Hi there, I don’t know why I want to tell you the following account of a very pleasurable and naughty experience of my life, I suppose I just want to share an amazing experience.

I come from a bi-cultural family with my father a New Zealand man and my mother a Thai woman. Dad met Mum while travelling overseas and they hit it off straight away, eventually returning to New Zealand together. This was a huge step for my mother who had never before been out of Thailand, but Dad apparently made it as easy for her as possible, including joining up with local Thai groups and accepting as much of Mums natural culture in New Zealand as possible.

Dad is a tall man of 6ft 2″, or about 185cm, and is 42 years old. He has red hair, and a very athletic frame coming from his days of running. I like how he is always clean-shaven and that he takes care of his appearance, making him look about ten years younger than he actually is. One thing I am certain that attracted my mother to him is the size of his penis, which I have seen a couple of times. They say men on adult movies are bigger than the average; well my dad seems to be bigger than all of them. Dad has a really soothing voice that I could listen to forever, and I just loved it when he used to sing me to sleep, while gently strumming his guitar.

Mum is not your typical Thai woman, I say this because I consider her far more attractive than any I have seen, she could easily have been a model, if not Miss Thailand at the Miss World Pageant. She stands at about 160cm, and is of a very well shaped slim frame, even after having two girls. She has the most beautiful eyes and a smile to die for. Her skin is absolutely perfect, but above all her best feature must be her breasts. They are absolutely natural, and 100% her own. For her size they are very large, fitting into a C-cup, which look a lot bigger on her small frame. I have seen my mother naked a couple of time and have always been mesmerised by her body, and the contours that it beholds. Her breasts are still firm and her nipples seems constantly hard, that is until you actually see them hard and realise that she just has large nipples of at least 1 inch or 2 ½ cm, and quite thick. I have noticed Mum turn the heads of a lot of males and females while walking down the street or in town.

I mentioned Mum had had two girls. Well we are now grown up, I am 26 and my sister is 24. We are so fortunate to have the parents we do, because we have been blessed with the best features from each. We are both tall like our fathers, and have long legs just like him. From Mum we got perfectly sculptured bodies that require surprisingly very little maintenance, firm skin and if I don’t say so myself, very nice breasts, with the same nipples. It has been a burden at times looking like this as people stare at us while walking, or guys want to know us just for the way we look, instead of our down to earth personalities.

Mum and Dad purchased a vineyard in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand when I was 17. We were all very excited about the new lifestyle. Initial set up costs and expenditure meant Mum and Dad did most of the work themselves at first, which mean long hours in the hot Napier sun. My sister and I rode our pushbikes about 20 minutes to the local school. We had noticed that compared to other girls in the school we were rather slow in developing and both wondered if we were ever going to. I was more concerned because I was two years older. As it happened my sister and I started to develop at about the same time. We hadn’t actually noticed any changes until we were swimming down at the local river one day and my sister mentioned that I seemed to be developing breasts. This made me look at her, and I had to say she was doing the same. We both rushed home and went to our own bathrooms where we examined ourselves. We then met in my room to discuss what we had escort kartal seen, both reporting similar discoveries, that our pubic hair was darkening up and getting thicker, and there were definitely the beginnings of breasts development. We were both so proud! We stood up and hugged each other, realising we were developing into women. Over the next four years my sister and I became really close, much like best friends than sisters. The visual examining continued, constantly comparing ourselves with each other, and eventually we were able to compare ourselves to Mum.

I was now 20 and our looks had been a drag on the both of us for the last few years. I had had guys come onto me all the time, always for the wrong reasons. And my sister had even had a girl in her class try to feel her up! We talked to each other about everything, and were there to support one another all the time, no matter what the situation. I am so lucky to have a sister like I do.

Mum and Dad announced one day that they were going to go overseas for two months, and that they were not able to take us. Although disappointed at first, we became excited when they told us they were going to trust us both to look after the house. The day of their departure came really fast, neither my sister nor I knew why we were so excited to be home alone, but we were. The first night was pretty uneventful, with the only change being us both deciding to sleep in Mum and Dads bed. It was so huge, neither of us were used to such a large space to sleep on. We got ready for bed, and gave each other a kiss good night. I couldn’t help but think how nice my sister smelt. I turned the light out and talked for a few hours before going to sleep. Despite the size of the bed we both lay close to one another, feeling each other’s body heat.

When I woke in the morning to a lovely Napier day, my sister had her arm draped over my chest, and across my breasts. When I realised this I felt my nipples suddenly stiffen up making them easily visible through my nightie. I must have moved slightly causing my sister to stir, and move her arm. But instead of moving it straight up and over, she dragged it across, straight across my nipples sending shockwaves through by body. I did not know what was happening, why was I feeling this level of stimulation from my sister? She eventually stirred and looked over; totally unaware of what had happened. She saw the outline of my erect nipples through nightie, and giggled, saying that always happened to her in the mornings…see. And she showed me, and shore enough through her nightie I could see her nipples just as hard and erect as mine.

All day I wondered about the morning’s occurrence, whether or not my sister’s nipples had been hard because she had unknowingly had her arm across my breasts. Why had I felt so stimulated by my sister? Why had my sister’s nipples become erect? Why was it playing on my mind so much. My sister noticed I was a little distracted all morning, and asked me a couple of times what was wrong, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her, or talk to her about it, the first time in our lives. In the afternoon we decided to go for a swim in our new pool. The temperature was about 32 degrees Celsius, and even more in the direct sun. We both wore out two-piece swimsuits and jumped in. After a while we just lay on our lilos’ (floatation device) and enjoyed the sun.

My sister noticed I was getting burnt, as the sun in New Zealand is very harsh, so she offered to put some crème on my back. We hopped out and lay on the grass next to the pool on our towels. Lying on my stomach I felt my sister run the crème down my back making me shiver and giggle. He then straddled me sitting lightly on my bottom. Her hands felt so nice on my skin and over my shoulders, and down my sides lightly, probably unknowingly, rubbing the sides of my breasts. maltepe escort I let her know by some gentle groans that I was enjoying the experience. She moved down to just below my bikini bottoms and around my waist, moving up and down again, it felt amazingly. She then gently tapped me on the shoulder and I realised I was off in a world of my own. Your turn she said, or something like that. She lay down next to me and I sat up to get the lotion. I thought how lucky I was that she could not see me, because my nipples were stretching the fabric of my bikini top to the very limit, and I glance down and noticed a darker patch around the front of my bikini bottoms.

I poured the lotion on her back, and she too giggled and shivers. I felt her quiver under me, as I straddled her and used her bottom as my seat. I felt the cheeks of her bottom tense up under me and then relax as I started to rub. I worked her shoulders and her arms, always making sure my movements towards her heart. I did her waist and then moved up her sides. I could feel my hands run over the sides of her breasts as they were pushed out from under her. The soft thin fabric gave a full impression of what her breasts felt like. I concentrated on her side more than other areas enjoying the touch of her skin. A couple of time I felt the cheeks of her bottom tense up as I touched sensitive areas like her breasts. I then realised I was in my trance again, as my sister had been trying to talk to me. She was obviously quite worried as I was not myself. I stopped rubbing and lay on my stomach on my towel, with my head turned to face her. She immediately rolled over on her back and my jaw dropped. Her nipped were about the size of Mount Everest, stretching out the fabric of her bikini top beyond what must have been its limit. I watched her breath and her chest rise and fall. I watched her flat stomach rise, and the definition of her abs when she breathed in. She then sat up and started to rub lotion into her front. She worked the lotion into her skin making it glisten in the sun, and making it look even more attractive. I then realised I was having sexual thoughts about my own sister. I had never looked at another female this way; sure I had compared and looked in changing rooms, but nothing like this. I was daydreaming away when my sister must have looked over and noticed me staring at her. She giggled and said, not bad are they? Just like yours. If only she knew what I was thinking.

She asked me if I wanted the lotion for my front so I could roll over. I rolled over and reached my hand out to get it. She drew her hand back and told me that she would do it. As she sat up and came over to me I couldn’t help but look at her glorious body, hey gently sway, lightly bouncing breasts, over sized nipples, and a darker damp patch on the from of her bikini bottoms! She sat on my thighs and dropped a small amount of crème on my stomach, making it tense and showing her my abs definition. She gently rubbed the lotion into my stomach and I closed my eyes enjoying the moment. Her hands came up on top of my chest just below my chin and rubbed the lotion in around my breasts and down the centre of my cleavage, careful not to touch where she should not, but just enough to get me fully aroused. I could feel her wetness against me, and it seemed to be getting wetter, she repositioned so that she was now sitting on my middle. Our mounds were on top of each other, I could help it I felt my self-tense up and push against her letting out a long sigh. Then I felt her push back! I opened my eyes and saw eye looking down at me. She told me how beautiful I was and how nice my body felt, giving me another little push into my mound. We stared at each other for a while, the light glistening off her body. She bet down and kissed me on the forehead, her breasts coming in contact with mine. This is wrong pendik escort bayan I said, and quickly stood to go inside. She moved aside and let me go.

I ran into the bathroom and hopped into my parent’s shower. Now their shower is not the normal one, it has no less than ten nozzles aimed to soak your entire body without having to turn. I hopped in and enjoyed the pressure against my skin, removing my bikini top and then bottoms. I got some soap and worked it over my body. This is when I heard a noise and looked around. My sister was there staring at me, and watching me lather the soap all over me. I stopped and looked at her. I then kept looking at her and continued to lather the soap onto me. She then came in to the shower with me, and removed her bikini as well. Her body glistened in the light above the shower and her nipples were just cm’s away from mine. She reached out and took another cake of soap and started to work it into her body, lathering up her breasts and across her nipples, which just seemed good enough to nibble. She then stopped lathering herself, and reached out touching me with her soap, and gently rubbing it over my body. She stood behind me and worked over my back, and then worked down my legs rubbing them all over.

I spread my legs slightly to allow her to get all over. My sisters hands running all over my body felt incredible, and the higher she went the more excited I became. My breathing became deeper and louder, and my clitoris was just screaming to be touched. She then stood up and moved her hands around my front to my stomach. My stomach tensed up again and she leaned forward to let me know that she loved to feel my abs under her touch. I felt her breasts press into my back, all slippery with soap, and nipples hard as a rock. She moved her hands around lathering up more soap, and then returning them.

She moved her hands all round my breasts slowly getting closer and closer to my highly sensitive nipples. When she touched my nipples and stroke them lightning shot through my body making my knees weak and causing me to fall to the ground. But my sister did not stop instead she followed me, remaining behind me, this time placing her hand all over my breasts. I could feel her pussy against my bottom, the hair tickling me, and I could again feel her nipples sliding all over my back. One hand remained on my breasts, pinching my nipple and stroking it delicately. The other wandered down my body and over my waist. We were now both crouched on the floor of the shower, tightly against each other, feeling each other breath, move, and hearing one another enjoy the sensations. Her hand wandered down to my left thigh, and then worked inwards, it felt amazing. My sister cupped my pubic area and used one finger to slide up and down my mound and across the folds of skin.

She whispered in my ear, does that feel good? I could only nod as my climax began. She nibbled my ear, and ran her tongue across my lobes. She skillfully found my clitoris and stroked it, touching its sensitive surface. I pushed her back to the wall and leant fully against her. I started to buckle and move against her had, feeling her hand slowly enter me. I could feel her inside me, playing with me and making me build up the biggest orgasm I have ever had. I move with her hand, feeling her finger go in and out, listening to her whisper into my ear, and having her pinch and pull and large nipples. I felt it building and building, it was going to be huge. I let out a scream and yelled with joy and my body released itself, its tension. It went on for about 3 minutes, pushing and moving and enjoying my sister’s finger inside me. The feeling subsided and I relaxed in the arms of my beautiful sister. Looking up and kissing her, she brought her finger up and placing it on my lips, I could taste myself, sweet and fine.

If you want to know what happened next, and how I repaid my sister for her amazing efforts, give me feedback. I have lots of interesting stories of my sister and I, this being the first sexual experience between us. So let me know what you think, and I may consider giving you some more.



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