I heard the sound of blue jays sounding their lonesome cry through the open window and I knew it was morning. My bedroom was just light enough to make out the form of my roommate’s nude body laying next to me on top of the sheets. Laura was still sound asleep. God she was beautiful. Her round ass looked so soft and inviting I couldn’t resist it, so I maneuvered myself carefully into position and nuzzled into the space between her cheeks. She smelled heavenly, with a mixture of womanly musk and hot sex. She moaned softly as I gently licked her tender pussy and ass. My cock became hard as a rock as I replayed the wild scene from last night over and over again in my head.

At twenty, Laura still looks like an innocent teen most of the time, especially next to a forty five year old man like me; but last night she’d responded like any wild animal in heat. Once she had reached a certain point of arousal there was no dousing the fire of her passion. I don’t know where things are headed for this young girl and I, but for now I’m just happy to be suckling on her sweet cunt.

Laura and I first met when I ran an ad for a roommate to help me make ends meet financially after my divorce. She is attending school at the university near here and earns her spending money as a stripper. I was somewhat surprised that such a beautiful child-woman would do something like that, but she gave me the first of many thousand watt smiles and said, “I enjoy teasing all the men, and it’s not like I do anything with them.” We moved her in that weekend.

The next three months were all a blur to me. I loved having her in my home, she brings a special joy to anyone she is near. Sometimes I gaze at her for hours while she studies in nothing but an old sweatshirt, panties, and fuzzy socks. (Her standard attire for this activity.) I pretend I’m watching television, but I think she knows better because she always sits where I can see her out of the corner of my eye. I think I’m falling in love with her a little.

Within weeks of moving in Laura began teasing me with her luscious body. At first she tried to make it seem all innocent, walking from the shower to her room almost naked, exercising in her skimpy outfits, etc. One day after she’d been with me about a month she called from her room, “Jeff honey, will you come in here please? I want to show you something.”

“What’s up sunshine?” I asked as I hurried to her room.

“I’m working on a new routine and I need a man’s opinion, if you know what I mean,” she said with a smile. How could any man refuse an invitation like that.

Laura was seated next to her computer desk in a hot pink stretch top, panties and slutskirt. She slid her top down seductively below her breasts and leaned back over the chair with her eyes closed, heaving her chest up and making the sweetest little moaning sound I’ve ever heard. I sat down on the bed intoxicated with her beauty. She turned quickly in the chair and sat up with one leg over the arm, sliding the skirt up to reveal her matching silk panties. Her hands squeezed and massaged her tits while drawing them up as close as she could get to her outstretched tongue.

“Do you like my tits, Jeff?” she asked. “This is what you’ve been hoping to see isn’t it? Mmm, I’ll bet you’d just love to suck them, huh?” She licked her lips slowly, she was driving me mad with desire.

“Y-yes, to all three, oh god yes,” I stammered.

“This is my boyfriend Fred,” she said, pulling a gold vibrator from the desk drawer, “he makes me real hot, just watch me baby.” She sucked the tool into her mouth and began pumping it in and out. At the same time her other hand was busy rubbing inside her panties. In no time the pink material near her cunt was very wet and her fragrant pussy aroma was filling the air in the room.

Laura rose from the chair and finished stripping. My cock was pounding and my balls ached for her, but she acted as though I wasn’t even there. She sat back down with her knees up and her thighs spread wide apart. “Fred” began working his magic, sliding up and down her slit, then pressing against her clit. Her head tipped back and her mouth gaped open, her breathing becoming shallow and rapid. Fred continued his assault and Laura’s nipples got so hard I’m sure they must have ached. I’d have given anything to suck them right then.

Laura slid Fred into her pink tunnel and immediately began cumming. “Uh, uh, uh, oooooh fuck, yes, yes, mmm,” she whimpered as her little hips bucked against the vibrator. Her glazed eyes fixed longingly on mine as her orgasm continued for several minutes. Then her eyes fell to my lap where I was rubbing the bulge in my pants. “Oooh, you want to fuck me bad, don’t you baby?” she taunted.

“Please, please, yes, I want you so much,” I begged.

“Jeff, come out of it, this is only my act for work. I can’t have sex with you, we’re roommates and it’d never work out,” she explained, “but I’m flattered that you think I’m hot,” she grinned.

“Oh, right, you’re right of course, I guess I just got carried away there for a minute,” I said as my head began to clear, “I’m canlı bahis just going to fix us some lunch now.” I limped out of the room trying to hide my raging hard-on.

Once Laura realized how hot she could make me for her, she seldom missed an opportunity to turn on the sex teasing. We both enjoyed her little games very much, but I don’t think she realized just how obsessed I was becoming with her; or was that her goal?

A few days later I came in the house from shopping and there she was, sitting on the kitchen table in a cute little white dress with the hem pulled up showing her panties. “Hi baby,” she began, “we’ve been waiting for you,” a sly grin appeared on her face.

“Yeah, who’s we?” I asked.

“Me and my new friend Charlie,” Laura replied while lifting up a huge pink dildo for me to see. “You want to watch us play, sweetie?”

“You know I do,” I said as I took a seat near her.

Laura poured on the charm, looking me straight in the eyes as she slipped the top of her dress below her lovely breasts and cupped them with her hands. “You want a little taste, baby?” she asked as she uncovered one nipple. When I leaned forward she recovered it and pulled away smiling. “Come here Charlie, Jeff wants to see you fuck his little roommate.” Laura grabbed the dildo and slid it into her mouth as she sank back on the table. “Oh Charlie, your cock is so big and hard, I love the way you taste.” She licked the head and nibbled it with her teeth while she rubbed her pussy. She was actually making me jealous of this piece of plastic.

Laura sat up on the edge of the table now and worked Charlie into her soft pussy. She began pumping him in and out, slowly at first, then with increasing speed. “That’s it Charlie, fuck my sugar hole, yes, that’s the spot,” she cooed as she worked herself over. The dildo was wet and glistening with her juices and she was beginning to tremble a little. “Come close Jeff,” she said, nodding to the area between her open legs.

I knelt on the floor before her, my face just inches away from her cunt. I was mesmerized as I watched her shove the pink toy in and out of her pretty hole. Her lips were coated with love juice and made a sweet slurping sound each time Charlie was withdrawn. Her aroma was the most wonderful scent I’d ever inhaled, I thought to myself.

Laura was moaning now and I knew the magic was about to happen but she pulled Charlie out of herself unexpectedly and offered him to me. I didn’t need any encouragement to lick her sweet cum from the toy, she tasted like candy. She slipped it back in herself and continued pumping. Each time she neared orgasm she would interrupt herself and offer me a taste. After nearly a half hour of this we were both whimpering with desire. I loved this game, my cock was aching for her. The next time she started to pull Charlie out I took her hand and stopped her, then as I held her hand on the toy we fucked her pussy together until she was rolling back and forth on the table deliriously. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” was all she was able to say as she writhed in orgasm and slammed her cunt against Charlie and our hands. She had engulfed the entire eight inches of the dildo.

When she’d finished she was sitting in a large pool of her own juices. She sat up and kissed me on the cheek while giving my cock a little feel through my pants. “Thank you sweetie, that was great,” was all she said as she slid off the table and headed for the shower. God she’s an insufferable tease, but I love her and I keep coming back for more. I can’t even bring myself to whack off anymore. My only thought is to be inside of her warm inviting cunt. My balls hurt all the time now, even when I sleep. My first sensation as I wake each morning is the ache in my groin for her.

Two more weeks pass and the teasing has continued non-stop. Today Laura has a girl named Debbie over, a hot brunette in a short dress with an open back. I think it’s one of the other girls from the strip club where she works. I can hear them giggling from her room. “Jeff, would you be a dear and come in here?” Laura called from her room. Great, I thought, because I was having trouble coming up an excuse to visit her room.

When I entered the room Debbie was backed against the desk and was half sitting on it. Laura was straddling one of her thighs and was kissing her passionately as she humped her pussy on Debbie’s bare leg through her jeans. The sight took my breath away. She slid the top of Debbie’s dress down and started working her titties over with her hands. “What do you think baby, should I let Debbie fuck me?” she asked. Without waiting for an answer she returned to the other girl’s lips and engaged her again in a passionate kiss. I could see that Laura had this girl aching for her with the same power she held over me. Debbie was pushing her tits against her and whispering, “Please, I need you, don’t tease me.”

Debbie turned Laura around and helped her out of her shirt and bra. Then she pushed her back against the desk and took one of her titties into her mouth, savoring it like an ice cream cone. When she was satisfied bahis siteleri with the nipple’s hardness she did the same to the other. Laura’s nipples stood out like two rockets ready for take-off. Debbie kissed her way down her tummy, stopping to tongue her navel as she unsnapped the tight jeans and slid them off Laura’s hips. She kissed her through the panties as she drank in the heavenly aroma of her musky cunt.

Debbie removed her dress now and laid down on the desk. Laura climbed up and stood over her, allowing Debbie to finger her pussy and pull her panties off. “Are you ready for something to eat sugar?” Laura asked.

“Yes, please, I want to taste you,” Debbie begged as she reached up with her mouth to the pussy that was only inches out of her reach. Drops of pussy juice were forming on Laura’s cunt and dripping on her eagerly awaiting lips. She licked her lips and savored the flavor.

Slowly, teasingly, Laura began to squat and her golden treasure box drew closer to Debbie’s mouth. Debbie could wait no longer and she pushed herself higher, latching onto the sweet cunt with her mouthand grasping Laura’s hips with her hands she pulled her down as she nuzzled lovingly into her warm pussy. “Mmm, you taste so good,” she mumbled through her intense cunt sucking.

Laura became quite aggressive now and rode her face like a wild woman, grinding her cunt into the face that was feasting on her. “That’s right slut, eat it all, lick me harder you little slut,” she commanded, and Debbie was more than willing, doing her best to keep pace with Laura’s hot crotch as it smothered her face.

Laura fell forward and sank her face into Debbie’s wet box and lapped up her nectar. In minutes they were both squealing delightfully as they came in each other’s mouths simultaneously. As their ecstasy subsided they slid apart and climbed down from the desk. Laura looked at me as I rubbed my aching cock through my pants, “Do you hurt baby? You want me to kiss it and make it all better?”

I had my cock out of my pants in a flash and Laura knelt on the floor at my feet. When her lips first touched the head my whole body convulsed. “How long has it been since this thing was taken care of sweetie?” she asked.

“About a m-month I g-guess,” I hesitantly replied. She gave me tender kisses up and down the shaft while I was going nuts with desire. “Oh god, you are an angel, please finish me off,” I heard myself begging.

Laura put my cock back in my pants, zipped me shut, and patted me as she said, “I think you’d better do something about that.” Then she and Debbie got dressed and left the room giggling. I stood there for awhile, numb from the waist down, wondering what to do. This girl has my mind so befuddled I can’t think straight.

A week passed and Laura was having coffee with me in the kitchen one morning. “There’s these guys at the club,” she began nervously, “they want me to perform for their friend’s stag party next week. What do you think?”

“Why you?” I asked, “There are plenty of strippers who do that sort of thing; aren’t there?”

“They told me Chad comes to the club a lot to see me and I really get him worked up. They really don’t want anyone else for his party.” she explained, “Besides, you could come with and be my bodyguard. Wouldn’t you like watching me turn a roomful of young guys into a drooling pack of horn dogs?”

I thought for a minute as I pictured this in my mind. She was right, my pulse was racing at the thought of her performing like a slut for all those men. “Alright then, go ahead and set it up, I’ll be your bodyguard,” I told her.

Laura was all smiles as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me quickly on the lips, “Love ya babe, you just wait and see, you’ll be so proud of me. I know you’ve never come to the club to see me, but I really am a good dancer,” she boasted.

The following week crawled by while I waited anxiously for Saturday night to get here. I ran fantasy after fantasy through my mind of my dream girl doing all sorts of lewd things for the entertainment of these guys. My cock throbbed like never before. Every time Laura’s and my eyes met she gave me a look of pure lust that made me wonder what she was planning. This only intensified my daydreams.

Saturday evening finally arrived and my anticipation was at its peak. I was so nervous you’d think I was the one getting married tomorrow. We drove to the address they gave Laura and as soon as we got inside, she disappeared to change.

When I entered the living room I counted about a dozen men in their early twenties drinking beer and having a good time while they waited. Chad was seated on a couch on the far end of the room and I introduced myself and collected Laura’s $400 fee. Ten minutes later the room quieted when Laura appeared in the hallway.

She was dressed in a very short white silk skirt with enticing slits cut up the sides and a matching bare midriff top with a tight collar but a large opening over her cleavage. She looked much taller with the spike heels on her feet. It was easy to see in the guys’ eyes that they all were dreaming bahis şirketleri of fucking her young body. Someone turned on the music and Laura began to grind her way around the room.

To say she is an incredibly sexy dancer would be an understatement. She concentrated on the young men one at a time, keeping lusty eye contact and moving her body in ways that caused one picture her fucking like an animal. The men would try to grab at her body but she was an expert at moving out of their reach at the last possible second. The men loved the show and were hooting and making suggestive comments to Laura which she always smiled at. The beer was flowing like water and some of the guys were getting quite bold.

After three or four songs Laura started letting the men feel her up as she made the rounds. The guys were shoving tip money in her shirt and panties and she’d give each one a short time to finger her or stroke her nipples. One man gave her a twenty and she kissed him passionately while rubbing his erection. He busied himself pumping her tits. When she broke away he looked dazed, like he’d been drugged. I know the sensation all too well.

The guys were getting impatient now and started to chant, “strip, strip, strip.” Laura smiled broadly and said, “I guess it’s time for some pussy, huh guys,” and headed for the groom. She climbed onto the couch next to Chad and locked him in a slutty kiss as she unbuttoned his shirt. He was shaking noticeably with excitement.

Laura really poured it on now, kissing up and down his neck and chest, then back to his eager young mouth. She unbuckled and unzipped his pants, sliding her hand inside. Chad’s senses were overcome with her magic spell, but he still managed to squeak out a feeble protest. “I’m not sure I should let you do that Laura, I‘m getting married tomorrow.”

Laura lifted his sizable cock out and slowly stroked its hardness. “Your friends told me how much you want me Chad and I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before,” she said between kisses. Chad nuzzled into her neck and surrendered himself to her as she continued to jack him off. She looked around the room at all the envious men watching her small hand intently as it slid up and down the hard cock.

Then Laura looked back in Chad’s eyes while sliding slowly out of her shirt. Her tits looked fabulous and the nipples were at full erection. Chad only stared into her eyes, for him right now the universe extended only far enough to include her, he was unaware of the rest of the room. She slid to the floor on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. Chad moaned with pleasure as she pumped her head up and down on him. She reached down and hiked her short skirt up around her tummy and pulled her thong panties to mid-thigh. “You have a delicious cock, Chad,” she told him as she lapped up his pre-cum. He responded by humping her mouth gently while she slid her throat deeper onto his rod.

Laura was really enjoying herself and was rubbing her pussy with a passion until Chad stood up and sat her on the couch. He held her head as he re-inserted himself in her mouth and started fucking her face hard. The group responded gleefully, “Atta’ boy Chad, fuck that little tease good, you’ve been wanting to get at her for a long time.” Laura sucked him like a pro, never missing a stroke.

Chad now eased her back on the couch with her legs up and spread wide open. Her panties were still stretched between her knees. He knelt on the floor next to her and just gazed at her pretty pink cunt for a moment. She was sopping wet and her juices were trickling out of her hole. Her face had a far away dreamy look to it. He moved into her and sucked her clit. “Oh my god, yes, yes,” Laura gasped. He made long strokes with his tongue starting at her asshole each time, licking her cunt deeply, and ending at her clit. He kept this up until she was out of her mind with lust and babbling incoherently, “Fuck me, I’m such a slut, god I love it, oh, oh, oh, awww fuuuck!” as she bucked her pussy and came for him. The boys erupted in applause. He pushed his face in and drank deeply from her fountain.

Chad returned to the couch and pulled Laura to his lap. She had a satisfied look on her face as she slid her self down his pole. He kissed and suckled her tits as she worked his cock with her pussy, grinding hard to make sure he was getting everything he wanted. It was plain to see that she was intent on rewarding him for what he had done for her, but it was to be her that was rewarded as she again jerked uncontrollably in orgasm. His cock was all white and shiny with her little girl cum and I thought to myself how lucky this man was to be getting what I wanted so badly.

Chad positioned Laura on her hands and knees over the arm of the couch now and prepared to take her doggie style. She twisted her head back and offered him her tongue which he readily accepted, sucking it deep in his mouth. She reached up with her hand and held his head while she kissed him hard. He eased his big cock into her love hole again. Laura faced away now, panting for breath with her mouth open as he pummeled her towards the final event. He smelled her hair and kissed the top of her head. Her wetness was really flowing now, running down the insides of her thighs. “Do I need to pull out Laura?” he asked.



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