When my eyes opened the next morning I actually forgot where I was. It’s always like that in hotel rooms. I wake up, think I’m home, and then have a strange sense of being out of place and confused.

It was like that… only this time, instead of remembering where I was I remembered who I was with and what we had done.

I looked at the empty spot on the bed next to me. Amy was gone. I could see the imprint she’d left in the sheets.

It all came rushing back. Amy on top of me. Her moans. The way she felt. She way she’d moved. The fact that I’d….

Oh god.

I looked at my phone. There were no messages. Where had she gone? The bathroom was dark and silent. Had she left? Please let her be okay.

A storm of thoughts made it hard to think. It was a mix of Amy’s half-naked body writhing on top of me… of my daughter’s body milking my cock when I came… and also where she was and what she was thinking. What if she was so upset that she called her mom?

I got up and pulled on some clothes. I even had a hard time doing that. I grabbed my phone again. Still nothing. Maybe I should text her?

Before my fingers could even work the door opened and Amy walked in.

“Hey,” she smiled. She was dressed in yoga pants and a light hoodie. “I grabbed us some coffee.”

Oh thank god! I searched her for some sign that she was upset, or had been crying, or was something other than what she appeared to be… just a normal twenty-something woman grabbing coffee for her and her father. Not a twenty-something woman who’d fucked her dad just a few short hours before.

“Thanks,” I stammered and took the cup from her.

She glanced at her watch. “Better get moving. I have a conference call at 3.”

She’d told me about it the day before and I’d forgotten. Her job at the paper allowed her to work from home most of the time. It was why she was able to come come with me for this little trip to the city.

We sipped our coffee and packed. Nothing was said. At least nothing about what we’d done. She excused herself for a few minutes to call in to work, but other than that the minutes between waking up and checking out were uneventful. The entire time I studied her. Waiting for her to shoot me some sort of knowing glance or far-off troubled gaze. I got nothing. It was as if it had never happened.

Had it? I was even beginning to doubt myself. I’d had realistic dreams before but never anything like that and never with my daughter in the starring role.

After checkout we stood together on the sidewalk and waited for the car to brought around by the hotel valet.

Amy was looking at her phone and I almost asked her if illegal bahis she was ok. But I didn’t dare to. I was a coward. What if she said ‘no’? What of she said that once we’d put the weekend behind us she never wanted to see me again?

Or what if I’d imagined the entire thing.

We drove in relative silence. This wasn’t unusual as we typically did. Amy busied herself with work and answering emails and I followed the directions given by the GPS. It started to rain which made driving slow but soon enough we were only 30 minutes from home. Once we were there life would resume. At least that’s what I hoped. Amy and her mom weren’t always the closest and her mom hadn’t really been as supportive as she could have been when it came to Amy’s divorce. She’d really liked her ex. I, on the other hand, always felt our daughter could do much better. Then of course he’d cheated on her and I was proven right. Her mom had been of the mind that Amy should drag Dan to counseling and work on their marriage. Divorce was the last resort in her mind. I was the one who told Amy she could stay with us as long as she needed to. I never really understood their rivalry.

What was I going to do? I couldn’t get my mind off of what we’d done. A part of me wondered if Amy had been too tipsy. What if I’d misjudged how much she’d had to drink? What if she’d blacked out? It would almost make sense. Why else would she have…. I tried not to think about it.

As we drew closer to our neighborhood she put her phone away and shifted uncomfortable in her seat.

“Are we almost home?” She asked, trying to see through the rain splattered window.

“Yep. Are you ok?”

“Yeah.” She shifted again. “I think you’re leaking out of me.”

I almost went off the road. I shot a quick glance at her but she didn’t look my way. She shifted again. It was the first thing she’d said to acknowledge what had happened.

“Um…. Amy…I…”

“When we get home I need to run to the bathroom and change ok?”

She glanced at me and all I could do was nod.

The next few hours were a blur. My wife, Tina, made dinner for us but it hardly registered. All I could think about was Amy. Even though she sat across from me at dinner I couldn’t read her. She smiled, talked, and acted normal, but I didn’t understand how. Tina asked me if I was feeling ok and I stammered something about feeling tired. Amy made a joke that I needed to get more sleep. It was a relief to hear her laugh but I was confused.

After dinner Tina and I settled down in the living room to watch a movie and Amy excused herself saying she had work to do. She kissed us both on the cheek and left the kitchen. illegal bahis siteleri As she walked away I thought about the last kiss she had given me… it had been on my bare shoulder after I’d made love to her….

Two hours later I was alone. Tina had gone to bed and I numbly watched a documentary that I couldn’t pay attention to. I wondered if Amy was awake and what she was thinking. I couldn’t stand it. So I pulled my phone out and texted her.

ME: Hey.

I held my breath. No response would either mean she was asleep or, worse, didn’t want to respond.

AMY: Hey dad.

I exhaled. Relieved.

ME: What are you doing?

AMY: Just wrapping things up.

I took another deep breath. My fingers were trembling. But I had to ask…

ME: Are you ok?

I stared at the tiny screen.

AMY: Yes. Are you?

ME: Just tired. Going to bed soon.

AMY: I figured you were in bed already.

ME: No. Watching tv.

AMY: Want me to come down?

I caught my breath. I looked at the clock. It was 10:35.

ME: Sure.

I turned the volume down and listened. Above me I heard Amy’s footsteps as she left her room and walked to the stairs.

And there she was. She still wore the light hoodie but had replaced her yoga pants with shorts. I fought the urge to look at her legs.

She plopped onto the couch next to me.

“You sure you’re ok?” She asked.

What was I going to say? Should I act like nothing happened?

“Yep. You?”

She shocked me by reaching out to hold my hand. Her skin was warm… soft.

“Dad. I’m ok. Really. Don’t worry about me.”


“No ‘buts’,” She brushed a lock of hair away from her cheek with her free hand, still looking at me. “Let me ask you something.”


“Do you regret it?”

My god. How do I answer this? How can I say I didn’t? Then again – how can I say I did?

“I don’t,” she said without waiting for my answer. “Yeah, maybe I had too much to drink but not enough that I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure. It was…”. She took a deep breath herself as if searching for the right words. “It was amazing.”

Amazing. My daughter just said that having sex with me was amazing. What sort of weird world had I fallen into?

“Is mom asleep?” She asked.

“I think so.”

“Can I prove to you that I’m ok with what happened?”

Prove to me?


She let go of my hand. “Hand me that blanket.”

What was she going to do? I did as she asked. She then tossed it over my waist, quickly straightening it out to cover me from the waist canlı bahis siteleri down.

“Tell me if you hear mom.”

“Amy. What are you…?”

Before I could finish the sentence Amy lifted the edge if the blanket and ducked her head under it.

“Amy? What are you doing?”

I knew what she was doing, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. What was happening with us?

Amy tugged at my waistband and her hand slid in to find my cock. I was already hard. I shot a glance at the stairs.

And then I felt the warm heat of Amy mouth. She didn’t waste any time. No licking… no kissing… she simply held my cock and took me into her mouth. She didn’t go far at first.

“Amy…” I moaned.

She sighed, moved her head back, and I was afraid she was going to pull her mouth off of me. Instead she adjusted her angle and moved her head down again. I felt myself slide deeper into her mouth. Her tongue pressed against my shaft and her hand slid down to the base. Moving slowly, Amy began to suck and slide her lips and and down.

I had never been so turned on. I fought the urge to lift my hips and bury myself deeper. I was also terrified that I was going to cum. I didn’t know if I could. Not in my daughter’s mouth.

Amy moaned and began to move her head faster. My cock slid towards the back of her throat and I groaned. This must have emboldened her because her hand began to stroke me.. slowly at first… and then faster.

She pressed downward and I felt my cock slip into her throat.

Oh god. I strained to hold back.

Amy pulled her head back and off for a brief moment. The blanket rose in my lap…. If her mother came downstairs there would be no way to hide the fact that Amy was giving me a blowjob right there on the couch. Amy coughed and her hot mouth engulfed me again. Her other hand gripped my waist as she sucked. I could feel myself getting close.

“Amy…”. I warned. My voice sounded strangled.

She started to go faster.

“Amy…” I moaned. “I’m close.”

“Mmmmmmhhhmmmmmm…” she sighed. I could feel my shaft vibrate with the sound. She tugged and pulled at me with both her hand and mouth.

“Oh god….”

I was going to cum. I couldn’t stop it. I placed my hand on her back as her head rose and fell in my lap.


I couldn’t hold back any longer. I raised my hip and I felt Amy’s relax her throat.

I exploded.

Amy pulled back slightly and continued to stroke me as I spurted into her mouth. I couldn’t move. My entire body was focused on my cock and my daughters mouth. I didn’t think I could stop…

When it was over Amy continued to milk me. She sucked rhythmically on my cock until there was nothing left.

And then she lifted her head and pulled the blanket away.

I will never forget the sight of my my cock in Amy’s hand as she swallowed and turned her head to look up at me.



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