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That Special Rendezvous

Walking in heels was not easy for Chanel. She was a sneaker kind of girl. But today was special. She bought the 3-inch heeled sandals especially for this occasion. Walking down the hall of the hotel’s 7th floor, her heels digging into the carpeting, her mind was racing.

They had been planning this for months, going over how they would spend every minute. She couldn’t believe she was now just a few feet away from Nick, a few feet and one hotel room door. He had texted the room number like they had talked about, every detail carefully planned.

Chanel got goosebumps as she saw that Nick had left the door ajar by putting the lock between the door and the doorframe. She stopped in front of the door, took a deep breath, adjusted her skirt, unbuttoned the top 2 buttons of her blouse, exposing her voluptuous cleavage, ran her fingers through her hair one last time. She ran her tongue over her lips and reached up to knock gently on the door.

“You’re right on time Sweetheart. Come in”. Slowly, she opened the door.

Across the room, she saw him standing there in front of the large window, looking handsome and confident. She entered the room, took the “do not disturb” sign off the knob and placed it on the outside of the door. She slid the lock back so the door would close this time and locked the door. The rest of the world was now blocked out.

She stood there looking at Nick, as he was looking at her. With a smile that told her he liked what he saw, he scanned her from head to toe. He had asked her to wear a skirt, but wasn’t sure if she would. He was glad that she did. She was even more beautiful than he remembered. She was curvy and she wore her curves well. The heels, the short skirt and heaving bosom made his cock twitch. Standing there in front of him, he could feel his heart start to race. He wanted her.

After several seconds of gazing at each other, Nick reached out for her. Without moving her eyes away from his gaze she walked towards him, her stride confident and elegant. She stopped about a foot away from him, and still looking straight into his eyes, she gave him a proud smile. Nick smirked, knowing why she was so proud of herself right now.

He gave her one quick wink, and let his eyes drop to her chest. The buttons strained from the pressure of her breasts. He brushed her long hair away from her face and while staring into her eyes slipped a finger into her shirt, gently caressing the exposed area. She could sense her nipples harden and knew they were visible through the fabric. He loved that she had decided not to wear a bra. He glanced at her face for a moment, and then went back to his task.

He undid the remaining buttons in what seemed like one quick motion and soon she was standing there, with her shirt open, bare in front of him. He slid the shirt off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

It didn’t take long before his hands were cupping her breasts. He squeezed them both at the same time and lifted them up to where they were tightly touching each other. He felt the rock-hard nipples in his palms. He let go of the left breast and let the back of his right hand graze the nipple softly. Chanel gasped as shivers shot through her body. Nick smirked again. He knew canlı bahis her body well and knew how to make her shiver.

He lifted her skirt so he could see her satin panties. His hand cupped her mound and his middle finger gently caressed her lips through the panties. She gasped and he could feel the moisture through the satin material. He moved the panties to the side and his finger found its way to her inner depth. Chanel’s next gasp was met with a hard, hungry kiss as Nick drew her in close to his chest, his finger still moving inside her.

Before Chanel was able to melt completely in his arms, Nick pulled his finger from her drenched pussy. He brought his finger up to her mouth and let it glide over her lips. “You’re very wet, my dear” he said before softly kissing her lips. “I think you have a few things to take care of before I can take care of your purring kitten”. He was being a bit cocky, but she didn’t care. She loved his assertiveness.

She pulled away from him slightly and gave him a sly smile as she bit her lower lip and then licked her own juice from her full lips. She tasted a bit sweet today. She was happy as she knew he would be too.

Her hands went to his tie. He knew that seeing him in a tie turned her on. She loosened it just enough so that it could be pulled over his head. She put it over her own head and let it fall loosely between her breasts. She took her time with each button on his shirt, gazing up at him as she did. His shirt open, she put her hands on his chest. Leaning in closer, she kissed him softly while her fingers traced across his chest and his torso. She then slipped his shirt off while continuing to passionately kiss her lover.

Without taking her lips off Nick’s lips, Chanel’s hands went to his belt. There was no denying the hard bulge growing below it. With the buckle undone, her attention went to the bulge. One of her hands pushed against it. She had missed feeling this reaction from him. Nick took her face in his hands, cradled it as he kissed her and then, he gave her the look.

Without moving his gaze from her eyes, he grabbed his tie and he suggestively pulled down gently on it. He didn’t have to say anything, she knew what he wanted. She took a moment to unzip the back of her skirt and let it fall to the floor around her ankles. There she stood in just her satin panties and his necktie. She let him take her in for a moment and then she knelt down in front of him.

She was inches away from the amazing bulge, the bulge she had longed for so much over the last weeks. She unzipped Nick’s pants and freed her prize.

Even though she had seen it before, she couldn’t help but be amazed as she stared at his cock, so hard, for her. She put her fingers around it and aimed it to her mouth. She let her thumb trace circles around the tip. Within seconds the first drops of nectar surfaced. This was her cue.

Slowly, seductively, she licked the juice from his cock. She loved his taste and her licking became more intense. Chanel wanted, no needed this cock. She kissed it from tip to base and then back up, each kiss ending with a hint of suction. Nick tilted his head back as he inhaled deeply and moaned.

Her tongue circled the tip before she took his hard cock into her mouth. First just the tip, but she needed to take it all. Hungrily, she took what was hers. Her mouth gliding back bahis siteleri and forth over his cock, she felt the fullness of his desire for her.

He became harder and harder. She went deeper, she felt her throat relax. She went deeper, and deeper. When she knew she was ready, she went in as deep as she could, her throat accepting his cock eagerly. She grabbed Nick’s ass and pulled him toward her, thrusting him as deep as he could possibly go. A load moan sounded from Nick’s mouth as he grabbed her head and pulled her tight against his crotch. “Fuckin’ hell woman!”, he gasped as he exhaled. He wasn’t going to let her finish him off that quickly. He released her and took his cock out of her mouth.

Eagerly, Nick extended his hand to Chanel and lifted her off the floor and led her to the bed. As she laid on the bed smiling up at him, her chest moving up and down still out of breath from having his cock so far down her throat. He took in her sight and she could see the hunger for her in his eyes as he let his pants slide to the floor. He spread her legs and laid on top of her, between her legs, his cock pressing against her satin panties. His arms on each side of her shoulders as the weight of his chest rested on hers.

He kissed her deeply as his hips started to grind against hers. The soft feel of her panties against his hard cock was exhilarating as it slid smoothly despite the tightness created by their hips pressing against each other. His head tilted so he was able to find Chanel’s nipples. He took one in his mouth, sucking hungrily on it, feeling Chanel arch her back in response as she let out a sultry moan. He put his arms under her and she reached to wrap her arms around his neck.

As he laid his head on her chest, and anchored himself there, he began to thrust harder, longer strokes over her panties. His moans were met by hers.

He slowed and kissed her softly. He lifted himself off her and went to the end of the bed. Grabbing her ankles, he pulled her towards him. Nick didn’t considered removing her heels, he knew she loved them and she would look so sexy in nothing but his tie and the 3″ heels.

He reached up and removed her now soaked panties. Laying back, her ass right on the edge of the bed, he put her legs on his shoulders as he knelt on the floor in front of her.

With his arms around her legs, he pulled her towards him as he buried his face between her legs. She could feel the wetness gushing from her pussy, it was intoxicating. Chanel quickly felt the energy shoot through her body as Nick worshipped her clit and pussy lips with his tongue. His tongue probed deep inside and he expertly found her tender areas. Her back arched, arms spread on each side of her, clutching onto the sheets. She tilted her pelvis to meet Nick’s tongue trying to drive it deeper into her.

When Nick felt she was ready, he latched on to her clit and sucked on it, vibrating his tongue on the tip. A loud gasp emerged from deep within her, her legs tightened around Nick’s shoulders, her hips lifted off the bed as her body released into an explosive orgasm. Nick held her tight as her body shook with blissful convulsions.

Chanel lingered in the feeling and slowly descended from her cloud and caught her breathe again. Nick lay besides her caressing her breasts as he waited for her to return to him. She turned to him. Looking bahis şirketleri down to his cock, she knew what she wanted.

She shifted and leaned over his cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and felt it twitch with her touch. Gently, she massaged his cock. Leaning over him to grab the massage oil, she let her breast glide over his lips. She poured some oil onto her fingers and let them glide with ease, up, down, around that beautiful shiny cock.

She found that spot under his cock head that drives him crazy and she started doing small circles over it. Soon Nick’s cock was rock hard; throbbing hard. Chanel couldn’t resist. She leaned in to take it in her mouth. She loved the feeling of his cock between her lips.

It moved back and forth so smoothly in her wet mouth. Again, she started with taking in just the tip, then a little bit deeper, and a little more. The moans coming out of Nick as she went deep told her she was doing very well. On multiple occasions, she went in deep and stayed there until her gag reflex kicked in. And each time she did, she could feel Nick was on the verge of exploding.

She wasn’t done with him yet. When his cock appeared to be at its hardest, she slowly let his cock slide out of her mouth. Chanel positioned herself on her knees, between his legs. Slowly, sensually, she began moving toward him, the necktie gliding over Nick’s skin, tickling him as every sensation is his body was now amplified. She moved very slowly as the tie slid over his cock, even stopping for the tip of the tie to sit on the tip of his cock. She saw his cock twitch and she heard him gasp. She looked into his eyes and they both smiled. He loved her playful ways.

Chanel continued sliding up his body, the tie gliding over his belly and then his chest. When she was close enough, Nick grabbed the tie and pulled her in close for a hungry kiss. As Nick released the grip on the tie, Chanel sat up and straddled his pelvis. Adding more oil on his cock, she positioned his cock so it would glide between her outer lips without penetration. She leaned her body over him, so her tits were inches away from his mouth.

Slowly she began to grind him. Her pussy lips slid over his cock, her pelvis tilting so that her clit was feeling the friction. Nick massaged and sucked her tits as Chanel worked her magic. She started going faster and harder, moaning from the sensation between her legs, yelping occasionally as Nick bit her hard nipples.

As she got closer to another climax, Chanel stopped, lifted her ass slightly and let his hard cock slide inside her. Her tight pussy gripping his cock and slowly letting it go deeper and deeper.

Slowly she started riding Nick’s cock, moving up and down rhythmically. Nick reached up to cup her tits as they bounced around on her chest, thrusting his hips to meet hers. Seeing him so close to the threshold intensified Chanel’s arousal. Soon, they were both on the edge, breathing heavy, and eyes rolling back.

Chanel was the first to cry out in ecstasy, followed by a loud groan from Nick as Chanel’s pussy produced spasm after spasm around his cock. It took several seconds for him to empty his load inside her. He continued to twitch, she could feel him filling her.

She lay sprawled on top of him, Nick still inside her, both breathing heavy, unable to speak. Gently, Chanel rolled off her lover and lay beside him. Nick rolled towards Chanel and lifted her chin so she was looking at him. He kissed her and whispered, “We really need to do this more often”. She smiled, still not able to speak.



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