It was a little after 9 pm, he was laying on his sofa, watching tv, but had dozed off for a bit. So was a little startled because his doorbell rang. No one ever knocks on the door or rings the doorbell at that time of night. So was wondering whom it could be at this time of night. So got off of the sofa and put his robe on and went to answer the door. When he opened the door a woman around 55 – maybe 60 years old was standing in the doorway.

“Can I help you?” He asked her.

She stated, “My car broke down and was hoping you would let me use your phone to call my sister to come and get me.”

He was thinking and wondering if this is for real or not. But he said anyway, “Come in.”

He handed his cell phone to her to call her sister. She dialed the number for her sister and began to explain to her what happened and where she was. As she was doing all that, he just sat down and waited while she was talking to her sister. He could tell she was nervous about the whole ordeal as she continued to speak to her sister on the phone.

She finally said goodbye and then turned to give him the phone back. As she did, she got this kind of startled look on her face, he did not know why. Then she very graciously thanked him for his kindness and said she would wait out by her car for her sister to pick her up. She smiled and extended her hand out to shake his hand. He extended his hand to her and she giggled a little bit and smiled.

He told her, “You are welcome.”

He stood up and then asked her, “What are you giggling about?”

She said, “Oh, it is nothing.”

She giggled again and started to walk toward the door to leave. He walked her to the door and leaned over in front of her to open the door for her. As he did, she giggled again. He did not think too much of her giggling, just thought she felt embarrassed about the whole ordeal.

He said, “My name is Brad and I was glad to help out.”

She again said, “Thank you and my name is Alicia.”

They both said goodnight and he closed the door. After he shut the door, he could not help but wonder what she was giggling about. He sat down on the sofa thinking about this. As he sat there, he leaned forward as he started to get up. When he did, he realized what it was that she kept giggling about.

When he began to get up, he looked down towards the floor and noticed that his robe was open enough to expose himself. That was what she was giggling about. She noticed that his cock was showing and she was giggling because she knew that he didn’t know it was exposed to her. At that moment, he thought, ‘Oh My God, how could I ever let something like that happen?’ He could feel himself turning red from embarrassment. Even though he was alone now, he still felt embarrassed.

As Alicia walked out the door, she was laughing cause Brad didn’t even know he had exposed himself to her! She was also very wet and if her car had not broke down and needed her sister to come get her, then she would have stayed longer!

When she got up the next morning and she took a cab to a mechanic shop. She needed to get them to go with her with a tow truck so she explained to them what happened. So they went and got her car. She was still thinking about Brad and decided she could not resist doing something about it.

So when the tow truck got her car in the shop and gave her a car to drive till hers was fixed. She then drove back to Brad’s and knocked on the door! At first she thought no one was home since it was taking so long for him to answer but when he opened the door with his hair all wet, then she knew he had just got out of the shower and was probably drying off when she knocked. He had the robe on like he did last night.

Alicia said, “Hi Brad! I wanted to thank you for your help last night. I also wanted to apologize to you for giggling but you sat down last night and your cock was exposed for me to see but it is ok cause I got wet last night looking at him.”

Brad said, “Alicia, I am so sorry about that! I did not mean for that to happen…… wait a minute! Did you just say you got wet last night looking at my cock?”

Alicia said, “Yes Brad. I did and I also came over to let you know that any time you want to expose yourself to me then it will be fine with me! And to prove my point, watch me!”

Alicia lifted her shirt and bra in one swift motion and exposed her tits! Brad’s eyes got big around with a grin on his face and she looked down and seen his cock twitching and growing through the robe. Her nipples were pointing straight at Brad. Little did Alicia know that Brad had a fetish of women’s nipples. She could tell that he was really getting aroused seeing her standing exposing her tits and nipples to him! He could feel his cock reacting more and more to the view and Alicia was so happy about the outcome.

As they stood there in the doorway, he purposely let his robe fall open to expose his cock to her fully. He could tell she liked the package he was displaying to her. escort ataşehir So, there they were, Alicia, with her gorgeous tits waving at him and his rock hard cock hanging out in the open and the front door was still wide open.

Then he suddenly thought ‘OH SHIT, THE DOOR IS WIDE OPEN’ and quickly reached behind her to close his front door. As he did so, he felt Alicia reach out to touch his cock, as it was getting even harder which he thought could not be possible but it was! It was getting to the point where it was painful! A low whisper came from Alicia, not intended for his ears, saying, “OH MY”!

She put her hand over her mouth and looked to see if he had heard her. To her it did not appear he had heard but he actually did hear her. He shut the door and invited her to sit down on the sofa. As they sat there and talked for a bit, Brad didn’t even bother to close his robe. He wanted to continue to expose himself to her and watch her face to see if he could catch her glancing down at him. While she was, she thought that he did not notice her looking at him.

But he did, several times. Then he stood up and gave her the remote for the TV and told her to watch anything she wanted. He told her that he would be back. She said okay. He then went into the bathroom. He took his robe off and was standing in front of the mirror drying and combing his hair. It was then he heard a very low whisper of “OMG”!

Looking in the mirror, he could see Alicia poking her head around the corner watching him combing his hair. He was standing there totally nude and he could tell she was admiring his ass. He didn’t let on that he knew she was watching him, but he loved that she was. He then put the comb down, slightly turned to dry his hands on the hand towel. Alicia knew then that he was about finished and would be coming out soon. So, she quickly turned to go back and sit on the sofa, as if she had been sitting there the whole time. But he knew different. He put his robe back on and came out to sit with her once again.

Brad asked, “So, Alicia, are you getting your car fixed?”

She said, “Yes Brad, I am. And I decided while they were working on it, I wanted to come over to thank you for your generosity last night and the unexpected show you gave me as well.”

She giggled again. She then looked at her watch and said, “Well my car should be ready now. Brad, thank you again, but I have to leave so I can return this rental car.” As she started to get up, her phone went off to tell her she had a text. It was from the mechanic telling her that her car ‘Was’ ready.

She said, “Brad, my car really is ready and now I have to go.”

Brad said, “That was a coincidence. You telling me that then your mechanic texting you that it was.”

She said, “Yes it was but they also told me after they looked at my car before I left there that it was just a new alternator and that it would not take too long to fix.”

He said, “That is good then.”

She leaned over to give him a kiss and as she did so, she placed her hand right on his throbbing, rock hard cock. She kissed him with passion and she held his cock in her hand and squeezed it gently. He thought, ‘WOW, this woman really knows how to seduce a man! WOW!’ They both got up and he walked her to the door. She thanked him once more as he watched her walk down the stairs to her rental car. As he stood there watching her leave, his robe was still open as he stood in the doorway. He thought to himself, ‘I don’t think anyone saw me, but to be honest about it, I did not care if they did!’

Then she texted the mechanic to tell him she was on her way. She went to pick up her car and returned the rental but then realized she did not give him her number! So when she drove away from the mechanic and was glad she was off for the next 2 days, She decided she wanted to see Brad again so she drove back to his place and knocked on the door. He was dressed which was a disappointment!

She told him, “I forgot to give you my phone number. Do you have a pen and paper so I could give it to you?”

He moved away from the door and walked to a roll top desk table and pulled a pen and paper out of the drawer and handed it to her. She wrote it down and handed it to him. And to her surprise, her stomach growled real loud.

He asked her, “Are you hungry?”

She said, “Yes, I have not eaten anything since I got up cause I wanted to get my car fixed!”

He asked her. “Would you like to go out to eat at this restaurant I go to occasionally that is secluded away from town!”

She told him, “Sure, I would love to!”

So they got in his car and drove there. But to Alicia’s surprise when they got in there it was a private restaurant for swingers and they had to put on a long robe before they could go in the restaurant. The lady at the counter handed the robes to them and pointed to the room where they were to go into to take their clothes off and put the robe on. Then they went into another room kadıköy escort where someone took them to a room that was secluded.

The woman told them, “This is your room for as long as you stay and if you need anything or want company to join you then all you have to do was push the intercom button and tell the operator what you want.”

So they looked at their menu and ordered some food. They talked awhile waiting on their food.

Brad said, “Alicia, I was impressed at the way you handled all this? I wasn’t thinking when I told you about this place. But you acted like it was something you did all the time. Have you?”

Alicia said, “No Brad, I haven’t! But I have heard of this place for awhile now and was wanting to come here but thought you had to have another person to come with you. And I just acted like I did cause I wanted to see everything so I went with the flow of things.”

Brad said, “No, you don’t have to be with anyone unless you want to. Also if you come alone then they will ask you if you want company and if there is a man that is eating alone then they will ask him if he would like some company through the intercom.”

Alicia said, “Oh ok, Now I feel better by knowing that!”

Then a voice came over the intercom telling them their food was about to be served. Then they started eating their meal without conversation even though they both occasionally would rub each other under the table. Alicia was trying to not only enjoy her meal but was having a hard time concentrating due to Brad rubbing her pussy on the outside of her tight pants.

Brad was having the time of his life, not only was he feeling Alicia’s pussy but Alicia was also stroking his cock and he looked down and noticed there was a lot of pre-cum. He could feel his pre-cum flowing like crazy! Then when they finished their meal, Brad pushed the intercom to tell them they were through eating.

The waiter came in and said, “If you need anything else or you want your check, then let me know. Ok?'”

The waiter took the food away. Then Brad asked, “What would you like to do now since we can stay in the room for as long as we wanted.”

Alicia said, “I want to suck your cock but I also have other ideas but first I want to lick your ass! By the way what size is your cock?”

He said, “I have no idea cause I have never measured it!”

She said, “Let me get a tape measure out of my purse and I will measure it for you!”

She got out the measuring tape and measured it and thought, ‘OMG, he is 8 ½ inches long!”

He asked, “Well?”

Alicia answered back. “8 ½ inches.” As she told him that, she then measured his girth which was 3 inches.

She also told him. “You are also 3 inches around which is very impressive as well as your length.”

He said, “WOW! I now know that if any one asked me.”

He got up off the chair then sat down on the sofa they had in the room with our table. He lifted his legs as much as he could and she started licking his ass. When he started moaning real loud she gave him a shock and inserted her tongue in his ass and rimmed his ass out good as she tongued fucked him as deep as her tongue would go. She moaned and was thinking, ‘OH MY! He tastes so good and I will not be able to get enough!’

She reached up toward his cock and started stroking his cock as she was rimming his back door out! After Alicia treated him with her twist of bliss of rimming, he was beside himself. He never had a woman rim his hole before, So when she actually tongue fucked his ass, he was thinking, ‘OMG! WOW! I have never felt anything so erotic and pleasurable before.’

Then she did something to him which made it even nicer, which was that while she was pleasing him in that way, she reached around to fondle balls and stroke his cock. He was thinking, ‘This exciting woman took me to heights I have never been to before.’ Then she came up for some air and rested a bit,

He took her by the hand and walked her over to table. He told her, “Lean over the table laying your tummy and tits, flat on the table and spread your legs apart.”

She did not ask why, she just did everything he asked. Then he came up behind her. Holding his cock out straight, he began to massage her asshole with the head of his cock. He massaged her there in a circular motion. He could hear her breathing was very rapid. Then he stopped, but left his cock head pressed up tight against her puckered hole. Then with a little bit of pressure, he slowly inserted the head of his cock into her hole.

Alicia moaned and said, “Brad, I don’t know if I can do this. I have never taken a cock in my ass before. As if he didn’t hear her, he pressed in a little more. Alicia said in a low voice, “Oh Shit! Oh God! You really are going to ass fuck me! OMG!”

Alicia, with her arms spread out over the table, she grabbed the edges of the table so tight, that her knuckles were turning white. Then he pushed his hard cock all the way into her.

Alicia maltepe escort bayan actually screamed. “Oh Brad, I HAVE NEVER HAD A COCK IN MY ASS BEFORE! PLEASE GO SLOWLY!”

He was in her now and began to pump her ass. Slowly at first, but then he increased the speed and the forcefulness, ramming her ass with everything he had to give her.


He kept pumping her, then he told her, “Stand up.”

While keeping his cock inside of her, she stood up as straight as she could. With his cock still in her, he reached around with one hand to squeeze her tits and with the other hand he began to finger fuck her ‘Hot Wet Pussy’. While doing all this, he began to pump her ass again, Harder and harder with each stroke.

All Alicia could say was, “OMG! OMG! BRAD, OMG!!!

He could tell she was loving this, even though he knew that maybe this was hurting her a little. She never told me to take it out, so he kept fucking her poop shooter and then he felt his balls tighten up to get ready to discharge his cum and ‘BOY’ did he!

He had so much of cum that had built up inside of him that he pumped her until every drop came out of him. She bet it was a glass full! It was so much that it was actually coming out of her pussy around his cock! It was then that he pulled his cock out of her ass. He could tell Alicia was really weak at this point. So, he put his arm around her and they went back to rest on the sofa. He looked at Alicia and she had tears in her eyes and running down her cheeks.

He asked Alicia, “Are you alright, cause you are crying.”

She answered, “Yes Brad, I am fine. It’s just that I have never had a man do that to me before and you cock is really big. But ‘OMG’ Brad, I loved all that you did to me. And when you finally came inside of me, I could feel your hot cum as it erupted inside of me. Oh God Brad, feeling your hot cum is what brought the tears to my eyes. I was so happy that I could get you to lose your load like that!”

She thought Brad’s cock felt so good in her ass but his hot cum felt wonderful in there! She has never felt anything so hot in her ass before that and could not wait to have him ass fuck her again by his huge cock! They both decided they needed to rest for a bit so they told the waiter they wanted their check. While they waited for the waiter, they got dressed. The waiter showed up and presented their check and they walked to the cashier’s counter and Brad paid for their meal!

When they got outside, Alicia stopped dead in her tracks! And said, “OMG, I bet everyone in the restaurant heard me!”

Brad said, “No they didn’t cause every room in sound proof!”

She said, “Really?”

He said, “Yes really! So put that out of her beautiful head and let us get in my car and I will take you back to my house. Ok?”

She said, “Ok, I feel better now!”

So they drove back to his home and unlocked the door. He opened the door and sat on the sofa which he sat in his favorite recliner. He noticed her eyes were drooping like she was falling asleep so he stood up and took her hand in his. Then he led her to his bedroom and he told her to lay down.

She said, “May I take a shower first before I lay down! I will feel like I will rest better if I do!”

He said, “Yes, you can! The bathroom is through that door and the towels are in the closet behind the door.”

So while Brad got in his bed and laid down! Alicia went to go take a shower and clean up. She was already soaped up when the shower stall was opened and Brad got in with her and grabbed her tits and started washing them. Then he washed all over her! It felt so good to even have her back washed. Then it got even better when he handed her the soap to wash him and she started with his back and then his ass. She cleaned his ass real good, so good that she even inserted her finger inside of his ass and cleaned him there too!

Brad was moaning so loud that she thought his neighbors would hear him. She had him turn around and she washed his chest and legs. When she got to his cock then she gave him the best cleaning she bet he has ever had! She loved it that he shaved his cock and when she rinsed his cock off then she could not resist, so she took his cock in her mouth and start sucking on him with passion. She knew that it was making him think she was actually making love to his cock with her mouth cause she was so into it! She wanted to make him feel so good that she could not resist making him feel like this was the best blowjob he has ever had! So she started licking the head and all around and under the head then she opened the pee hole and stuck my tongue inside.

He gasped as he said, “Alicia, that feels so good! I have never had any one stick their tongue in my pee hole before!”

She did not answer him back but was glad that she was the first one that has ever done that to him. She thought to herself, ‘MMMMMM! If he has never had that happen to him then he will be surprised with what she was going to do to him next.’ So she took her hard nipple and opened his pee hole and stuck it inside his hole.

He gasped again and looked down and said “OMG Alicia! That is so erotic and so hot looking you doing that!”



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