Being a Chef myself, I am naturally a Foodie. A man contacted me on one of the Dating websites I frequent and was dying to meet. He was a Chef himself and I was eager to chat with him and pick his brain. We met at a local restaurant and talked Food, Food, Food…I was entranced.

We went out for drinks one night and as what happens in the presence of creative people who I am attracted to, I began to feel aroused. I could feel myself getting warm and he was definitely checking out the girls. I had a hoodie on and I always run hot…I peeled it off to reveal a sheer tank top with oops! Black bra and my 42DD’s straining against the fabric. I knew then that it was going to go down…and dirty. We started kissing, right in the bar…in front of everyone. I couldn’t stop myself, his lips were full and he was an amazing kisser. I LOVE a good kisser, it’s usually an indication that they are good in bed. At least good at cunnilingus, I thought…with a naughty little smile. I wanted his hands on my tits bad so I dragged him out to the car.

We start making out in the car…and damnnnn…if he didn’t have my pants off in 5 seconds. Chef was going down…and what a trip it was. He stuck in tongue in my ass. He was fucking my rectum with his long tongue and I was LOVING it. I was moaning and saying “Fuck fuck fuck”…he illegal bahis then stuck his finger all the way inside of my rectum and I had an instant orgasm. I was shocked…I had never experienced this before. I actually cried out. He had me bent over my seat and was prepared to stick his long curved Meat thermometer in me. I said “WAIT”…cuz damn, if I’m going to throw down I want the room to able to bounce around. So I said, “Let’s go back to my place”

I was a bit embarrassed because I live alone and the place wasn’t super neat. But, let’s be realistic, in the heat of the moment, who the fuck cares. I toked up a little and we got down to business.

I think he hadn’t had sex in a while because he was hard as a rock. But I have a tendency to do that to men because EVERYTHING makes me cum. Kissing, touching, caressing…if I am attracted to someone, you could press a point in my back and I’ll go off. I try to warn men that I have a tendency to jump and squeal and I am a filthy talker in bed. The smile of delight on his face as he took my bra off and my giant tits jumped out at him was enough to make me wet.

I was on the couch and he was on his knees between my legs. He was alternating between licking and sucking my clit to fucking my opening with his tongue. Oh…My…God…was he good at eating pussy. illegal bahis siteleri He spread my lips and was rubbing my clit and sucking on the lips. He kept saying, “You taste so good, I could eat your pussy all day”…Ummm..YES PLEASE! Then he flipped me over into Doggie.

I LOVE having my ass eaten. Years ago, someone did it to me while rubbing my clit and it drives me NUTS. It’s so taboo and naughty and soooo erotic. And of course at this point I was into the Cognac and there were no holds barred.

I turned around and deep throated him. I LOVE sucking cock and I can control my Gag reflex so I was able to stuff him all the way down my throat. He put his hands in my long blonde hair and began to fuck my face gently. I put my hands over his. I like this…not to point of gagging me, but I like the feel of a cock buried inside of my mouth and hands on my head. He was breathing really hard and saying “Oh my God, you give amazing head!” I smiled and tell him that I love to do it.

Then he surprised me. We went into the bedroom because I was craving his cock bad. He got on top of me and started thrusting. He was making a lot of noise, which I like, because it turns me on. My pussy was sopping wet. Then then put his dick right in my ass. I hadn’t had anal sex in probably 20 years and that was an canlı bahis siteleri accident…lol. I said “WHOA!” but then relaxed and started to enjoy it when he started stimulating my G spot. I started yelling, “Oh Jesus Fucking Christ, Oh my God!” and squirted all over him. I was amazed!

Then the Chef did something that surprised me more…He alternated between fucking my ass and my pussy. I was really into it, and he was in ecstasy. And when I get going, shit gets crazy.

I then did something that surprised myself…he pulled out and I stuck his dick in my mouth. I felt like I had lost my mind with lust. I was absolutely insatiable for his cock. I could taste myself on him and it made me cum. I sucked him, licked the tip, swirled my tongue around the head. A drop of pre-cum leaked into my mouth and I knew the Chef was getting close.

I like missionary…I know a lot of women can’t cum that way, but I always cum the best that way and I love the feeling of a man on top of me. And I can really, really work my hips. I kept saying “That’s it, Fuck me Chef, give it to me good, that’s soooo good”. I’m not a skinny girl but this Russian Witch can fuck. So I met him thrust for thrust. He gave a shout and came in me, buckets, it felt like, hitting the inside of my walls and I felt the vibrations throughout my whole cunt. I came in waves.

Then he got up and cooked for me 😉


Hey guys…I see what the critics are saying. I re-read “The Threeway and it IS disjointed in places. BUT…I am meeting up with the couple again so stay tuned 😉



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