Chris woke up and couldn’t believe his own Mom was so cool and blew him right on camera. His friend’s wouldn’t believe him if they saw it themselves. He hoped she wasn’t mad that he blew so much cum out. He got up from sleeping in, put PJ pants over his boxers and put a t shirt on, and left his bedroom. He was so glad that his Dad wasn’t around, and hoped his Mom would let him do a wake and bake. He wondered where she was, and started wandering the house looking for her.

Michelle laid upon her bed in a special little white nightgown she had bought recently. It was supposed to be a way to coax her husband into fucking her, but she knew it wouldn’t work now. She came to slowly, and sighed contently as she still tasted his cum in her mouth. She had sucked her son’s cock so hard last night and…my god did he ever cum she thought.

Chris wandered downstairs into the living room, then the kitchen. Not seeing his Mom anywhere, he wondered if she was off getting high or took off for work. After he got a glass of OJ, he wandered back upstairs, about to play Xbox, he thought he might as well check his mother’s room, and wandered down the hall, knocked on the door, and then popped his head in. “Mom, are you in here?”

Michelle sat up with a yawn as she laid upon her bed, her body clearly on display before him. “Mmm good morning sweetie…boy last night was fun. We should totally do that more often,” she giggled. “I suppose we have this whole week at least.”

Chris walked in and his jaw dropped, he stared at his sexy mom sprawled out on her bed, looking like she belonged in a Victoria Secret catalog, blood instantly flowed down to his cock. “You really thought so Mom? I thought it was super fun! It’s okay that we do that though? We are mom and son; I was always told you don’t do that stuff.”

“Honey, they always say things like that when they don’t understand.” She rose up slowly onto her knees upon the bed, letting him look over her body in that tight little gown. “Plus, your mom is kind of a slut, so I guess it’s okay to look at it that way too,” she said and giggled then.

“Oh yeah no problem Mom! That’s awesome! I felt so weird and scared cause that’s all I think about is fucking you like crazy! Now that I don’t have to feel weird this is great! Um do you think it’s weird that I think it’s hot that my mom is a slut?”

Michelle giggled a bit once again as she crawled towards him upon the bed, licked her lips as he looked over her. “Mmm, I love that you do. I want a man who wants me, who loves me, who will do anything for me, not like your father.”

“Oh yes Mom, I will do anything for you. You’re the only girl I think about when I jerk off. The girls at school don’t even compare to you, that’s why I just like staying at home and hanging out with you. You’re the coolest Mom ever. That was so awesome you dressed up in a costume for me Mom, will you do that again?”

Michelle nodded and smiled motioned for him to come closer. “Of course, who do you want me to be today?”

Chris came closer to her, walked to the edge of the bed, looked down at her amazing cleavage in her tight little night gown. “Do you think you could dress up as a schoolgirl today?”

“Mmm schoolgirl sounds fun, but whatever you wish I will be today my sweet hung boy.”

“Let’s do school girl then today Mom, do you have a school girl outfit? Why do you have all these costumes anyway? Did you dress up a lot in college?”

“Well when your beloved husband stops fucking you…you try anything to get it,” Michelle sighed as she moved into her closet and pulled out the outfit.

“Well you don’t have to try hard with me, but I like that you dress up anyway! Will you put your hair in pigtails too Mommy?” Chris asked, as he sat on her bed and watched her go through her huge closet.

She giggled and nodded, “Mmm only if you hold them when we are doing it,” she said with a wink to him as she slowly undressed. Soon she was nude before him, as she pulled on the skirt and top, taking a moment to put her hair into cute pigtails.

“For sure Mom! I can’t believe I’m going to get to fuck you! It was so hot filming you sucking my cock last night Mom. Can we film us fucking too?”

Michelle licked her lips as she moved to stand before him, “Of course professor…but the question is…pussy or ass?”

“Oh wow, I want to start with your pussy Mommy, then I’ll do your ass later! But since I’m the Professor, I should probably dress the part too right?”

She leaned forward to kiss him quickly and said, “Mmm that or my tutor partner…that might be better since you are so young handsome and hung.”

“Oh yeah you’re right, I am too young for a professor, maybe I could just be like the class nerd with the super hot popular girl!”

“Sounds perfect, the class beauty who can’t resist the young nerd with this big cock,” she said as she shivered a bit at the thought of him fucking her made her so wet. “Get the camera.”

“Yes Mom,” Chris said and leaned over bahis firmaları to give her a kiss. He walked back to his room, grabbed the camera off the charger, glad that he had charged the battery last night, made sure he wouldn’t tape over the blowjob she gave him last night, and changed into some jeans and a batman t shirt.

Michelle sat upon the edge of her bed with a little smile and a note book over her lap. “Ready my love?”

“Uh huh,” Chris said and set the camera on record, set it on the dresser, which overlooked the whole room. He took a seat next to her, looked at her notebook, then at her cleavage. “So um whatcha working on there Michelle?”

She sighed and shook her head. “Oh Chris… I wish I was as smart as you…I just don’t get this,” she said as she rested one hand upon the notebook, before she laid the other hand upon his lap.

“Oh you’re smart Michelle, don’t worry, plus you’re really pretty. Are you sure I can’t help you with your homework?” Chris asked as he leaned back with his legs spread, as her hand rested on his lap.

Michelle blushed a bit and giggled. “Oh Chris you are so sweet, but I wouldn’t want to just have you help me without a reward, surely there is something I can do for you?” She said making sure to put a lot of emphasis on the word do that time.

“Well, I heard a rumor that last week at the basketball game, you blew the starting five! Maybe you could let me fuck you, and I’ll do your homework for the week!” Chris said, smiled wide, his eyes glued to her tits. His cock became hard in his jeans against his thigh, outlined in his pants.

“Oh well that’s not really true,” she said then laughed. “It was both teams starting five!” With that said she looked to him and licked her lips. “Mmm good deal, I’ve heard so many stories about nerdy guys, they fuck so hard I am told.”

“Guess you’re going to find out Michelle. So what homework do you need me to do?” He asked and leaned over, his fingers played and tugged on her pigtail as he leaned close and kissed her cheek and chin, worked his way to her lips, kissed them and shoved his tongue into her mouth. His other hand cupped her tit, and squeezed it in her bra and top.

“Anatomy… lots of anatomy,” Michelle would say before he leaned over, gripping her pig tail and kissing her. “Oh Chris,” she moaned out before her hands moved to rub that bulge in his pants. “Mmm fuck me, no condoms, just raw fucking.”

Chris pulled away, licked her lips, reached down, and undid his pants. “Then if you’re wearing any panties you’re probably going to want to take them off. When you sucked off both starting fives did you swallow all of their loads you naughty cheerleading school girl?” Chris asked, as he shoved his pants down, exposed his rock hard cock, as it bobbed up and down as he stood up.

“I always swallow, no better taste then a boy’s cum,” she said and gasped as he pulled his pants down. “It’s huge! I knew nerds were special.” She leaned back upon the bed and lifted her skirt to reveal a pink pussy. “A slutty school girl always comes prepared,” she said with a wink.

“Geez Michelle, you really truly are a slutty school girl! Question is, are you a naughty school girl too? Do you smoke weed Michelle?” He asked and reached into her night stand, he found a rolled up joint, tossed it to her, as he hopped up on the bed and crawled over to her. Chris’ head drifted right between her legs, and suddenly he buried his face into her pussy, flipped her skirt over his head so she couldn’t see as he started to lick her pussy up and down. He lapped at her pussy lips like a little puppy dog, flicked his tongue up and down, then slid his tongue deep inside her hole.

“Oh Chris you shouldn’t have!” Michelle laughed as she spread her legs wide for the camera, letting him get into position and start licking her wet little pussy. She lit up and took a long hit before she blew the smoke into the air.

Chris moaned into her pussy, humming his lips and vibrating his tongue inside her pussy as he licked and slurped up her juices. Tongue fucking her pussy in and out, flicking deeper and deeper, working his tongue inside and swirling around. His hands wrapped around her thighs, bobbed his head up and down, and jammed his tongue into her pussy. The camera recorded her smoking and her titties bouncing.

Michelle thought she would have to ask him where he learned to lick pussy like that. She moaned out loudly as one of her hands moved down to rest upon his head, running her fingers through his hair. “Mmm no more jocks for me, only nerd boys from now on!”

Chris looked up as he licked her pussy juices off his lips and chin. “Yeah nerds are the best huh? Jocks just fuck for two minutes then want a beer. Nerds lick and fuck and suck and fuck!” He smiled and buried his face back into her pussy, going back to tongue fucking her pussy, then licked up and down, his tongue going further, and tickled and teased her asshole.

She moaned out as her pussy started to quiver around kaçak iddaa his tongue, clearly she was about to cum for him. “Oh Chris… more please… I want you to fuck my dirty little pussy!”

Chris grabbed her thighs and wrapped his hands and arms around her thighs, then rolled her over so she was riding his face, and began to slide his tongue in and out, the camera catching his tongue pushing inside her, her juices dripping down his face. Tongue fucking faster, as she couldn’t help but buck and grind her hips, her tits bouncing so hard they almost come out of her bra.

“Oh, oh god…I’m cumming!” Michelle cried out loudly in the new position, her pussy tightened around his tongue and gushed her sweet juices all down upon him.

His fingers dug into her tight sweet ass, grinding her pussy in his face, his tongue buried deep inside her. Her juices flowed all over his face. His hand then smacked her ass, pushed her off him, then he said, “Lick your juice off my face you school girl slut.”

She nodded as she moved down to start licking his face clean, and moaned out as she did so, “Oh please Chris, I can’t stand it! I want to be fucked, you can cum in me too, I don’t care.”

“Yeah you don’t care cause you’re a slut,” Chris moaned, kissed and licked at her tongue as she licked his face. “You just want to get fucked! You don’t care what cock it is, you just want it inside you! I bet when you have kids you’ll even fuck your own son!” He yelled and pushed her off of him, and stood up at the edge of the bed. His cock rock hard pointed right at her. “How do you want me to fuck you school girl slut?”

Michelle had to admit she loved that little line, she thought perhaps that could be their gimmick in their porno series, always hinting at their relationship. She honestly blushed seeing that cock again so hard and ready, knowing soon it would be inside her. “Oh god, I love it from behind but, I want to see your face as you fuck me…so hard to choose!”

“You better choose slut, or I’ll choose for you!” Chris yelled, grabbed his cock and smacked it playfully against her face, slapped it up and down, left and right.

“Oh I can’t think, this is harder then math,” she cried out, as she let him choose how their first fuck would happen.

“All right you stupid little slut! Get on your hands and knees!” Chris commanded out as he walked around behind her, kneeling up on the bed behind her.

Michelle slowly got onto her knees she thrust her full ass up a bit to tease him all the more as he saw both of her tight little holes. “Oh yes, I’m just a nerd fuck toy, that’s all I want to be!”

“Yeah that’s a good slut,” Chris moaned out as he rubbed his throbbing cockhead up and down against her pussy lips. “You don’t want to go to football or basketball games anymore, you want to come over and play Dungeons & Dragons with us,” he laughed as he pushed his cock head inside her slowly.

“Only if I can suck you all off under the table,” Michelle muttered as she got ready, it was the moment she was waiting for…her son. His cock. Inside her. His mother. As she felt him enter her, a loud moan escaped her lips.

“Yeah,” Chris groaned as his cock head split her pussy lips apart, he slid the head all the way inside her, his pulse made it twitch feeling it enter her. His hands placed on her hips, and he held on as he began to push it in slowly. “You can suck us off between your turns. Then take a nice big load on your face from all of us.”

Michelle moaned and almost broke character for a moment, her mind almost felt like it was going to shut down when that cock entered her. Her son was so much bigger and thicker than his father. “Oh, oh yes…I want that…I want you! All your friends too!” Michelle screamed.

“Yeah, you love this cock though!” Chris yelled and slapped her ass, then grabbed her hips with both hands, grabbed a hold of her and began thrusting his cock inside her, stretching her inch by inch with each thrust going deeper and deeper.

Michelle’s hands gripped the bed sheets as she moaned out again; trying to stay in character but it was hard. She began to breathe heavily, and said, “Mmm play with my tits please!”

“Then take your top off!” Chris shouted and spanked her ass hard. His hands reached up and grabbed her pigtails, his fingers held them tight as he pulled back and began pumping his cock in and out, sliding it all the way in, and all the way out, in and out, deeper and harder.

Michelle did her best to keep her balance as she worked her top off and exposed her breasts for the camera. “Oh yes…fuck my little cunt….harder please! Like only a nerd can!”

Chris reached around and played with her tits, squeezed and cupped them in his hands. His cock pumped deeper and harder, while his finger tips pinched, pulled, and twisted her hard nipples, leaned over her, their heads close to each others, panting on her.

Michelle took the chance to whisper to him, “Oh my god honey this is amazing, I love your cock so much.” kaçak bahis She then slipped back into character crying out in pleasure as he took hold of her breasts.

Chris smiled hearing her reassuring words, he leaned up and pulled on one of her pigtails, his other hand playing with her tit, pumping her harder and faster, bouncing her body forward with every hard thrust inside her pussy. “Yeah take my nerd cock you cheerleading whore!”

“Give it to me! More! More!” She screamed out loudly, not thinking that the neighbors might hear if they got much louder.

“Yeah oh fuck yeah! Take it Momma!” Chris moaned breaking character himself as he couldn’t control himself. He reached down and grabbed her arms by her elbows, pulling them back as he began to pound his cock into her pussy like a jackhammer, slammed it deep and hard, faster and faster, as he shook her entire body.

Luckily Michelle was prepared. “Oooh I like that…fuck me…call me momma! Cum in me now! Make me a slutty mom for our nerdy babies!”

Hearing his Mom say that just drove Chris wild as he said, “Oh fuck Momma! Fuck Momma! I’m gonna cum!” He slammed his cock in faster and faster, jammed it in deep and grinding it into her. “Yeah going to give this dirty whore a nerdy baby! Oh fuck!” He buried his cock in, cupped her tits, and released a massive load of cum deep inside her tight wet pussy. He panted and moaned as her pussy milked his cock.

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck yes, fill me! Fill me up you fucking nerd! Give me that nerdy jizz! Fuck yes!” Michelle screamed, her fingers dug into the bedsheets. Her whole body shook and quivered as she came all over her son’s cock buried inside her, filling her up with cum.

Chris moaned and collapsed on top of her body, then rolled off onto his back on her bed. She climbed up on his chest and passionately kissed him.

“You did such a good job son! You fucked me soo good! I’m going to go shower, and make you lunch since you slept in so late! When I’m done showering I want you to take one, get dressed and come get your lunch,” Michelle told him.

“Yes Mom,” Chris panted, nodded his head and laid there.

Michelle smiled and got up, took a long hot shower, then quickly got ready. While Chris was in the shower she got dressed in a white bra, panties, tight tank top, and a pair of low riding jeans. As she went into her bathroom to hang up her towel, she noticed something in her medicine cabinet that she usually ignored. She walked over and opened it up; looking at the entire shelf dedicated to the prescription medicines the family had acquired over the years. She went through the many pill bottles and found the majority of them all to be painkillers, Valium, Vicodin, Demoral, Percocet, morphine, that were prescribed from broken bones, dental visits, but were rarely used in her household as it was easier just to eat a Space Cake, and tasted better too. As she picked up bottle after bottle full of pills, her mind began to wander. Chris was so easily suggestive on weed alone, she wondered what he would be like if he was doped up on pills. She wanted to test his limits, and just see how far she could truly go with him. A big smile crept across her face, and she slipped a bottle of Vicodins in her pocket.

While Chris showered and dressed, Michelle slipped down into the kitchen. First she made a tuna fish sandwich for Chris, and then began to ground up two pills of Vicodin. She mixed one in the tuna fish sandwich, then she made a coke float, mixing in some vodka and the other ground up Vicodin pill in. She set the tuna fish sandwich on a plate, with a handful of potato chips, a pickle, and a Space Cake.

Chris came down the stairs into the kitchen, “Hey Mom!”

“Oh there’s my handsome strong man!” Michelle squealed as she ran over to him and jumped up, gave him a big hug, her big tits pressed against his face.

Chris wasn’t sure how to act around his Mom anymore, he never had a girlfriend before, and he had just fucked his mom like a porn star in a school girl outfit.

“I made you a great lunch sweety!” Michelle said, took his hand, and led him into the living room with the big screen TV.

Chris saw the plate and the coke float on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“This is awesome Mom!” He said as he took a seat, and started eating.

“You’re welcome honey, now you be a good boy and eat your lunch, and I want you to watch these movies until I get back,” Michelle said, tossing three DVD cases on the coffee table.

Chris looked down and noticed all three movies were horror slasher films.

“Okay Mom! No problem! Thanks for the Space Cake!” Chris smiled.

“Of course honey, now I don’t want you leaving that spot until I get back. I have a meeting I need to go to, but I’ll make you a PB and J sandwich before I leave in case I’m not back in time for dinner,” Michelle said.

Chris dove into his lunch, munching and chewing his food as Michelle made a PB and J sandwich for him, grinding up another Vicodin, and hiding it in the sandwich. After she wrapped it up, she grabbed her keys and purse.

“Good bye Christopher! Be a good boy, and Mommy will be back soon!” Michelle called out as she left the house.



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