident was still worrying him, though he was clearly trying to appear nonchalant as he read the morning newspaper.

“I’m sorry about last night, David. I overreacted, I’m afraid. I just didn’t expect you to kiss me on the mouth so passionately.”

David looked up from his newspaper in amazement. He had been rehearsing his own apology all morning, his stomach knotted with anxiety. His mother’s words left him feeling bemused but a good deal more cheerful.

“I’m sorry, too, Mum-I just couldn’t help myself. You looked so hot in your new dress, but I know it was wrong to kiss you like that.”

“Well, inappropriate, certainly,” agreed Helen as she settled on to the sofa opposite her son. “Then again, it can sometimes be delightful to act in a not entirely proper way, don’t you think?”

David smiled uncertainly, not altogether sure what answer to make.

“Don’t imagine I didn’t enjoy the way you kissed me,” continued Helen. “I enjoyed it very much indeed! By the way, thank you for saying I looked hot last night. I was trying to show that a woman of my age can still look attractive.”

“You always look attractive to me, Mum, whatever you’re wearing. In fact, to be more accurate, you look as sexy as hell!”

“I don’t suppose my figure’s too bad, for a forty-year-old.”

“That’s something of an understatement! Your breasts looked fantastic last night-you should wear low-cut dresses more often. Added to that, you’ve got lovely, shapely legs and an absolutely delicious-looking bottom!”

David wondered for a moment if his admiration had been expressed just a little too forthrightly, but his mother’s glowing smile persuaded him that he had nothing to worry about.

“What a lovely compliment, especially coming from a son to his mother! I think you deserve a kiss. We do have unfinished business from last night, after all.”

Helen patted the sofa at her side in invitation, and after a moment’s dazed hesitation David moved to join her.

“Is that another new dress, Mum? I like it-it really accentuates your figure.”

“That’s because it’s a bit on the tight side. I don’t usually wear it because it tends to emphasize my boobs and bum a little too much. I somehow thought it would meet with your approval!”

David grinned, edging closer to his mother until his thigh was pressed against hers. Placing his hand lightly on her shoulder, he moved his face close to hers until their lips softly met.

“Wait a moment, please,” breathed Helen. “I need to make sure that you understand what I’m offering you here. I’m offering you a kiss, the kind of sexy kiss that a mother probably shouldn’t offer to her own son. I don’t mind if you put your tongue in my mouth-in fact, I would be delighted if you did-and I don’t mind if you fondle me through my clothes, but I don’t want you to go further than that.”

Somewhat astonished by his mother’s words, David could only nod in agreement. He would never have even considered slipping illegal bahis his tongue into her mouth, but now that she had given him her explicit permission, his own mouth began to water with anticipation. Similarly, the license to caress her alluring body, even through the barrier of her clothes, was one which he intended to exploit to the full.

This time his mother responded eagerly to his hungry kisses, returning them with an increasing passion. Her soft lips parted willingly to receive his probing tongue and he explored her warm, moist mouth with an ardour which sent shivers of desire coursing through her body, a sensation which she hadn’t experienced for a long time.

“I love you so much, Mum,” David sighed as their lips parted.

He softly kissed every inch of his mother’s smiling face as he slowly moved his hand from her shoulder to her left breast, cupping it tenderly in his palm. His growing erection was beginning to press into her side and he eased it from her slightly in his embarrassment.

“Please don’t,” moaned Helen, rubbing herself against him. “It’s so good to feel your hardness against me!”

She covered his hand with hers and pulled it against her body, encouraging him to feel at her breast. David was quick to take the hint, squeezing and fondling both of her tits with lecherous enthusiasm as he again crushed his mouth passionately against hers.

“Oh, God, my nipples are so hard!” moaned Helen, when her son finally took his lips from hers. “Can you feel them, darling?”

“Only just. It would be better another time if you wore a thinner dress-without a bra, preferably. Or a skimpy top, like the one I bought as a present for Lisa-she never did pluck up the courage to wear it.”

Lisa was his 18-year-old sister, a leggy blonde who featured in his masturbatory fantasies almost as often as his mother.

“Is there going to be another time, David?” asked Helen tremulously. “I’m not sure that it would be wise to … “

“Wise or not,” interrupted David excitedly, “there’s no way I’m going to be able to keep my hands off you after this, Mum. That would be asking too much!”

Helen smiled at her son fondly. She tried to convince herself that allowing him to passionately kiss and fondle her was permissible as part of a loving mother/son relationship, however inappropriate that was to the conventional mind. As long as things went no further she was persuaded that they would be doing nothing morally wrong. She recognized, however-while trying to push the thought to the back of her mind-that things would inevitably go further, and that in reality she yearned for them to do so.

“Kneel down on the floor, Mum, with your head on the sofa,” instructed David briskly, breaking into Helen’s erotic reverie. “I want to get a good feel at that gorgeous arse of yours! Dad will be down soon-we don’t have much time.”

Helen obeyed her son’s command without question. Although it was something she had tried to hide from herself, she had always secretly longed for a man who would sexually dominate her. Kneeling in the position that her son had indicated she experienced a sense of joyous liberation in submitting herself to his will-a tremor of anticipation running through her body as his hand brushed against her back and moved downwards.

“Oh, David!” she moaned softly as his hand lovingly caressed her bottom. “That feels wonderful!”

“I can’t grope you properly while you’re wearing such a tight dress. Next time I want you in a loose skirt and a skimpy pair of knickers so I can get a good handful of your bum cheeks.”

“Of course, darling. Anything you say-I do so want to please you.”

“If only within certain limits!” laughed David, giving his mother a sharp slap on her shapely bottom.

Helen let out a stifled yelp as David lifted her into his arms. “Don’t expect too much from me too soon, darling. Last night I was shocked when you kissed me so fiercely-this morning I’ve allowed you to stick your tongue in my mouth and to feel me up in an extremely lewd way.”

“Which you enjoyed immensely.”

“Of course I did, David. I’m not denying it. Just don’t expect me to go any further, at least not until I’ve had chance to think things over.”

David hugged his mother to him, thrusting the rigid shaft of his erection against her stomach.

“So, for the moment, I get to French kiss you and grope you through your clothes, nothing more?”

“I do believe that those are liberties which few other mothers would allow their sons to take,” said Helen with a smile as she lifted up her face to be kissed.

“That sounds like Dad on his way down,” whispered David, hastily pressing his lips to his mother’s and reluctantly allowing her to leave his arms.

“I’m sure there’s a thong or two in my knicker drawer. I bought them to try and get your father in the mood, without particular success as I remember. Worn under a loose, flimsy skirt, they should allow you to give my bottom a really good feeling up.”

“That illegal bahis siteleri would be ideal!” enthused David. “You truly are a hot bitch, Mum! Perhaps I shouldn’t say that but I really mean it.”

“Probably you shouldn’t say it,” agreed Helen, colouring deeply with pleasure, “but I’m glad that you did. I can think of no higher compliment than being regarded as a hot bitch by my darling son!”

Helen disappeared into the kitchen as her husband’s tread was heard on the stairs, David returning to his newspaper and using it to hide his erection as he reflected on the morning’s exciting events.

– – – – o O o – – – –

Helen quickly found a suitable skirt and thong, along with a skimpy top, but the opportunity to wear them for her son was slow in coming. During the next few weeks, David regularly worked overtime at the insurance office where he was employed and in the evening he found it impossible to arrange an assignation with his mother while his father was in the house. Weekends were just as difficult, for then David’s sister came home from the nearby university where she studied.

It was a frustrating period for both David and his mother. Snatched embraces of a passionate intensity excited them both but were insufficient to satisfy the growing desire they felt for each other. In addition, Helen was afraid that they would be careless one day and allow her husband to discover them in a compromising position.

Eventually, David had to take a half-day’s holiday in order to arrange an afternoon of erotic pleasure with his mother. After lunch, Helen slipped upstairs to change while David washed the dishes and anticipated the delights to come. His mother was waiting for him when he walked into the sunlit living-room, apprehensively waiting for his verdict on her choice of clothes.

“Wow! You look absolutely ravishing, Mum! That top shows your tits off to perfection. It’s that one off Lisa’s isn’t it?”

Helen smiled and nodded. The top in question revealed more than it covered, leaving her arms, shoulders and midriff bare and emphasizing her firm, hard-nippled breasts.

“I feel so slutty without a bra-though perhaps that’s not such a bad thing if it makes you look at me like that!”

David wasn’t very knowledgeable about female clothes but it was apparent to him that his mother’s loose, diaphanous skirt was meant to be worn with something underneath. Worn alone, it revealed her scanty underwear in a wonderfully indecent fashion.

“Stiff nipples poking through a skimpy top, a minuscule thong clearly showing under an almost transparent skirt-you certainly do look like a slut, Mum! The loveliest slut imaginable. My slut!”

He took her into his arms and covered her face with kisses, pulling her hard against his erection. Sliding his hands down her back, he grabbed hold of her firm buttocks and squeezed them roughly, receiving a gratified moan of pleasure in return.

“Do you want me on my hands and knees again?” asked Helen hopefully.

“I think I’d like you face down on the sofa this time, Mum,” replied David, releasing her so she could do as he asked.

Helen stretched herself along the sofa, arranging her skirt so that her son could handle her bottom without restraint. She smiled to herself as she rested her head on the soft cushion. David referring to her as his slut had made her feel ridiculously happy.

“What a fantastic arse!” moaned David reverently as he began to fondle his mother’s shapely buttocks. “I can feel it up much better in this skirt-it’s so much easier to grab hold of you.”

“So I see!” yelped Helen as her son tightly clutched two handfuls of her bottom.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” David asked with concern, though he continued to knead his mother’s buttocks with growing vigour.

“No-it’s simply that I’m not used to having my bum mauled around in such a rough fashion. Not that I’m complaining, you understand! Just remember that my breasts want some attention as well.”

“My one aim is to satisfy your unnatural desires, mother. If you sit up now I’ll maul your tits around for a while and get back to your arse again later.”

“Unnatural desires, indeed!” laughed Helen as she sat upright. “If it’s unnatural for a mother to permit her son to kiss and fondle her, so be it. I prefer to believe that I’m allowing you to show your love for me in the most natural way possible.”

“And I prefer to believe that you’re a horny slut!”

Before his mother could respond to these provocative words, David fiercely pressed his lips against hers and slipped his tongue into the warm, soft moistness of her mouth. His hand sought for her breasts and he firmly squeezed them through the thin top she had borrowed from Lisa, her nipples quickly stiffening against his palm.

As his mother’s tongue entwined with his, wetly and noisily, David had an almost irresistable urge to slide his hand beneath her skimpy top. Up to now he had obeyed her insistence that he only fondle her through her canlı bahis siteleri clothes, even though it had caused him a great deal of frustration. He knew that this situation couldn’t go on much longer-his intimacy with her must soon either deepen or come to an end, the latter possibility being too dispiriting to even contemplate.

He took hold of his mother’s hand and thrust it against his erection as he continued to passionately explore her mouth with his tongue. She rubbed his swollen shaft with growing vigour until he felt the familiar sensations of his approaching orgasm, albeit sensations of an intensity which he had never experienced before.

“I’m going to cum soon, Mom!” David gasped as he urgently attempted to unfasten his zipper.

“Let me do that!” said Helen, pushing aside her son’s fumbling fingers and deftly freeing his hard-on, grasping it firmly in her right hand and wanking it furiously as she sought to bring him to his climax.

This was the first time that Helen had masturbated David and it marked a sharp shift in their sexual relationship, one which was extremely exciting for both of them. Holding her son’s hot, turgid cock in a tight grip as she brought him to sexual completion was as arousing an experience as Helen could remember. Nor could she accept that she was doing anything immoral-delightfully lewd, yes, but not in any way immoral.

David groaned blissfully as his mother wanked him with an increasing tempo. Like most young men of his age he was an habitual masturbator but this experience was on a higher plain altogether!

“Faster, Mum, faster!” he cried urgently. “Yes, yes-oh, yes!”

Helen yelped with delight as creamy jets of cum spurted from her son’s bloated cockhead. She laughingly tried to catch the precious fluid in her hands, succeeding but for a few gooey drops which dripped on to her skirt.

David pressed Helen’s hands against his sticky cock and kissed her tenderly on the lips as he tried to form the words which would express all the complicated emotions he felt. Before he could do so, he sensed his mother tense against him as the front door opened. Seconds later, before there was time to react, his father walked briskly into the room.

“I thought if I left work early I’d find you up to something, Helen! I’ve thought for a while that you were involved with somebody. I never for a moment considered that our son could be that somebody!”

His father spoke more in sorrow than in anger, thought David.

“We need to talk, Helen-let’s go into the kitchen. I’ll have something to say to you later, David.”

“Yes, of course, Peter,” muttered Helen. “I just need to … “

She showed David her hands, which were covered in thick clots of his glutinous ejaculate, and looked at him pleadingly.

“Here-use this,” said David in embarrassment, offering his mother a paper tissue.

“I hardly think that will be necessary,” said Peter. “I’m sure your mother would prefer to use her tongue. Wouldn’t you, Helen?”

“Yes. Yes, I would,” replied Helen, looking at her husband with marked surprise.

David looked on with equal surprise as his mother licked his semen from her hands with evident pleasure, sucking on each slim finger before making a move towards the kitchen.

“Haven’t you forgotten something, darling?” asked Peter, a slight smile appearing on his lips.

Helen hesitated for a moment, her face rapidly colouring as she realized what her husband meant. Then she leaned over and took the head of David’s softening cock into her mouth, licking it clean with brisk efficiency.

“That’s better,” murmured Peter, moving towards the door and indicating that his wife should follow him.

For the next several minutes David could only sit in bewilderment as his parents discussed matters in the kitchen, their muffled voices occasionally reaching an intensity of tone which never quite became anger on either side.

His father had clearly been well in control of whatever emotions he had experienced on discovering his mother having just jerked him off. Instead of the outrage he had expected, encouraging his mother to lick his cum from her fingers and his cock had left him feeling confused as well as strangely excited.

David’s disordered thoughts were disturbed by the opening of the kitchen door and he hastily tucked his flaccid cock back into his trousers. His father sat opposite him, a look of calm sterness on his face. His mother took her place again by his side, her expression one of barely subdued elation.

“Don’t look so worried, David,” said Peter with a hint of a smile. “Your mother and I have come to a decision which I believe will please you. It was, of course, wrong of both of you to start up such an intimate relationship, at least without asking my permission. However, I am prepared now to give that permission, subject to certain conditions.”

“Your father,” said Helen, “has been good enough to suggest that we develop our sexual relationship further, under his guidance.”

“Thank you, darling,” said Peter, slightly repressively. “Perhaps it would be better if you left me to explain matters to David.”

“Yes, of course,” agreed Helen, accepting her husband’s reproof with equanimity.



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