Chapter 1: The first time – This is a story based on a fantasy my Fiance (now husband) and I have about my best friend. Names have been changed, for the sake that my best friend has no clue that this is going on.


For a while now my finance has been trying to convince me that I am bi-sexual, or at least bi curious. After years of of teasing and tormenting me about my lack of admittance, he finally pried from me that there was ONE person I was very attracted to. My best friend. With her waist-length dark hair and large full breasts, long slender legs and curvy body I had to admit … I had been attracted to her for a very long time. Amber and I became acquainted in Jr. High school, remaining close friends even years after we graduated high school and went our separate ways. She began college and I began a family, calling her when I learned I was pregnant, asking her to be the godmother to my son. It was only right, she had always been a part of my family, my sister in spirit if not in blood.

But I had come to realize there was something much more than a sisterly love between us as the years passed and discussed our bodies, preferences, and sexual tendencies. Still, never had I told her just how strongly I felt for her, or what exactly it was that I felt. Never had I told her that when I saw her a heat would grow between my legs, followed by a swift spreading wetness as I remembered all the times we had changed clothes together and I had let myself catch a peek of certain parts of her body. Amber had never been shy in any way, and – uncommonly- I was not shy around her. I could strip down without a second thought and lay brashly upon her bed. I wonder now how we never did anything. Nothing before this…this wonderful night.

Amber had come to spend some time with my fiance and I, helping us plan our wedding and seeing her godson for the first time. We had spent the entire day trying on dresses and searching for the perfect ones for my honeymoon, she and her boyfriend were going to come with us. As the day passed, both of us modeling our dresses for my fiance, I saw Amber strip down more times than I can count, and each time I caught a glimpse of her hard nipples or the curve of her closely trimmed pussy. I wondered if I could take much more of this, by the time five o’clock had come around and we had decided to head home I was beginning to worry that she would see the growing damp spot in my white g-string. My fiance smirked every time I came out of the dressing room, knowing exactly how I felt. I could see thinking bout the two of us in the dressing room together was enough for him, the proof was in the fact that he kept the baby low enough to cover his erection.

“Amber,” I turned to her as we stripped one last time, catching another short look at her hard nipples as she rubbed her breasts and stretched her arms above her head. She looked so good standing there in just her thong, her body open to my view. I wondered if she had caught me looking as my eyes met hers and I turned red. She smiled at me as she hung the dress she had just taken off on it’s hanger, “Umm,” For a moment I forgot what I was going to say, “Oh, where did you want to go to eat?” She shrugged as I caught a canlı bahis şirketleri glimpse of myself in the mirror. Against her reflection I felt average. I wasn’t very tall, slender with Scarlett colored hair just long enough to reach my waist. My breasts were just a bit smaller than Amber’s, but I always felt as though they were quite a bit smaller, and my legs were long in proportion to my body. Long and slender. In the year since I had had the baby I had worked hard to regain some semblance of my pre-pregnancy body. Amber and I looked quite different in appearance, polar opposites. Much like our personalities the majority of the time. Opposites do attract.

“I don’t really care, as long as there’s food.” She pulled her halter top back on and I reached for my matching one. This was the routine at least once when we were out. We would wear matching attire in different colors. It was a sourc of much amusement for my fiance. We packed up our things quickly, dropping the baby off at his grandmother’s for the night so we could have some fun and then headed out. Finally, after much indecision my fiance chose the restaurant and Amber and I picked up in reminiscing. We traded soft touches as we sat down to dinner, laughing at high school antics. Each time she would lay a hand on my thigh I could feel an electric shock go up through my body, My fingers would tingle each time they brushed against her skin and my heart would beat a bit faster each time she leaned close enough for me to smell her hair or the soap she had used in the shower that morning. As we dined we had a few drinks. My fiance went for the vodka, I went for the tequila and Amber went for wine.

My fiance and I traded looks as dinner came to a close and I licked my lips, a bit nervously, “So, Amber, Derek thought you and I might want to go to a dance club or something.” It was going on nine and the drinks were hitting us, the tequila working its way through my system and giving me a bit more bravery. “We thought maybe this private club we have been invited to.” I looked at Derek out of the corer of my eye and I could see him eying Amber as I ran my hand over his erection under the table.

Amber smiled, “Sounds like a good time to me.” I grinned and leaned closer to her, whispering in her ear, “Maybe we can give him a good tease while we’re dancing, get him going.” Amber and I had been playing tricks like this on boyfriends for years. She was more than ready to agree. The club wasn’t far and we were there in no time. Th club was a swingers club we had been hitting for a while. We knew all of the regulars, and they knew we had been thinking about bringing Amber for a good time.

Amber and I made our way directly to the dance floor while Derek got us drinks. I couldn’t help admiring her slender, luscious body as we started dancing, and as she brushed against me I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of her. This was made harder as she leaned against me, grabbing my hips and whispered in my ear, “Your fiance seems to have high hopes for what he might see tonight.” I laughed as I ran my fingers down her sides, pushing y hips against hers.

“Well, why don’t we give him a little and see what happens.” She smiled and canlı kaçak iddaa leaned forward, running her tongue over my lips and I felt my g-string dampen even quicker than usual. I let my tongue flick over her lips as well as my hands searched out her breasts, massaging them slowly. I could feel her hard nipples in the palm of my hands and I imagined rolling them over my tongue and between my teeth as she ran her fingers over my thigh. I couldn’t help but moan as I pulled her tongue into my mouth, pulling her into a deep kiss as I slipped my hands under her halter top and tweaked her nipples. I was surprised when she moaned. Never before had she shown arousal at our games. I pulled on her nipples as I kissed her neck, running my tongue over her flesh and working my way to her nipples. I sucked one of them into my mouth and moaned as I tasted her flesh. I had always wanted Amber to me my first female experience and here I was. Further than I had ever gone before. My hands ran over her stomach and I slipped one of them between her legs, rubbing her pussy as she moaned again.

“Oh god, Kit, get on your knees. I want you to lick my pussy.” I was almost startled by this but I fell to my knees before her, lifting her skirt and running my tongue over the fabric of her thong. I heard her moan again as I nuzzled against her clit, taking in the smell of her pussy, kissing the fabric again before I pulled her thong down and began licking her pussy, tasting her juices as I focused on her clit. I felt her hands on the back of my head as I ground her pussy into my mouth, moaning as he long skirt ell over my head, trapping me in a wonderful world filled with nothing but her long slender legs, creamy thighs and dripping pussy. I ran my tongue deeper into her pussy pushing it into her cunt, tasting her juices almost before they dripped from her. She moaned louder and thrust her pussy harder against her face, smearing her juices and soon her cum over my chin and mouth. I moaned as she filled my mouth. “OH YES!”

As she finished cumming I pulled her panties up and stood, kissing her, our tongues tangling again as she tasted her own cum on my lips and in my mouth. My breathing was fast as she suggested a drink. All I could do was nod as sh grabbed my hand and lead my to the bar where Derek stood. I could see him rubbing his cock through his pants as I sat on one of the stools. Amber handed me my margarita and I nearly downed it, still in shock at what had just happened. I was soon to find that the surprises weren’t over though as my fiance leaned over and started kissing me, pulling my halter top down. Amber leaned forward and sucked my nipple into her mouth, her hand going under my skirt as she slipped two fingers deep into my pussy. My back arched and I moaned, forcing myself further onto her fingers. She maned around my nipple as she moved her fingers in and out of my cunt, finger fucking me. I pulled away from my fiance’s kiss as I ran my hand down to his cock and stuck my hand in his pants, grabbing it and rubbing it through his obxers. I was o busy looking as him that I didn’t see Amber slip to her knees and dive for my pussy. I was startled as I felt her entire mouth over my pussy, her tongue ravaging my canlı kaçak bahis clit. She was eating me like she had never had a meal in her life.

I cried out in surprise and pleasure as she forced two more fingers into my cunt, fucking me with four now and pushing one other finger into my ass. I gasped and began begging her to make me cum, and she asured me that I would be allowed to cum in her mouth over and over again. I wanted as my fiance jumped up to sit on the bar, pulling his cock out and pulling my head to him, forcing his cock into my mouth. I moaned around it, squirming as I began sucking him hard and fast. He ban moaning, “Yeah, that’s it baby, lube up my cock for Amber’s ass.” This made me even hotter and I went for his cock more vigorously all the while nearly screaming as Amber rammed four fingers into my pussy and two into my ass, asking me how badly I wanted to cum.

After a dew minutes of this Derek jumped off the bar and knelt behind Amber, grabbing her hips and pulling her back on his cock. I looked down at him and felt my pussy clench as Amber moaned, “Oh god, yes, fuck me with your big cock. I want Kit to watch you cum in my ass.” I knew that it wouldn’t take Derek long before he would be unable to hold it in any more, and he was ramming her ass hard and fast. He had wanted this for so long and so bad that I was surprised he had made it this far. I was soon screaming along with Amber, telling Derek to fuck her harder, to make her scream or more. And then I was on my back, on the floor, my head between her legs as she screamed into my pussy, making me cum hard into her mouth. I buried my own face into her pussy as I watched Derek’s balls bounce back and forth, grabbing them and rubbing them as he moaned.

“Oh, fuck! OH FUCK!” He was close now, and I was cumming a second time already as Amber filled my mouth again with her cum. “I’m- going- .. I’m going to—- I’m cumming!!! I’M CUMMING IN AMBER’S ASSSSS!!!!!!” I screamed as my hardest orgasm took me over and I dug deep into Amber’s pussy. Derek pulled out suddenly and his jizz shot all over my face and tits as well as Amber’s pussy. I ate his cum off of her pussy before she turned and returned the favor, cleaning off my face and tits as she began kissing me, my fiance collapsing on a stool and downing his vodka.

I couldn’t believe what had happened as Megan stood up to, both of us adjusting our clothes. She Sat down as I finished my drink and she looked at Derek, “So, how was your surprise Kit?” I blinked, looking at her for a moment.

“What do you mean?” She laughed and I felt Derek kissing my neck and shoulders.

“What we mean, honey,” he laughed too, “is that we planned this. We had discussed this the night Amber got in. She had known all along that you wanted her and was jut waiting to see when you would go for it..”

“Well,” Amber leaned close, “you waited too long. You just weren’t brave enough, so I had to take what I wanted.” I blinked.

“No way. So, this was all planned?” I was blushing now as they laughed. “So is that it? We go on with our lives then?”

Amber chuckled, licking her lips and running a hand over my thigh, “Of course not. It’s no where near over…. “

“Yeah,” Derek rubbed my tit, “The night has just started… I haven’t even gotten to fuck you yet.”


Okay, so that’s chapter 1. Comments please, If you would like to see more, just drop a note. I need support if I am going to continue.



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