The Annual Black Friday PartyFor sometime now they have labeled the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday”. As it is defined, it is the day where retail merchants get out of the red and back into the black as sales and profits go up due to start of the Christmas Season.Well, friends of ours we met in 2012 started a tradition of their own with an annual Black Friday party. There is nothing about this party that has anything to do with retail merchants or money. This party was originated for like minded people to get together dressed only in black attire to have some really sexy fun. As I stated previously the one rule is there is no color allowed. Only black attire to begin. Most of the guys are in black pants, shirts and sport coats. The ladies however are in all sorts of clothing. Dresses and skirts primarily. Really don’t see women wearing pants to this function at all. What’s underneath is what is the most fun. All the ladies try to out do one another with the hottest lingerie we can find. As with any party, it starts off pretty normal with people drinking and chatting and getting reacquainted with each other. Some we haven’t seen since the party last year. People come to the party from surrounding States, therefore, we don’t always get to see everyone. It’s usually a couple hours till one of the girls pulls a guys cock out in the kitchen and starts to suck him off. All it takes is one or two people to get the party started until everyone else starts getting undressed. Most of the men end up totally nude but the women all keep their garter belts, stockings, heels, and other lingerie on that still allows access to their pussies, asses and tits. The visual is as stimulating as the sex. The party started out in 2012 with only about 8 couples. It has grown quickly with the 2014 party having 26 couples and four single women.This year my bf Rob and I were in separate rooms when everyone started getting into groups. So, starting off I wasn’t even with him. I was with 7 other people in the main living room. Before I could get my blouse off, I had a guy up my skirt licking my pussy while I had another guy put his cock in my mouth. At that point I abandoned trying bursa escort to get undressed myself. I let the guy eat my pussy while I focused on the mans cock in my mouth. He started out flaccid and I got to feel his dick grow in my mouth. One of my favorite things is to have a mans cock totally engulfed in my mouth and feel it filling with blood, growing stiff as I started to let him thrust his growing dick in and out of my mouth.As I was concentrating on sucking him, I soon felt the tongue leave my pussy and it was replaced by a thick cock that slid right in my soaking wet pussy. It was hard to see what all was going on around me with two guys on me but I could hear the moans of pleasure on either side of me. As I glanced to either side I could see other guys getting their cocks sucked and other women getting their pussies plowed hard. Quickly, the man that I was blowing pulled his dick out of me and it was replaced with one of the girls I am good friends with sitting on my face. I was now eating pussy and getting fucked at the same time. One thing about these parties is that you change partners and positions often. At first, everyone is anxious to fuck and taste everyone they can. Especially the men. Men will start to fuck you and then only fuck you for about five minutes and pull out and stick their cock into another awaiting cunt.My girlfriend I was eating started to cum and she reached down and rubbed her clit hard and shot a stream of cum all over my tits and stomach as I cleaned her up. As she got off me the man fucking me pulled out and wanted to fuck my girlfriend who had just cum all over me. As I started to get up I had my girlfriends husband flip me over and shoved his big dick in my pussy from behind. Now Jimmy has a nice big cock and I’ve fucked him before, so I knew what I had here. He grabbed my hips and was really pounding me hard as I could now see what all was going on around me. Jimmy grabbed my hair and pulled my head back hard as he fucked me deep. I felt myself starting to cum and just as I did he shoved my head down on another cock and I started to suck him. I could taste the pussy of the girl he was previously fucking. escort bursa It was so good I started to spit on his thick shaft and lick it off to give him a good show. As I was sucking cock and getting my pussy pounded I felt a stream of lube hit my ass. Jimmy had a bottle of lube and started working it into my ass as he fucked me. The guy I was sucking asked if he could fuck my ass while Jimmy continued to fuck my pussy. I told him yes and proceeded to tell Jimmy to lube my ass good. When he had the lube all up in my ass I got up and let Jimmy sit on the couch. I mounted his cock and let the other guy get behind me and put his cock in my ass. He struggled to get his thick cock in me but once he got the head past the entrance to my ass he slid right in. So now I was getting DP’d by two guys and it felt amazing. The guy fucking my ass had hold of my garter belt with both hands pulling my ass into his dick as I could feel Jimmy getting harder and in my pussy. I rode both cocks for about 20 minutes until Jimmy said he was ready to pop. I simply pulled off his dick and let the other guy stay in my ass. I slid down and took Jimmy’s cock into my mouth and let him shoot a rock star cum shot all over my face and into my mouth. I finished his dick off and sucked all the cum out of his shaft. My girlfriend came over and licked all his cum off my face and we kissed while I was still getting my ass fucked. I thought he was gonna cum in my ass because he was slapping my ass good and riding me good. However, he pulled my hair back and kissed me and told me how sweet my ass was but wasn’t ready to cum yet and pulled his dick out and left me there with my ass gaping from his thick dick in me. My girlfriend told me to turn over and she started to eat my pussy so I could cum. I was ready to really let a good squirt go. Sure enough she brought me to my first orgasm of the night. As I cum I shot three nice streams of cum into her mouth as she engulfed my pussy with her entire mouth and sucked my clit till I got to sensitive to continue.I got up to wipe myself off a bit with a towel and went to look for Rob. As I walked thru the house, every room was filled with people sucking bursa escort bayan and fucking each other. As I walked down the back hallway, I looked in and saw Rob fucking the lady that owned the house we were in. She was dressed in an all black corset with black seamed stockings and stiletto heels. He had her in doggy position really giving it to her good. While he was fucking her, she was busy sucking two other dicks as they laid on the bed. Rob saw me and told me to come in. He asked me if I had cum already and I told him I had but was ready for more. He told me to go sit on one of the guys faces that was receiving head from our hostess. As I sat on his face, I could still feel me being a little sensitive from just having cum about ten minutes prior. I finally eased back into it and was back into full blown party mode again. There were five of us on the bed. Three men and us two girls. We kept changing partners, cocks and positions every few minutes. One of the guys blew his load kind of unexpectedly all over our hostess tits. He jerked himself off and slapped her tits with his cock as he started to go soft. I licked her tits clean and it was now two men and us two girls. I could tell both guys were close as they started to pull away as we wanted to fuck them harder. Finally, I told them both they needed to cum. Bonnie, our hostess and I got down on our knees and let both guys jerk off on our faces as we shared both guys cum. They shot several streams across our faces and we licked it off each other as the guys milked the residual cum out of their dicks and let it drip into our mouths.Although Bonnie and I had cum when the guys were fucking us, we were ready to keep going. We let the guys head to the sun porch where most of the recovering guys congregated to let their dicks get ready for another round. Bonnie and I found other groups to join in. More of the same continued most of the evening and past midnight. About 3:30am things started to slow down as everyone at the party had cum several times. They guys cocks were limp and the women’s pussies were sore. We got home about 5:00am that next morning. Another amazing party. The same couple hosts and even bigger New Year’s Eve Party every year. We can’t wait for that. Should be more couples come in from other states. Some last year from Florida, Nevada, California and Canada. I’ll write and let you know how that one goes.



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