Temptation in the showerMy name is Ajay and I’m a 22 year old Indian guy living in London. I’m a fairly good looking guy (for an Indian guy anyway) with an average body. I’d always been straight my whole life having dated mostly Indian women. But I’d always had a bit of an attraction to men. Something about being dominated by a strong muscular man had always appealed to me. This is a story about how my fantasy came true…I joined the gym at the beginning of the year realising I needed to get into shape having spent 3 years boozing at university. It was the first time I’d ever been a member of the gym and as such never had experienced the joys of a gym male changing room. With all those hot sweaty men working out, nothing can be more pleasurable than seeing them strip off to reveal beautiful masculine glistening bodies, as they headed to the showers. I tried to avoid staring, but with all those muscular bodies strutting by, perfectly defined asses on show and big cocks swinging around, I often couldn’t help myself. Joining the gym certainly enhanced my bi-curiosity – to the point where I found myself more attracted to men than women!Most of the men were white and I always had a bit of an attraction to white men. I knew they were generally bigger, more muscular and less hairy than us Indians. Statistics even show they have larger cocks. To add to that, I found white men more handsome, and having stronger features. They generally seemed to have a more powerful demeanor – like they knew they were in charge. I guess I have a bit of an inferiority complex like many of us Indians do in regards to white men…After a big workout one evening I went back to the changing room and started stripping off in order to go to the shower. Standing in front of my locker I went to get my towel. When I turned around I saw the most perfect man walk past. He had medium length blond hair and blue eyes, with a handsome boyish face – with a strong manly jawline. His body was slim but muscular and extremely toned – without a single bit of fat. His body looked almost completely hairless, which was in complete contrast to me. He was tall, perhaps around 6’2″, and his smooth white skin was glistening with sweat. Unlike most men who wrap their towels around their waist, he’d flung his over his shoulder so his entire naked body was visible. I only managed to catch a glimpse of his cock (he seemed to be well endowed) as he walked past before finding myself drooling over his smooth but muscular white ass that sat up, just perfectly. There was a certain arrogance in his walking style – like he was cock of the walk. He knew he was perfect and was happy to show it off.I quickly finished taking my clothes off and made my way to shower, in the hope that I may catch another glimpse. I couldn’t even remember if I locked my locker, but I didn’t care. Unfortunately when I arrived he’d seemed to have already gone into a shower cubicle. Disappointed, I slowly made my way to the back where 2 cubicles opposite each other seemed to be free. In one of the despite the shower curtain being open, the shower seemed to have been turned on. I peered over. Wow – I couldn’t believe what I saw! The same perfect guy was there, showering, curtain completely open. The entire back of his naked body was on show! My jaw dropped at the sight of him, with water running down his golden hair onto his broad white back till it reach his smooth perfect ass. I went weak at the knees at the illegal bahis sight of this beauty.He must have noticed my presence as he started to turn around. Quickly, I went into the shower opposite and closed the curtain to try and avoid the embarrassment of him seeing me. As I turned the shower on, all I could think of was his perfect muscular body, water dripping off it, and wanting to do everything I could to please him. I started stroking my cock but decided against finishing off – I wanted to be done as quickly as possible in the hope I may catch another glimpse.Having finished up and barely dried myself, I practically ripped open the shower curtain eager to take a peak. He was now facing me, still showering – so I could only have a quick discrete glimpse before turning away. But boy – was it worth it. My eyes were immediately drawn to his huge cock – it was almost 6 inches in length un-erect and thick – I wasn’t even that big if I had my biggest hard-on! It was absolutely perfectlyshaped- with smooth white skin – leading up to a cut pink head. I quickly drew my eyes up toward his 6 pack abs and muscular pecs before turning away to walk off.”Hey” he called while turning the shower off.I turned around, worried he had caught me. I slowly stepped back looking deeply embarrassed.He looked at me smiling.”Do you want to help me clean up?”I paused, struggling to digest what he had just said.”Su-uure” I practically stuttered.”Come on in and close the curtain”I was stunned – here I was, an average Indian guy, being asked by this superior white man to help clean his perfect body. I wasn’t about to turn down this opportunity! I quickly complied with his request and entered the cubicle.”Why don’t you start by rubbing some shower cream into my chest?” He poured it into my willing hands and I slowly ran them over his hard pecs. He guided my hands down his ripped abs before leading them around his muscular arms. I felt like I was dreaming as I made my way around his beautifully sculpted body.He turned the shower back on to wash the cream off. Then slowly, he drew my head towards his nipples. I hungrily licked and sucked them, before kissing his chest all over.”Lick my armpits” he ordered. I happily did so – with long strokes up and down. He had a little bit of fluffy blond hair, which I just loved. I tried to lick every last bit of sweat off each of them. I finished off with each arm by kissing his big biceps.Slowly he pushed me to my knees.”Kiss my feet” he commanded. I duly complied. Kneeling before him, I saw that same arrogant smile – he knew he could order me to do anything he wanted and I would do it. I was completely lost in his dreamy blue eyes. As I kissed his feet I knew he, a white man, was superior to me. As an inferior Indian, my only role could be to worship him.He squeezed more cream in my hands and told me to rub his legs. His muscular calves had little blond hairs on them and his thighs were smooth and hairless. In front of me was his big white cock, which I couldn’t keep my eyes off. It was just perfect. So were his big smooth balls. He had a little blond bush on top, which I wanted to bury my face into. At this point, I felt like my own cock was about to explode. I was so engulfed in him I hadn’t realized I been erect the whole time and my relatively small brown dick was dripping with pre-cum!To my delight he then asked me to apply to shower cream to his cock. I stroked it up and down with one hand while illegal bahis siteleri massaging his balls with the other. It slowly started to grow in my hand, as I increased the speed to maximize his pleasure. Soon he was rock hard – and enormous – he must have been around 9 inches long and unbelievably thick – I needed both hands to work his penis!With the shower still on he stepped back, removed my hands and washed the cream off his cock”Do you want to suck my cock?””I’d love to!” I eagerly replied.”Beg.” he ordered, looking at me domineeringly.I pleaded “Please, can I suck your big white cock”He chuckled at my response, looked at me with complete superiority and said “You are a worthless little Indian slut – look at your little erect penis”.”Yes, I am” I replied “I am at your complete mercy – you are my superior white master and I am your Indian slave. My penis is tiny compared to your big white love monster. Please let me have the honor of sucking it.” I begged “Please, master, please”He smirked, turned the shower off, stepped forward, and spat on my face. Like a good slave, I tried to catch as much of his gob in my mouth as I could. With the rest of it still dripping down my face, he planted his cock straight into mouth. I hungrily sucked away. It tasted amazing – a perfect mixture of his washed white skin and flesh with pre-cum – like nothing I had ever tasted before. I licked the full 9 inches up and down as sensually as possible. I wanted to try every bit of his penis. I then took him in my mouth again and tried to get as much of him in. Bobbing my head up and down his shaft, I was doing all I could to maximize his pleasure. I could only get about half of him in and I knew that wasn’t good enough – I wasn’t worthy of this privilege if I couldn’t get all of him in. So I kept trying and trying to go deeper and deeper, until I was practically gagging. He looked down on me, with amusement in his eyes – like he was enjoying not only my oral skills but also my desperation to please him.Suddenly he started to pull me off. I reluctantly withdrew – like a baby being deprived of milk from a bottle. He slapped me round the face with his big cock – I stuck out my tongue so he could slap his cock on that too. He then pushed my head to his balls. I licked and sucked on them like an a****l. At the same time he pumped his shaft up and down and groaned with enjoyment. I licked further and further down until I was licking the part in-between his balls and his asshole – I could see he was loving this.He pulled me off – I thought I had done something wrong. But then he turned round put his hands against the wall and perched his ass slightly out – I knew exactly what he wanted and with an ass like that I was ready to give him everything. He knew he didn’t have to ask.I started off by kissing his ass cheeks – they were smooth and hairless but muscular with a little dimple on each one- I slowly made my way in – kissing and licking every part of his milk white ass. I made my way to the top of his crack and licked him there. Slowly I started to spread his cheeks to reveal his beautiful asshole- it had little wisps of blond hair around it. It was the most inviting pink hole I had ever seen! I wanted to dive straight in but, sensing he was enjoying the buildup, I began by licking his crack. I licked it up and down like a dog – flicking my tongue on his hole each time. He groaned with pleasure. With each flick I also found myself canlı bahis siteleri getting more and more aroused. The scent and aroma of his ass was almost too much for me to handle.Not being able to resist any longer – I placed my lips around his puckered asshole and starting licking away. I licked it up and down and side to side. I then started to dart my tongue in and out. I devoured it like it was my last dinner ever.He pumped his cock simultaneously – I could feel his pleasure.”Do you like eating my ass?” he asked.”I love it – I love the taste of your ass” I replied while hungrily licking away.”What tastes nicer my pink asshole or an Indian girl’s brown lips?” he smugly asked.”Your yummy asshole master. It tastes amazing – I am forever grateful you have allowed me to lick it.” I replied. It genuinely did taste amazing – I loved his pink flesh. Nothing could have turned me on more than licking this part of this man.He grabbed my head and pushed it further in – to which I happily proceeded to try and lick deeper and deeper into his hole. I wanted to lick his asshole clean.He grunted again with pleasure, and then pulled my attached my lips off and turned back round.”Time to feed you some more cock!” he exclaimedHe grabbed my mouth from the top and bottom and ripped it open as much as he could. His cock seemed to have grown by another inch and was fatter than ever. He violently shoved it in my mouth, grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth.”Take it, take it!” he shouted. I tried to take as much as I could – every time I gagged he slapped me round the face and shouted “Take my white cock you Indian slut”. I obediently complied stretching my mouth out as much as I could to get as much of his massive cock in as possible. Being face fucked like this turned me on so much, it turned into him pleasuring me as much as me pleasing him. He kept going harder and faster until he got about 3/4 of his cock down my throat.”Oh yeah” he shouted “Oh yeah”His cock started to swell in my mouth. “I’m about to explode!”I had been waiting for this moment – I couldn’t wait until he came in my mouth. I wanted to swallow every last drop. I knew I had done well to please him and this was my reward.A huge load of hot cum shot down my throat – I swallowed it all like it was milk from the gods.Another shot. “Ohhh!” he groaned – straight into my mouth. I kept it in there for a bit and savored the taste. It was amazing – a bit salty, but creamy and thick in texture. I swallowed.A third and final shot “Ah” he grunted, in relief.”Keep it in your mouth” he ordered.”Now open up” and I did, proudly showing him a mouth filled with his white cum.He leant towards me, gathered his phlegm, “PTUH!” He spat straight inside my mouth.”Gargle!” he ordered. I did for around 30 seconds, enjoying swirling the mixture around my mouth and down my throat. I savored the taste – I wanted to keep it in my mouth forever.”Now swallow” he ordered. Immediately I did as told.Simultaneously, my little brown penis squirted everywhere! It was the best orgasm I had ever had and I hadn’t even touched myself!”Ha-ha – look at your puny little brown penis” he chuckled. It was true, it was puny, especially compared to the big white love monster I just had the privilege of worshipping.He put his cock back in my mouth briefly so I could lick off the last remnants of cum – before taking it out and exclaiming “I’ll leave you to clean up”.He smirked and swiftly brushed past my kneeling body like I wasn’t even there. I turned to have one final look at his perfect body strut off – knowing my life would never be the same. I could never be with an Indian woman again. My role in life was now to please superior white men…



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