“Jim… Jimmy, wake up.”

It was still dark when I woke up. Someone was saying my name, poking at my chest. For a second, I thought it was my ex-girlfriend Sara. Then I blinked the sleep from my eyes. It was Lauren my sister. She was standing beside the bed, wearing her clothes from the night before. I suddenly became aware of the fact that I was not wearing clothes, and didn’t not have a sheet to cover myself with.

“Jesus, sis,” I murmured, still half-asleep. I rolled over onto my front and began groping in the dark for a bed sheet. “I’m not wearing any-“

Lauren laughed. “I know, Jim. It’s okay. I’ve already seen it, remember?”

And then I did remember. Everything that had happened the night before. I was shocked a bit, grappling with the fact it had actually occurred. Lauren and I had been in bed together naked. She had confessed her sexual fascination with our cousin Ali. Then she’d… well, we both… we got off right beside each other. On top of each other, almost.

“Right yeah, of course you have,” I said, absently tossing a recovered bed sheet over my crotch nevertheless. “Umm, why are you up so early?”

“Well…” Lauren bit her lip, thinking about how to word what she had to say. “After last night, we could both stand to clean up a bit, and this RV didn’t come with a shower. There is shower in the campsite though. It’s at the public restroom area, a short walk from here. I figure we should both grab showers before the rest of the family wakes up. Want to come?”

She made a good case. “Yeah, I’ll come. Just let me get an outfit together.”

“Here.” Lauren handed me my clothes from the night before. “Just wear these. No reason to get a perfectly good outfit dirty. I packed two towels and changes of clothes in my bag already.”

I nodded in appreciation. “Wow, you’re on it this morning. Thanks.”

“No problem. Go ahead and get dressed. I can step outside if you want.”

I got dressed and we left. Lauren and I made idle chat as walked to the restroom area. I kept looking for signs of anxiety or concern in her behavior, something to indicate things were weird after last night. Lauren didn’t directly discuss what had happened the night before, but as far as I could tell she seemed fine. Things were normal.

Well, normal externally. I was looking at Lauren differently now. I couldn’t look at her without thinking about how I had seen her naked. Thinking how she had been pressed so tightly to me. Thinking about those sounds she made. I’m glad it was still dark out because my pants were definitely tented.

We reached the restroom area after one minute. It was a small building, a shack really, with only three doors. One was marked the men’s bathroom and another was the woman’s. The third was the shower. We checked it and sure enough it had one room with an entry area to put your stuff and a single shower stall.

“You should go first,” I said. “I take quick showers so I won’t mind if the water is a little cold. I’ll wait outside.”

Lauren rolled her eyes. “Jimmy, that’s dumb.” She pulled back the shower curtain to expose the full stall. It was slightly bigger than your average stall, but not by a whole lot. “We can both fit in there and just get done before the others wake up. I’ve already seen you naked Jim. What are you worried about?”

Reluctantly, I acquiesced.

Lauren smiled slightly. “Good, so go ahead and get undressed.”

She locked the shower room door.

I sat down on a bench in the entry room to take off my shoes and socks. Lauren had worn sandals, so she just kicked them off. With a single motion, my sister pulled off her shirt. I hadn’t noticed out in the dark, but she still wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts… I’d felt them in the dark, even seen them in dark, but here in a well lit room it was a different experience. Lauren’s breast were beautiful, both of them a tad more than a handful. They were pert and a slightly paler shade than the portions of her body that often went exposed.

I snapped from my reverie illegal bahis before she took notice of my voyeurism and stood to take my own shirt off. I bent down to remove my pants when she did the same. Lauren unbuttoned and unzipped the jean shorts she was wearing. As she slid them down, I realized that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“I didn’t feel the need to put my panties on after last night,” she said, indicating she had noticed my glances. “I took them off before I fell asleep and this morning couldn’t find them in the dark. There didn’t seem to be any sense in getting a new pair dirty before I had a shower.”

“Ah,” I said, embarrassed having been caught looking at her. “That- I suppose that makes sense.”

Lauren looked at me and chuckled slightly. “You’re embarrassed Jimmy, aren’t you?”

“What? No. Why would I be?”

“Good.” Lauren walked toward me until she was up only a foot away. There was an impish smile on her face. “I would hate to think I’m making you uncomfortable.” And she hugged me.

This was the second time in a seven hour period I’d had my sister’s nude body pressed against mine. Her head pressed into my shoulder and her boobs into my chest. I was still wearing my boxers, but her stomach was pressing on my dick. It was starting to react.

“I love you, bro,” Lauren said.

Not know what else to do, I reciprocated the hug. “I love you too.” I gently patted her on the back to indicate an end to the hug. Lauren released me and turned back toward the stall.

“Alright then, let’s take a shower and head back before the others wake up.” She leaned over to turn on the water. I tried not to shiver as I got a better view of her hind end.

Following my sister’s lead, I pulled off my boxers. Her hug had given me a partial so my dick bounced upon release.

I walked over to where my sister stood, directly outside the stall. She had one hand in the water which she was waiting to heat up. I put my own hand in to check. “Hmm, I think it feels fine Lauren.”

“Well you get in then, it’s still too cold for me.”

So I got in first. The water was indeed still cold, and this was a part of my plan. The cold water caused what has become known as shrinkage, lessening the odds of an unwanted erection. Thank you biology.

After a few moments, Lauren said “I guess this is as good as it going to get,” and climbed in. As I had my back to the stream, she entered facing me. The stall was not spacious enough to host luxuries such as “personal space” with two people present, so we were right on each other, though not as literally as the night before. At most, there were inches between our bodies.

“Jim, if you could just scoot a bit…” Lauren put her hands on my hips. For a second I didn’t comprehend what she was doing, until she started gently pushing me to the side. Then I realized I was blocking all the water. I allowed her to move me further to the side so that we both received half of the water, though now neither of us could face directly away from the shower head, so plenty of the water was getting into my eyes.

“Maybe we should have planned this out a bit more,” I said.

“Oh quit whining and get some soap.” Lauren reached over my shoulder to the wall-mounted soap dispenser. Her breast pressed against my shoulder as she did so. I clamped down on the urge to caress her. What happened the night before was absolutely not going to become a habit.

Soap in hand, Lauren began wiping herself down. As much as I knew I shouldn’t I couldn’t help but watch the show. My sister began to rub the soap onto her neck and shoulders. She worked her way down, soon reaching her breasts. I gaped in fascination as she thoroughly lathered them, mushing them together and then apart as she got every surface. It was a godsend for me that she had closed her eyes to keep the water out, so at least she didn’t get to see my pervisness.

Now, sexual responses comes from a blend of physical and psychological factors. That’s why a guy can get a boner both from thinking illegal bahis siteleri about hot sex or from rubbing against a desk. (A decidedly unattractive desk.) Thus while the cold water had done a commendable job keeping the physiological aspect of my libido contained up till this point, it was no match for the psychological stats of “hot naked sister.” In other words, I was starting to get a boner.

I looked down in horror as it rose. I did my best to think unsexy thoughts. (England. Soccer. My aunt naked.) None of it was effective. I drew back as far as I could, but as my sail reached half-mast, it brushed across Lauren’s stomach.

My sister blinked her eyes open and looked down to find what had touched her. I cringed, waiting for her to scold me or accuse me of taking advantage. But she said nothing. My sister smiled slightly, then closed her eyes and went back to rubbing her body down with soap.

Not sure what to make of that response, I decided to focus on getting the shower over with. Awkwardly, I reached behind me and got some soap in my hand. I followed Lauren’s lead, wiping myself down. But when I bent over to reach my legs…


“Oof!” said Lauren, rubbing her forehead. The two of us had leaned down at the same time and knocked heads. “Guess there isn’t enough room for us to both crouch down like that, huh?”

“Yeah, my bad,” I said, rubbing my own forehead.

“We’ll have to be more organized about it then,” said my sister. “How about you just get both of us?”

I blinked. “Uh, what?”

She rolled her eyes. “You know, get some extra soap and when you kneel down, just rinse both of our legs off.”

In retrospect, her request did not make the most sense. We could easily resolve the situation by taking turns. But in the moment, only a small portion of the blood in my body was in my brain. With less thought than I should have given the matter, I said, “Okay, I can manage that.”

In the spirit of helping out, Lauren leaned past me to gather more soap from the dispenser. She lingered there, her breasts pressing against me for some time. I tried and failed to regulate my breathing, and my erection rubbed against her stomach when she withdrew. She placed the soap in my hands and, without further comment, I knelt down.

I averted my eyes from her entirely at first and just focused on lathering myself up. Water ran from my hair into my face, making it hard to see anyway. But I knew I couldn’t avoid it forever…

I brushed the water away from my face with my elbow and looked at my sister.

I don’t have a foot fetish. Don’t see the appeal. They’re just… feet. I’ll admit though, Lauren’s skin was flawless all over, even from a low perspective. I gulped and reached toward her to begin my work. I scrubbed the soap into her feet first. She lifted them, one at a time, so I could clean the bottoms as well. Once I was done there, I worked my way up the leg. From the heel to the knee, I went gradually, being as thorough as I could. Before I knew it, I was rubbing her thighs.

Once I realized just where my hands were, I may have stopped breathing.

I’d seen my sister’s thighs many times, her shorts and sleepwear ensured that. But touching them was a new ballgame. If I was touching her thighs, that meant I was so much closer to-

I clamped down on that thought and returned to the task at hand. Lauren spread her legs slightly so as not to impede my progress. Slowly I went upwards. And then my hands reached the end of her legs: her pelvis.

Surely my work was done. Even if she hadn’t been able to reach her legs, she must have been able to wash the end of her abdomen. Right? This is where I would stop, stand up. No reason to turn this into something weird. Because it wasn’t weird. It was perfectly normal to be lathering up my sister’s soft thighs as she spread her legs…

A soft breathing sound jarred me from my thoughts. It was a gasp, coming from Lauren. I tried to think of what she could be communicating or reacting to when canlı bahis siteleri I saw the answer was right in front of me.

I’d been so lost in my own thoughts I had completely lost track of my hands. They were not where they were supposed to be. My fingers were tangled in her soft pubic hair, blonde as that on her head. Gently I was pressing into her lips. I was only a few centimeters from being inside of my sister.

I jerked my hands back as if from a fire. I rose to my feet and faced Lauren. “I am so sorry about that. I was-“

“Uh, it’s fine,” she said. “You were just being thorough. Thanks for that.” She didn’t meet my eyes though. She looked down. I couldn’t tell if her stare was directed at our feet or my dick. (Which, you can be sure, had maintained its elevation.) Her face was obviously flushed. I could not be sure if I was finally seeing what Lauren looked like embarrassed or if this was something else.

“I need to wash my hair real quick. Would you mind repositioning again?” she asked me. Lauren grabbed my hips and gently rotated us until she had her back to the water and I was facing it. I didn’t particularly enjoy the water in my eyes, but I didn’t feel like I was in a position to complain.

Lauren reached to wall-mounted shampoo dispenser beside us and get a handful. She reached into her shoulder length hair and scrubbed, leaning back into the spray. And with that intentional motion, there were a number of smaller motions. As her head drew back, her chest was pushed out, becoming the main thing in my field of vision. Also, her hips pushed forward, driving her lower abdomen toward my pelvis.

For a second, I think I lost my balance. I must have; why else were my hands suddenly on my sister’s hips? Lauren didn’t react at all. She kept her eyes closed as she scrubbed at her scalp beneath the warm rain.

My penis was against her pelvis. I can’t know if she had meant for that to happen, but there’s no way she wasn’t aware. My erection was against her lower stomach rather than her vagina, but just barely I could feel her pubic hairs rubbing against my shaft. It would only take a minor adjustment to line up all the important parts.

My grip on her hips tightened. Was I seriously considering this? And wasn’t she taking a really long time to wash her hair? Did she mean to put me in this situation? Was this something she wanted or a test for me to pass? As I mulled over the issue, my excitement only increased. This caused my erection to grow stronger which, ironically, resulted in it pointing upward and away from its goal and more toward her breasts.

And what breasts they were! Perhaps not the biggest, but her pink nipples pointed out just so. It made me want to lean down and taste them, just like I had- Had-

Sara. She’d had nipples like that. Does have, wherever she is. When we made love, I was drawn to them like bees to a flower. She was the only woman I had made love to.

Where was she?

What was I doing?

I released my sister’s hip. Even though it was still pressed against Lauren’s abdomen, my erection had fully deflated. It looked so strange there: a flaccid penis on a beautiful woman. I did the best I could to take a step back from her in our cramped quarters.

After a moment, Lauren pulled her head from the water and stood back up. “That’s done. Did you want to wash your hair, Jim?”

I shook my head. “No. Let’s back to the camper.”

The water turned off and we stepped from the stall.

My sister and I got out our towels and began to dry off. Despite my newfound resolve, I couldn’t help but watch her from the corner of my eye. Lauren was still beautiful. She still looked like her. And yet, she was still my sister.

I sighed quietly as I pulled on a pair of pants. Lauren looked at me, one eyebrow cocked. “Something bothering you?”

“Not really,” I said. “Just starting to wake up.”

“Took you long enough.” My sister strode past me, opening the door to the outside. “Lets go find the twins and see what we can make of the rest of this camping trip.”

I smiled and followed her, ready to move past last eight hours and be normal again…

If this were the end of the story, I guess it would be considered a good ending. But it isn’t. Not by a long shot.



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