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Half asleep, Mark felt a hand softly stroking the lump in his boxers and a whisper in his ear.

“Wake up”

Mark looked through bleary eyes at the alarm clock on his bedside table. 9am on a Sunday morning. “Why the hell am I up?” He groaned, rolling over and tightening the duvet around himself.

“Because” whispered Jane, reaching over and firmly grabbing Mark’s swollen cock “I have to get back; big sis is coming home.”

Mark’s eyes snapped open. Sofia Barkley, Jane’s sister; beautiful and with a body to die for, every red-blooded male in town wanted Sofia, but very few had. Mark had never spoken to her, but like everyone else, had admired her perfection from across crowded pubs on many a drunken Friday evening.

“Sofia?” Asked Mark in what he hoped was a casual, throwaway question.

“Uh huh” giggled Jane, still holding on to Mark’s now rock hard pole. “So you need to get up… I am officially inviting you to the Barkley reunion lunch and I order you to be at your handsome, charming best… I want mum and Soph to love you as much as I do!” Said Jane, nuzzling at Mark’s exposed neck.

Mark rolled over to look at his girlfriend. He had been in a happy and fulfilling relationship with Jane for 6 months now and had no idea she was Sofia’s sister until a few weeks into their relationship. As much as he loved his girlfriend, and as ashamed as he was to admit it, she was not in the same league as her older sister. She had a slightly plump figure but possessed a perfect set of large, round tits. She was pretty, with snow-white skin and long, dark hair but her looks did not have the ability to stun a man as her sister’s did. However, she did have extraordinarily luscious lips that Mark discovered were extremely well suited for fellatio, a discovery he made use of often. During the first few months of their relationship it became clear to Mark that she was not particularly confident, and he always felt this had something to do with her sister, just a year older than Jane, overshadowing her. However he had gradually taught her to open up, particularly in bed and recently, to Mark’s surprise and delight, Jane had fully embraced her sexuality. Their relationship in the bedroom was going to exciting new places.

Mark utilised her blowjob lips now, the thought of their recent sexual escapades had excited him and he guided Jane’s plump, juicy mouth to his dick. She eagerly accepted, her full lips sliding up and down his length. Her hands gripped Mark’s thighs as she swallowed him, gagging slightly as she deep throated her man. Mark closed his eyes and let out a long, low sigh. He grabbed a fistful of Jane’s hair and began rhythmically fucking her face. She gagged loudly and tightly gripped a handful of the bed sheets but Mark continued regardless. He knew she loved it and quickened the pace, the thought of Sofia coupled with the wet, slurping, gagging sounds of Jane quickly brought Mark to the brink of climax. He forced his entire length down her throat, groaning loudly as she expertly swallowed every drop of his hot seed. Mark collapsed back into the bed as Jane slowly slid her body up beside him, wiping her mouth and breathing heavily. She gave him a sexy smile that told him she enjoyed the face fuck just as much as he had.

Mark lay in the bed in post-orgasm bliss, watching as Jane pulled off the cotton hot pants she used as pyjama bottoms and pulled on a pair of tight, blue jeans. He let out a playful wolf whistle as she removed her strappy pyjama top to reveal her huge, swollen tits and booed as she encased them in a black bra. She laughed as she pulled on a black sweater and climbed back on the bed to kiss him goodbye.

“Mine. 1pm. Don’t be late and make an effort!” Shouted Jane as she left the bedroom

“Don’t I always?” Mark called back as the apartment door shut behind her. He set his alarm, rolled over and fell back to sleep.


Mark woke with a start at the sound of the shrill alarm two hours later. With great effort he rolled out of bed and into the shower. After a quick wash he pulled back the shower curtain and stood in front of the mirror, wiping away the condensation. He knew women found him to be an attractive man; athletically built and with dark, chiselled features he had received invitations from a number of the girls in the small coastal town in which he lived. However he had found Jane and she made him happy. Things were going very well for him in all aspects of his life; having opted out of going to university, he had decided instead to start working for his old man’s building firm. At 21 he was already earning a good deal of money and his father, satisfied with his sons diligence and hard work, had entrusted him with steadily increasing levels of responsibility within the company.

He quickly shaved and threw on a crisp white shirt, a pair of old jeans and a light blue jumper. Looking out of the window Mark could see it had begun pendik escort to snow, grabbing his coat he decided to walk to Jane’s house. Stepping outside a gust of cold, coastal wind blew away any cobwebs of fatigue that still lingered after his long sleep. Bracing himself he began to walk, his mind half on the light pattering of snow that had begun to settle around him and half on the prospect of seeing Sofia Barkley that afternoon.

The last time he had seen Jane’s sister was across a busy bar during the summer; he and many of the other men in the pub were admiring her cleavage, squashed into a figure-hugging, salmon pink dress as an out-of-towner was trying his luck and offering to buy her a drink. She politely refused, flashing him a stunning smile and walked back to the table of her giggling female friends, unintentionally giving every man in the place a view of her delicious ass.

Mark smirked to himself guiltily as he felt his cock stir in his jeans. Lowering his head against the wind, he quickened his pace.


When Mark reached the house he rapped at the door, shivering and eager for the warmth inside, he heard someone fiddling with a lock and moments later was greeted by Jane.

“Hey baby”

She smiled and kissed him with her full red lips. She had changed since this morning, replacing the tight turtleneck with a more conservative beige top which, despite its’ best efforts, could not hide her bulging breasts. Spurred on by his thoughts of Sofia during the walk, Mark began to kiss her more fiercely but was gently pushed back by Jane.

“Mark… this is my mum, Nicola.” She said meekly, glancing at the woman now entering the doorway, her face flushing a deep crimson.

“Hello Mark” said Nicola curtly, a look of disapproval flashed quickly across her features as she shook his hand.

“Hello, Mrs Barkley, nice to finally meet you”

“Please, call me Nicola” she replied, turning her back on the young man as she spoke. Mrs Barkley had divorced a year ago and was clearly still distrusting of men in general. She waved Mark into the house and, trying his best to look humble, he entered, surveying Jane’s home.

Jane never spoke about it but Mark knew from town gossip that the Barkley family were well off to say the least. The house certainly suggested so; the entrance hall was huge, over half the size of Mark’s flat. To his left Mark could see the dining area, where lunch was already laid out and to his right a huge lounge, complete with what could only be described as a home cinema. At the end of the hallway was a large wooden staircase leading upstairs to the bedrooms which he imagined were just as large. Despite its size the house managed to feel cosy, with large wooden beams across the ceilings and old oak tables and chairs furnishing the rooms. There was a large fire blazing in the lounge which instantly warmed Mark, he removed his coat and scarf which Jane took from him and hung upon an old fashioned coat stand.

“Hungry?” Asked Nicola, she turned abruptly and walked into the dining room before he could reply.

“Starving, thank you” replied Mark following Jane and her mother to the table. Jane gave him an apologetic look as the three of them sat down to eat.

“No Sofia?” Asked Mark, trying to keep disappointment out of his voice.

“Train’s delayed. Snow on the tracks” Jane replied, passing a salad bowl to him.

The lunch went better than expected, with Mark trying to be as charming as possible, and with the help of some wine, Nicola had begun to warm to him. Jane had apparently noticed the same, a relieved look on her face as she smiled at him and held his hand under the table. All at the table would have agreed that it had been a very enjoyable afternoon.

Nicola, now smiling and far more open had started on the topic of university.

“Oh I wish you had gone Jane darling, Sofia loved every minute of it.”

“Yes, but I have a job, and now she’s moving back home with no work, no money and massive debts!” Laughed Jane, the subject had clearly been discussed before.

“But it isn’t just about the education darling!” Laughed Nicola, a little tipsy, “It’s about experience… bringing people out of their shell! I love you honey, but you’ve always been so shy!”

At this Mark had to stifle a laugh, certainly Jane was very shy when you first met her, but what no one knew, what took him months to discover, was that she could certainly come out of her shell in the bedroom. To put it bluntly, Jane was a slut. After a few months of encouragement she had turned into an animal with an almost insatiable sexual appetite. She was constantly surprising him with how filthy she could be. Indeed, he had discovered just last month her love for public sex during a drunken taxi ride home. He had never seen her so turned on!

Nicola had noticed Mark’s snigger and began to question his reaction when they heard the front door open accompanied by a loud whistle of wind and a shout of maltepe escort “HELLO?”

“In here!” Jane shouted in return.

Sofia turned to us and gave us the dazzling smile that had stopped so many men in their tracks. She looked better than Mark remembered; her hair had been dyed to a deep, ruby red that accentuated her beautiful face, as she removed her coat Mark let out an almost comical gulp as he took in her body. She wore a figure hugging, white sweater, her body was tight and toned but she still had the big firm globes that all Barkley women seemed to be blessed with. In fact the tightness of the rest of her body served to make her bulging tits all the more delicious. She turned to hang her coat and gave Mark a view of her round ass enveloped in a pair of tight jeans; her black, knee length boots completed the package. She looked incredible.

What followed was a series of screams that quickly brought the daydreaming Mark back to reality. He smiled as he watched the happy family reunion and waited to be introduced. When much hugging and kissing and laughing had been done, Jane turned to Mark.

“Sof, this is Mark, Mark this is Sofia”

“Nice to meet you” Mark said, flashing his most charming smile.

“You too Mark” she replied, giving him a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug. Mark placed his hand on the small of her back as she leaned in to him, he could feel the curve that lead to her firm ass and longed to move his hand lower. As she kissed him he breathed in her sweet perfume, she smelt both inviting and erotic and he had to concentrate on not falling back in to his lustful, dazed state.

They sat down at the table and lunch continued. Sofia talked of her plans now she had finished university, explaining that she was living at home for a few months whilst searching for a job in the nearby city. Mark continued to pour on the charm, trying to be as warm as possible to Jane’s family whilst reassuringly squeezing his girlfriend’s hand. Yet throughout the rest of the meal it took great effort not to stare at Sofia’s swollen breasts stretching the tight jumper. He felt simultaneously guilty and horny as he ate; a tingling feeling of longing in his stomach every time she smiled his way.


Lunch lasted till late in the afternoon, Mark sat at the table smiling and occasionally adding to the conversation but mostly letting the Barkley women catch up. After the second bottle of wine had been emptied, everyone, slightly unsteadily, rose from their seats. Jane looked over at Mark, her cheeks rosy red from the alcohol.

“I’m a little tipsy” she giggled, “fancy going for a walk?”


“Sof? Wanna join?”

Sofia stretched her arms over her head, unintentionally pushing her chest out and making it all the more awkward for Mark, whose fantasies had slowly progressed throughout the afternoon.

“No thanks hon” she replied, yawning, “that train journey really wore me out, think it’s PJ’s, hot chocolate and a movie for me!”

“Suit yourself” said Jane, as she pulled down our coats and scarves from the rack. She opened the door and a chilly wind hit the young couples’ exposed faces. Laughing they walked out into the crisp, winter afternoon, a layer of snow crunching under their feet, and opted to take a route along the cliffs facing the sea into town. The electric feel of Christmas was in the air and they were happy, joking and holding hands as they walked quickly in an attempt to keep warm.

Half an hour later they had reached “The Brown Jug”, a quaint and cosy little pub in the centre of town. Shivering, they decided to get a table and some drinks and warm up before they set off home.

As she went to get the next round of beers, Mark noticed a couple of men sat round a table in the corner, they were older than he was by a year or two and they openly stared at Jane’s tits; she had pulled on her tight turtleneck over the blouse and the effect was very sexy, Mark was sure every man in the room had taken a glance at those juicy melons straining against the thick wool material that covered them. He lent back and smiled, what more could a man ask for? He thought to himself, and as she turned round to smile at him, all thoughts of Sofia were wiped from his mind.

It had just gone 9 o’ clock when they left the pub and made their way back to the house. The icy wind had picked up and they shivered. Mark put his arm around Jane, and the couple half walked, half ran back, taking a short cut through the quiet streets. It was when they were near Mark’s flat that Jane stopped, spinning on her heel to face her boyfriend and gave him a quick kiss.

“Night baby” she said, her arms around his waist.

“What do you mean “night baby”? I’m going back to yours.” He replied, looking down at her.

“No you’re not!” She giggled “Mum doesn’t want you staying over Mark.”

“Convince her otherwise” Mark whispered, turning Jane around so that he could wrap his arms around her from behind. He kartal escort softly nuzzled her neck, and she let out a sigh.

“No baby.” She repeated, but less convincingly, Mark smiled to himself. The sight of all those other men staring at his girlfriend had also made him horny, he slowly slid his hands down from her hips to the front of her jeans, unclasping each button slowly but purposefully.

Jane took a sharp intake of breath and put her hands over his.

“Noo” she sighed, a trace of fear on her voice, “not… not here”. They were in a quiet but brightly lit road and were stood close to one of the street lamps. If anyone were to look out of their window they would see everything.

Mark continued unbuttoning her jeans until he was able to slide a hand down into her underwear, causing Jane to mew softly and her knees to buckle. He reached down and pushed the end of his middle finger into her pussy, relishing the wetness he felt there.

“Oohhhhh” she moaned, finally relenting to his probing fingers.

He continued to gently tease her hole, his fingers getting slicker as she grew wetter. Jane, eyes shut tight, bit her lip and let out a long loud sigh, the possibility of getting caught clearly exciting her. She reached up and ran her hand through Mark’s hair as he kissed her neck and pushed his fingers deeper inside her now soaking pussy. She moaned again, pushing her hips up to meet his wandering fingers, her breath becoming shallow. He removed his wet fingers from her hole and began massaging her little clit, causing a yelp of pleasure from Jane. With his other hand he pulled up her top and bra, revealing her huge, firm tits to the bitter cold. He pinched and squeezed her hard nipples as he rubbed her slippery wet cunt, Jane pulled his head down to hers, kissing him roughly, her juicy lips crushed against his as her hands balled up into fists and she roughly bucked her hips to meet his hand.

“Ooooohhhh yessss” whispered Jane harshly as she stared into her boyfriend’s eyes, her teeth clamped together in pleasure “make me cooommmeeee.”

Mark watched as the busty slut grew closer to climax and rubbed her pussy furiously, sliding his slippery finger across her juicy little clit. Suddenly she let out a muffled scream, kissing Mark in an almost violent manner as she brought her hands up to pull on her stiff nipples and bucked her pussy hard against his hand.

“Shitttt, I’m gonna cooommmeeee, ohhhh shiitttttt” she moaned, her body thrashing against Mark as she ground against his hand before finally collapsing into him, her naked breasts heaving as she came down from the intense orgasm her boyfriend had given her.

They stood there together for a moment before Jane realised what a slut she must have looked, her bulging, naked tits and hard, rubbery nipples exposed to the harsh winter wind. She adjusted herself and turned to her boyfriend who was softly stroking her long, dark hair.

“Hmmm…” she sighed with satisfaction, “fine… I’ll ask!” a mock sound of exasperation on her voice before gently taking hold of the lapels of Mark’s coat and giving him a soft, loving kiss. She grabbed his hand and ran towards home, both of them giggling like school children at their naughtiness.

When they reached the house a strong wind had picked up. “Shit” said Jane nervously as she noticed that the buttons of her jeans were still undone.

“How do I look?” she asked Mark, hastily fiddling with the buttons.

“Beautiful” he replied in earnest, returning the kiss she had given him earlier.

They stumbled into the dark house, trying to stifle their laughter as they crept quietly across the hallway.

“Hey” said a voice from the lounge.

Sofia was sitting on the sofa, watching some 90s romantic comedy, Mark recognised a young Julia Roberts laughing on the huge screen of the television.

“Hey” replied Jane, turning on a lamp in the corner of the room and filling the lounge with a soft, warm light. “What you doing sitting in the dark?”

The light revealed Sofia and all the inappropriate thoughts that had vanished from his mind over the past few hours came rushing back to Mark’s head. She sat with her legs curled up on the sofa, wearing just a short dressing gown; it had ridden up and gave him a view of her muscular, tanned thighs. His eyes moved up her body, drinking in the sights of this beautiful, busty woman. The top of the robe barely hung on her elegant, dainty shoulders, and it was clear she wore no bra. At the sight of Mark she pulled the robe tight across her body, which merely served to emphasise her naked chest, Mark could clearly see her two pointy nipples through the thin, silk material of the gown standing proudly upon her barely hidden breasts. Her face reddened as she grabbed the duvet from the end of the sofa and pulled it over her body.

“So where have you two been?” she said smiling, trying to hide her embarrassment as her cheeks flushed a dark red.

“Just to the pub” said Jane, collapsing onto the other sofa, clearly unaware of the affect her sister’s nearly naked body was having on her boyfriend. “What ya watching?”

“Pretty Woman”

“Ooh I love it! Sit down baby” Jane replied, patting the sofa next to her.



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