I see on my calendar that a woman by the name of Caroline Van Tosh has made an appointment to discuss designing a new vacation home for her. With the air of confidence that comes with the well moneyed, she had insisted that she wished to meet with the senior partner of the firm.

“Just as I would expect if dealing with my attorney or broker,” she had told my office manager in no uncertain terms. As requested, the appointment was made for 4:30.

“Rather late” I thought to myself realizing that a meeting that late will start just as everyone else in the office is heading home. “This woman better have the bucks or something special in mind if I’m going to make special accommodations for her on the first appointment. Damn good thing it’s not Friday!” I grumble to myself.

It’s a lazy and warm summer afternoon, and at precisely 4:30 Caroline is shown to my office. She takes my hand in greeting and sits in the low chair across from my desk. I carefully study her from head to toe … subtly but in thorough detail, and I realize she is doing the same with me. Her expensive skirt and blouse are raw silk, and they deliciously drape her form showing just a slight glow of dampness from the summer’s heat. As she crosses her legs I noticed a perfect tan and skin made it unnecessary for her to wear any hose. With less subtlety I admire and take note of the sensual color contrast of tanned skin to the white skirt … a skirt which inches a little further up her smooth thigh with each move. My glance moves up. Two buttons on her blouse are open … just enough but not too bold … respectable but sensual. To my delight, I see that the cool air in my office has had an effect. The subtle hint of nipples hardening under the soft silk makes it apparent that there is little under that blouse to hide her delightful charms. My mind wanders to the possibilities of just what else may be hidden and only slightly concealed from my view. My eyes come up to meet hers, and they look deeply into mine. There is just a hint of a smile.

“Well, Caroline, tell me a little of why you’re here. Just what are your needs and how might I be able to help you.”

Standing up, she walks over to my drawing board where several projects in progress are laying open and looks over them with a slight smile.

“What would you like to tell me about your work? What would make me want your services?” comes her coy and teasing reply.

I can tell from her voice and the look in those sensual eyes that we are already discussing more than a summer home, so I walked over and stand closely behind her … slightly to one side. I knew that this was the moment that I had to act, or the opportunity would vanish.

“I think good design is very much like life in my ways. Excitement and pleasure often come from surprise and contrasts. Soft, curvilinear forms often can contrast and compliment hard forms.”

Leaning against her ever so slightly, I reached down to illustrate a point and accidentally brush a breast. She reacts with a slight breath but doesn’t pull away. With my arm still against her soft flesh, she quickly relaxes as I continue.

“The excitement is not unlike the way the curve of a woman’s breast, the softness of her belly, and the roundness of her hips can compliment the harder forms she generates in an admiring man.”

“I see, tell me more,” came her reply.

I continue, and as I speak, my hand moves directly to her breast, and my fingers start lightly tracing the womanly shapes and forms I am describing. When I see that her eyes have closed, my touch becomes firmer, and I move from breast to breast … sliding the silk of her blouse softy across her hardening nipples. I hear Caroline’s breathing becoming deeper as my hand slowly moves in downward circles until it comes to rest on the swell of her hip. Still standing behind her I move my hand around to her flat stomach and slide it down as her legs part slightly to invite my touch. Even through the soft cloth of her skirt I can feel the heat of her sex, and I’m rewarded with a soft moan of pleasure as I begin kissing her shoulder and neck.

“Rhythm is another important design quality. Both establishing it and sometimes varying the tempo.” I whisper in her ear as I speed and slow my hand’s caresses between her legs.

When she feels my illegal bahis hard shaft pressing against her from behind, her hips begin pressing back against my hand in time with my rhythm. I tilt her head slightly to give my lips full access to her neck. My lips work up the side to a point just below her ear and then across the back, trailing kisses like the pearls she is wearing. Her breathy sighs tell me that my touches and kisses are arousing her, so my caresses become bolder. I reach down and lift her skirt high in front to slip my hand inside the top of her lacy panties. My hand moves between her legs and across her closely cropped mound. With two fingers I started squeezing her lips together over and over, very gently while working her mons with the heel of my hand. Her hot swollen lips are now sliding easily, so I press one finger between them and inside her.

Caroline moves her feet further apart and puts one hand over mine holding it firmly against her sex and my finger now moves easily in and out. She turns her head toward me and we kiss. This was not a wild, forceful kiss, but exploratory. Our tongues roam each other’s mouths and slid together. Our lips barely touch. Our eyes are open, so we both could see the passion building.

“There’s nothing bashful about this woman,” I think, “She knows what she wants.”

She lifts her hand from mine and reaches back to find my hard cock.

“Not yet,” I whispered. “I want to focus on you for now. After all, you asked to see some of my work.”

I lift her hand away and place it between her legs, where mine had been. She smiles and starts rubbing herself. This time she closes her eyes and leans toward me for another kiss. Our lips meet and she draws my tongue into her mouth. Wanting to see and feel more of this sexy woman, I slowly and sensuously unbutton the silk blouse. Soon it is on the floor. I cup her breasts one at a time, feeling their firmness, massaging them and squeezing the hard nipples until they stand out, firm and erect. I run my other hand down the small of her back and feel the curve of her ass. Flipping her skirt up, I grab her panties and pull them down. I slide two fingers down between her cheeks and work them forward until they meet her fingers which are running quickening circles around her clit. I press my fingertips against her wetness until they start inside her. She moves her feet further apart yet and leans forward slightly while pushing back against my invading hand. It’s a clear signal, and I push into her until my fingers are fully buried inside her wet warmth. She starts rocking from side to side, shifting her weight from one foot to the other and rides my fingers up and down. I use just enough pressure to stay inside, and let she do the rest. Soon my hand is soaked with her sweet juices, and I can smell her delicious aroma. She rides my hand harder and harder, and after a few minutes I can feel her starting to quiver and shake. I can tell that she’s ready to come, and I pressed the tip of my now well-lubricated thumb against her ass. Breathing heavily and moaning, she pushes back against my thumb. I feel my knuckle slide past her tight rosebud as she screams and collapse against me.

Her orgasm is long and hard, and I’m enjoying every contraction of her pussy and ass. Her legs buckle, and the only thing keeping her from falling to the floor is my arm around her waist and my hand inside her. She twitches and groans and keeps a grip on my hand with her pussy and ass. As her orgasm slows I move her to the couch and lower her face down. All the while I continue to probe and hold her as deeply as I could.

“Fuck me,” she gasped. “Do it now, please.”

“Soon,” I said, “but first, I want to taste you.”

She starts to raise herself up from the couch, but I gently push her down into a low crouch. Her face is flat against the leather cushion with her knees well apart and her lovely round ass staring me in the face. I pull her to the edge and kneel on the floor behind her, so that her ass is raised in front of me. Then I put my thumbs on either side of her swollen lips and pull them apart, opening her pussy like a flower. She let out a low moan and arches her back for me … presenting herself for me to ravage. Her inner lips are like glistening coral, and I lick them in long, lingering strokes. illegal bahis siteleri I move down and press my tongue against her hard clitoris, and then, very slowly, I worked it back and up across her wet sex to the tip of her tailbone, pausing only briefly at each tender orifice, and coming to rest between her cheeks.

“Do that again. It feels so incredible!” she groans.

I repeat the move, very slowly. This time, I let the tip of my tongue slip inside her pussy, and again tickle her tight little bung. I pause for a second and start all over again.

“More,” she whimpers

As I work my way up and down she reaches back with both hands to hold herself open for me. I grab her hips and press forward, trapping her clitoris between my lips and sucking it into my mouth. I work on her firm little bud, holding it between my lips while I tease it with the tip of my tongue. For several minutes I lick it with the flat of my tongue … slowly at first, and then building up speed and intensity. Finally, I start circling it with the tip of my tongue. Around and around I go, and I can feel her coming to the edge of another orgasm. She starts trembling and thrusting, and I hold on to her hips and keep working her clit with my tongue and lips. She lets out a sound halfway between a groan and a shriek, and goes into a orgasmic frenzy, but I manage to hold on and continue until she’s spent.

“Oh God! It’s too much. Stop for a minute, please!”

I release her hips and lick her from the tip of her clitoris to her twitching little asshole.

“Mmmmm,” she purrs. “I’ve never felt that before. It was incredible.”

“I thought so, too, Caroline. I’ve never seen a woman cum longer or harder.”

I move up on the couch and hold her for a few minutes as her breathing and heartbeat slows back to more closely to normal. I was feeling excited and pleased with myself. I was still fully clothed, and this incredibly sexy woman had already had two powerful orgasms. We kissed again, long, slow, and deep.

“You taste sweet,” Caroline said, “just like a hot sex.” She smiled at me and asked “Where did she learn her way around a pussy like that?”

I smiled to myself as I thought, “this appointment is still far from over.”

“Now it’s my turn,” my mysterious new lover said as she smiled and kissed me slow and deep.

Caroline quickly starts working on my shirt and belt buckle. She reaches inside my pants and pulls my cock up and out. I’m still rock-hard, and she licks her lips in anticipation.

“Now, I want you to relax and let me do all the work for a while,” she says with a wicked grin.

I do as she asks, and she starts removing my shirt. She works her way down kissing my shoulders and chest as she goes … then down to my navel. Next she moves to the tip of my cock, which is peeking out of my open fly where she left it. She takes just the head in her mouth, runs her tongue around the ridge, and then focuses on the underside … teasing and licking just below the head with the tip of her tongue for several delicious minutes. She’s driving me up the wall as she skillfully works on the most sensitive spot on my cock, and she knows exactly what she’s doing. Just as I’m getting totally absorbed in the sensations, she pulls away to get my pants out of the way. I raise my hips, and she slids them down past my ass and leaves them bunched up around my ankles.

Turning her attention back to my cock, and cupping it with one hand, she starts licking it slowly from the base to the tip, continuing to pay particular attention to that sweet spot on the underside. Her tongue is wet and soft, and I’m amazed with the delicacy of her movements. She licks me with velvet strokes. She is totally focused, and it isn’t until I move to put a pillow under my head that she raises her eyes and catches my gaze. She pauses briefly, and with a smile in her eyes, takes my swollen shaft between her lips and slides the head into her mouth. I can feel her tongue working around the rim, and I see the hollow in her cheeks as she sucks. She moves to give me a better view … or maybe so that she can watch my expression, and with one hand cradling my balls and the other wrapped tightly around the base of my cock, she begins sucking my shaft deeper and deeper into her mouth. I can feel the back of canlı bahis siteleri her throat, and then she starts bobbing her head and pumping me with one hand while squeezing my balls gently and rhythmically with the other. Up to that point, I have been fairly passive, enjoying the show and the sensations it brought, but now I can’t help myself. I start moving with her … thrusting into her hungry mouth every time she lowers her head. She takes her hands away and press my hips to the bed. She releases my throbbing cock.

“I told she that I would do all of the work,” she scolds. “If she can’t keep still, I’m going to stop.”

“I’ll try,” I said breathlessly. “Just don’t stop, Caroline.”

Enjoying the total control, she purposely ignores my throbbing cock for a few moments while she pulls my pants off and tossed them on the floor. Next she pushes my knees apart and crawls up between my legs. She starts kissing the insides of my thighs and licking everywhere. When her caresses find the area between my balls and my asshole, I moan with pleasure. She instantly understands she found a special place. My cock jumps spasmodically, and she suck my balls ever so gently. Finally she slowly works her way back up to the object of her desire and takes my cock back in her mouth. I watch it disappear between her lips. I feel her tongue, her cheeks, the back of her throat, and then she pushes forward more, and I watch her soft, full lips slide down around the base. She moves her head from side to side, and the sensations are indescribable. I struggle to keep from moving, not wanting her to quit. I can feel my cock getting even harder as I tense the muscles in my legs and hips to hold myself still. She pulls back slowly until those beautiful lips slid across my cockhead, and then she opens her mouth wide and pushes forward, impaling herself on my near bursting cock in one stroke. She closes her lips around it, draws back slowly, and starts sucking the full length from tip to base and back again, over and over. I’m doing my best to lie absolutely still. God, I don’t want her to stop. The sensations are exquisite, but I start to lose control.

“Oh lord, I’m going to come,” I managed to gasp. “I can’t stop it.”

She pulls back for a second. “Good, boy. I want you to come. I want you to come hard. Let it go.”

She smiles and puts a finger in her mouth, covering it with saliva, and then she goes back down on me, taking me deep. I raise my hips to meet her mouth, and I feel her pushing against my tight asshole. With a twist, she slides her slippery finger inside my ass, encircles the base of my cock with her other hand, and holds me her captive. Caroline has me where she wants, and I can do nothing but move to the rhythm she set up with her mouth and hands. I feel the waves of an orgasm break over me, and I come harder than I ever had. I can feel the cum pumping through my cock and into her mouth. She’s merciless, and she pumps and sucks and probes until I can stand it no more and beg her to stop. She pulls back, lick her lips, and swallow. Then she crawled up beside me and kissed me deeply. I could taste my own come on her tongue.

“I saved she some,” she teased.

We’re both exhausted and lie there together for some time running our hands over each other’s bodies … kissing, and fondling each other. Before long we both know from the look in the other’s eyes that we we’re ready for the real thing. Without a word, I climb between her legs and press against her wetness. She raises her legs and brings them around my back to pull me up inside her very wet and hot cunt. I hold back to enter her slowly, inch by delicious inch. I can tell she wants it all at once … fast, deep and furious, but I decide it’s my turn to tease her and take control. Getting hard again after coming I know I can last as long as I wish … and I was planning on this lasting. Once I’m all the way inside her, I pull all the way back just as slowly, leaving just the head inside her slippery lips.

“You bastard,” she hissed. “Fuck me, now!!”

With that, she locks her strong legs around me and pulls me down fully and deeply taking every inch of my rigid shaft deep inside her again. I hold her tightly and can feel the tip of my motionless cock pressing against her cervix. There is no motion other than the twitching of my staff. I know she can feel it buried in her sex. I look deeply into her eyes,

“Relax and enjoy this, Caroline. I intend to fuck you and make love to you for a long, long time … my speed, my way. I’m in control this time.”



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