The Boss’s WifeIt was starting to get late we were just wrapping up our end of the year work party. My husband Bill and I run a software business which is doing very well. We always try to take good care of our employees. It turns out our competition has booked the restaurant for the same day.Both parties seems to be mixing well everybody’s seems to be having a good time. I’m sitting at the bar when a man walks up to me and starts to make small talk. He’s a salesman from the other company. He says that he knows my husband Bill he’s a black man about my age I guess around early Forties he’s well dressed and very polite he’s saying all the right things.Seems like he’s hinting on how he would like to come work for us. I’m noticing he’s eyeballing me up and down especially the area of my white blouse’s top two buttons that are unbuttoned exposing the top of my powder blue satin push up bra. I don’t mind. Hell if you got it! Flaunt it! Me I love leaving it open like that, just for that kind of reaction.He’s being a little flirtatious nothing dirty or anything just flattering me with age comments and how lucky Bill is to have a beautiful wife that type of stuff. He hands me his business card and mentions if there’s any openings that come up to please call him. I’m reading from his business card. “Alright Mr. Glen Jenkins I’ll do that!” and he walks away.I’ve never really been attracted to black men my father was a very prejudice man and I grew up with strict rules about dating or socializing with black people. There was something about this Mr. Jenkins though that got my interest. He looked very handsome in his business suit and was just a very nice guy.Bill is away on business I’ve been at the restaurant since about Three I’m beginning to feel pretty good they make very strong drinks here I need to slow down.I’m Forty Two years old married with Two k**s. I keep myself in good shape running and working out. I’ve been told that I look a lot like Reese Witherspoon! But with bigger tits, that are beginning to have a little older women sag lately and a much more ample ass, I’ve been told that it’s a pure sexiness by a much younger employee. When I put on heels and a mini skirt I still turn heads. All except for my cheating husbands Bill!My sex life has always been pretty good with Bill. I never have problems reaching an orgasm. Lately it’s been lacking. Recently my mind has been wondering what sex with other men would be like? I’ve been married for 15 years and before that I’ve had four boyfriends and only one of them was any good at sex! I never had any one night stands but I’ve fantasized plenty of times about them!Everybody’s starting to leave it’s Six o’clock. I look around and realize it’s just me and Jamal who works in our mail room. He’s a good employee Jamal started when he was 17 and I believe he’s Twenty Two now. He’s tall and lanky; he’s an awkward sweet k**. Jamal likes to flirt with all the ladies at work myself included. But tonight it’s more than flirting. He is touching my thigh putting his hand on my shoulder and brushing his leg up against mine. I realize sitting in these high bar stools and with this very mini skirt I have on, my leg is exposed almost up to my hip. We have a couple more drinks soon the conversation turns to sex or should I say lack of, my Husband Bill is gone all the time on these so called business trips, which Jamal is well aware of. I’m feeling funny talking about my personal sex life with Jamal. But the liquor is surely making it a lot easier! He’s always been a good listener and I feel like I’ve known him since he was a k**.Jamal starts to tell me about what it’s like to be Twenty Two nowadays. “Man these k**s are wild!” I try to bleed him for information on the rumors that are swirling around work about my Husband Bill and Mary a young secretary in our H.R dept. Jamal says he’s sorry but he hasn’t heard anything. “You know something Jamal! You were never good at lying!” We both have a little smirk.The conversation gets back to having fun which he begins to tell me I need to get out more and loosen up. Now I’m sitting here taking advice from a Twenty Two year old k**? But he’s absolutely right! “Let’s get you started right now!” Jamal turns and says “Mrs. C I got some weed! Let’s go out to my car and have a puff!” very innocent like.Turning to him with a sly smile I say “What the hell! Sure why not? There’s no harm in that, Right?” I never do anything like this. “Go out and in five or ten minutes I’ll be out there. I have to make a couple of phone calls!” Besides I don’t really need anybody to see me walking out with this young black buck that’s been flirting and rubbing up against me. We both stand up and looking in the mirror behind the bar. I’m realizing the contrast between us he’s about Six foot Four and black and I mean two shades of black. Me I’m Five foot Two and blond with Hazel eyes and very fair skinned.He leaves to go out. I call Bills personal credit card which he doesn’t know I have the pin # for and come to find out there was 2 seats booked for this so called last business trip he’s on right now, and that’s he’s been on for two weeks! Now I’m pissed off! My mind is racing and maybe it’s time for me just leave before I do something stupid which I’ll regret!I’m torn, knocking back a couple of shots of courage! Mike the bartender who is about my age has been trying his best to hit on me all night. Getting up to go out I tell Mike “Not tonight besides I’m a married women!”Winking at him I run my tongue around the shot glass rim. I can’t believe what I just did! What’s come over me is it the liquor? Maybe it’s all this male attention that’s starting to get my juices flowing!Looking out the window I see Jamal has his car parked all the way in the back of the parking lot.Thinking to myself, am I doing the right thing? Is this a sexual thing or does he just want to get the boss’s wife stoned and have a little fun?? That’s stupid he’s just a k** and besides I know his girl friend Shauna who’s a tough older black women.Cheating on her he wouldn’t dare! Would he?Jamal is a practical joker at work. I’m going to go out the side door and sneak up behind his car and bang on the window and scare the shit out of him! I’ll give him a dose of his own medicine. Slowly I’m walking up to the back of his car he has the windows cracked. I’m smelling weed, which I really only smoked once back in college.I’m standing on the side of the car in the back where he can’t see me, I’m about to lean over and bang on the window when “Holy Crap!” I freeze “Oh my god!” He has his cock out and he’s playing with himself!!I’m frozen in my tracks, my hearts racing! It’s dark but I can tell by the way he’s stroking it he’s got a big one! Never seeing a cock like this before, I’ve only seen a black man’s cock a couple of times while watching porn movies with Bill when our sex life was in a rut. I want to just run to my car and leave but I’m stuck here afraid to make a move or any noise!Looking back in, he’s jerking away he must’ve put some lube on, it’s all shiny and glistening. My body is trembling, not wanting him to know I see him. I’m starting to get a little pissed off! That he has me in this position. The gall of this k**! What does he think I was just going to come out here and let him have his way with me! Maybe I got him a little revved up from our sex conversation.He’s really into it now; his hand is working all the way up and down his shaft. Oh Christ no! I’m really starting to get aroused by the whole scene. My heart feels like it’s going to come through my chest! The thought of me getting caught and the sight of him playing with himself and that big cock of his! My hand slowly makes its way to touch myself. I can’t believe this but I’m starting to think about what it would be like to fuck him and that long cock of his! Having two k**s I’m quite sure I can take his length. I’m finding it hard to believe I’m out here doing this, this is crazy!All at once a couple comes out the back door and their heading right for us; they get in the car right in front of Jamal’s. He quickly puts himself away and buckles up his pants. Now’s my chance! I want to see just how far he’ll go. I’m curious about that cock of his and just maybe I’ll have some sweet dark revenge on Bill!I start to Bang on the window while yelling “City Police!””Holy shit! Mrs. C. doesn’t scare me like that!”Opening up the back door the smell, the smile, and the big bulge in his pants should have been a warning just to turn and leave but I was Buzzed and curious, and a little horny at this point! I get in I plop down next to him. Making sure that my hand brushes against his hardness. I bat my big hazel eyes at him and give him a naughty smile.”Well Mrs. C isn’t this special! I have the boss’s wife in the back seat of my car! You’re the sexiest lady in the whole company. All the guys talk about how much they would love to fuck that sexy body of yours! I know myself that I’ve jerked off plenty of times just thinking about having my way with you!” That floored me! He just put it out there! Now I’m starting to get nervous. I’ve never heard Jamal talk like this!Even though the vision races through my mind of him masturbating while he thinks of me is adding to the excitement that’s going on between my legs! He leans over to kiss me I’m helpless I open my mouth and we have a hot long wet kiss. So much for being a least a little hesitant, I’m all goose bumps my hearts really pounding he leans back and he sees me looking at his bulge it looks like it’s going to tear right through his pants!Jamal grabs my hand and places it on his cock. I instinctively grab hold of it I can feel how hard he is Christ he’s big!”Ooh Yea Mrs. C. That feels real good!””Jamal! bursa escort Just call me Sam my name is Samantha!”I keep rubbing him through his pants he’s looking at me with disbelief. I’m smiling and running my tongue over my lips. Jamal’s all over me! His big hands are roaming about my body firmly feeling up my tits I can feel my nipples stiffen…his other hand is slowly inching up my legs I put my hand down to stop him.”No Jamal! This just isn’t right!”He pushes my hand away his hands are lightly rubbing the inside of my thighs. I slowly part my legs his hand continues up my thigh stopping at my moist opening giving me a couple of soft rubs through my thong his fingers make their way into my damp slit. I hesitantly open my legs a little wider.”Oh Sam you’re so nice and wet!”Rubbing his finger tips up and down my moist pussy lips. This is beginning to feel too good! I talk him into moving the car all the way in the back of the lot near the woods. He doesn’t want to stop but listens to me.When he gets back in his eyes light up as he sees me pull down my skirt and slide off my thong he keeps staring at my clean shaven pussy I leave a little patch of my blond hair just above my clitoris it drives my husband crazy. I give it a sexy little rub and give him a devious little smirk. “So Sam you’re a sexy little tease? I never knew you like this!” He gets real anxious and quickly he’s on me!He starts to feel up my tits through my blouse then he moves on top of me planting wet kisses on my neck. He has my legs spread and he starts to dry hump me. Opening my mouth he starts tongue kissing me his body weight has me pinned against the seat he starts to unbutton my blouse I unsnap my bra exposing my tits. He begins licking all over my tits, kissing and sucking my nipples in he has them standing at attention!!His huge bulge is grinding against my throbbing clitoris. It’s driving me wild! I slowly start to grind back. That’s when I feel a finger making its way into my ass I whisper in his ear No! But to no avail! He leaves it tickling my ass bud. I never let a man touch my asshole before even though Bill has tried plenty of times. I panic and try to push him off me. I tell him “It’s wrong! I’m afraid somebody is going to see us plus I’m a married woman!” “Yea Sam! A married women that was watching me rub my cock and enjoying it! I saw you in the side view mirror. You could’ve left, but you didn’t! You got in my car knowing you wanted it!””I got in your car. Mostly because liquor gets me so horny and Bill’s been gone for weeks. I wanted to see if you were man enough and see just how far you would take this scenario and all I seen so far is you jerking yourself off!” I throw my loosened blouse and my unsnapped bra to the floor I’m completely naked. “Now enough of the small talk. I need to get fucked! Holy Christ! What I’m I saying?” That just makes him more crazy his eyes light up and he gets back on top of me his fingers find their way back into my pussy he’s working them in and out and sucking my stiff nips he slowly and gently inches one into my ass, I can feel my cunt start to quiver.I cum with an orgasm that rocks my whole body! Oh Man! I’ve never had a man’s finger in my ass and I’m really liking it Damn! The last couple of shots I had before I left the bar are really taking effect I’m euphoric, I’m feeling really good. I’m moaning, he’s moaning. He starts humping me like a mad man. “Sam I’m going to cum”I reach down to grab his cock! I feel it throbbing through his pants. “Please Sam”I think to myself not so fast! I forget what it’s like to deal with a 22 year old! “Oh God Sam”I start to fumble with his zipper my hands are trembling I unzip his pants and reach in. I think to myself this is overdue “I want to see this beauty!” Oh man he’s rock hard, and throbbing! Oh god he has a big one!I have to unbuckle his pants to take him out. Jamal’s hips start to buck wildly. I grab him with two hands and put my body weight on him to slow him down. I’m just trying to hold it real tight. My pussy is on fire! My little hands wrapped around this young big cock of his! I’m ready to cum just from holding it.It’s hard to believe the scenario I got myself into! This k** has me doing things, never in my wildest dreams I would ever do and it’s all feeling really good to me to me! Sensing he’s going to blow his load. I push him back into the seat and pull his pants down to the floor springing free his black monster. My whole body freezes, my eyes widen and stare in awe! Grabbing it and squeezing it tight to slow him down, not letting him move and he’s moaning.I can’t believe the size of his cock! It must be at least ten inches! It has to be twice the size of Bills. My hand can’t get around it. It was the first time I ever saw a black mans cock and what a beauty it is! It shot a jolt of sexual lust to my pussy just touching it!Here I’m a married women, with a 22 year old holding his cock in my hand while my other hand is rubbing my clitoris. I’ve never touched myself in front of anybody before. But this is feeling so good to me. I don’t care. I keep right on rubbing myself losing my fingers into my sopping wet pussy all I can think of is how bad I need to cum again, and just how much I want him inside me!I’m on the floor he’s on the seat with his legs spread wide, I have two hands wrapped around him tightly jerking him off. I look up at him and smile flashing my eyes at him, I start stroking his cock nice and slow. I stop to spit in my hand to lube up his monster while I’m jerking him, he says”Sam I got to bust a nut please don’t stop!” Holding him still, knowing that if you keep stopping, when a man is ready to cum, that when he does finally blast look out! I stop and admire this big black cock that’s got me wild! It looks like a big bat with the head on it the size of a plum. I want him in my mouth! I love to get guys off with my mouth. I’m thinking maybe if I suck him off just maybe I can get out of here with my pussy still intact!I bend over to try to get my mouth around his throbbing black meat. I spit all over the head to get him wet my hand is flying up and down his shaft. Opening my mouth wide, I get the head in my mouth and I’m trying to take more in, my mouth is stretched open.I’m licking lightly all over the hole in his cock head. I reach down and start to fondle his balls he jerks back. He starts to moan I slow it down. I never let a man cum in my mouth not up until maybe a year ago Bill begged me and I let him once or twice on his birthday and our anniversary.I taste a couple of drops of his pre cum I’m about to pull him out and jerk him off when he grabs me by the back of my head and jabs his cock it into the back of my throat, forcing me down on him! Before I can yell out, No! He’s blasting his warm black sperm down my throat! He’s holding my head tight keeping his cock deep in my mouth; I’m swallowing blast after blast of his hot cum. Knowing if I really wanted to, I could pull away.”Ooh Sam, Oh Fuck Yea, Ah suck it!”I’m gagging, there’s too much to swallow. Some runs out of my mouth onto his cock and balls. He loosens his grip, finally letting me pull away. Strands of cum and spit are dangling from my lips, there’s cum everywhere.”You Fuck You!””I’m sorry Sam it felt so good I couldn’t help myself!” He has me feeling like such a slut! As I Wipe his cum off my mouth and tits. Jamal leans back his big cock sticking straight up still throbbing, covered in cum and my spit it’s a sloppy wet mess, his sperm taste a little different then Bills. Looking at him and his well spent cock still rock hard it’s hard for me to stay mad. Especially that now my pussy is yearning to feel it inside me.I wrap my two hands at the base of his cock and squeeze tight sliding them up his still hard shaft, collecting whatever sperm and spit is left. Lifting my dripping hands up to my face, I smile wickedly at him and begin to lick them clean. Once again his eyes light up not believing any of this. Well while I’m in slut mode, I open wide and go back down on him licking and sucking his shaft clean, then moving down to his nuts tongue bathing them of all the cum that ran down. He’s moaning and jerking back it seems he’s extra sensitive down there.Well there’s no reason to tell him that was one of my fantasies being forced to suck a strange man off till he’s bursting off in my mouth, I love to suck cock that goes back to one of my high school boyfriends we would cut out of school and lay around and suck each other off for hours.We talk a little bit while touching and feeling each other, looking out the window its gotten dark there’s still plenty of cars in the lot. We lay around a little longer. We start talking about being discreet at work and that Bill should never find out, he begins to smirk “Well what’s with the smirk?” He just shakes his head and blurts out “Bill’s not to discreet about his affairs!” “You mean more than one, affairs with and s Jamal?”He just looks down and shakes his head yes. Jamal gets out of the car to take a leak. Grabbing his sports hood off the back seat and throwing it on. I have to join him, needing to pee badly. Getting out were back by the woods. The dumpsters have our view blocked he turns around startled and just laughs. It must be some sight his Boss-employer squatting with her ass sticking out peeing and watching him!We walk back to the car, pulling off his hood, I’m standing by the door stark naked. Grabbing him I give him a long wet kiss the whole time I’m gripping his cock through his jean. “Jamal I appreciate your honesty! Don’t feel bad, I know all about Bill!” Jamal’s startled as I start pulling off his shirt and undoing his pants. “Now let’s get that big beautiful cock of yours hard. I need to feel it inside of bursa escort bayan me in the worst way! Don’t make me beg I need it!” Lord only knows what’s come over me? I’ve never in my life ever talked like this! Maybe Jamal thought we were done! He has to know this is turning into a revenge fuck!Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think about cheating on Bill the way that I’m about to right now. It’s like an inner whore is coming out of me. Is it the effect that Jamal’s big beautiful cock has on me? Maybe it’s In the back of my mind knowing Bill is somewhere banging a very young, beautiful, and sexy trollop right now. I’m not caring at all. This much I do know, I’m going to get mine.My whole body is trembling with anticipation. His hands drop down and firmly grip my ass cheeks, I start humping my wet pussy against his cock. “Were both a little too anxious, it’s getting crazy out here let’s get in the car.”He has a nice big older car he pulled the front seats all the way forward, the back seat is a full bench seat with valor covering, I haven’t had sex in a backseat since high school. Jamal lies down on the seat and I playfully lick his cock from his balls up to its big head, back and forth. Putting my clothes behind his head for comfort then sliding up and straddle his head pulling my pussy lips back to expose my clitoris.He starts to lick, nice and slow with his thick tongue. Sucking my meaty pussy lips into his mouth. “Oh that feels so good!”Jamal’s tongue has found my erect love button and his finger has found my ass, his finger tip is gently probing my puckered O ring. Never thought I would like anybody touching my ass hole but I love this, he then grabs my ass with both hands and grinds my pussy into his face he stops to tell me “I just love your sexy ass!”He begins to tell me how he would jerk off at night after seeing me at work. Especially if I was wearing something like a tight skirt or tight jeans. He’s starting to get worked up. It’s hard to believe that he’s already hard again! He pushes me into the seat and spreads my legs Jamal has the head of his swelled cock at my wet opening. He’s huge he gets the first inch in, and then he manages to get the head in.Quickly think to myself “I guess this is it! There’s no turning back now! I’m about to get fucked by a strange cock for the first time in over Eighteen years!”My hearts pounding it feel like it’s going to come right through my chest! He’s too excited. I don’t want him to cum right away! So I reach down and grab him and put his throbbing meat on my pussy lips. Glancing down at his cock it’s so big now that it’s stretching up to my stomach his cock head is hitting my belly button!Holding him tight pressed up against my pussy. I’m moving my hips slowly using his cock like a big dildo. We got a nice rhythm going now, his cock is throbbing. Feeling him tensing up he grabs hold of it and positions himself at my wet opening again but this time he’s anxious and pushes it in. “Oh fuck he’s so thick!”Grabbing me tightly by my waist. I look up at his face his eyes are wide open. He’s lost in lust! He buries it in about Four inches then he keeps inching it in. His cock is starting to enter no man’s land! He’s passed Bills place of six inches. Only once have I had anybody bigger than Bill and that was all the way back in high school.He keeps working it in, pulling it back, and then going in further each time, Oh man he has my opening stretched out his cock is thicker at the base of it, my wet pussy is working him like a vacuum sucking him in. Oh he’s fucking me now! I lean over and lick his ear and whisper. “Oh yes Jamal! That cock of yours is feeling so good to me!”Panicking for a second I realize he hasn’t put on a condom! But that thought only lasted for a split second, it’s just feeling too good!He grabs onto my hips and starts to bang away. Spreading my legs wide and holding them up in the air. I’m so filled with his throbbing meat he’s deep inside me. My soft pussy walls are wrapped tight around his swelled manhood. His cock head is reaching places that have never felt cock before! The thought of making him use a condom has been replaced by unbridled lust.Feeling like I’m going to pass out from the pleasure! We have a nice rhythm going now, I’m feeling his nut sack smacking against my asshole. He’s dripping sweat on me. I can’t take it! “Oh Jamal! Don’t stop! Oh yea I’m Cumming… Ah Ahh Ahhh!” I’m starting to cum wave after wave, never having an orgasm come so hard or for so long.It feels so damn good!Hardly remembering the last time I had an orgasm from having a cock in me? Bill always gets me off with his tongue. Oh dear God never have I cum so many times in such a short period and he just keeps banging his dark manhood into me which seemed like forever! My pussy’s dripping now his big cock is so lubed; he’s riding me like we’ve been doing this forever!I can feel him tense up he grabs onto my hips nice and tight. He leans over and slides his tongue down my throat. I try to speak but his mouth has my words muffled. In almost a whisper I manage”Please, please pull out!”We lock into a long wet kiss. I can feel him growing bigger and throbbing inside of me. He’s banging it in deep the fucking noises of our two bodies smacking together is all I hear Fwap, Fwap, Fwap! He grabs me and holds me still and buries himself balls deep, he’s moaning loudly! And I’m barely whispering”Don’t cum in me!”Too late! Sort of panicking, I look down his back and watch as his ass muscles clinch as he drives his cock hard into my womb. Blast after blast of his hot cum is flooding my pussy. Jamal just kept it all the way in, forcing his cum deeper into me. He has my pussy so stretched. That I can feel every little spasm of his cock exploding inside of me! Instinctively I wrap my legs behind his ass and pull him into me. Any feelings of guilt of having a strange cock cum inside me have been replaced with pure a****l lust.Jamal keeps on cumming. I can feel it running out of me and onto the seat. I’m biting his neck and holding my legs locked behind him. I think to myself “Oh man so much cum!” He’s still having little spurts and I’m milking him with my stretched out pussy walls.Jamal rises up he has his arms stretched out to either side of me not to crush me. I smile up at him and tell him how good that was! He tells me that was a long time fantasy of his having sex with me but he never imagined it could be this good!I’m waiting for him to pull out. My husband Bill when he cums which is usually after maybe 10 minutes if I’m lucky! He’ll pull out and ejaculates on me then gets up and wipes himself and rolls over. But Jamal’s still inside of me. I can feel him starting to grow soft but even soft he still has my pussy stretched. Jamal is taking his time he lays back on me and starts to lick my ear lobes then starts to kiss my neck his cock still deep inside of me. Now he’s tickling me smelling my hair my nipples stiffen right up”You’re so sexy Sam!”He goes right after my nips with his tongue he starts to suck them in nice and slow drooling all over my nipples. He starts to pull his cock out slowly then stops and pushes it back in nice and easy. Putting my arms around his head and lifting it up and tell him “It’s time to go! I have to go!” “Where do you have to go so fast? Bill’s gone I mean what’s the rush!” Looking at me with a sinister smile. “What’s the rush? We’ve been back here for a long time I’m starting to feel like part of this back seat!”He ignores me and starts to lick my neck and kisses my hardened nipples. I can feel his young cock start to harden up inside me. “Jamal I’m not k**ding I really have to go!” I can’t believe that he’s starting to swell up again! Must be nice to be Young?I’m looking around I see it’s gotten dark out the parking lot is almost empty. I don’t even know how long we’ve been back here. I’ve lost all track of time. I’m oblivious to everything except for all the good fucking we have been doing. He’s deep inside me and smiling slyly. “Jamal please! I got k**s at home with a babysitter””Alright Sam!”He finally pulls out and I can feel his cum running out of me. He sits up across from me. I lift myself up off the sticky seat it seems like I been down there for hours.I stretch, and go to grab my clothes. Looking over at him, he’s sitting there smiling. His hard cock is hitting him in his stomach and it looks even bigger then before, if that’s possible it’s all shined up from our juices. I can’t believe all of that was inside of me! It sure did feel really good. Looking at him and smiling. I throw my clothes down and say.”The hell with the babysitter she can wait!”I lean over and grab his cock my head drops and I start to suck him off he places his large hand on top of my head. I realize now just how much I love sucking cock. I can suck on this big marvelous cock all night! I’m drooling and spitting all over this young rigid cock of his, getting it all well lubed.I crawl on top of him and tell him to lie down. I straddle him and guide his hardness into my worn pussy. Now I’m on top! I slowly slide down on his long shaft I’m riding him. Oh this is good! His hands slide down and grab onto my ass cheeks. This is so much better I’m really liking this. I lean over and stick my tongue out we wrap tongues and kiss. I’m rolling my hips and he’s thrusting up into me. I lean over and whisper “Ooh Jamal this feels so fucking good! Use Me!”We pick up our pace. He’s watching my jiggling tits bounce up and down with each stroke. I lean over and let him suck on my stiff nipples! His long fingers are clenching my ass cheeks his hips thrusting upward driving his hard cock deep inside of me. His finger finds its way to my ass he gently slides his finger tip in and out escort bursa of my asshole.I sit up and start to suck on my two fingers as if they were a cock.His eyes widen as he buries a little more of his finger up into my ass.I have plenty of spit on my fingers now and start to circle my erect nipples with them pinching and cupping my heaving breast. I bring my hands down to his chest supporting my weight on them and I really start to hump wildly, banging my pussy down hard, my hips are flying, he’s thrusting up to meet mine, Oh Yea I’m riding him like a thoroughbred taking every inch of his young hard meat up into me.Jamal has his long finger wiggling up in my ass now. He leaves it at my opening and every down stroke I’m taking his cock deep in me and his fingers probing up into my ass! It’s driving me crazy! I’m loving it! I’m rolling my hips taking on his whole length my pussy’s wrapping around his hard cock. “Damn Samantha your one wild lady!”It feels so damn good I don’t want it to stop, I’m thinking to myself “How much fucking could this young cock take? It’s already been much more then I could’ve imagined!” “I spit on my fingers and start to rub my throbbing clitoris and just that quick! I have one of them orgasms from deep down inside which I never thought would end.”Oh Lord Yes! Oh Jamal! Yes! Yes… I collapse on his chest I’m so drained!He has me so filled with his swelled up cock, I’m just laying here enjoying the pounding. I’m feeling like a limp rag doll I have no fight left in me. Jamal’s thumb has wiggled its way into my ass.He pulls out and rubs his long length between my ass cheeks. He’s moaning loudly, I’m waiting to feel a splash of his cum he lifts me up and his long meat hits his stomach lowering me back down on it. Jamal’s huge hands are grabbing my hips.Looking down at him I realize he wants me to ride him, I move my wet spent pussy lips up and down his long hard shaft, when just like that he’s spewing warm cum! I move forward off of him. I look back and see his dick sticking straight up with little spurts of cum still dribbling down. There’s not as much this time his nuts must be drained.”Oh Jamal! This was so nasty!” I’m amazed at what transpired today, I woke up thinking about nothing but the party and getting everything done. Never would I ever expected to end up in a dark parking lot acting like a teenager in heat, getting fucked for the first time. Getting totally fucked by this big dick black k**! Doing things I’ve never done before it’s crazy. I have no guilt and no regrets it was good.I’m totally exhausted! The Fucking and the booze have got me almost knocked out.Looking at his phone he says “Ah shit Sam! My boys are out front. I have to run! You going to be alright, sorry I lost track of time! Jamal kisses me on my forehead “Just lock it up when you’re done!” He grabs his stuff and he’s gone.”Jamal wait! We have to talk! You hear me!” He just keeps running, typical male. I slowly start to clean myself up there’s a container of baby wipes under the seat. I realize just how sore my body is not to mention how tired and totally wiped! I put on my rumpled skirt I can’t find my thong. Did that little joker take it? I snap on my bra and begin to button my blouse. I hope the babysitter not up!When all of a sudden a bright light is shining on me Clang, Clang, Clang, “County Police!” Holy crap this isn’t no joke! The door flies open “Miss Can you please step outside the car?” This is unbelievable! I step out trying to button up my blouse. The flash light is all over me but then it stops at my tits.I’m Officer Tom P. can you tell me what you’re doing out here!”Yes Officer I was at an office party earlier and grew real tired and came out to catch a little nap in my friend’s car.” “Whose car is it?””My friend Jamal! He left a while ago.””That’s funny because, I was in the next parking lot watching this car! Who was it that just left a minute ago? You know what! Don’t even answer!” He leans into the car then comes out. “There are a lot of odors coming out of this car one is weed and one is raw sex!” He pulls out latex gloves and snaps them on his hands.”By the look of the seminal fluids on the back seat it looks like the raw sex wasn’t that long ago!” Smirking he crawls back into the car I can’t see but it looks like he’s under the seat.He pops back out “O.k. let’s see what we got here! I have a whole box of Commando X large condoms, a black rubber dido, a drenched thong and an opened tube of Nice Tight Fit anal lube. I have no problem with this stuff, but this half of a joint lying on the front seat isn’t good! Is the thong yours?”I don’t say anything I just shake my head no. I feel so humiliated. “No! That’s a coincidence because it matches the bra you have on!” His light is all over my tits again. I take a look down and realize I only buttoned my shirt to just below my tits. “Lady you haven’t come up with a truthful answer yet” Again he shines his light at my tits. “Do you have any I.D.?””My car is right over there my bag is in it I have P.B.A cards my Husband donates plenty every year.””Husband! You’re married??”Shining his light at my hand. My ring where the hell did I put my wedding ring?”Yes I’m married!”Jamal is your husband?”No!””Oh now I see! O.k. give me your name and don’t lie this time! Then go sit in the front seat till I come back and don’t move!” He writes my name down then jots down Jamal’s license plate gets back in his car! I’m a nervous wreck!He comes back he’s smiling he has a very nice smile he’s a good looking guy maybe in his early thirties. I would be a little more receptive to him if I wasn’t so nervous about being arrested! I’ve always had thing for men in uniforms.”I’m going to be honest with you Miss! It’s none of my business what went on here tonight. I really don’t care. I found Jamal’s condom’s the only thing missing is the used ones! A beautiful married women and a Twenty two year old. My concern here is unprotected sex it leads to pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases. You being married and all!” “Officer you can call me Samantha! I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. This was all a huge mistake on my part! I really don’t act like this.””This Jamal is my kind of guy he’s a busy fella. He got lucky tonight in more ways than one! With a beautiful lady like yourself. You could say I’m a little envious.” His whole demeanor has changed he seems like such a sweet guy”Tell your friend Jamal to watch the weed and that he has no insurance and his registration is overdue. I’m in a good mood tonight. I could’ve had his car impounded and had him arrested on the spot when he came to claim it! So go get on out of here before I change my mind. Do you need me to give you a ride home?””No I’m fine!””Do you want me to follow you?””No thanks!””You sure, Maybe another time?””Maybe?”Grabbing my heels and quickly walking barefoot to my car. He’s shining the flash light on my ass the whole time. Jumping in my car, I need to get out of here! My ass hurts it’s hard to sit, I start it up and I’m out of there.I can’t trust men! What a wild night it’s been! I’ll never forget this one! Finding it so hard believe how I acted. It was like an awakening for me all the things that happened for the very first time, cheating on Bill, touching myself in front of somebody, having multiple orgasm’s, letting a man touch my asshole, swallowing cum, and fucking my first black cock!!I’m getting excited just thinking about it. My pussy’s sore and I can hardly sit on my ass. My nips are raw. I wouldn’t mind doing it again but under different circumstances and under my rules this time in a nice soft bed would be nice.I got to get home. My niece is babysitting my k**s. But that’s a whole other story. Well I’m real lucky. Danni took the k**s for pizza. So I was able to get into the house with nobody seeing me. Looking in the mirror my hair has dried cum in it. Undressing quickly I feel so grungy I have dried saliva and cum everywhere! Getting into the shower “Soap and hot water” Has never felt so good.Thinking to myself “What a Slut” I don’t know what came over me? Maybe it was all just pent up inside me and needed to come out! All I know is that it all felt really good! Danni and the k**s finally come home. I’m feeling like myself now. I’m nice and squeaky clean. We put the k**s to sleep. I asked Danni if she would like to stay awhile and drink some wine and talk. I really just need to numb my nerves the whole thing with Jamal has got me so on edge.Danni is a beautiful Twenty One year old, but looks much younger she has big brown doe eyes, shoulder length brown hair and a very sexy body her ass is little bubble butt it’s round and nice and firm it looks good in her low cut jeans with her red thong sticking out and her full size tits that point straight up. She’s a little five foot dynamo.Her mom Liza tells me “Even at a young age she was promiscuous. She’s been sexually active for a couple of years now. Just a couple of years that she knows about? But finally she has a boyfriend Tony who everybody really likes. Finishing up the bottle we’re feeling pretty good she gets up and comes sits close to me she starts to talk to me about different boys and sex!”This girl is wild!”She tells me that “Her boyfriend Tony is well hung!” and that they have anal sex regularly when she has her period! Blushing and getting embarrassed! I tell her I wouldn’t know anything about that.”I’ve never seen a big cock only in porn movies and I would never let a man touch my ass!”Couldn’t let on that just a couple hours ago. I had a young “Well hung” cock pumping cum in naive Aunt Samantha “Well hell, after all, I’m naive Aunt Samantha!” I heard enough I’m tired, I’m wiped out! I tell her “I’m going to sleep.”She says “She is going to watch a movie on our big screen then she’s going to leave.”Going to my bedroom, my dog Bull is in his spot at the foot of the bed I pat him on the head and crawl into bed I’m exhausted! Quickly dozing off.



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