Chapter Four-The Possession

I was very curious standing in the kitchen wrapped in the warmth of my robe, looking at the package on the counter with lust and hot fire in my loins. I untied the ribbon and practically ripped open the layers of tissue paper. I pulled the layers of paper apart slowly and discovered that there was no outfit? There was a note with my name written on top in red.

I opened it and read,

“Surprise Macy! In your room, you will find several outfit choices. One is in a briefcase. Once you choose, get dressed then read the instructions with the outfit you choose.



P.S. in going to fuck your brains out :)”

I laughed at that one and went to my room, practically running, I was so excited. I looked at my bed and there were four different outfits, neatly piled up and one briefcase. I was very curious about that. The first one was a schoolgirls outfit. Classic plaid skirt, white long sleeve shirt, knee socks, thong, a tiny bra, and two pairs of white, fur-lined cuffs.

The note said,

“You’ve been a bad girl. Report to the Principal’s office immediately.”

There was also a bamboo switch that looked quite intimidating, but the thought of me bent over, getting lashed by George, kinda turned me on.

The second outfit was a cheerleader’s outfit. A tank top, no bra, a very short skirt, short socks, running shoes, thong of course and two sets of cuffs, and a wooden paddle.

“Hey, Cheerleader. George’s team lost the big game and he needs some cheering up. Get ready to shake your Pom Pom’s.”

I laughed at that one, but wondered where the paddle fit into it?”

The third one was a French maid’s outfit. Fish net thigh high stockings, a thong, and the classic, albeit tiny looking maids outfit with lace in the back to tie it tight and the frills at the front lining the bra. There was a feather duster, two sets of matching cuffs, and a cat of nine tails whip.

“Clean the bedroom and if you miss one spec of dust, you will be bent over and whipped till your ass is purple.”

Damn, I was really wet now thinking of all the delicious things he could do to me in that sexy outfit with that whip all over my sweet ass.

The last outfit was a slutty Wonder Woman outfit. High red boots with the white stripe down the middle, the classic Wonder Woman outfit, except it was a thong instead of bikini shorts and the top looked like my tits would pop right out of it. It was actually a corset with a zipper at the back and it was very tiny. No bra. There were a wig, the headband, and the bullet repelling cuffs as well as another set of matching cuffs for my ankles I guess. The truth-telling golden rope was there and a leather riding crop.

“Your mission is to rescue George, however, he has been hypnotized and thinks that you are trying to hurt him. You have to subdue him and used the rope to bring him back. Warning, he will fight back and you need to be ready for that.”

I loved the idea of being a superhero and having him overpower me, tie me up, and go at me with the riding crop. The sensation of the leather end smacking my clit and nipples made me so horny even thinking about it. This was going to be a hard choice, however, I was very intrigued by the briefcase. I was shaking a bit when I opened the case.

The briefcase was all metal. Shiny, sleek and mysterious. I clicked it open and the lid opened smoothly

The interior was lined with plush red velvet and divided into compartments

There was a neck collar, medium thickness with studs and rings hanging off of one side of it and a buckle on the other side. There were four sets of leather cuffs with soft white fur inside and buckles to tie them up, each with a metal ring attached. There was a set of adjustable nipple clamps on a chain and what looked like long thin clamps that I could only guess might be for my pussy and one small clamp that I thought might be for my clit. It had soft rubber ends on it like the others. There was a thick rubber paddle, a spiked wheel, a bottle of poppers and a ball gag for my mouth as well as a blindfold. The outfit was a one piece thong bodysuit in black spandex, that shined like latex. It was small and appeared to have two holes in the chest for my nipples and a zipper enclosure at the front of the thong. It was so erotic. It took my breath away. I had never experienced this type of sex and was very curious about it, but also very nervous. It seemed a bit much for what I knew of him. The Wonder Woman outfit looked like fun. I think I wanted that.

It was done to two outfits, Wonder Woman or this bondage case. Both made my heart pulse with desire and primal lust.

The outfit fit so well. George was a genius when it came to the details of life and when he asked for my measurements, I could see why he wanted so much detail. The outfit was clearly custom made. The navy blue thong slid on like butter and fit around my shorn pussy like a glove, caressing my delicate lips and sliding up my ass, to rest perfectly on my shapely hips. The thong shorts fit over canlı bahis perfectly and the classic white stars looked so hot on my protruding pubic bone, lips full of blood and beginning to leak the sweet wetness of my desire onto the silky thong beneath. The top slid on easy. The material was amazing and it fit very snug with a built in support beneath the classic golden eagle across my chest accentuates by the waist cinching red top. I slid the boots up my silky smooth legs and marvelled at the supple leather and how it made my powerful calves pop even more. I had great legs and my calves were one of my assets I was quite proud of. My tits were another and they were bulging out of the top magnificently. I felt powerful and sexy. I put the crown on and the gold belt and fastened the lariat to my waist. The cuffs fit great and each one had a small metal ring on the inside and the red star on the outside. They were a dull platinum color just like Wonder Woman’s. I stood and admired myself in the mirror

I was hot! I looked like her and felt so sexy and turned on. I had cuffs on my feet and wrists and my pussy was now soaking wet with anticipation, my breasts popping out of the top and my face flushed with desire.

I was so curious about what would happen next and a bit nervous. George didn’t know that I had my black belt in Karate and Jiu Jitsu but he was about to find out, I smiled at that one. I wouldn’t hurt him, but I was no easy mark. My dad made sure I was ready for anything the world threw at me. I left the room and followed the instructions on the note. Try and find me Wonder Woman and be ready for anything. I’ll be waiting for you…

I smiled, boy was he in for a surprise. The boots were so well made, they fit me like a glove and I found I could walk very quietly in them. I was so turned on. I tip tied down the hall and looked in his study first. I pushed the door openly slowly, holding my breath. The room was empty, but I went in and crept around the massive oak desk, dashing behind and looking under it. Nothing

The closet was shut. I wanted to open it, but not leave my self-open for attack, so I went from the side nearest the door, and slowly pulled the door open. I jumped in front, hands I combat position and…nothing. The room was clear. This was so fun. I had no idea, where he was and what it would be like when I found him. My heart was racing.

I went back out into the hallway and looked both ways. It was clear. There was a light on in the gym. Hmm. That seems a bit obvious, but I needed to look to be sure. His gym was incredible, with a full size boxing gym, all the training bags, weights, cardio machines

Everything you needed was there. It was eery with the hum of the fluorescent lights and nothing but the sound of my breath in the large room. I walked towards the heavy bag area and the boxing gym, as there was a storage closet in the back I needed to check on. The doors were shut and my heart was pounding in my ears. I tip-toed towards the door and again stepped to the side to open them. I didn’t hear a sound, I looked around the corner of the door and the room was dark. There was a light switch on the left side, beside the door. I walked into the room and reached to the left, when out of nowhere, a hand grabbed my throat, pushing me back hard into the gym area.

I was stunned. I didn’t even seem him, but I regained my senses and reacted naturally. I twisted his hand and stepped aside twisting as his body flew past me and he landed on the gym mat with a thud.

He was up like a cat on one knee and delivered a firm punch to my solar plexus, I staggered back winded. It was on and it felt real. I was freaked out and turned on.

He paced around me and I walked around shaking off the effects of the punch.

“So I did my research Macy, and I know about your martial arts training. It’s very hot to me. I too have studied some things. Let’s see how good you are and don’t hold back Wonder Woman, or you’ll pay a heavy price.”

I laughed and said,

“Don’t worry George, you don’t become state champion by holding back.”

I saw his face flinch a little at that one and seized the moment, launching into my patented cartwheel roundhouse that caught him hard on the shoulder. Before he could react I connected with a roundhouse kick to his cheek and he was down.

I stepped back, worried I had hurt him, which was my undoing.

He rolled forward and swept my feet. As I landed on my back, he scissor kicked me in the abdomen and in seconds had my arm and shoulder in a submission hold. Fuck, I can’t believe he got me that quick. I countered, but he held fast and put even more of a lock up me, but I wasn’t about to go down that easy. I was extremely flexible as he was about to find out, with a toe right to his collarbone, in an area I knew was sensitive and could also be numbed with a precise kick. It worked and he loosened enough for me to pull my arm free and roll away up to a standing guard. He got up and attacked fast and furious. Damn he was quick and hit hard. I blocked and retreated as bahis siteleri he threw jabs, straights and hooks in combination that I was able to block, and countered with a two hand strike to his chest and a spinning back foot that he barely blocked with his hand. However, before I could block it he launched a wicked left crescent kick right under my right breast. Fuck it hurt. I flinched and stepped back in a defensive crouch, my tit throbbing and ribs definitely bruised. He was on me fast, but I wasn’t done yet. I was leaning to my right a bit and he stepped around trying to attack again on that side. I used the injury to my advantage and stepped into his attach, spinning with a wicked back fist, that really hurt my chest and rib, but as soon as I launched it, I knew it would connect. I caught him hard on his left cheekbone with a loud smacking sound. He stepped back in pain and shock and I launched a hard side kick right at his mid-section. He was ready and grabbed my boot, twisting and stepping into me at the same time. He wrenched my leg and flipped me on my back hard. I was winded long enough for him to flick a toe kick hard into my left lower back. I arched in pain with the contact and he dropped down with an elbow into my bruised rib again. Fuck that really hurt. He went for a choke hold, but I slithered away and kipped up and stepped hard into a front kick that caught him right in the chest and near the throat. It was a wicked kick and it lifted him off his feet right onto his ass I was too winded and sore in the ribs to attack and took the moment to recover. I was out of breath and bruised, but I was enjoying this.

“Fuck Macy, you’re really good. I haven’t been pushed like this in a long time.”

“Call me Wonder Woman,” I said smiling. He laughed and went into a capoeira dance. Shit this wasn’t good. Capoeira is really hard to defend against. You can’t tell when the kicks are coming and the rolling rhythm gives them a lot of force. He was bobbing and moving and smiling and I was doing my best to track him. He feinted left, right and a fast left, right and a rolling, high kick spin move and before I knew it, his left foot arced over my right arm, that was a little bit too slow and hammered into my face. I went down hard. Fuck that hurt. He slid around behind me and had me in a submission choke before I could roll out of the way. Dammit, I was fucked. He had me tight, sitting behind me arms locked tight around my neck. I struggled and tried to get his hands to twist my way out, but he had them locked tight. It was over. I tapped out, but he didn’t let up, in fact he tightened.

“I tapped, let me up.”

“Wonder Woman, wouldn’t tap out would she.”

It was the last thing I heard, before I woke up in his bed, chained to the bed frame, a defeated superslut.

I woke up chained to his bed frame, each hand connected to the big rings in his bed frame that went right up to his ceiling. My feet were chained to the bottom rings and my legs spread wide. It was a king size bed, so they were stretched wide and my arms pulled high and wide over my head. My ribs and breast were sore on my right side and I felt spots all over that were going to be bruised or sore from our battle. It wasn’t a big deal as I had fought many times before in competition and sparred for hours. I loved marital arts and George was very good. He nailed me with that capoeira technique. It totally caught me off guard but I would love to try and beat it. It was a deadly form of martial arts and difficult to defend against. I don’t remember how I got here but I kinda liked the feeling of helplessness. My golden lasso was laid down in front of me, rolled in a near circle. Beside it was the leather riding crop. Hmm, looks like I may be getting more of a beating, I thought getting warm and wet at the same time.

George walked into the bedroom wearing a black leather thong with studs down the front, a leather harness with buckles and a collar and boots up to his knee. He had a devilish smile and a nice sized welt on his left cheek where I had connected with my spinning back fist.

“Wonder Woman, you fought hard today, but I defeated you and now you will pay the price of that defeat.”

His face showed no sign of joking about this, so I went along with the game.

“Why don’t you untie me and we can have another round and see who wins this time?”

“Oh you would like that wouldn’t you, but you lost to me and you will pay for this,”

He said pointing to his face.

I wasn’t sure if he was pissed or if this was part of the game, so I just went along with it.

“It was a good shot, you have to admit.”

He smiled and walked toward me, reaching for the riding crop and the lasso.

“Apparently when this is on you, you have to tell the truth. Let’s see how well this works shall we?”

He jumped up on the bed and fastened it firmly around my neck, stepping back and glaring at me.

“Do you want me to whip your tits and pussy till you beg me to stop?”

“Yes,” I moaned.

“Would you like me to whip you so hard, your slutty bahis şirketleri outfit falls off of you?”

“Yes,” I gasped

“You’re a slut aren’t you?”


“You’d let me do anything to you wouldn’t you?”


“Would you let me fuck you in public?”


“Would you let me fuck your sweet, slutty ass and come inside you, like a cheap whore.”

“Yes,” I gasped writhing against the restraints feeling my cunt burn with fire.

“When I’m done fucking your superhero ass and making you my slave whore to fuck when I want, will you lick my shaft clean and suck my balls?”

He pulled the rope tighter

“Yes, fuck yes.”

“Yes, who”

He yanked on the rope, tightening it and pulling me off the frame.

“Yes sir.”

“YES WHO BITCH,” he yelled pulling the rope and swinging the riding crop hard into my right nipple. The tit that was bruised by his kick. Fuck it hurt.

“Yes master, yes please I said gasping in pain.

“Yes master what whore!”

This time he flicked the crop hard at my sopping wet cunt, nailing the clit with deadly accuracy. I screamed and thrashed against the chains, straining forward arms clenched.

“Yes you can fuck my slutty superhero ass and I’ll lick your cock and balls clean like a good little whore.”

He pulled my close to his face with the rope tightening it more, so that my breath was shallow and my head spinning. I was really close to his face now.

“I’m going to fuck your ass so hard, you’ll beg me to stop. There’s no safe word Macy. I’m going to take you and take you hard because that’s what you need isn’t it slut. You need me to own you in every way. To possess you don’t you. I want to own your cunt, your mouth, your ass, your free will. When I snap my fingers I want you on your knees ready to suck or be fucked. Can you handle that Macy. Can you take being owned, possessed? You’ll experience pleasure that you never thought possible. Tell me now Wonder Slut. Yes or no.”

I was a bit freaked out, but so turned on, I couldn’t think straight. I wanted him so badly, I’d say anything at this point.

“Yes, I’ll submit to you.”

“Do I own you!”

“Yes, yes, take me, possess me, own me George. I’m yours.”

He smiled a dangerous grin and pulled me close to his face.

“Tomorrow there will be a ritual, tonight, we fuck!”

He stepped back, loosening the rope and unleashing a wicked stroke just below my left breast and I heard the material give a little. Was he really going to whip the clothes off of me?

He struck again, underhanded, right between my pussy lips. I cringed and reflexively tried to close my legs to no avail. They were spread wide and my cunt was an easy target. He whipped it again and again and the thin strap of the thong broke, the material flapping and my pussy exposed. I was sopping wet and wanted his cock or fingers in me desperately. He stepped back and leaned hard into a vicious hit to my right breast ripping the material so that my tit fell out over the golden eagle. He grabbed my breast in his hand and bit down hard on my nipple. I flinched in pain and he bit harder and grabbed my cunt with his hand, easily sliding a finger into me.

I moaned with the sheer joy of being touched and fingered. My cunt was on fire.

I was releasing the inner slut that was always in me. He had tapped into what I had always wanted to release, a sexual freedom to let go and do what I wanted

I wanted to be his, to be owned. I leaned into his hand, fingering my wet cunt and released into him. His whore to do what he pleases with. I think he sensed this and stepped back looking at my willing body.

He whipped the riding crop right into my cunt hard. I pulled back in pain and he did it again, harder this time. I screamed out from the sting and burn of the leather smacking against my shorn pussy lips. He took the crop and slid it up slowly between my stinging pussy lips, brushing over my erect clit and back again, teasing me with the contrast in sensations of pain and pleasure. I moaned and pulled hard against my restraints and he ran the crop over my lips, my mouth opening like a slut, begging for more.

“You want more don’t you?”

I nodded, face flushed, cunt on fire.

“Tell me where and say it loud.”

“Smack my tits. Whip this slutty outfit right off of me.”

He stepped back and swung full arm into my left breast shredding the thin material and marking my tit with a big red welt.

“Uhh, again do it again. Harder,” I moaned

He leaned in and smacked my left tit again, tearing off the red and gold fabric, leaving my breast sagging down over the shredded garment. He swung backhand into the inside of my right tit, the red and gold flying across the room and my tit swinging from the impact.

Both breasts were covered in welts and burning. He stepped back and glowered at me looking at me with carnal desire.

He stepped to the side and swung viciously at my right hip, snapping the thin chord of the g string, leaving it hanging, shredded on my left hip. He stepped around quickly and whipped the thong right off me, bruising my hip with the force of his swing. I was alive with fiery sensations all over my buddy. My cunt was screaming to be touched, fingered and fucked.



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