The AppetizerYou would drive to my motel and call me when you get to the parking lot. I will come down and escort you inside and up to my room. Both of us will be feeling horny as hell and nervous as well. We will go into the living room area where we will begin talking about what we both love sexually. As you mention you like your neck to be nibbled I lean over and lightly begin to brush my lips up your neck. As you shudder I lightly sc**** my teeth along your skin sending shivers down your spine. While I am going this I have one hand at the small of your back, under the cloths rubbing in small circles and the other lightly sliding down your other shoulder reaching up and curling in your hair. Your hands are kneading my chest, and grasping my back as moans of pleasure escape your lips. My hand in the back slowly begins to work its way up, bringing your shirt with it until we work together and slide it over your head. I reach over and embrace you, removing your bra as I nibble and kiss my way down your bahis siteleri neck, over your color bone, down your sternum and between your breasts as my hands firmly but gently caress and kneed them. My mouth continues down your stomach to your pants, where I slowly unbutton them and slide them off. It is at this point I realize you do not have any panties one. I moan with desire. Once they are off the nibbles begin again down your leg, excruciatingly slow, building desire. As I kiss lower and lower I slide my hands down until when I reach the top of your leg my hands are at firmly on your butt.I kiss just to the side of your vagina, the place where it is warm, and it sends a wave of pleasure coursing over your body, but building a burning desire for more intimate contact. As I explore around your desire builds until finally you beg for me to like your innermost regions. I breath on them first, exhaling hot breath before my tongue begins to swirl around the outside of your labia, as it swells I move canlı bahis to the inside as you through your head back and grasp the cushions on the couch as your body shudders with the pure delight of your first orgasm.As your body recovers your head jerks up to look at me, your eyes full of a****listic hunger and desire. You want flesh, and you want it now. You sit up, ripping my shirt over my head and tossing it into the corner. Pushing me back onto the floor you clumsily begin to rip my pants off. Your body is so full of passion that it is maddening how they will not come off! Hastily I begin to help until the pants to are discarded and there, standing fully erect is the one thing that can help sate your appetite. You clutch it with both hands as though it may slip away. Your loins are begging for it, but not yet. I made you mad with lust, now it is your turn.Your lower your head, tossing your hair to the side to make sure I get a clear view as you put my head into your mouth. You do not go down far, güvenilir bahis just enough to swirl your tongue around the head. It is now my turn to shudder as I feel the sensations that make my knees weak and awakens a flock of butterflies in my stomach, all flying for the sheer pleasure of the feelings you are creating. As you enjoy the sensations on your tongue you look up and relish the fact that I am oblivious to all but what you are doing in the small little part of my. You literally have all the control with your tongue and it is empowering. You continue with your mouth, now adding a stroke up and down my shaft with your hand. You go slowly but firmly because you want to savor it, you want to build my desire the way I built yours. As you continue my hands reach down and continue to stroke your hair. The slide down your neck, sending the familiar tingling sensations down your body. I lean over you caressing your back and reaching around for your breasts. In your mouth you feel my pre cum, with the texture of honey and a pleasant saltiness that you have been waiting for. This is the sign, you think to yourself as you raise your head with an expectant smile on your face. The appetizer is over, now on to the main event…



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