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I awoke with a kiss. It was gentle and tentative. “Master. Master?” Another light kiss. “Sir? I’m sorry, Sir. I need you.”

My eyes snapped open. It was my mother, my sub, and she needed me. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Her 5’9″ frame was completely nude. My God! What a beauty! Her eyes looked tired, like she needed sleep. She’s 43 years old, but generally looks like she could be in her early thirties. Her full, round 34C breasts were capped by large, extended nipples. That is one of the things I loved most about my beautiful sub’s tits, her nipples always gave away her excitement. Feeling them firm up under my fingers or tongue was the best. But finding her already primed and excited was also thrilling. Even in my groggy, half-sleep my hand came up and cupped her breast, my finger and thumb lightly pulling at her nipple.

“Blue? What is it?”

My mother bit her lower lip. “Sir. I need to talk to you.”

I shook my head. “Wha-what time is it?” I looked over at the clock. It was 4:34 in the morning. I sometimes get up early to go running, or put in a light workout before classes. I’m 21, and just started my Senior year of college. But this was almost an hour before I usually ever woke up.

“It’s four-thirty, Sir. I’m sorry. I brought the butt plug, lube, flogger and ball gag. I thought you would probably need to punish me, Master.”

“Clear all the books and papers off my bed to the desk. Turn on the light, but toss my t-shirt over it. I want to see you, but I need the light muted. Then, come and kneel on the bed. Head down, hands behind your back.”

“Thank you, Master.” And she quickly set about the task. When my bed was clear, she knelt at the foot of the bed, her toes just hanging off the edge, her head down on the mattress..

“Slut? Do you need training?” My tone was not light, but my voice wasn’t loud.

“Yes, Sir. Always, Master.”

“If you woke me up just to get your jollies getting your ass paddled, Blue, you might be in for a different kind of correction than you were expecting.”

“Never, Sir. You’re the Master, and I’m the Slut. My body is yours. I just needed to talk to you about Red, about your father, and about Jillian.”

I was tired, but very curious. I wanted to know what had happened between my Mom and Jillian. “Alright, Slut. We’ll cuddle and debrief.” I got up from the bed. “But you will need a reminder of who and what you are as we chat.”

“The sting of the paddle, Sir?” I could hear a hint of hope and desire in my mother’s voice.

“Where is Jillian?”

“She’s gone for now, Sir. We cleaned off her makeup and she put her wig back in the tackle-box. After that, Andrew was back, happy, confused and tired. He put on PJs. I kissed him and he fell asleep.”

“So he’s sleeping downstairs.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I thought about this. “We’ve never done a heavy training session with Dad in the house.”

“No, Master.”

“And I’ve just woken up. I’m in no mood to flog you properly, if that’s what you need. And I don’t want to wake up Dad.”

“I understand, Sir. But, I think I will need that soon, Master. My nerves are on edge. And this has been a very emotional night for me. I would like to feel calmed and centered. And that is one of the gifts of your deep trainings, sir, clarity. Thank you, Master.”

“You’re welcome, Blue. We need to talk, so we won’t use the gag. I guess we will have to plug that pretty little ass of yours.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Are you prepped?”

“Yes, Sir. After your father fell asleep, and I knew I would need discipline, I washed my backside with a cloth, and gave myself a light enema.”

“Did you lube?”

“Yes, Master. Just as you instructed me. First with my finger, then with the thin silver vibe you have me keep in my purse. I didn’t cum and I didn’t take long. I was rushing to get up here.”

“Good girl. And you brought me the Number Three Butt Plug?” I had been training Blue’s ass for weeks with a set of graduated butt plugs. It’s a set of five. The first one is small and comparatively thin, just something to get used to the feel of having something invade your ass. The fifth one still seemed ridiculously huge, and a bit scary. We had worked our way up to the Number Three, a 4.5″ long one that had a little more girth than my thick, erect cock.

“I brought the Number Four, Sir. I’ve been using the Three for weeks. Since before we revealed my submission to Red. And so, forgive this slut, but I thought I deserved the challenge and discipline of the Number 4.”

I sighed. I had done a bit of anal training with myself. I had tried out the Number 1 and 2. I feel like I should have some idea of what ass-play feels like for my subs. And, I have to admit, I enjoy the pressure it puts on my prostate when I masturbate. But the Number 4 is 5.25 inches long, 4.5 inches get inserted! It’s two inches in diameter at it’s thickest part. That’s a little over six inches around. I find the Number 4 a little intimidating.

I sucked on the pointed tip to warm it, then pressed the tip to Blue’s ass. “Relax, Blue. I will ease this in.”

“Master, you’re too good to me.”

“That’s it, Baby Blue. Now push out with your sphincter, like you’re taking a shit. Good girl! There. I’m easing it inside, just twisting.”

“Oh, Master. It’s stretching me.”

“You’re probably stretched about as wide as the Number 3 right now.”

“Master, maybe you should pull it out. I can run and get the Number 3. Maybe this one is too much!”

“Easy, Baby Girl. illegal bahis I’m not going to hurt you. Reach up and play with your clit.”

“No, Master. This is a punishment.”

I spanked her right butt cheek hard. It made a loud cracking sound, and Blue gasped. “I didn’t ask you to play with your clit, slut. I TOLD you!”

“I’m sorry, Sir.” And she reached up and began toying with her clit.

“You are going to need a deep session soon, slut. Don’t try to run your trainings or discipline, Blue. Don’t dom the Dom.”

“No, Master. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Think about Red. Think about Andrew. Think about your Baby Boy.”

“I love them all so much.”

“Think about how good it feels when Red fucks your ass.”

“Mmm. Yes! It feels so good. Especially when you’re in my pussy, Master.”

“You took the Number 3 before you told Red to take your ass, Blue. You welcomed his cock in your butt, didn’t you? You were ready for him.”

“Yes, I’ve even made my Baby Boy fuck his Mommy’s ass, many times. Sometimes without you, Sir.”

“I know. What you don’t tell me, Red tells me.”

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Don’t be sorry, Blue. He’s your sub too. And there are free nights when you get to set the tone for what you and Dad do. I don’t want to micromanage your sex life with Dad. I don’t want that much responsibility.”

“Yes, Sir. But…sometimes when he’s fucking my ass. I close my eyes and…”

I rubbed her ass cheek, soothing the spot where I had smacked her. I continued to gently work the large butt plug, twisting, turning, gently pressing and releasing, fucking it, millimeter by millimeter, deeper into her ass. “And what, Blue?”

“I imagine it’s you filling my ass, Master.” She moaned.

“I see. Have you told Red this?”


“Don’t. The fantasy is fine, Baby Girl. But Dad doesn’t need to know everything. Now, my cock is much bigger than Dad’s. I’m at least an inch longer, and probably twice as thick.”

“Oh, I know. I love your father’s cock. I love fucking and sucking it and taking it in my ass. He’s got a delicious, thin, graceful cock. But Master, yours…” She moaned and began rubbing her clit harder.

“Go on, Blue.” Her talking about my cock was getting me excited.

“Your cock fills me and stretches me. And you know how to fuck better than your Dad. Baby Boy is learning. He’s so much better than he was just a few weeks ago.”

“That’s because you’re not afraid to tell him what you want now, and guide him to please you.”

“Fuck, yes. But he’ll never have your cock, Master. Your thick, long, beautiful cock!”

“Thank you, Blue. And you have a beautiful butt.”

“I’m glad you like it, Sir.” She wiggled her ass.

“Imagine my father fucking your ass, Blue.”

“Mmm, yes. I do love it.”

“Now, imagine how much more you will need relax and stretch to welcome my thick cock in your ass.”

“But I want that, Master!”

“I know, Baby Girl! Imagine my cock pressed against your ass. Imagine how much you want me to take your ass!”

“It’s your ass, Daddy!” She was on the edge of cumming. “It belongs to you! You can take my ass whenever you want it!”

“Not without training, Baby Girl. Open up. Take this plug to show me your ready to take your Daddy’s big, thick cock! Open up, to prove to me you’re ready to get ass-fucked. Show me you’re ready for my big cock!”

“Oh, fuuggh! Cumming!” As her body spasmed, I pressed the butt plug hard, and it popped inside. That sent her off on another volley of orgasmic shivers. “Oh, shit. That’s big!”

I leaned down and kissed the small of Blue’s back. “Good girl. I’m very proud of you. How does it feel?”

“Honestly? The orgasm was amazing. But it feels like I’ve got a baseball bat shoved up my ass!” She laughed, and I laughed. “This will take some getting used to.”

“That is what it’s there for,” I said, “getting used to.” I crawled up on the bed and put my head back on the pillow. “Come here,” Blue crawled up the bed and kissed me. “Let’s cuddle and snuggle.” I scooted Blue so she was in the crook of my arm, laying on her side. Her hand hand played with my chest hair. My father is almost entirely hairless, especially since I’ve had him shave his pubic hair as a symbol of his submission. But Dad has no chest hair, back hair, leg hair or even armpit hair.

“Do you need to fuck?” My Mom caressed down my chest and abs and casually stroked my firm cock and played with my balls. I was erect, but in no rush.

“Maybe in a bit. Tell me about you and Jillian, Blue.”

“We had another glass of wine. Several glasses And we talked and necked on the couch for a long time. She’s very sweet and can be pretty funny.”

“She’s a very well developed character. Dad’s voice sounds just like a woman’s.”

“Bobby, this is serious.” My mother sat up a looked me in the eyes. She continued, “But I thought maybe you could tell too, because you were just perfect with Jillian, just perfect!”

I sat up a little in bed. “What is it, Mom?”

“Jillian is not your father.”

“Of course she is! She’s Dad in drag.”

“I don’t think so. Jillian is a distinct personality. She doesn’t have your father’s memories.”

“So you’re saying Dad is psycho? A schizophrenic?”

My mother kissed my cheek. “You’ve never taken a psychology course, have you, Bobby. He’s not schizophrenic. I think he’s got Dissociative Identity Disorder. It used to be called Multiple Personalities.”

“Holy Frak! So Jillian’s not a character. She’s not a game. She’s a totally different person?”


“Dad’s not just a cross dresser, or even a pre-op tranny-boy.”

“I don’t think those terms are polite, Bobby.” My mother was scolding me.

“Sorry, Mom.”

“I think Jillian is where your father stores the hate, anger, humiliation and pain that he’s suffered illegal bahis siteleri at the hands of Nick, and maybe others.”

“Shit! There are others? There’s more?”

“I don’t know. Jillian’s memories aren’t complete. And there are some topics she has trouble talking about. She despises your Uncle Nick. She hates your Uncle Nick with a passion. She would like to kill him. She hasn’t planned to kill him. But, she’s thought about it.”

“I can tell she hates him. So why didn’t we know about Jillian before now?”

“I’m just guessing. I wish I could take your father to a psychiatrist. But then they would ask how we found out. And we’d have to admit to being this crazy, BDSM Incest Family!” My mom was babbling.

I caressed her breasts. “I like being this crazy, BDSM Incest Family. It’s the happiest, most mentally healthy and most stable I may have ever been.” I laughed, “You too!”

Blue sat up and kissed my lips. “Me too, Bobby. Master. Sir. I love you, and I won’t give this up. I’m happier and feel more completely whole than I ever have been. And I think that’s even truer for your father. I think we got to meet Jillian, because your father finally feels safe enough to share her with us. We found out his secret with your Uncle Nick, and we didn’t judge him or reject him.”

“We would never do that!”

“Yes, but that was what Nick had convinced your father. Everything had to stay secret and locked up inside Andrew, because he was convinced his world would collapse if it didn’t. Jillian is one of his deepest secrets.”

I sighed, trying to take it all in. “So what did you and Jillian talk about?”

“Mostly you, Bobby!” My mother touched my nose. “I think Jillian has a huge crush on you. She asked if I thought you were serious about taking her out on a date. We talked about your beautiful cock. And what a sweet, gentleman you are.”

“Really? A gentleman? I sucked her pretty girlie-cock!”

“She loved that. You’ve never done that with your father. Why did you do that for Jillian?”

I shrugged. “This may sound weird. But, Jillian is a very beautiful woman. I’m more attracted to her than Dad. When she raised her dress and I saw the curve of her ass. The way she smiled at me and called me, Robert. The way we kissed. The way she was crying. I just wanted to comfort her. Make her feel safe and loved.”

My mother passionately kissed me. She held my face between her hands and looked right into my eyes. “Ye gods, Robert! You make me so proud, and you make me so wet! I just want to fuck you so bad when you talk like that! Gods, I’m wet.” She moved on top of me, her slick pussy sliding along the stiffness of my cock. “So…why didn’t you fuck her?”

“I promised Dad I wouldn’t fuck his ass. And I promised you I wouldn’t dominate Jillian. Besides, I needed to study. And it didn’t seem right to go that fast after just meeting her. I didn’t want to rush things. I also thought she was a little intimidated by my cock. ”

“You’re right. She’s never seen one as big as yours, Bobby. But we both agree, you’ve got a beautiful cock.” My mother reached down between us and rubbed the pre-cum burbling from my cock around on the head with her thumb. “We both got so excited talking about you, I mounted her and we made love. We were both talking about how wonderful fucking you would be when she came in my pussy.”

“Oh god, Mom. I would have loved to see that.”

“You’ll get to, Master.”

“Did she clean your pussy?” I asked.

“No, Sir.”

“Did you make Dad after he came back?”

“He was very tired and confused, that wouldn’t have been right.”

“Then I hope you saved it for me.”

“Of course, Master. I know how much eating the spunk from my used, hungry cunt excites you.”

My cock twitched and a jet of pre-cum squirted between our bellies. “It almost excites me as much as your nasty talk, Blue.”

“Mmm,” Blue purred, “let me clean that.” And she moved down my body, taking a moment to tease my nipples with her tongue, before slipping lower. She licked the silver-white spot on my hairy belly. She snaked her tongue in and around my belly button. My mother’s huge, beautiful, grey/green eyes were looking up at me, directly into mine, with an expression of love and playfulness. Then she took my cock in her hand and teased and “cleaned” the purple mushroom head. But every time she would flick her tongue over my pee-slit, my cock would burble more pre-cum. My mother did this four or five times. My cock felt like a churning volcano, little bursts of lava gurgling up, but a much larger explosion seething, and growing beneath the surface.

“I think my son’s cock loves his mother’s tongue!” Sometimes Mom enjoys playing up the Dominance and Submission aspect of our relationship. Sometimes she enjoys enjoys emphasizing it’s incestuous nature.

“I think your son is desperately and deeply in love with his mother. C’mere, you. Let me clean you.”

My mother moved up. “Yes, Master. I will be moving a little slower. It seems someone thought it would be a good idea to shove a baseball bat up my ass!”

I laughed. And paused to suckle and tease my mother’s breasts and nipples. “And whose terrible idea was that, Blue?”

My mother laughed, “That was mine, Sir.”

I bit her nipple, and my mother gasped. My mother can cum just from having her breasts played with, especially if both my father and I are loving her breasts simultaneously, or during deep and painful breast and nipple training and discipline sessions. It’s delightful dominating a multi-orgasmic sub. It’s doubly delightful when that sub is your gorgeous mother. And it’s triply wonderful when you’re deeply in love with your beautiful, submissive mother.

I licked and cleaned down Blue’s belly, scooting my mother higher and higher, until she was straddling my face. She leaned her head and forearms canlı bahis siteleri on the back of my high headboard, looking out the window into our back yard. She was tired. I had gotten at least five hours of sleep.

I licked up the slick wetness on her inner thighs, and teased her labia with my lips and tongue, very lightly. “Are you tired, Blue?”

She sighed. “Not really. Jillian and I had some more wine. We talked, and necked and chatted like schoolgirls about you. She asked me if I would be jealous if she dated you.” I brought my fingers up and slowly spread Blue’s pussy lips. The aroma of her arousal and the semen inside her was strong. My mother continued, “I lied and said I wouldn’t be jealous.” I tenderly kissed her cunt and blew a soft stream of air into her vagina. A droplet of cum, semen and my mother’s juices gathered and grew at the opening of her sex.

“Jealous?” I asked. But I closed my eyes and extended my tongue, waiting for the first droplets of sex to hit my mouth.

My mother looked down, saw what I was waiting for. “Oh Bobby, you’re so fucking sexy, and you’re not even trying.” She reached down with her right hand, spreading her pussy lips more. and teased her clitoris. “I shouldn’t say this, but I am so in love with you.” A droplet hit my tongue. I took that as my cue to open my eyes and press my tongue deep inside. “Thank you, Master. I’ve been saving that beautiful woman’s hot cum for you! Lick me. Clean me out. Get me ready to be fucked by the man I love! I don’t deserve you, Master! Fuuggh!”

I pulled my head away. “No cumming, Blue.”

“Fuck, no! Master? Bobby? Please! I need this one. Yellowcard! I know I have been a bad sub. I know I shouldn’t be jealous. You’re the Master and you can fuck who you want whenever you want.”

I pulled my mother back down on top of me. I kissed her tenderly to quiet her. “Shh. Blue. It’s OK. I’m going to let you cum. But I want you to cum with me. You don’t need to be jealous of Jillian.”

“This is silly.”

I kissed her again, “No, it’s not silly.”

“I’m so conflicted. Jillian and I drank and talked. I was still naked and she was still in that dress. We kissed and cuddled. She loved up my breasts. Oh it was like she was worshiping them. It felt so good. Then we both masturbated me together. She kept talking about how beautiful and perfect my pussy and tits are. How I’m her ideal woman. A goddess!”

I kissed Blue’s lips. “She wasn’t exaggerating. You are a goddess,” I sighed, teasing my mother’s nipples.

“So I came hard. And then we both sort of passed out, cuddled together on the couch. We slept together for three and a half hours or so. I was so happy waking up in Jillian’s arms. I was glad she hadn’t disappeared. I took her into the Master bedroom. And again, she thought it might be because I wanted her to leave. I told her that I had been naked for hours, and that I wanted to see her naked too. She said that having a dress on made her feel more like a real woman. I told that she was a very special, very real woman with a perfect a girlie-cock. She knows she’s a woman with a man’s body. I asked her if I could see her naked if we just pretended she has a pussy too. She relaxed and agreed. I took off her dress and the garter and stockings. She didn’t want to take off the bra. We lay down on the bed together on our stomachs, talking. And I started touching her ass. I asked if I could kiss her ‘pussy.’ And I went down and kissed and tongued her asshole, saying how much I loved pleasing my girlfriend’s ‘pussy.’ I wasn’t lying either. She was cooing and ahhing, and was writhing and wriggling her pretty ass all over. I asked her if she was rubbing her excited clit on the bed. She admitted she was. I asked her to roll over, so we could rub our clits together. She did, I mounted her. At first I just rubbed my clit on the head of her cock. We were talking about you, how much I love getting fucked by you, and making love with you. Jillian wondered if she would ever have the feeling of be lovingly fucked She wants the feeling of someone making love with her, not just using her, and raping her. I promised that would happen, even if I had to use a strap-on. She laughed and kissed me. And that’s when it happened. Her cock slipped inside my pussy. Oh god, it felt so good! I groaned and then said I was sorry. Jillian said she was sorry too. She was sorry she couldn’t be a real girl for me. I asked her if it felt good, to be inside me. She said it felt very good to her penis, but the better it felt for her cock, the more disconnected she felt from herself, from her own body and gender. Fucking me made her sad. But I couldn’t help it. Her cock felt so good, I kept fucking her until I came. And when I came, that set her off with her own cum. She ejaculated deep inside me. I could see she felt happy for my pleasure, but completely lost and confused by her own. Bobby, I was cumming and she was cumming, but she was sad. And I felt horrible, but I was cumming. I apologized and she apologized. She was crying, so that set me off too. And then, I was crying. And she said she probably should leave. So we went into the bathroom. She washed off her makeup, while I washed her penis with a washcloth. I know, Sir, I should always use my mouth. But I felt like that wasn’t right this time. So I just kissed her and told her I love her. I do, Sir. I love her so much. And she kissed me and said she loved me too. Then she asked me to help take off her bra while she took off her wig. And by the time they were off, I could feel your father coming back into himself. He was confused. Andrew asked what time it was and what day it was. He didn’t know what day it was! He asked if I was mad, and when I said no, he asked if I liked Jillian. I said she was a beautiful woman, and charming too. I said that I loved Jillian and hoped we could be girlfriends. That seemed to please your dad. But he was very tired, groggy and confused. So I got him some jammy bottoms and a t-shirt and tucked him in bed. And when he fell asleep, I prepped myself and came up here for punishment and training. I need my Master to help sort this all out.”



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