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It happened for real. This is a true story and my own experience.

I was 22 that time. It was happened in Jan 2009. Our family has my parents, me and my elder brother. We were living in a small town in Andhra Pradesh, India. As my brother and I got better jobs in Hyderabad we planned to shift our family too. My mother has 4 sisters and majority of them has daughters. As we don’t have own sisters we used to love them a lot from child hood. We all residing in nearby town we keep visiting each other’s houses frequently. As we all grown up, my sisters developed sexy physiques with beautiful looks. Everyone are like an angle in their own way. Of all these, we are very close to the elder aunty, Parvathi’s family. She has 3 daughters and one son. All of my cousins are got married by the time we got jobs in Hyderabad. But Paru aunt’s 2nd daughter, Smitha got divorce 5 years back due to some personal issues. She was with her parents since then.

Smitha has a sexy physique. She was 34 that time. Her skin tone is fair creamy white. She applies kajal so nicely that her looks makes you hungry. But, well traditional. I always wondered why her husband lets her leave him. I heard he was so possessive thinking that he is not a right match to her. True, whoever becomes her husband, he automatically becomes over protective because of her beauty.

As, Paru aunty came to know that we are shifting to Hyderabad their family felt sad as we are going far away from them. So she decided to visit us and help us for packing. She and Smitha came two days before and started helping us. We are also very happy to meet them. My brother was in Hyderabad to get the house ready and receive us. I was here to help my parents.

First day we finished half the packing work and the ladies decided to pack the Kitchen utensils next day morning. They decided to get up early morning and cook and then pack the kitchen items. So we slept early. As my parents slept in their bed room. I, my sister Smitha and Paru aunty slept in hall on the floor. We all chit chatted for some time and slept after sometime. It was chilling cold being Jan month. Paru aunty and Smitha was sharing a big rug and I am having a blanket. I was very curious inside dreaming what if get a chance to hold Smitha tight, grab her boobs and have hardcore sex all the night. But, being a conservative family an accidental touch also become an issue. That too, when Paru aunty was next us. So, I thought it’s out of my imagination and the impossible thing to happen. So, I kept all my things shut and slept by dreaming of her.

Early in the morning at 4 AM my mother got up and started kitchen work. Though kitchen is little far from hall but I was disturbed and woke up. Not in a mood to get up I was trying to escort kartal sleep again. Then happened the greatest thing in my life.

Like all men, early morning my dick gets hard and will struggle to bring it to normal. I don’t sleep straight facing up because the hump will be visible through, so I sleep in side way. I was sleeping in the way that morning and my dick is facing to my sister Smitha. I was not much worried as there is almost a feet distance. But, after few minutes when she was moving and rolling her hip touched my dick! I was shocked and just pulled my hip back. I was so tensed what would she be thinking of me. My heart started beating fast. I waited for few minutes but she didn’t respond.

By then, Paru anuty woke up and went to join my mother. Before going she took the rug and covered both of us and she felt the temperature was too cold.

After few minutes, her ass touched my ass again. This time I sensed that it was slowly moving toward my dick. She brought her ass till it touched my dick and then kept quiet. I was shocked with happiness. I slowly pulled down my blanket as the Rug is covering both of us. It was dark room and the rug color was also black not can easily observe what is happening.

Then, I started moving my dick towards her ass slowly. I was pushing to and forth smoothly and was observing her reactions. She started responding to my moves and started pressing her ass to my dick. It was so smooth and I can sense my dick going in the gap of her ass but both of our clothes are stopping it.

As i was wearing only shorts it I pulled out my dick easily. But, how to pull her nighty. I was tensed to take the next step. But, I thought this is the only chance I have. So, I moved my hand, kept it on her thigh and pulled her nighty a little. She jerked and stopped moving. I got tensed. She didn’t say or move for a minute. Then I gain my courage and again pulled up her nighty. She didn’t respond. I took it as positive nod and started pulling gradually. I could able grab the bottom edge of the nighty. The edge came up to above her thighs. There is only half a feet left to pull above her ass. Again she pushed my hand away from her thighs. She felt shy.

I waited for a minute, and then pulled it from her back. I kept my hand there. Now, I was able to sense her smooth naked ass. She is not wearing any panty. Now, I slowly pushed my dick in the ass. She pulled away her a ass an inch with shy and tension. I slowly kept my hand around her ass and pulled towards my dick. She held my hand tightly. I started rubbing my ass in the ass hole. I was sensing her response when she was squeezing my hand tightly.

After some time, I moved my hand forward and smoothly pulled up her nighty up to the maltepe escort ribs. Then I moved my hand inside it and tried to touch her boobs. She again held my hand and tried to pull off. But, I managed to reach her boobs. I first touched her left boob. Oh. It was smooth and puffy. I touched her round nipples and rubbed smoothly. I gradually pulled up her bra and touched her naked breasts. She started enjoying it and gradually took off her hand from my hand. After sometime, I started pressing and rubbing both of her boobs. She started breath out heavily.

I desperately want to kiss her and want to play with her boobs with both the hands. So, I tried to turn her towards me but she resisted. I tried a lot but she didn’t agree. Then I thought this is the best way as if any one comes it’s hard to manage if we are hugging and kissing each other. That’s why even I was very much fascinated to do it from front I convinced my self-saying getting this much chance is a greatest thing. Why to getting in trouble by expecting more.

I pulled down my body a little and pushed her ass up by holding her waist from back. Now her ass is touching my lower stomach. I inserted my left hand between her thighs and held her left thigh and pulled up. She resisted as usual. I ran my fingers on thigh in a gentle way. She started getting goose bumps and I sensed it. I pushed my hand again between the thighs and gradually pulled up. My fingers touched her vagina. She pressed my hand with her thighs. I inserted my middle finger inside smoothly. Her vagina is like flower petal smooth and was fully wet already. I felt like liquid is oozing out of it. I moved my finger gently in out for some time. She then started widening her thighs slowly.

While doing all this, I never forget to observe the surroundings. No one was there and I can hear my Aunty and mom was chatting and working in kitchen. As our hall is connected to Bed room and from there you need to take left to go to kitchen. As my father don’t wake up till 7 PM and from kitchen the hall is no way visible. Also, the hall door was closed and the hall is fully dark. So, I was confident.

I held her thigh and widened it more. I moved my hips forward and inserted my fully hardened dick between the thighs. It was little hard for my dick to reach her vagina as I am doing it from behind. I was adjusting myself, pulling my body down to do my job comfortably and cautiously. I moved my dick slowly further and my dick tip reached her vagina. Oh. Heaven…! I felt so excited. I am gonna fuck my sexy sister. The dream I dreamt is coming true.

I took the final step. I smoothly inserted my dick into her vagina. I was sensing her body shivering a slightly. I was loving those tender moments and response pendik escort bayan of her body. It’s making me hornier. I started moving rhythm in and out inserting more and more deep on every stroke. She held my ass tightly with her left hand and started pulling into her. I moved my hand again to her boobs and began to squeeze her boobs and rubbing her nipples.

A feeble moan started coming from her mouth and she was trying hard to control it. We both are breathing heavily. I increased my pace and my dick now touching something inside. She began to respond more and wildly. Both of our legs and paired like a tight knot. I was pulling more and more to me from behind and deepening my dick more inside. Stroke by stroke. For me, it’s like just a feet away from heaven and for her moaning from nose. And controlling her emotions. She started breathing from mouth and saying…hhhaahh…hhaaah…I quickly closed her mouth. I understood we both are reaching climax. I gathered my strength and gave tight and deep strokes. Now my dick is touching clearly something…(Later. I came to know that was G-spot)…She held and squeezed my ass tightly. And her nails pierced in my skin. I moaned a little with pain but controlled myself a lot but didn’t bother much. Two more strokes then. Oh…I felt like some lava burst out inside me…she was also saying hmmm…hmmm…as I closed her mouth. She also reached her orgasm.

I gradually slowed down my speed and again giving smooth strokes. She released her hand slowly from my ass. Both of our body temperatures coming down form hot to normal. I rubbed her entire body smoothly with my left hand while giving strokes till my dick comes to normal state. I played with her boobs and kissed her shoulders and back from behind.

After a couple of minutes she took off my hands from her and pushed my ass away. She pulled down her nighty and moved a little away from me. I was shocked but thought she must have worried about that someone may come and moreover feeling guilty of getting fucked by her brother.

I relaxed and smiling with joy for a greatest adventure. I planned it to do it the next night also. I woke up and got fresh up. After a while she also got up. But, she was not at all behaving like something happened. But, she didn’t look at me whole day. Her eyes never met my eyes. Whenever I tried to look at her she was turning her face or looking at somewhere.

That day we moved to Hyderabad. That night we slept in the same way and I managed to sleep next to her again. But she didn’t allow me to touch and maintained a lot of distance.

I understood she felt so guilty of it.

Till now, I visited her house or she visited our home many times, and every time i tried a lot to sleep next to her but she somehow escaped. I still admire her a lot.

Though I had many sex experiences before and after that, this is the first incest one, adventurous and greatest of all time…!

Thank you sister…!!

Dedicated to Smitha…My lovely sister…!!



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