As always, this is a total work of fiction, none of the names or people depicted are real.


My Birthday:

Wow! Look at all those candles! I could actually feel the heat coming off those bad boy’s, as my daughter sat the cake down in front of me. I took a big breath and did my best to blow them all out! I didn’t of course, there were a few north of 50 on there after all so, that’s no big surprise! Nor did I bother making a wish, what’s the point! The wish I wanted, was one of those special wishes you’re really not allowed to wish for. But that’s ok.

The presents were spread out across the long dining room table, they looked so festive decked out in all their colorful regalia. Most wrapped with fancy paper, some with bows. There was one I noticed that was wrapped in duck-tape, that one had my brother’s name written all over it! But it will be worth the trouble to get open, he never fails to buy me the best bottle of scotch he can find!

The cheesy decorations I figured were made by my sister, she was the artsy fartsy one in the family and it looked like she had taken the time to hang them everywhere! I knew the cake would be awful! Bought from Walmart every year, because no one in the family knew how to bake!

It would probably taste like shredded cardboard! They always did! The chocolate icing slathered nearly an inch thick on top would surely have the texture of wall plaster and the melted wax running down the sides from the candles, would be just the thing it needed to add that little extra flare! If I wasn’t sitting in my own house, I’d run out the door screaming as if my hair was on fire!

I don’t mean to be a shit. But damn people! The last thing a widower of only six months needs or wants, is a fucking birthday party! I’m still missing my wife like crazy! God rest her lovely sweet sole, but let’s get real here! I’m lonely for my woman! I’m still young enough to want some, and maybe too damn old to ever get some! I’m just missing her so damn bad and stumped as to what the hell to do about it!

Hell, I’m still in damn good shape! Tall, I got broad shoulders that are still straight when I stand. I go to the gym twice a week! I’ve met a few ladies who showed interest sure I have! But I don’t know if could ever betray her memory! Not yet! I just wasn’t ready! So, my frustration and anger gits a hold of me sometimes!

My wife was sick so damn long! First came the stroke, they say it was an aneurism. That’s when God had really taken my lovely Nancey from me! What he left behind was a scared, confused, frail woman, who didn’t even know her own name! She was still so young! Not even fifty! She spent 4 long, agonizing years totally bed ridden, with the mental equity of two-year-old! Confused, tortured, trapped in an endless nightmare within her own damaged mind!

It was by far the hardest thing in the world any man would ever have to do, to have to watch the love of his life of over 25 years, wither and die an agonizingly slow and hopefully not painful death. In the state she was in, there was no way for anyone to know for sure! That was the one nagging question the doctors could never answer for me! Was she in any pain? My lovely wife, never knew the day her daughter got married and never met her grandson, gone too soon at 51.

Now here I am, trying to smile and act like I’m happy. While still missing my lovely Nancey, trying to be sociable to a family who truly loves me. But they could never understand till the terrible day comes, when it’s their turn sit where I am right now! Blowing out their own set of candles! God! I pray in earnest; that day never comes for any of these lovely people!

Soon, the carryout fried chicken was all gone, the cake had been divvied up amongst the few brave souls who were crazy enough to take it home and try to eat it and the last of the family had finally made their way to the door. I was left with a huge dilemma! I had a fresh bottle of scotch and a big bag of garbage full of dirty paper plates and wrapping paper. So, which should I take care of first?

I Also had a kitchen table full of every flavor of aftershave imaginable, several new ties, one with Pac Man on it! My absolute favorite by the way! Can’t wait to get the chance to wear it! Also, a wide array of pen and pencil sets. They are lovely, I have quite the collection. I’m a writer, well I used to be anyway. I haven’t written anything in quite some time. The family didn’t know that I had quit writing when my Nancey got sick. So, I still receive them as gifts at Christmas, birthdays and such.

What has always puzzled me about that is, Yes, I’m a writer. But I use a Mac, back in the day I used a typewriter. I use a legal pad and a cheap

pencil for my notes! I’ve never written even one of my works by hand, so why do people always buy me pens? Well, I guess it’s just one of life’s little mysteries I will probably never get the answer to. I laughed.

I finished cleaning illegal bahis up and was taking the bag of trash out past the gate to the road, contemplating busting the seal on that bottle of single malt, when a lovely woman with a newspaper in her hand, walked up smiling. “Good evening!” She said, in a pleasant voice. Hello! I said. Can I help you? I asked.

“Are you mister Franklin?”

Yes, I am. What can I do for you?

“I’m Samantha Thornton.” “We spoke on the phone last week about the carriage house.” “I was just about to buzz the gate when I saw you coming down the drive.”

Oh! Yes! Yes of course, my apologies Miss Thornton, I have been busy lately and our conversation had totally slipped my mind! I said, trying desperately to recall the details of our conversation!

“Is it still available?” She asked, with pleading eyes.

Oh, yes, it is. I haven’t really tried that hard to rent it. I only placed the one advertisement you have in your hand there, only ran it for a week. You are one of only a few people who have even called. I had just about decided to not bother renting it. It’s been empty for several months. I converted it into an apartment when my late wife fell ill. She required 24/7 care and it was more practical to have a nurse living on the premises.

“I’m so sorry for your loss” she said sincerely.

I could tell she truly meant it.

“May I see it Mr. Franklin?”

Of course, Let me go get the keys. Just help yourself and walk on back, fallow the walk to the left, by the pool, you’ll see it out back. Oh, and please, just call me Carl, No need for all the formalities.

“Ok Carl, nice strong name, I like it!” She smiled.

I chuckled and went and got the keys.

I knew she would love the place! There was an electric gate in the back so she had her own private drive and place to park under the carport. I had built it off to the side a few years ago, so who ever parked back there would be out of the weather when they got out of their car.

The carriage house was actually an old two-story barn and buggy shed, used in days gone by to board the horses, store the feed, harness and the carriage used for the main house. I converted the top floor into an apartment, with a small game room and sauna on the first. At one time, the whole estate was part of a much larger plantation. The other barns had long since been torn down, but the sprawling grounds and carriage house still remained.

As she inspected the place, she smiled at me.

“Carl this is so lovely!” “You sure about the price?”

Is it too much? If you really like it, I might be able to work on the price, that is, if you think you will be staying here for a while, I’m much more interested in a long-term renter than the extra money at this point, I said.

“OH!” “No Carl!” “That’s not what I meant at all!” She smiled. “Everything I’ve looked at so far has been so expensive!” “This is so lovely!” “The price is so reasonable”; “I won’t have to struggle so much with my finances!” “This is so much nicer than I thought I could afford and fits my needs better than any of the other places I’ve looked at so far!” “It’s perfect!!” “I was getting worried I wouldn’t find a place before the school year started!” “I still need to look for a second job with what little time I have left.” “The pay for educators never seems to make all the ends meet in the middle, if you know what I mean, she laughed.

Well Miss Thornton, the grounds are at your disposal too, the pool and sauna are included in the price, the pool service comes on Tuesdays, and the gardener mows as needed, so there is little upkeep on your end. I said.

“I can use that lovely pool?!” She asked all excited! “By the way Carl, call me Sam, Miss Thornton makes me sound so old!” She laughed.

Of course, Sam! And yes, you have full access to the pool. I can’t expect you to live here, look out at it and not be able to enjoy it! I smiled. Now I will warn you, my daughter comes over every so often and suns herself by the pool and she can be a bit reveling with her choices in swimwear! I said with a chuckle! She feels she can take the “clothing is optional” attitude, since the pool and grounds are so secure. I will tell her to be a bit more conservative in the future if you decide to rent the place.

“Oh, don’t do that Carl!” “Let her do as she pleases!” “I won’t be offended.” “Will she mind company if I’m out there too?”

No. I think she would love the company. She is a lovely woman, sweet as can be, she has a husband who works at the hospital here in town and one small child, my grandson Bobby, he’s 2ys old. She comes over every other week or so, to get her a little me time, and get away to decompress. I’ll let her know you may be using the pool. But please, let me know ahead of time if you chose to take part my daughters’ swimwear choices, to ensure your privacy and to avoid any embarrassments. I added, with more than just a bit of illegal bahis siteleri pink added to my cheeks, clearing my throat.

“Don’t worry Carl, I’ll be sure to let you know.” She said. “That is, if I don’t forget too.” She said with a flirtatious giggle. Knowing full well it would make me blush beat red!

I Noticed quickly her sense of humor and quick wit. I instantly liked her!

Also, if you are interested. I have a position open here at the estate. I thought I heard you say in passing; you were going to be looking for a second income. You can make some extra cash or I can take off some of the rent, if you are willing to pick up and dust a bit at the main house once or twice a week. With your busy schedule, that might not be to your liking. The lady I had doing it has decided to move to Florida with her son and daughter in law. So, I will be looking for a new cleaning lady as well, she quit a few weeks ago.

“Oh!” “That’s wonderful Carl!” “High school principals don’t make a lot of money and I was going to have to take a second job anyway, so yes!” “I would love to make the extra money!” She smiled so big! I was happy this looked like it might work out for the both of us!

She paid the deposit and signed the little rental agreement I had drawn up; said she would be moving in as soon as her belongings arrived. She was moving to town to be the new principal for the local high school. She said she was divorced, no kids. She looked to be a younger woman around 30yrs old. I was shocked when I went in the house to get a copy of her driver’s license and found out she would be 48 her next birthday. She was only a few years younger than my Nancey!

Moving day:

A few days after meeting Samantha and renting her the carriage house, the doorbell rang around 9am. I was just back from the gym and having an iced tea when I answered the door.

“Good morning Carl!”

Sam was standing there with a bucket full of cleaning supply’s looking as chipper as anyone could and I just melted! Well good morning to you too Sam! I didn’t know you would come so quickly! I laughed, letting her in. She breezed past me smiling. She had her lovely hair tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing a light gray “T” shirt, yoga pants and pink tennis shoes. God! The woman was breathtaking!

“Well Carl, you said your other cleaning lady had already quit and my stuff arrives later today, so I thought I might as well come and do some cleaning before I got busy with all my unpacking.”

Made sense to me I thought, as I quietly texted my gardener, to let him know I would need his boys for a couple of hours. It was just something I cooked up to surprise her. I knew lugging all her stuff up two flights of stairs would not be something she would be looking forward to. Hey Sam, what time is your pod going to be delivered? I asked.

“Oh, about 11, I think.” She said from the kitchen.

I quickly texted the time to him and he confirmed his boys would be on time.

You know Sam, I only said light dusting and picking up! You don’t have to do those dishes! I said, as I walked into the kitchen, somewhat embarrassed I hadn’t got to them yet this morning.

“Oh, don’t be silly Carl, this will only take a second.” “Plus, your house is immaculate!” “All I need to do is make the beds and run the sweeper!”

Oh no you don’t! I’ll make the bed Sam! You’re not my maid! I won’t allow you to do that! It’s too much!

“Carl!” “Relax!” “I want to!” “Because of you, I have this wonderful place to live and because of your generous offer to replace your cleaning lady, I also have the extra money for the rent I need, so now I don’t have to look for that second job!” “I also get to make my own schedule!” “I can work around meetings and such at the school which always seem to come up unexpectedly!” “So yes, I will be making the bed and doing the dishes!” “I insist!” She said smiling!

I just shook my head and let her have her way, realizing very quickly that I was out of my depth as to forcing that argument. Feeling the need for a quick cold shower as I watched her bend over and place the dishes in the washer. Her supple firm bum delightfully framed in her form fitting yoga pants. The delicate lines of her very apparent lady parts, pressing gently against the thin fabric, let me know quickly, that Sam had an affinity for not wearing any panties!

She turned and glanced back at me! Shit! I was busted! I everted my eyes casually and she seemed not to notice that I had been ogling her ass, as she simply smiled and returned to what she was doing. I left the kitchen quickly before she could notice the rising issue, I had developing in my gym shorts, as I went to take a VERY cold shower!

As I stepped out of the shower, I was still hard as a rock, I heard the sweeper humming down the hall. Picturing what that cute little ass of hers would be looking like as she ran the sweeper back and forth. Those delightful cheeks canlı bahis siteleri giggling away as she pushed that heavy ass hoover back and forth! I figured the only way to end my agony was to rub one out to relieve the pressure. I imagined her in my mind, Sam bending over the kitchen counter as my dear Nancy had once had. Sliding deep into her hot wet sex as I made love to her! Picturing myself slowly, lovingly penetrate her lovely body! It wasn’t long before I was releasing more than my fair share of penned up sexual tension all over the bathroom vanity!

I quickly cleaned up the mess as best as I could and got dressed. I was walking out of the bath as Sam was coming down the hall towards the stair case. Both of us unaware of the other, as we ran smack dab into each other! As we collided, she began to fall! Backwards down the stairs! I lunged for her, and caught her by the waist to stop her fall!

In the scramble to catch herself, she had grabbed my arm in a way that forced my hand right into her boob! She squealed as she realized she had nearly broken her neck and grabbed me in a big bear hug! As we collected ourselves, I ended up with one hand full of firm lovely ass and the fingers of my other hand covering and sort of caressing a now very erect nipple!

She slowly let go of me as I set her down and I gently removed my hands from her tit and ass, missing the feeling and sensation of her in my arms the instant we parted. Noticing quickly, both her nipples were now sharp as daggers, threatening to burst through her thin ‘T’ shirt! Her eyes, still big as pie plates, God they were so green! They nearly glowed! She was so damn beautiful! I sucked in a breath, shocked at how lovely she truly was.

Wow! I’m sorry Samantha, I almost caused you to take a nasty fall! I said, noticing my hands were now shaking, looking down at them. Wondering if it was because of the close call we just had or the fact I had just moments ago, been touching a woman more intimately than I had in nearly 5 years!

“No, Carl, that was my fault, I was in my own little world and wasn’t paying attention!” “I’m very lucky your quick as a cat with those reflexes, strong too!” she smiled. “you just saved me from one real nasty fall!” “Snatched me up like a rag doll!” “Thanks Carl!” She said, hugging me and then kissing my cheek with a quick peck. Pressing her lovely breasts into my chest, and her crotch into my thigh. God! Did she have a clue what that dose to a man!

She stepped back, smiled, walked a few steps and bent over to pick up her mop bucket and started collecting her supply’s that had been scattered to the floor in the fray only a moment ago. I again got to enjoy the incredible view of her firm butt in all its glory, beautifully nestled in those amazing yoga pants. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her! It was like I was a deer in the headlights of an oncoming train!

Then I realized her mood had changed. She was a bit self-aware, different in her movements as I watched this all happened in mere moments, but I could tell she was uncomfortable. Then I saw the reason for her squirming. When I had grabbed her to stop her fall, I must have pulled her pants tight up into her sex and she was now sporting a very lovely camel toe! Oh! It was a very wet one to boot!

I quickly turned and headed down the stairs to give her a chance to adjust herself. Speaking over my shoulder after I was half way down, hey Sam? How about I fix a light snack before your stuff arrives?

“That sounds lovely Carl!” “I’ll be down in a minute!” She said squirming, as she stood there in the hallway with her hand down the front of her pants, pulling the silky material out from between the lips of her sex and trying to dry the flood of excitement coming out of her sexy little puss! Cursing the fact, she had skipped wearing panties in leu of a bit more comfort and the freedom it gave her pussy to breath while she worked.

Stepping into the bath quickly to relieve herself. As she sat there on the toilet, she breathed in deep though her nose. Taking in the manly sent of soap and aftershave. Realizing all too well, that it wasn’t helping matters, as she felt the twinge and tingle in her pussy that the smell of Carl caused her to feel.

As she started to pee, she could not resist letting her fingers lightly caress her clit, the sensation of the warm piss on her fingers and the wet flow from her pussy was just too much for her to resist, as she drove two fingers in deeply to give herself a quick release! She went faster as she stroked! Her pee splashed on her hand as she played with herself to climax, watching as it gently splashed on the smooth marble floor.

She pumped her hips in time with her hand, fantasizing it was Carl’s nice thick cock sliding deep inside her! The lovely manhood she had seen tenting his gym shorts in the kitchen only an hour ago! Oh! God! It looked so divine. Yes, he was a few years her senior, “But Not Many!” She smiled, knowing he was still very strong and sexy! Her time was getting closer! She could feel herself building, as she stared at herself in the mirror, her pussy swollen and pink as she watched her fingers disappear inside her warm depths.



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