Dan’s taking a break and I am writing this one. He said you guys were upset about the lack of detail when I told about my Dad having sex with me. That’s cause he only told you what I told him at the time. Yeah I knew he was writing about me, and even telling that private part, I told him he could. After all besides describing what I looked like he really has me hidden pretty good. He even left off my tats cause one of them is pretty unique and would give it away.

I think he was generous in describing me, yeah I’m chubby. When I sit I have a little belly roll that flattens out into a soft curve when I lay back and my ass is bigger than I like but he loves it and there is no cottage cheese. I do love my tits cause all through high school I was pretty flat then I got pregnant and my nipples darkened and I started growing. I made a B cup with my first pregnancy, then C with my second and on my third I made DD and still stay there. I can suck my own nipples, not that it’s all that erotic just that you guys seem to love that and it drives you wild. Sometimes when I am really fired up I can do it to get me over the edge and make me cum. I love tit fucking too, It’s a bitch when guys cum in your hair but I do get them off fast as I roll my big ole titties around their cock.

I had to cut down my sex after the divorce cause my dickhead ex kept trying to drag me to court as an unfit mother. He is living at home with his Mom and is paying jack shit for child support so what he doesn’t piss away on dope and women he waste on his two bit lawyer to harass me, while I bust my ass to pay for my house and raise three kids. So my sex live is kept pretty secret. You already know about Angie.

She is my oldest and bestest friend, she is also my favorite lover just ’cause she knows me so well and I can be totally honest with her. I tell her everything, about my Dad, being stalked by a former waitress at work who I fucked off and on, even fucking her brother when I was 19.

OK not everything, she doesn’t know I am fucking Dan. I haven’t told her because he asked me not too and I think she would be jealous. Not jealous of me but of him. When I told her about me and my Dad some things change in her demeanor. See I have had a crush on Dan since I was 16 and a flat chested boney teen with braces. Dan always treated me nice and would find ways to compliment me. When I turned 18 I would flirt with him and tried to find ways to have him look at my body. Bending over in front of him in a shorty night gown on the many times I spent the night, or letting my bikini top slip off in the pool in front of him and pretending not to notice until he saw my nubs.

I was jealous of his wife although she treated me like one of the family. Sometimes when I spent the night over I would slip out of bed after Angie went to slip and listen down the hallway. Dan and his wife would wait until it was late until they had sex. I would stand outside the door listening to him play her like a song. She would moan and squeal and I could hear her coaching him to lick her pussy or suck her titties. I would stand in the hallway with ear against the door fingering my pussy timing my cumming to his moans or her squeals. Even after Angie and I started fucking around I would still get up and join them. Just not as much. Anyway Angie knew I had a crush on her Dad but after I talked to her about me fucking my Dad she seemed to get jealous whenever I would mention Dan’s tight butt. It got even worse after her mother died from breast cancer.

Fucking my Dad wasn’t something I planned. I don’t think I ever did agree to it. No I don’t mean I was raped, I wasn’t but it was like I couldn’t say no. The whole time my Dad started writing me before he got out of prison to when he showed up at my door he began his campaign of me being Daddy’s little princess. He would write how proud he was of me that I finished high school and graduated college. How much I meant to him and how much he wanted to make things up to me. That combined with wanting a Daddy in my life, and wanting him to love me the way Dan loved Angie led me to feel like I couldn’t disappoint him or let him down.

When he moved in I made sure the house was spotless and supper was always ready before I went to work. I began to treat him like he was the man of the house, although he didn’t do much to fulfill the role. He would continue to tell me how proud he was of me and how I could be his little princess. Here I was in my 20’s pandering for my Dad’s affection. Then that night when he walked in on me masturbating and stood there before taking over, he once again told he how I was Daddy’s little princess and how much he loved me.

I mean what kind of father does that while he is working a pocket rocket in and out of his daughter’s sopping cunt. All I knew was I wanted to be his little princess so bad I would to anything to please him and when he took his cock out of his boxers and pressed it against my lips while he fucked me with the vibrator I didn’t know how to say no. I was afraid of him rejecting tuzla escort me and leaving me again. That’s why I wouldn’t say no when he would come in my room after the kids were asleep and my post work shower was done. He would push his cock in my face and pump it in my mouth until he was hard and then crawl on top of me and fuck me until he blew a load in me.

I wasn’t on the pill then because Darryl and I had separated and I wasn’t planning on having sex. But it never occurred to me that I could get pregnant. We fucked for a few more weeks with a week of blow jobs in the middle because my period came. Daddy wouldn’t fuck me while I was bleeding. After that he would have me roll over after his blow job and he would mount me from behind and push me down onto the bed shoving himself into me. Sometimes he would play with my ass and act like he was going to try and stick his cock in my asshole but I asked him to stop and at first he did. But as the days went on he began to get more and more aggressive and then he was pounding me face first into the mattress, laying on top of me with his arms under my chest and his hands cupped back over my shoulders pulling me into him as be pumped into me.

When I cried that he was hurting me he laughed and said “Just you wait bitch, when I plow that ass, then you can tell me it hurts.”

I think fortunately for me Daddy got picked up driving drunk and carrying a pistol which violated his parole and sent him back to Stark for his original sentence and then another 8 for a felon with a gun. What wasn’t fortunate was all the impound fees I had to pay to get my piece of shit car back, but I had to get to work. But this is about me and Dan.

It was over a year after Dan’s wife passed that Dan and I started fucking. I had bought the house behind theirs a few years back so we knew we were neighbors. On one of my afternoons off I was in the back yard sunning myself topless letting the sun caress my skin and warm my nipples. I hadn’t been fucked in what felt like forever. Angie hadn’t been available and my few fuck toy choices had moved on when I wasn’t able to give them what they wanted on a steady basis.

I was half asleep and daydreaming about sucking on Angies pretty pink pussy while I was getting my pussy plowed by Randy one guy we both have fucked in the past. Randy is kind of a farm boy not very sophisticated when it comes to sex but he has a long dick that pushes up to the back of my cervix and he knows how to use it. Plus he can keep his mouth shut.

Anyway I was laying out in the sun topless behind my privacy fence running my fingers over my clit on the outside of my bikini when I heard a crashing and cussing next door. I stood up and slipped my crop top over my tits before standing on board and looking over the fence. Dan was laying on the ground with a step ladder laying on top of him and some piece of plastic lying next to him. I called out to make sure he was OK and when he didn’t reply right away I shimmied over the fence and as I dropped down to the ground I realized my tits were visible.

Fortunately Dan couldn’t see me, as I adjusted my top he answered me saying he was alright. I walked over to him standing over his head and knelt down next to him. Dan’s eyes seemed to take minute to focus and then he get a funny look on his face. I realized he could see the bottom of my tits and nipples from under the crop top so I kind of jiggled them slightly to tease him like I have done in the past. I also realized that the way I was sitting on my knees with his head next to me my pussy was only about 6 inches from his face and the way I had juiced up during my fantasy I was willing to bet Dan could smell my arousal. Whatever it was something had got his attention because a tent was forming in his pants.

Dan quickly sat up and said “I was trying to attach the gutter back when I fell off the stupid step ladder.”

Feeling helpful I said “Let me help and you hold the ladder.”

Dan grabbed the ladder and I grabbed the plastic gutter. Once he had the ladder in place and was standing on the other side anchoring it I climbed up the ladder and started to snap the plastic piece into place. I was standing with my knees at the top of the ladder and I knew if Dan would look up he would see the bottom of my tits again and once again my pussy was just inches from his face. Many daydreams of getting eaten out by that face had brought me wonderful orgasms and now I was juicing up again adding to what I had already done earlier.

I swear I could smell my own arousal so I knew Dan had to. My bikini bottoms weren’t too extreme they were high cut and did allow my curves to be seen and the thin wisp in the front should tell him that I at least trimmed but as of late have been waxing. I peeked down to see what Dan’s reaction was. He was obliquely watching my tits jiggle under my shirt and not be noticed.

The tent in his shorts look a lot bigger standing up and I swear I saw him lean in and take a whiff of my pussy. I fumbled with the gutter for a few more tuzla escort bayan minutes before it snapped into place and to my disappointment I had to get down.

As I hit the ground Dan said “I should offer you a beer for helping out but I don’t have any.” Looking guilty he added “Rain check?”

I didn’t want this to end right now so I said “I got some, come on,” as I grabbed his hand and half drug him toward the fence.

His side of the wood fence was the smooth side and there were no support boards for me to put my feet on to climb over so I hike my leg up and said “Give me a boost.” Dan hesitated for a minute before sliding his hand under my thigh and lifting me up. As I rose and my weight shifted Dan’s hand ended up on the uncovered portion of my ass causing goose bumps to form along my skin. As I hit the ground on the other side my tits once again bounced loose giving Dan another eyeful as he followed me over the fence.After composing myself I led the way into the house past the pool.

After being outside the air conditioning made my nipples even harder and they poked out through the thin cotton top like spear points. I motioned for Dan to have a seat at the kitchen bar and grabbed two beers out of the fridge before I walked around and walked up between his legs handing him the beer. With him sitting he was the same height as I was. The front door was locked and the kids weren’t due home for school for 3 hours. All the years of desire and fantasy had built up and now, this moment I was going to go for it. I just hoped he wouldn’t just outright reject me. Before either one of us could take a drink of beer I leaned in and kissed him.

You know sometimes how you fantasize about something so much that when it actually happens it falls short. Well at first that seemed the way this was going. When I first kissed Dan he didn’t react he just kind of sat there frozen. Then after a few seconds I could feel his tentative reaction starting to form. His lips began to move slightly, then his hands came up around my waist touching my bare skin causing me to shiver. As I slid my tongue into his mouth we began to duel with our tongues lightly. Dan’s hands began to slide up and down my skin so I anticipated that he would be grabbing my tits like most men did. Instead he slid his hands down and slid them into the back of my bikini running his thumbs along the crevice of my ass and spreading his fingers out over my ass cheeks causing more goose bumps to form.

Dan continued to knead and caress my ass as his mouth slid off mine and to my neck hitting those little spots that would have triggered my pussy to cream up if it wasn’t already flowing. After all here was the man that I had a crush on forever. The man that I fantasied about as a teen and as an adult when my worthless husband was being a two pump chump. But then again based on my past experiences with men I knew it would fall flat. We would fuck and he would disappear and we might maybe see each other at Angie’s or something. So what would we do then do a little awkward how are ya dance or just pretend this wasn’t happening. I started to stop it but I was horny and fired up and at least I could get a decent fuck before being dumped.

Dan’s hands felt just like I thought they would as he rubbed my ass. Firm with some rough spots from the callouses but he was tender as he continued to squeeze and stroke my ass. He parted my crack with his thumbs and slid his index finger down past my ass hole rubbing over the opening causing me to gasp in his ear. His hands continued on down under my cheeks until his fingertips were stroking the wetness and my vagina. As one hand twisted and twirled in the wetness he inserted a finger up into my sopping wet pussy casing me to moan and pull him in tight. I ended up straddling his thigh as I humped my ass back into his finger pushing it further up into me. While I was doing that I could feel his cock under his shorts trapped between me and him. I ground my clit and pussy down on him while he continued to finger me. His other hand moved up and smeared my pussy juice on my asshole rubbing it all around but not entering. Good thing too, cause I didn’t do that.

I had tried once with my ex-husband and he made it hurt too badly so I made him quit. Angie and I have fingered each other’s asses before and it felt OK but my little butthole didn’t get a lot of attention. The rubbing felt strange at first but tickled. While Dan’s hands moved and caressed his lips danced across my skin. Down my neck, up my neck, across my face, touching then sucking in my lips, tracing my ears, and all the while causing waves of pleasure and goose pimples to form over and over.

As he ducked his head lower I knew he was going to go or my tits, all men do, they can’t resist. But he didn’t. He let the crop top on and began kissing along my ribs adding little licks and bites. He stopped rubbing my asshole to pull his hand up to my back before leaning into me forcing me to lie back support by his hand. This opened up my stomach to his mouth his escort tuzla lips moved across licking and sucking the flesh until he met my belly button. As his tongue ran along the rim the growing shivers slipped over into a small orgasm. My hips jerked and my breath caught in my throat as I rode the little waves for a few seconds.

I slumped forward to catch my breath blocking Dan’s path. He slid his finger from my now gushing pussy palming my ass with one hand and still supporting my back he lifted me up off his thigh making a quarter turn before sitting me on the kitchen counter. The dark granite was cold on the backs of my thighs but Dan stepped between my legs lifting my thighs up pushing my knees above the level of my head causing me to lie back or be bent like a jackknife.

I leaned back but propped myself up on my elbows to look down over my tits shaking under the top and my heaving belly to see Dan lean in taking the gusset of my bikini in his teeth picking it up and pulling it to the side. He did so without touching the tender flesh below. I moaned again as he began licking the juices that were flowing across the inside of my thighs and along the crack of my pussy.

Narrowing his tonguing down to just the outer and inner lips he was playing me like a musical instrument. His lips would travel up to tease my clit causing me to build my sighs and grunts and just when I thought I would peak he would have his tongue dance away across my skin like a butterfly chasing flower blossoms. After the fourth pass I had enough.

I reached down to grab his head and hold into place while I humped his face until I came, but Dan had other plans. When he let one thigh drop I propped it over his shoulder as I felt his index finger slide into my sloppy pussy. As he locked his lips over my clit and sucked he also slide his middle finger into my ass as I tried to jerk back from his lips in reflex. I drove his finger deep in my ass and began humping it while mashing myself against his face and lips. This climax wasn’t like the first, it wasn’t like one I had ever had with any man. I was hit with a bolt of lightning causing me to lock my thighs around his head and squeeze while I babbled incoherently.

I think I was trying to say “Suck my pussy!”, but all that was coming out was “uggggg muuuuuu poooossssiiieeeee”

I jerked 4 or 5 times before laying back and falling into the enveloping darkness, my arms falling to the side and finally my thighs unlocking and sliding open letting Dan life his head, as I blacked out I could see the lust in his eyes and the glaze of my pussy juice on his face. As the world whirled and spun in darkness I could hear but not make out sounds, I could feel being lifted off the counter and being moved but it felt as if I was floating. As the buzzing faded from my ears and the tingling left my skin I could make out the kisses on the inside of my thighs and across my mound but missing my now sensitive clit. I could raise my head enough to see I was on my oversized stuffed chair with my head, shoulders, back laying on the cushion but my hips, legs, and most importantly my pussy were hanging over the front.

Looking up into my eyes Dan smiled and said “Good your awake.”

And with that he raised his shoulders up off my thighs. I could seen now sometime in my black out period he had undressed. Part of the tanned body I had seen before. The chest patch of fur, detailed pecs, and flat stomach had all been observed at the pool. But the Red and purple missile that stuck out from between his thighs were new to me. It wasn’t long maybe a bit longer than Darryl and a bit shorter than our redneck but it was fat! I knew I couldn’t close my hand around it. As Dan reached out grasping it directing it toward my opening I saw he couldn’t either. Rubbing the head against my swollen and wet pussy lips Dan found the opening and I gasped and winced in the anticipated pain of taking that.

Feeling me tense up he stopped and asked “What’s wrong?”

I said “Go slow, it’s big.”

Dan worked it back and forth between my lips again and added his precum to the now white frothy slippery mix. Slipping in until he felt the first resistance I put my hand on his pubic bone for two reasons. One to try and control him shoving that into me and two to finally feel that cock I had dreamed about reaming my pussy for so long.

I have had three kids but I was always able to get back pretty tight after each one but that may be a downfall in this case. Dan started pushing in ever so slightly letting the head work its way in a little deeper on each thrust. As his girth filled my diameter I could feel the pressure start to build between my legs. Dan was breathing ragged now and jerking a little more in his motions so I made sure it put the pressure to keep it slow but when I wrapped my fingers around his cock as far as

I could go I felt his whole body jerk and felt spurt after spurt of cum enter my pussy. To his credit he didn’t try to ram it into my but pressed in slightly and held as he filled me up. The added lubrication allowed him to slide a little further in but I figured we were through for the day. I kept a hold of him and felt him start to soften a bit but to my surprise he never got fully soft.



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