The BikiniI had been in Barmouth visiting and had finished early. It was 12 noon.The weather was warm and sunny, very pleasant with a gentle breeze. As I was not in any hurry to go anywhere I decided to go and have a walk down to the harbour. It wasn’t particularly busy there and I strolled along looking at the small boats. Across the road was a café with some outdoor seating and although I wasn’t hungry I did fancy a coffee! I crossed the road selected a small table outdoors so I could watch the people passing by on the seafront. An attractive young lady took my order and while I waited I continued my people watching.My coffee arrived and as I sipped it I had a look around the seating area. Just over half the tables were occupied and as I looked around I notice a lady wearing shorts and a loose top, drinking tea and reading a book…she was wearing glasses and had short hair, and nice legs. I hope I wasn’t staring but she looked up and glanced across; I looked away and continued people watching. Now you know when you have made eye contact that you have to keep glancing back just to check they aren’t looking! Well, I had to look and when I glanced across we made eye contact, she smiled and went back to reading her book. She was sitting at a table for two so I bit the bullet, picked up my coffee and went over…“Do you mind if I join you?” She looked up, smiled and nodded. She put her book down. “What are you reading?” I asked.“Oh” she replied, “something I picked up, it’s not very good”.There was a period of small talk then I asked “Are you here on holiday?”“Yes” she replied “just up for a few days with my husband” My heart sank. “But he has gone off for the day” she continued “to Porthmadog or somewhere”.She had finished her tea and got up to leave the table; I got up too.“Would you like to walk along the seafront?” she asked.I replied “why not”…I had nothing else to do at that moment.We walked slowly along enjoying istanbul escort the warm sun and the gentle sea breeze for about 10 minutes.Then she suddenly stopped. “This is my hotel” she said.“OK” I said, thinking that this was where we parted. “Would you like to come in?” she asked.She put the key into the room’s lock, turned it, opened the door and went in – I followed her in and into the bedroom. She shut the door and went into the bathroom…The room was deceptively large and well appointed; there was a large king sized bed. I walked over to the window, pulled the net curtains aside and looked out. The room was on the first floor and looked over the seafront, but was not overlooked itself.I heard the bathroom door open and she came out. She was carrying her outdoor clothing which was neatly folded; she placed it on a chair.She was wearing a dark blue and white bikini. She must have been wearing that when we had met at the café; had she been thinking of sunbathing? The sea was certainly not warm enough for swimming! The top had straps over the shoulders and was tied at the back; the bottom was secured each side by ties, the loose end dropped down her thighs…see actually looked quite stunning!She walked over and put her arms around my neck and kissed me gently on the lips; then she went over to the bed and lay on it, propped up on one elbow.I removed my outdoor clothes and laid them on another chair, but not as tidily as her! I was wearing black briefs (which were by now struggling to hold me in!); black is my favourite colour.I went over to the bed and lay beside her. We kissed, gently at first but slowly becoming more passionate. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths; something in my groin was trying to make break for freedom! She rolled over on top of me and I put my arms around her; avcılar escort she was still kissing passionately but I took the opportunity to pull the two ends of the tie so it came apart. I put my fingers under the shoulder straps, she rolled back and her top slipped off her arms to reveal her breasts; I dropped her bikini top on the floor.She had lovely tits, nicely rounded and her nipples were hard that showed she was aroused. I rolled towards her and fondled them, rubbing the hard nipples gently with my fingers. She moaned quietly. I went down on them licking and sucking them into my mouth. She moaned deeply.I kissed her, and then ran my tongue down her chin and down her neck. I continued down the valley between her tits to her navel…I ran my tongue around it and then continued down to the top of bikini bottoms…I felt her body twitch.I noticed that the crotch on her bikini bottoms was damp. I ran my tongue to the left side of her bikini and took one end of the tie in my mouth and gently pulled on it; the bow came undone. I ran my tongue across stomach to the right side, took the tie in my teeth and pulled on that…I was lying across her and I changed position so that I was now between her legs; she parted her legs and brought her knees up. I slid up and took the top of her bikini in my teeth; she raised her hips slightly and as I pulled it just came away. It joined her bikini top on the floor.Her pussy had neatly trimmed pubes which glistened; I had to taste her and I went down on her with my mouth, my tongue licking and seeking out every sweet spot. She moaned.My mouth was full of the taste of her and I wanted to share, so I slid up towards her mouth – my fingers running up between her pussy-lips as I did so…we kissed and as we did so I gently rubbed her clit.I don’t know if this was too much for her, for she suddenly pushed me off and before I knew it my briefs had şirinevler escort joined her bikini on the floor and she was slowly rubbing and licking my cock! She was playing with me, licking the shaft and my balls; I jumped a bit when she took each ball in turn into her mouth. Then she turned her attention to the cockhead gently rubbing and licking for the best sensations ever. She took hold of the base of my cock with her thumb and forefinger, and slipped her mouth over my cock. The sensation was amazing. She was obviously not a stranger to oral sex and kept edging me to a climax but held back at the appropriate moments.I could take it no longer…my cock needed to be where is should be…I sat up, put my hands under her arms and pulled her on top of me, then rolled over onto her…she put her legs around me and my cock slid effortlessly into her.I lay there for a couple of seconds feeling the warmth of her body around my cock…I started to move my hips so that my cock slid effortlessly back and forth; with each stoke she let out a small moan – I think I was hitting the spot! I gradually quicken my strokes; I was starting to pump her; I put my hands on her tits and squeezed them while holding myself up so I could get a deeper penetration; she started to move her hips against my rhythm, her moans got louder.Then suddenly she arched her back and let out a squeal; her body trembled – I could hold back no longer; I pushed my cock in as far as it would go and exploded inside her…We lay on the bed together for a few minutes, and then she slid off the bed and went to the bathroom.I got up and dressed. The bikini was still on the floor so I picked it up, folded it and placed it on a chair. I checked around the room; the bed was dishevelled. I walked to the door, the shower in the bathroom was running, so I opened the door and left.I took the coast road home. As I was driving I ran through what happen this day; what had the chances been that morning of meeting such sexy woman, and the chances of actually planting my seed deep inside her. Then the thought occurred, would I be passing him driving back from his trip?I arrived home and sat in the car for a moment; I would not forget that bikini in a hurry!Not a word was said from the time we went into the room to the time I left – BUT WHAT WAS HER NAME?



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