The Club (Part 2)The Club Part 2 Janet Put to the CaneI like all types of women. young, mature, pretty, plain. One type which I think all men like is the willowy, librarian type. The type of girl who beleives she is ugly, but is in reality radiantly beautiful. The Club had such a new member recently. She was delivered by her partents on Friday. Having had a hand in approving her application for joining The Club I discreetly monitored her arrival. Following her parents deprture, Janet was left stnding in the car park with her luggage sat beside her. Tall ald willowy, at least 5 feet 10 inches tall. She had ash blonde hair, worn loose and long to her shoulders. She had a straw sunhat on and wore rather thick glasses. You could tell she was not confident. She wore little makeup, and a 1950s style shift dress. I drank in her figure, slim legs, rather meagre backside and averge sized breasts, which were rather flat. Not much evidence of cleavage.Luckily one of the older girls came across to greet Janet, and help with her luggage. The older girl, Mavis, clearly was taking Janet under her wing and I was glad.During the afterrnoon I had a game of tennis, then retired to the terrce to read. Half an eye I kept on Janet, as she was shown round the house by Mavis. At dinner I illegal bahis found myself next to Janet, but did not engage in much conversation. However I did lean over after one course and say “The gentlemen of the club woudl appreciate your attendance in the Classroom after dinner”. At thsi she visibly blanched, and I dont think I saw very many further morsels pass her pretty lips.Janet disappeared after dinner, and I had some chat about current affairs with my companions. At the appointed time we sauntered along to the classroom, brandy snifters in hand. We sat at the school desks. After a few minutes there was a timid knock at the door, and the girl was bid to enter. Janet came in dressed in her sixth form uniform, Grey blazer, thigh length grey wool skirt, dark grey stockings and flat shoes. She still had her thick glasses on and her hair was tied in a smple pigtail. Top marks to Mavis I though for preparing her. Perhaps a small tip was in order.Janet stood in frnt of us, legs trembling, I could almost see her knees knocking. The Chairmn for the evening stepped forward to introduce Janet. As a new member, she had to learn how to be disciplined and how to please men. Janet looked as if she would bolt for the door. The Chairman said that Janet was to be Put to the illegal bahis siteleri Cane. Janet trembled even more.Two gentlemen stepped forward to assist Janet to disrobe. First she was stripped down to her underwear and stockings. And rather fine underwear it was too, hardly sixth form issue. Her breasts were not as small as I first though, and with a proper push up bra would produce a cleavage. Soone she wa as nude as the day she was born, standing ashamed on front of us, hands crossed in front of her pussy, the groin area having a delicate vee of fine hair. She was blushing furiously.the Chairman bid Janet lie over the spanking bench, as many women had done before her. The legs had already been adjusted to Janets leg length. The exact height was calculated to make Janet spread her legs slightly to achieve a stable position. As she slumped lower during proceedings she woud inevitably spread further and give us a better view of her charms.The Chairman then beckoned me forward, as we had arranged. I was to cane this fine young lady for the very first time. I took some time to select my weapn from those int he cane basket. Perhaps cruelly so, as someone showing a bit more mercy would set to lashing the girl quickly. Janets legs trembled and her eyes grew canlı bahis siteleri wider as I made practice cuts with each cane. Finally I settled on a medium length whippy cane, straight with a leather bound handle.Without further ado I positioned myself behind Janet, and landed the first stroke. A corker. She leapt up and clutched her bottom, eyes locking with mine in pleading. “Down girl!” I roared, and she meekly got back over the bench. the second stroke is perhaps worse, as the body knows what is on the way. The cane sang again and Janets legs kicked wildly. But she stayed in place. “Good girl” I said and I sensed Janet settled slightly. She screamed however on the third stroke. Strokes for and five went lower, to form the five bars of the gate. I adjusted my stance for the sixth ‘gating’ stroke.At this point Janet was allowed a little relief, but had to parade her bottom around to each man. If a man was to feel the ridges of the strokes and the heat from her virgin bottom the custom was for him to give her a small tip.finally Janet was motioned over to collect the second six strokes. Cruelly I landed the first two ont he sulcus, the ‘sit spot’ where a young lady will remember the strokes every time she sits down for a week.At last the second six were over and Janet was left heaving and sweting over the spanking bench. I Was rather glad to note that she had retained control of herself, and not a leak of pee had occured. However there was a glisten of moisture of another type of Janets lower lips…



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