She had been quiet for far too long. I was torn between enjoying the peace and quiet and wanting to know what the hell she was up to.

Tara is the bane of my life, a typical temperamental teenager with the hormones flying everywhere, one day the perfect kid and the next a bitch from hell. When I had married her mother, I loved my readymade family, the two girls, Tara and Susie, were adorable and Nathan was a good kid. But right now, this week, I would do anything to be a bachelor again. Their mother was off on a residential course and I coping alone. To call it coping might not be accurate, but I was doing my best.

The argument had started over dinner, Tara wanted to go to a party with friends and I had said no. The tantrums had erupted, she screamed at me that I was not her father and had no right to tell her what to do. Then she had stalked out of the room, slamming the door, of course and had stomped her way to her bedroom. I could picture her lying on her bed, the ear phones jammed into her ears with the music too loud.

“Don’t worry Tom, she will calm down.” Susie as always had tried to play the peacemaker. She was so much calmer than Tara, studied hard and got better grades than her year older sister. She was growing into a beautiful young woman, very like her mother. After dinner, she had taken herself off to her room to study. Nathan was on a sleep over with a friend so I was alone in the living room wondering whether to start round 2 with Tara. It really was too quiet.

I knocked on her bedroom door. “Tara?” No answer, well she wouldn’t hear me over the stuff she calls music. I knocked again and then turned the door handle and called her name.

The lights were off but I could see her in bed. I was about to close the door when I realised it was only 9pm, there is no way Tara would have gone to bed before 9. She would be on her lap top moaning to all her friends about how horrible her life was. I have always been strict with the kids and make no apologies for it. I would not have spoiled brats in my house.

I turned on the light and approached the bed. Sure enough it was just pillows stuffed under the duvet. She had obviously sneaked out when Susie and I had been doing the dishes.

“I am going to kill her when I get my hands on her”. I was muttering to myself as I went down the hall to Susie’s room. I knocked and entered, Susie was sitting on her bed surrounded by her books.

“She’s gone again. Any idea where the party is?”

The last time Tara had snuck out, Susie had been able to give us the address of the party and her mother had gone to fetch her.

“No, she doesn’t tell me anything. She’ll be back, she knows you are going to check on her, she’ll be back soon.”

“You are probably right. But she is just a kid.”

“Tom, she is 18.”

I laughed at Susie, she sounded so like her mother. “Only just baby, but she will always be a little girl to me. “

“Maybe that is the problem.”

I went back downstairs, to wait. There was no point in calling Marion and have her worry, I would just have to sit and wait.

I woke with a start, I had fallen asleep in the chair but something had woken me. I listened to the noises of the house, and heard it a moment later, a noise in Tara’s room. I took the stairs two at a time and flung open the door and then came to a screeching stop.

Tara was lying naked on the bed holding the head of young man to her pussy, her back was arched as she moaned loudly.

“Yeah, harder, harder”

One of her hands began to play with her tits, pulling on her nipples and rolling them between her fingers. My cock twitched in my shorts, her body was gorgeous when it was not hidden under all the baggy t-shirts. Those tits were magnificent. As soon as I had the thought, I snapped out of it.

I bursa escort grabbed the guy by the scruff of the neck and dragged him out of the room, down the stairs and threw him out the door. As he scrambled to his feet, I saw his face, he was a lot older than I thought, not some young horny buck. What the hell was Tara doing with him?

By the time I got back to Tara’s room she had locked the door.

“Open this now”

“Go away, you’ve ruined my life.”

Susie was peering around her door wiping her sleepy eyes. “Is everything ok? I heard noises”

“Go back to bed baby, everything is fine.” I tried to keep the anger out of my voice, I did not want to scare Susie. When she had closed her door, I turned back to the locked door.

“Tara, open this door now.” I said it with contained fury and the message must have got through as I heard the lock turn and the door swung open. She stood there naked and glaring at me.


She said it with all the venom of a teenager but it was the body of a woman I was looking at. Despite the anger I could not help noticing how her crossed arms made her tits look even better and that her pussy was shaved.

“Go to bed Tara, we will talk in the morning. I am too angry to talk to you right now.”

I pulled the door closed and walked away with the picture of her gorgeous body burnt into my brain.

I lay awake for hours, how could I even have noticed her body, she was a kid. Some part of my brain answered that she was definitely not a kid. Fuck those tits were gorgeous. I am definitely a tits man it was one of the things that had first attracted me to Marion. I began to jerk off imagining those tits. I imagined laying my cock down between them, fucking them and covering Tara’s face with cum. Her mouth open waiting for it, swallowing my load.

Only Susie was at the breakfast table.

“Baby, I talked to your Aunt Pauline earlier, you and Nathan are going to spend the day with her. OK?”

“Sure Tom, is everything ok?”

“I just need to talk to Tara about what she did last night.”

“Oh you mean about sneaking out.”

“Yes, baby, grab some things and we’ll collect Nate on the way.”

As Susie packed I went to Tara’s room.

“Don’t even think of not being here when I get back young lady, we have things to deal with.”

“Tom, look I am sorry, I had a bit too much to drink and got carried away.”

“When I get back.”

I did not head directly back to the house after dropping off Susie and Nate, I needed to think so I drove around for a while trying not to think of her body. Eventually I pulled over and called Marion, she had to know about this and we had to decide together what to do.

The smell of furniture polish was heavy in the air when I opened the front door. If she thought that doing housework was going to get her out of this mess, she had another thing coming. She was in the kitchen, every surface sparkled so much I nearly put my sun glasses back on.

“Hi Tom, can I get you a coffee or something?”

“In the living room — now.”

She took off the apron and headed to the living room.

“Tom, I’ve said I am sorry, what more can I say.”

“There is a lot more you can say and you will say madam. Who was that man last night?”

“That was Mike, we have been seeing each other for a few weeks.”

“A few weeks?”


“And what age is he?”


“You have been sleeping with a 27 year old man? He is 10 years older than you.”

“9, well done on the maths.” Even when she was in trouble Tara, could not keep her sassy mouth closed. “Well who should I fuck? Spotty teenagers who don’t know the way around the local supermarket let alone a woman’s body.”

The image of her body jumped into my head when bursa escort bayan she said that. I had to wait a bit before I could speak.

“Ok call him, tell him I want to speak to him. Tell him to come over now.”

“He’ll be in work”

“I don’t care, tell him to make an excuse and get over here. If he is not here within the hour, I will report him to the police for rape.”

Her eyes widened, “it wasn’t rape Tom, I wanted to.”

“Call him — now.” I kept my voice low and even then went to make some coffee as she talked to him. When I got back to the living room, she was holding the phone, looking at it, as if it held all the answers.

“He’ll be here. He’s a nice guy Tom, honest.”

I just looked at her over the rim of my coffee cup and settled in to wait. After about 20 minutes the door bell chimed and she jumped up to answer it.

“Stay there” I said and went to the door.

“Mr Sutton …..”, he began as I opened the door, but faltered when he saw the look on my face.

“Tara is in the living room”, I said and lead the way. “Please take a seat.”

“Mike, I understand from Tara that you have been teaching her how to be a woman. What exactly have you taught her?”

“Tom!”, the whine from Tara was stopped with a look.

“I am not sure what you mean Mr Sutton”

“What have you taught her about sex? It is a simple question.”

I began to walk around Tara, and from behind her I continued: “From last night I know you have eaten her pussy,” I reached around and touched her lips with my finger. “Has she sucked your cock? Is she a good cock sucker?” I pushed my finger against her lips.

I cupped her tits, the weight of them glorious in my hands. “Have you used these?” I could hear her gasp. I rubbed my thumbs over her nipples and despite the situation she was in, they hardened. I continued kneading them as I looked at Mike.

I knew then that I had been right about him.

“Have you fucked her in her pussy?” I let my hands travel down over her belly and hips, coming to rest at the apex of her thighs. “Is she tight? I’d imagine she is.”

Leaving one hand there, I brought the other to her ass. “Have you fucked her in her ass?” My hand traced the curve of her bottom. Tara’s breathing was shallow, almost panting. This was going better that I had expected. I thought she would be screaming the house down by now. I turned back to Mike.

“Well have you? This young lady came to you to learn about sex, what have you taught her?”

Still behind her, I began to unbutton the over sized shirt that Tara was wearing, her hands flew to stop me. I grabbed them and held them behind her back with one hand and continued to unbutton with the other.

I watched Mike’s face and saw the moment when he understood me. He leaned back further in the chair.

“Well Tom, no I have not taken her ass yet, but it is on the agenda. Nor her pussy, she has been playing hard to get. Her mouth work is good, but she needs practice.”

I had pulled the shirt open and was squeezing one of her tits. I could see anger in Tara’s eyes, but also the effect of what I was doing and the conversation were having on her.

“Has she swallowed your load yet?”

“No, she insists I pull out, but her tits look great covered in it, dripping off the nipples.”

I bent Tara’s head back onto my chest, and whispered in her ear: “I think we should correct that, don’t you?”

This time when I put my finger to her lips, she parted them and began to lick and suck. I wondered if she could feel my cock twitch against her ass.

Grabbing her by the hair, I forced her forward and to her knees between Mike’s legs. He opened his fly and took out his semi hard cock.

I was still half expecting some sort of objection from Tara escort bursa but none came, she opened her mouth and licked the head of Mike’s cock. As she began to take it into her mouth, I pushed her head down forcing her to take it all.

“I can take it from here Tom” Mike said as he replaced my hands with his, keeping her face buried in his crotch. I pulled her shirt off and opened her bra, letting her tits free then sat back on my chair to watch the show.

Mike kept the hair off her face, so I could watch as his meat slid in and out of her mouth. He was not very long, but he was good and wide. Her mouth had to stretch to take him all as he hardened. Occasionally she would raise her eyes to meet mine, the fire in them from a mix of passion and anger. Oh I was going to have fun taming her.

As I listened to her gurgling and gagging on Mikes cock, my own was hardening. I slid my hands down my shorts and continued to watch the show. Her tits were bouncing as she sucked and slurped. God they were so gorgeous.

“That’s it you slut, suck on his cock for Daddy. I want to see you swallow it all.” Mike was using his hips to push deep into her and I could guess that it was only a short time before he came.

“Yeah, suck my cock you slut,” he almost screamed as he dumped down her throat. I could see Tara, could not swallow it all and some was leaking out from her mouth. Fuck she looked good, the tears and sweat on her face mixing with his cum.

“Lick him clean” I ordered when Mike released his hold on her. Watching me all the time, she took his cock back in her mouth and licked him. “Now come here.” She went to stand to move towards me, but then changed her mind and crawled. The sight of her tits swinging was almost too much for me and I had to slow my hand down.

“Kneel there” I pointed to a spot between my knees and began to work my cock hard. The first spurt landed on her chin but the following ones hit the target of her tits. I watched my spunk drip off her chin and join the river on her tits. Leaning forward I took her hands and used them to rub it into her skin.

“Enjoying learning about sex sweetie?” I pinched one of her nipples hard and she gasped, arching her back towards me. I waited for the hell cat to let loose, but to my surprise it didn’t. Pinching her other hard nipple, I repeated the question.

Her eyes were clouded and turbulent, as she whispered “Yes, Daddy. Will you teach me some more?”

I was surprised, really surprised, the hell cat as a pussy cat? I decided to push her a little harder.

“Take off your jeans, let me see the rest of your body.”

Keeping her eyes on me the whole time she stood up and opening the snap, slid them down her legs. I could see her panties were wet. I reached out and found her clit through the thin cotton. I began to circle it. Her moaning increased and she spread her legs wider. I dawned on me just how much she was enjoying this.

“I think the girl likes being a slut, doesn’t she?”

I increased the pressure on her clit.

“Does the girl want to cum?”

“Oh yeah,” after a pause she added “please.”

I took my hand away. “Go to my bedroom, in the closet is a box, bring it down to me.”

She ran to obey. I didn’t believe the hell cat had been tamed for long, but I was determined I was going to enjoy it in the meantime.

Mike was tucking his spent cock back into his trousers. “I guess I should be going, I told the office I would only be gone an hour. Thought you were going to yell at me some and then I would head back.”

“Well you are more than welcome to stick around.”

Tara arrived back with the box.

“Tara would you like Mike to stick around?”

“Maybe I could come back later?”

“Sure Mike, just call before you get here, make sure we have not gone out.”

Tara looked confused, but now I knew the secret, she had the heart of a slut, I could see all sorts of possibilities opening up.

“Sounds good to me.” He kissed Tara lightly and promised to see her later and left.



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