It was almost midnight by the time Janine and Brad got back to their twelfth floor New York apartment. Janine headed on up in the elevator while Brad parked the car in the underground garage.

As he waited for the elevator on his own, he thought over the night’s events and what kind of deal he could cut with his boss to get a promotion out of it all. He could use the raise in pay to buy Janine the perfect Christmas present every girl wanted – a diamond and white gold engagement ring she had been cooing and gah-gah’ing over since summer. And the extra seniority would let him take that special vacation – ‘honeymoon’, he thought.

Brad smiled as he walked through the halls of the posh building, and into the apartment. Ever cautious, he turned and bolted the door behind him.

As his eyes acclimated to the soft light coming from the dining room’s chandelier, he realized couldn’t hear Janine moving around at all, and that struck him as odd.

Brad tossed his keys onto the kitchen counter and walked around the dark, halfway open slotted wooden door of the closet that created a sort of island of walls between the bedrooms, kitchen and living/dining rooms.


Hmm, Brad wondered, going back to the door and kicking off his black shoes.

Before he even had a chance to remove his stylish leather jacket, Janine had pounced on him.

“Wha-?” Brad managed to get out as Janine, naked except for the long string of pearls he had given her on their first anniversary of living together, pinned him against the door.

Her questing mouth silenced any further objections he might have vocalized. Her tongue slipped easily into his mouth, searching for and finding his own. Her hands began to rove wildly over his body, pulling his gray dress shirt from out of his tailored black slacks. Then she was dragging her fingernails up and down his hidden spine and muscled ribs.

Brad did not try to resist her, in any way. When the five foot ten brunette acted like this, there was only one thing that would satisfy her. And only one thing, alone.

Brad had to let her have what she wanted. Janine had a way about her that demanded that.

Janine released Brad’s mouth and began to whisper to him, her breath hot and tingly against his ear.

“Did you see the way your boss was looking at me?” Janine said breathily.

Brad nodded. His forty-eight year old boss had been giving Brad’s twenty-two year old girlfriend the eye tonight at the dinner he’d planned for the couple on behalf of the company Brad ataşehir escort bayan worked for. Throughout the appetizers and courses, Brad’s gray-haired company head had not been able to take his eyes off of Janine’s exposed cleavage. The woman had worn a very revealing black dress, spaghetti straps and shining sequins, a piece that made any man in viewing range gawk openly.

Janine liked that kind of attention, she’d admitted to Brad long ago. She’d been raised in a family of lawyers and business professionals. She knew all the tricks to being successful in a world of sharks and money mongers. And she honestly felt that using her good looks as a distraction at an important business dinner was utterly to Brad’s favor.

“Distracted men made bad decisions”, she always told him in her matter-of-fact way.

“I could feel his eyes ravishing me,” she whispered now, her tongue flicking against Brad’s ear.

“Janine,” he said, putting his hands on her wrists and trying only half-heartedly to push her fragile form away.

But she remained close to him, whispering and tantalizing.

“He wanted me, Brad. He wanted to fuck me!” she said emphatically.

As if to emphasize the nastiness of that thought, Janine squeezed Brad’s painfully hard groin.

“You shouldn’t talk like that. That’s my boss. It’s not right.”

Brad’s voice was trembling and weak. “But you’ve confessed to me before that it turns you on that other men, men higher up in your company, want your girl. You said so yourself, lover. I know what you like because you’ve told me.”

Again she squeezed his cock through his pants.

“Ahh,” he moaned, closing his eyes and letting his head drop back against the door.

Janine’s adept fingers undid Brad’s zipper, delving into his silk trousers. She pulled out his now rock-hard cock and grasped it firmly, expertly, in one hand.

Brad gasped, all the air rushing out of his lungs as Janine touched his sensitive shaft. She knew exactly how to touch a man.

“Can you imagine it…if I gave him what he wants?”

Brad gulped. Of course Janine wasn’t serious. She loved to tease Brad about his fantasies of his girlfriend being with another man. He didn’t think that he’d ever be that secure, but the thought of it, the idea… It always kept him rock hard.

“Janine, please,” Brad tried to say.

But he knew what he wanted her to do. And he knew what he would be thinking in his head. So did Janine. You didn’t live with someone like her for almost two years escort kadıöy and not have her know every possible thing that turned you on. Janine made it her personal duty to help Brad to fulfill his every fantastical and sexy thought.

One day, though, he cringed deep inside.

One day Janine would go too far.

But as she teased his cock into her palm and beyond her fingers, Brad knew today wasn’t going to be that day.

Slowly, Janine began to lower herself infront of Brad, going down on her knees right on their welcome mat. Her manicured fingers touched his cock, and he felt himself jump. Gulping again, Brad looked down.

Janine’s plum painted mouth was dropping kisses all over the mushroom head of his cock, her fingers stroking him to a full hard thickness. The thick strand of pearls was gathered at the front of her knees, glistening iridescently. Brad put a hand to her dark brown hair, caressing her tightly styled and pinned curls. And Janine looked up at him with her liquid brown eyes. Brad felt like he was melting, his flesh turning liquid, boiling like lava out of control down a mountainside.

Janine stuck out her tongue, the pinkish tip flicking over his helmet, making him groan.

“Just imagine, Brad, that you gave me to him for an hour, a half an hour. And that I’m on my knees, infront of him, sucking him off just for you…”

With that Janine engulfed his cock within the warm and dark recesses of her mouth, wetting him all the way to the base. Brad put his hands on her shoulders and groaned.

For a brief moment it occurred to him that he could have this woman, this love of his life, for the rest of their lives. He imagined spending all his years with Janine. She would make it a fucking heaven.

And Brad gave in to the deep and dark desires Janine knew all about.

“God, yes. Suck him, Janine!”

Brad’s voice was low and husky, and his knees were already feeling weak as he looked down on his girlfriend.

Encouraged, Janine pulled her mouth off completely, then dove back down over the veined and throbbing cock, enveloping it totally. She began to bob up and down, slathering over his member.

Then she began to play with him, to play with his mind and his imagination, stirring him to greater excitement.

“I could go down on him, maybe right in the cloak room at the restaurant we were at tonight. I could go down on him right there, make him moan loud enough for the coat clerk to hear. I could suck him, Brad, suck him so good, and make him maltepe escort do whatever I wanted.

“All for you…”

Janine ran her long tongue from the base of Brad’s cock, up around the tip and ridge of the head, stopping to swirl her tongue around it, snake like. Her hands carefully pulled his balls out of his slacks, cupping and caressing them.

“I would make him cum,” she whispered, licking him again.

Janine slipped her hands around Brad’s slacks, grabbing his buttocks and pulling him closer to her. Her fingers ran again over his muscled behind, then dug into him. He braced his hands against the door behind him, pushing his groin out, and pushing his cock deeper into that dark, waiting mouth.

“Take all of it,” he breathed desperately, his voice a near whine.

And Janine did, gulping back on Brad’s hard flesh. She twirled her tongue against the cock flesh in her mouth, moving her head up and down once more.

Brad pushed himself up from the wall, standing on his own as much as he could. His hips began to buck. He knew he was going to cum soon. And it would be hard.

He moved his hands from Janine’s shoulders and put them into the tight dark curls and ringlets, gripping his girlfriend’s head firmly but considerately.

“I want to fuck your face,” he grunted, trying to sound commanding but failing as his voice betrayed his need.

Janine kept her face still, her mouth tight.

And Brad rocked back and forth, faster and faster, plunging his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, down Janine’s throat.

Finally, the dams of control burst and he came. Brad pulled Janine’s head back sharply, his eyes wide with his passion as he watched his cum pour over her tongue, down her throat, and out over her chin.

Sometimes, Brad thought as he finally got his breath back. Sometimes he thought Janine looked most beautiful that way.

But he hated making a mess on her beautiful, doll-like face. Brad reached around a corner of the apartment wall and plucked a sheet of paper towel from off of the roll on the kitchen counter. Panting, he held Janine’s face by the chin. She sat compliant and still on the rug while he cleaned her up. Then he helped her to stand, taking a moment to run his hands over her hips and nuzzle her neck.

Brad zippered up his pants. He felt really good, right now. Janine always did that to him. He swaggered off towards the bathroom, grinning happily.

“You shouldn’t tease me like that, you know,” Brad called coyly from the bathroom, taking his clothes off and getting a set of clean towels out from the bathroom closet.

“Who said I was teasing,” Janine answered quietly, wiping at the corners of her mouth, and removing the last of her plum lipstick.

But the running water of the bath drowned out her reply.



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