The Blackberry Incident!Chuck and I spent a lot of time together. We met for lunch nearly every week. We became much like food critics and sampled the cuisine throughout the area. After lunch we would always go for a walk. The city had as many bike paths as it did restaurants. It was a great way to get some exercise, and burn off the extra calories from the meal. It also gave us an opportunity to talk. While we had plenty of discussions through e-mail, the time walking together provided more personal means to communicate. Nothing was off the table, we covered just about every topic. From gardening, to sex, we covered it all during our conversations.Sometimes we would take a drive out in the country and find a secluded spot. We would stroke each other off before parting ways. Several times we went to the spas. A couple of local businesses that had individual private outdoor rooms with hot tubs. We would have a good soak in the hot water, and continued our conversations. Sooner than later we would touch each other in one form or another. We continued with this for about a year or more. Chuck was a lot more experienced than I. Looking back I was extremely curious, but cautious, and hesitant too. So we kept it to just touching for a long time. On day we decided to go pick blackberries near his house in the south hills. There was a large parcel of land a couple of blocks bolu escort away. The area was covered with giant mounds of berry vines, a few trees, and trails that many of the locals used to walk their dogs. We took a few buckets and headed out on the warm August day. We got deep into the area and found a nice spot to pick. We visited with one another just as any other day while meandering and picking. After a while Chuck said “Follow me, I know a better spot to pick. We gathered up our buckets and off we went. Him leading the way while I was just behind him. I wasn’t thinking, or paying much attention where we were or going, and I continued picking berries along the way. He knew the area much better than I did. We walked for a little, and into an area that was very secluded from the trails. Chuck stopped and turned around facing me as I was arriving to his location. I noticed he had unzipped his pants, and had his seven inch cock out. It was fully erect and pointing straight out at me. This was nothing new, and I was not surprised by his actions. I had become accustomed to his fondness of exposing himself in this manner. Many times in the past he would surprise me with actions much like this. Though he only did it when he felt safe, and knew he wasn’t exposing himself to others. Only when we were alone. Usually when he did this I would reach burdur escort out and fondle his cock. On this day it was different. As I walked up to him, his cock sticking out, I knew we were alone. When I reached where he was standing, I set my buckets down. I dropped to my knees in front of him, opened my mouth and took his cock in as deep as I could. This was my first experience of taking a cock into my mouth. In earlier outings I had put my mouth and lips on his cock. A couple of times at the hot tubs I would place my open mouth on the side of his cock. But I had never had a cock fully in my mouth before this day. Without even giving it any thought, I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock into my mouth. I was surprised at how nice it tasted. I felt liberated after all the years of wondering what the experience may be like. I kept his cock in my mouth as I kneeled before him. This was my first, and I was going to make the best of it. I sucked, and slurped and enjoyed his cock in my mouth. After a while he stopped me and we went back to picking. We continued to pick berries while we discussed my first experience together. We picked for a while, and I told Chuck I wanted to do it again. So we went to find another secluded area for round two.We found a nice spot that had a small tree. I turned an empty bucket upside down, and sat in front escort bayan of Chuck as he leaned against the tree. He was soft and placid this time. I sucked his limp cock into my mouth and began my work. This was a different feeling than before, but I did enjoy the taste, and feel. It wasn’t long before he began to get harder, and larger in my mouth. This was a unique experience and I savored every bit of his growing cock. I wasn’t long and he was fully erect. I could no longer engulf his entire cock. I sucked and slobbered, and lusted over his cock. After a while he wanted to suck on mine. We exchanged places and he took my cock into his mouth. It felt good. Warm, slippery, and soft. I don’t remember much about how he sucked me that day. I was still reeling in the pleasure of my first cock sucking experience. We went back to picking berries and when our buckets became full we headed back to his house. After tending to the fresh berries we headed downstairs to his workshop. It wasn’t long before we were touching each other, and I soon found myself kneeling on the floor with his cock stuffed into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock for a long time. He must have gotten sore, or possibly sensitive, and he stopped me. I stood up and he dropped my pants to the floor. We each stood there holding each other up as we stroked each other feverishly until we both shot cum all over. By this time we both were exhausted from the events during the day. We cleaned each other, and the shop floor. Soon we were on his back deck overlooking the city. We had a couple of ice teas, and discussed the activities we enjoyed earlier in the day.



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