“Hey Magic! Time for your test!” Pack house operator Darren Taylor had earned the nickname Magic when co-workers had learned he had studied to be a massage therapist and had quit that when a 400 pound woman had reached orgasm on his table and told him he had magic hands. Safety officer Olivia Smith had set up a time with Darren for his whims refresher test.

“Oh, Liv,” Darren sighed, “a truck just came in. Can you come back next time?”

Darren was referring to the next time he’d be on shift. Olivia asked “How long will it take for you to load him up?”

“A little over an hour. But that will make it after your usual quitting time.”

“Okay. Work safe.”

Olivia walked away thinking that something wasn’t quite right with how Darren had been. So she stayed late and went back to the pack house an hour and a half later, after having seen the truck leaving. Knowing that Darren still had an hour in his shift, Olivia knew there was lots of time for the test and a chat.

Olivia approached quietly but Darren turned around and saw her. “Darn, I wanted to startle you!”

“Come on Liv, that’s not a very safe thing to do!”

“All right, all right, I’m busted. Now how about getting this little test out of the way?”

“Do I have to? Can’t you do it for me?” Darren turned on the charm. “Please?”

Olivia handed him the test “Come on Magic, you know you can do this in no time flat.”

Darren took the sheet and quickly filled it out and then handed it back to Olivia. Olivia looked it over and found only one little mistake. “You got these two answers reversed. You probably just went too fast.”

Darren took the page back and switched the answers and gave it back. Olivia smiled and signed his whims card and gave it to him.

“Now, what’s eating you?”

Darren stared at her “What makes you think something’s eating at me?”

“Darren, you’re not your usual ‘Magic’ self. I can tell something is bothering you.”

It took a few minutes but Darren finally admitted “My mom lost her job. My apartment was getting too expensive for me alone so I had to move back in with her. It sucks.”

“It does suck.”

“I’m just not used to having my mother around anymore, you know? Watching my every move, asking questions about where I’ve been and all that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my mom and I think she’s trying hard to treat me like an adult but….”

“But you’re still her son and that just doesn’t disappear. And to top it off, you’re still single, aren’t you?”

“I am.”

“Well, maybe you could ask Annalise for a date.”

“Annalise? The lab tech?”

“Yeah! She’s close to your age and she’s a great girl!”

“Isn’t she kind of really shy?”

“At first she is but once you get to know her, she’s really bright and funny. She just takes a bit to open up.”

“I don’t know, Liv.”

“Oh come on, you need to get out of the house for something else than work and going for dinner won’t ruin you financially. Just one dinner. Then you can see if you like her.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“All right.”

They continued chatting for a while and then the night shift operator showed up, Olivia walked with Darren to the entrance to the locker room. Just before he went in, Olivia asked “So you’ll think about it?”

“About what?”


“Yeah, yeah, I’ll think about it.”

Two weeks went by and Olivia had not heard of any phone call or invitation from Darren to Annalise with whom she was friends despite the difference in age. Olivia was 35 and Annalise was only 22 but somehow, they’d found they had quite a lot in common, watching the same TV shows, enjoying the same types of food, and sharing a love of reading and writing.

That afternoon, Olivia found out that all conditions on the sale of her house were all lifted. The sale was now final! She and her boyfriend of three years had split up and he’d left her with the house and the financial burden, opting to move to another province. Olivia had been living alone, struggling to make ends meet for four months now and was looking forward to downsizing. She would go look for a condo later in the week but for now, she wanted to celebrate so she called Annalise and asked if she’d join her for a celebratory dinner. Of course, Annalise agreed. Then, with a twinkle in her eye, Olivia called Darren.

Unfortunately, she got the answering machine. Still, she left a message. “Darren! It’s Olivia from work. I need your help to celebrate something! Meet me at The Red Roof around 6pm. My treat!”

Olivia hoped that he’d come. She didn’t tell Annalise about inviting Darren so it was as much a surprise for her as for him when he did indeed show up. Olivia called out “Magic!” got up and gave him a hug, hoping that Annalise and Darren would then hug too. But they didn’t.

Darren asked “What are we celebrating?”

“My illegal bahis house is finally sold!”

“I didn’t know you guys were moving! Where are you moving to? A bigger house so you can have kids?”

“Uh, no. No kids. I want to downsize actually.”

“Why would you downsize? I thought this place was already tight for the two of you.”

“Robert is gone and he took all his stuff with him. He went back to Nova Scotia four months ago. With just me, I don’t need all that space. It was mostly all his stuff taking up space anyway. After he left, I put it up for sale and now that it’s sold, I’m celebrating!”

“Oh! I didn’t know about Robert leaving. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s for the best. And that’s what you get for isolating yourself in the pack house! You really need to come visit us in the offices more often! Then you’d get all the gossip!”

“What reason would I have to go to the offices?”

“Well, sometimes you take samples and bring them to the lab, don’t you?”

“Yes but they have an area for these samples.”

“So, just go past the next door and come see us! Right Annalise?”

Olivia had been occupying an office in the lab temporarily while crews were renovating the part of the offices where she normally sat.

Annalise agreed and the conversation continued. Olivia did her best to steer the conversation in directions she thought would get Annalise and Darren to get to know each other more.

After that evening, Darren made more efforts to come see them both and Olivia found a few more occasions to drag them both out for friendly get-togethers. However, she got the feeling that sparks simply weren’t flying between Annalise and Darren.

A few weeks later, Olivia walked into the pack house and found Darren talking with a few millwrights and electricians. One of the electricians called over “Olivia, come here and help us advise this young man!”

Indeed, all of them except one were older than both Darren and Olivia. “What’s up?”

“Well, Magic here was telling us about his friend here you see. Seems this friend of his has developed a crush on an older woman. What do you think? What would it take for you to go for a boy-toy?”

An older millwright butted in “I’d be your boy-toy!” and he winked at her.

Olivia had to laugh. “Come on Len, rule number one is, a boy-toy has to be younger than the woman so you just don’t qualify.”

Len lowered his head mockingly and said “Darn!”

One of the electricians, Jason said “So, other than Darren here, I’d be the only one to qualify? Where can I sign up?”

“Ah, Jason, you just broke rule number two: discretion. See, most women like to be very discreet about their affairs because of the old double standard. A man sleeps around, he’s a hero. A woman takes a lover, she’s a slut. So absolute discretion is important. So you’re disqualified too!”

The first millwright then asked “Any other rules?”

Olivia smiled and teased “Sure there are but those are between the Cougar and the Boy-Toy only!”

“So what should Magic tell his friend?”

“His friend should simply go see that lady he likes and talk with her and see if she’s interested.”

Just then, a truck pulled up and Darren had to excuse himself from the group. The rest of the guys then went back to work also.

The weekend came around and Olivia was busy packing up her stuff when the doorbell rang. At the door, Olivia found Darren. “Magic! What brings you here?”

“Thought you could use a hand moving.”

“I’m not moving until next weekend.”

“Oh, well how about help packing then?”

Olivia thought it was kind of odd for Darren to show up and found his demeanor to be somewhat strained. Nonetheless, figuring he probably needed to get out of the house for a while, Olivia pointed to some folded boxes. “How about putting boxes back together and taping them up?”

Darren started working at the boxes and then asked “Did you mean it about those rules the other day?”

“The rules about Cougars and Boy-toys?”

“Yeah, those.”

“These are basic rules that I figured were obvious.”

“Would you ever date a guy younger than you?”

“Date as in seriously date and take home to my parents? No.”

“Why not?”

“Well, I doubt such a relationship would last very long because eventually, we’d want different things so why put myself in a position where my parents would ask a whole bunch of questions I don’t want to answer?”

“What if a younger guy just wanted to say, enjoy life with you for a while, nothing serious?

“I guess that would depend on the guy and whether I find him attractive and also feel confident that he’d be discreet.” Darren stopped what he was doing and came up to Olivia. He gently cupped her face with both his hands and kissed her lightly. Then he asked “Would you trust me? illegal bahis siteleri I promise absolute secrecy.” Without waiting for an answer, he kissed her again. Then he asked “Am I attractive enough for you?” Again, without waiting for an answer, he kissed her, this time longer and gently parting his lips and teasing her lips with his tongue.

Olivia responded by opening her lips and kissing him back. Her hands went to his hips and she pulled him towards her. Darren moaned and reached for Olivia’s hair. He pulled on the elastic holding up her pony tail and freed her long hair. He played in her hair while kissing her. Olivia moaned when he played in her hair. Olivia adored having her hair played in, it was a real turn on for her. Olivia moved her hands up Darren’s back and caressed his back, pulling him towards her gently all the time.

Darren pulled away and asked “So? Think you can trust me?”

Olivia smiled and said “I trust you.”

“And I meet your requirements?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Good. So I can be your Boy-toy?”

Olivia shook her head “I don’t really want a boy-toy…. But I sure could use a slave…”

“Sex slave?” Darren was smiling.

“Well, that and maybe a massage therapist slave?”

Darren teased “You want to try out these magic hands, don’t you?”

“Can you blame me?”

Darren kissed her again and then pulled her towards her room. He then asked “Do you have any massage oil?”

Olivia shook her head “No, I don’t. Would regular moisturizing lotion do for tonight?”

Darren pulled her to him “Don’t worry, I can do magic with regular lotion too.” And kissed her lightly. “Get that lotion and then strip and lay down on your bed.”

Olivia went to the washroom to get the lotion while Darren turned down the bed. She set the lotion on the night table and turned to face him. “I was hoping for some help to strip.” She teased. Darren smiled and reached for her t-shirt. He quickly removed her t-shirt and then made quick work of removing her jeans and socks. Olivia stood there in her matching bra and panties and said “you’re kind of overdressed now.” And reached for his t-shirt. He helped her remove it and then removed his own jeans and socks. Again, they kissed for a while and then he said “Okay, time to get serious. Remove the bra and panties and lay down on your stomach.”

Olivia did as she was told and Darren reached for the lotion. He put a bunch of lotion in his hands and then climbed onto the bed and sat next to her. He then started to gently work the lotion into her back, massaging her. Olivia moaned as his hands worked their magic. Within minutes, she was relaxing.

Darren warned her “Don’t fall asleep on me!”

He continued to massage her back and then moved to her legs. He massaged both her legs and when he was done he gently started caressing her in a more sensual manner. Up to that point, he had avoided her ass. Now, he gently caressed it and when he let his middle finger slide in her butt crack, Olivia automatically raised her ass to press against him.

“You like that?”

“Mmmmmm” was all Olivia could answer.

He pressed harder between her legs and reached down to tease the area around her pussy. Olivia opened her legs to give him better access. Darren continued to tease her pussy, reaching further and caressing her outer lips. Olivia moaned and spread her legs even wider. Darren took the invitation and parted her lips, rubbing up and down her slit. When he pushed his finger into her pussy, even though it was just the tip of it, Olivia bucked her hips and moaned loudly.

“I want you, Darren.”

“I’m not quite ready yet, I’m not done playing with you.” He then pushed his finger deeper inside her, meanwhile using his other fingers to stroke her clit. The feeling was unbelievable. He moved rhythmically and Olivia couldn’t help but move her hips in sync with his hand, her breath quickening. Soon, she was getting close to coming off and pleaded “Oh Darren, don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

Darren didn’t disappoint and continued until she reached orgasm, groaning loudly. He then gently caressed her until the waves of pleasure ebbed away. He then put his hand on her back and laid down beside her. “So, do I deserve my nickname?”

“Mmmm. You do.” Olivia turned onto her side so she could face him. Then, she pulled him towards her and kissed him. Then, she pushed him onto his back and kissed her way down his neck, then his chest, stopping to suck gently on his nipples. She continued downward and, with her hands, took off his boxers. She got down to his erect cock and kissed it. It jumped in reaction to the kiss. Olivia wrapped her fingers around his shaft and took the tip into her mouth, licking off the precum already beading at the tip. It was his turn to moan. Olivia gently cupped his balls and continued giving him head. canlı bahis siteleri Up and down his shaft, she licked and sucked. Darren was now the one whose hips moved involuntarily. Olivia was enjoying his cock and took her time, bringing him to the edge and easing off to make his pleasure last longer. Darren then begged “Please Olivia, please don’t stop this time.”

“Tell me what you want, baby.”

“Please Olivia, I want you to suck me and make me come.”

Olivia gave him what he wanted, quickening the pace and no longer holding back. Darren’s hips lifted off the bed and he groaned as he spurted jet after jet of warm come into Olivia’s mouth. Olivia swallowed every drop and continued gently sucking until she’d gotten all his come. Then, she laid down next to him again, cuddling up to him.

Darren said “We’re not done yet.”

Olivia “Don’t you want a little break?”

Darren smiled “I’m a young boy, remember? I don’t need much of a break. Now lay back and let me see the rest of you.” He pushed her back and reached for her breast, caressing the breast and teasing the nipple with his finger and thumb while he kissed her. Then, he took the other nipple between his lips and sucked on it.

Olivia moaned softly and arched her back. Darren then kissed his way down past her navel and to her core. Olivia lifted her hips off the bed to press against his lips and tongue. Then she half sat up and exclaimed “Oh my God, your tongue is as magical as your hands!” Darren laughed and said “And I’m just beginning, love. Lay back and enjoy!” Darren then went back to licking and sucking and, with his right hand, slowly finger fucking her with two fingers.

Olivia couldn’t help herself and moved her hips in sync with his attentions. The way he licked her slit and flicked her clit was driving her insane with pleasure. He increased the pressure on her clit as well as the pressure of his fingers inside her. Slowly but surely, he pushed Olivia over the edge and she came again, her pussy tightening around his fingers.

He left her side for only a moment to grab the condom he’d brought with him and put it on. He then positioned himself between her legs and bent down to push the tip of his cock against her wet pussy. “You want me?”

“You know I do.”

“Tell me”

“I want you.”

“You want me to what?”

He was teasing her, pressing slightly against her pussy. Olivia lifted her hips but he saw it coming and pulled away. “Tell me.”

“Please Darren, I want to know if your cock is as magical as your fingers and tongue. Fuck me Magic, fuck me.”

This time, when she pushed against him, he pushed back and penetrated her deeply, all in one push. He groaned “Oh, Liv, you’re so wet and tight and hot.” He withdrew slowly and pushed back in, gathering her close and holding her tight. “I’ve been dreaming about this for so long Liv.”

He then relaxed his hold and plunged in and out rhythmically, making Olivia feel an incredible heat spreading from her pussy all over her body. Olivia wrapped her legs around his hips and met him thrust for thrust. Then he stopped and said “I want you to be on top.” He withdrew and laid down next to her, pulling her onto him.

Olivia climbed on top of him and lowered herself onto his hard shaft. He put his hands on her hips and helped her reach a rhythm of moving up and down on his shaft. Then, he moved his hands up and caressed her breasts, teasing her already hard nipples with his thumbs. Olivia moaned “Oh yeah, that feels good.”

Olivia bent forward, changing the angle of insertion and increasing her pleasure. Darren lifted his head and started sucking on one of her nipples, making her groan with pleasure. Olivia grabbed the other pillow and placed it under his head so he wouldn’t have to strain his neck. Then, she went back to focusing on her movements and on his lips and fingers on her nipples.

Soon, she felt the first waves of her third orgasm of the night. “Oh, Magic, don’t stop baby, I’m so close.”

“Mmmmmmm” he moaned on her nipple. With his one hand, he was gently tweaking her other nipple and with his other hand, he was holding on to her hip. He then slightly moved his pelvis to further alter the angle and this proved to be Olivia’s undoing and she came, hard. “Yeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssss! Oh, yes!”

Feeling her pussy contract around his cock, Darren came too, grabbing her hips with both his hands and stilling her on his cock and groaning.

When they had both cleaned up and returned to bed, laying together and well spent, Darren asked “You believe my nickname now?”

“Mmmmmm, I do. You really are magic.”

“Think we can do this again sometime?” “Only if you promise absolute discretion. After all, we could both lose our jobs if we don’t keep this secret.”

“I know, and I promise.”

“Will you spend the night?”

“If you’ll let me.”

“I’m kind of hoping to wake up to another magic session.”

“Your wish is my command, Liv.” Darren smiled. “After all you did say you wanted me as your slave.” Darren kissed her and hugged her to him. Soon, they were both asleep.



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