I was due to go round to my friend Tom’s house tonight, but as usual he had lined up another date and blew me off at the last minute. So I was told I had to stay in my room as my mum had invited a few friends round for an Ann Summers night, it was a few of her girlfriends and my two aunties. In all 8 people were invited and I could tell she was really looking forward to it, so I helped her to tidy up, I have always found my mum a real turn on and I am always stealing a glance at her long legs and her firm tight ass.

My mum Janet is 5’8 and is a dress size 10, I know this, as I love to look through her clothes and see what sexy outfits she has. She has long blonde hair and is very tanned; she goes to the gym 3 times a week and loves to keep herself fit. My mum had me when she was 17 so now I have just turned 18 she is only 35 and could easily pass for mid 20’s.

Anyway it got to around 6.30 and she said she was going to get ready and if anyone came early just to show them in and give them a drink, time passed on a then the phone went.


“Hi it’s Annie, I’m your mum’s friend and I am supposed to be coming to the party tonight but my car is broken down so, could you tell her I can’t make it?”

“Sure no problem, and your Annie?” I said

“Yes from her work, see the only problem is I was bringing my friends and now they won’t be coming either, tell her I’m awfully sorry OK”?

“OK I will bye.”

“Bye” she said and went.

I walked upstairs and knocked on mums bedroom door and waited for a reply.

“Yes hunny?” she called

“Mum that was Annie on the phone she can’t come tonight. Car trouble” I said through the door.

“Sorry hunny I can’t hear you come in” she replied.

When I pushed the door open she was in front of her wardrobe with the full-length mirrored doors, bending over from the waist drying her hair. She stood up and shook her hair loose and it fell onto her shoulders, the best way I can describe her is every mans wet dream. She was wearing a backless black top and a very short black skirt with a split up her thigh at the front. She sat on her stool next to her bed and reached down for her shoes and began to put them on.

“So who was it then?” she asked buckling her shoe.

“Annie she can’t make it and so neither can her family”

“Oh shit! Now it’s only going to be me, Jackie and Christine.”

“What auntie Jackie and auntie Christine are coming?” I said

At this point I must tell you about my two aunties, Jackie is the older of the two (33 I think) she is really classy and always look fantastic, she goes to the gym with my mum and has the best nipples I have ever seen they are always rock hard in everything she wears. I don’t think she ever wears a bra and they sway from side to side and look a perfect size.

Christine is 26 and is the first girl who I have seen naked, I hid in mum’s wardrobe once when she stayed over and caught her coming out of the shower and changing in mum’s room. Her tits are small as she is very tiny but has a great ass and really sexy legs. I would say she is the best looking out of the two as she has a very dirty face, pouty lips that just want to be fucked.

“Yeah, so it’s just the three of us, oh and illegal bahis the organiser Andrea she’ll be here soon.”

Mum by now had one shoe on but with much difficulty.

“Could you help me with my other shoe hunny,” mum said.

“Sure no problem” I walked over and kneeled in front of her, she handed me a very light, black high heeled shoe it had a very tiny enclosure for her toes which was very pointed and one strap that tied around her ankle. I picked her foot up by her sole and guided it into the shoe, her nails were painted bright red and I was getting harder by the second.

My cock was beginning to strain in my shorts as I tried to buckle her shoe round her tiny ankle, I looked up at her and she smiled an ever so sexy smile and I blushed and looked down and finished doing up her shoe.

“Thanks hunny, you have a real knack for that” she said beaming at me and glancing at my now rigid cock.

Then the front door bell went, I stood and turned quickly and made for the door.

“Hunny” I turned back to face her my cock making a tent in my shorts. “Could you get the door for me please?”

“OK mum” I said and turned and went downstairs, I tucked my cock into the waistband of my shorts and went to the door. I opened it and Auntie Jackie and Christine were stood there in thick coats.

“Come in and give me your coats” they smiled and kissed me on the cheek as they passed then as I turned I got two coats thrust into my arms. I hung them both up and walked into the lounge only to be greeted by Jackie and Christine dressed up to death and looking good enough to eat (I wish). Jackie had on a little black dress no sleeves which tucked under each arm her tits were heaving over the top and were in danger of spilling out and I could see her hard nipples straining at the material of the dress. It was as usual a very short dress showing off her long bronzed legs and she had already kicked off her shoes and was walking round barefoot.

Christine was wearing a red micro mini skirt and her ass was just so fuck-able in it, I felt my cock begin to stir and to make it worse mum came down the stairs and began to kiss and hug them both she ended up sitting across Jackie’s lap with her feet dangling. My cock again was rigid and all the girls began to giggle.

“So, girls are you ready for tonight, brought your money too I hope?” mum said

“Oh yes, I’m feeling horny and that can only be good for sales” Jackie said with a wicked laugh.

The door went and mum shot off to answer it and I made my way upstairs, I stood at the top of stairs and heard champagne bottles being opened and a different voice now, she was giggling and I head some words you only dream hearing women say, Dildo, Strap-on, Thongs, Crotch less and so on.

I had to go to my room and have a wank, I closed the door and lay back and stroked my cock till I had a pool of cum all over me, after a while I fell asleep and it wasn’t for about 3 hours before I was woken by knocking at the door.

“Scott are you decent” It was mum’s voice.

I grabbed the bedclothes and dragged them over my cock.

“Yeah mum come in”

“Oh hunny, hope we didn’t wake you with our screaming”

“No it’s ok I was asleep”

“Would you come down illegal bahis siteleri stairs and help us with something please?”

“Sure 1 minute OK?”


What was strange was that mum had only poked her head round the door and hadn’t come into the room, also she said help us with something. Anyway I put on my shorts and walked downstairs, when I got there I saw just my Auntie Jackie and Mum but what took me aback was what they were wearing. Auntie Jackie had on a black half-cup bra and her nipples were poking right over the top, a tiny little g-string in red and black stockings and high heels. Mum was even more daring in a PVC bra and thong and her high heels. I nearly came in my pants right there and then.

“Well? What do you think?” Jackie said

“Stunning, you both look so…so…so….”

“Dirty?” my mum said smiling.

“Yes dirty is the word.”

“Yes we hoped you’d like it were wearing them for a reason you see” said my Aunt

“What’s the reason”?

“Well your mum told us about your hard on, that you got before and well we thought that at 18 you should be helped out and to see if we could be the ones to do the helping?” Jackie smiled and licked her lips.

I just stared and nodded my agreement, as I did this my Auntie stood up and took my mum by the hand she looked straight at her and leaned forward and kissed her very softly, my cock leapt up and sprang to attention. I stared as mum began to swirl her tongue along Jackie’s lips she grabbed her ass and groped her roughly. They then broke away and mum came towards me she pushed me back towards the banister and got so close I felt her nipples grazing my chest through her bra. She brushed her face against mine and breathed in deeply, I felt Jackie grab my hands and turned me to face the banister and the throughway to the kitchen.

She raised my hands high and I felt something fluffy against my hands, mum was now stroking my ass and running her hands all over my back and neck. I heard a click and looked up my auntie had handcuffed me to the banister up high and was now behind me.

“OK Janet, lets see his cock” as she said this my mum ripped my shorts down and took them off me, they both walked round in front of me and stared at my fully erect cock.

“Oh wow hunny, is that all for us” mum said really glowing and undoing her bra, her tits spilled out and I could see her nipples were already erect, she then took off her knickers and kicked them away.

“Suck his cock I think her need it Janet” my auntie said with a dirty smirk on her face.

I stared at my mum as she knelt in front of me, she placed her delicate fingers around my cock and pulled my foreskin back and licked the end. She stared at me as she wiped my cock over her smooth skin of her cheeks then licking my swollen cock end again. I moaned slightly as I watched her slip my hard cock into her mouth she was beginning to bob her head faster and then started to wank my cock at the same time. I knew I wasn’t going to last very long.

I kept watching trying not to come and then I felt it…a finger probing my ass, I turned to see my auntie smoothing some liquid over a strap on cock that she was wearing I was beginning to dread the next thing when my mum grabbed canlı bahis siteleri my head and started to kiss me very sexily. Her tongue darted inside me and I felt the strap on push against my ass, it slipped straight in and my auntie started to fuck me very hard.

“Yeah suck him off and make him cum Janet” my auntie said as she fucked me slowly.

My mum again sunk to her knees and started to wank me off while sticking her tongue out and flicking it against the tip, I could feel my orgasm building in my ass, which was stretched.

“I’m going to cum mum, please don’t stop,” I said

I felt my mum slow down her wanking and then the strap on easing from my ass, as my auntie appeared knelt next to my mum in front of me.

“Cum all over us hunny” mum said.

I looked down as she wanked me off, both my mum and auntie staring at my cock and I began to cum, long thick spurts of spunk splashed on my mum’s face, across her nose and on her chin. She then directed it at Jackie and it hit her right across her closed mouth I came for what seems like ages.

My auntie undid the handcuffs and looked me in the eye with my cum still on her face.

“Go to your room and rest now darling” She kissed me on the cheek and spanked my ass as I passed her, shocked at what had just happened.

I shut the door behind me and started to smile, wow that was so hot. I just imagined my mum’s face after I covered it with spunk, she looked filthy. My cock began to harden again and I heard the door open.

“Hi hunny, you OK?”

“Yes mum” I said all embarrassed.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Erm yes mum, it was so hot”

I turned to face her still naked and hard. She only had on her high heels now and her body was sweaty and tanned.

“Is that for me” She asked pointing at my now throbbing cock.

“If you want it, it’s yours”

“mmm, I want it alright.

She then moved away from my door into her room, I followed her and saw her bending over with both her hands pressed on the bed. Her tight ass and wet pussy in my view.

“You can put it anywhere.” She said and wiggled her ass slowly.

I moved over and felt my cock nudge her pussy lips she tried to move back onto it. I pulled away and then shoved her back so that my cock was now deep inside her.

“Yeah fuck your mum, go on fuck her be nasty with her” she squealed.

I grabbed her hair and yanked hard as I fucked her really hard, I looked across and could see the agony on her face in her full-length mirrored doors as I pounded her pussy.

“I’m cumming “she said as she lost control and slipped forward onto her bed.

I stood over her as she lay face down; I leant forward and spread her ass cheeks, my cock nudged against her puckered hole. It went in a little and then more and more until it was in to the hilt.

“Oh yeah, fuck your mum’s ass hunny, please hard I want to feel you cum in my ass” she demanded.

“Yeah I want to fuck you mum, you’re a slut who let’s there son fuck them aren’t you?”

“Yes I am god I want you’re cum.” As soon as she said cum I did right in her ass so deep.

I slipped out of her and watched as loads of spunk drooled out of her. I turned and walked towards the door. When I reached it I looked back she was sat up watching me, pulling and twisting at her nipples.

“Get some sleep tomorrow, I’m taking you shopping mum, and I guarantee we’ll make you look more of a slut than you did with your sons cock in your ass.”



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