I knew I had a lot of explaining to do. It was Friday night – or morning, I realised as I glanced at the clock behind my uncle’s head. Already way past two am, I realised I could hardly say I was just back from the part-time job which was supposed to end by nine pm. My uncle didn’t look ready for any explanations as his eyes were definitely blazing.

“I’m sorry, Uncle Frank, I didn’t take note of the time. . .” I began nervously, twisting my fingers.

“I can imagine,” he said through gritted teeth as he folded his thick shirted arms, blocking me from proceeding past the hallway and into the main house. “Your aunt was worried sick, you know that?”

My aunt was his wife, who was my mom’s elder sister. Aunt Sheila was a nice lady, though quiet and a bit laid-back on some issues. I knew she’d have been concerned but she wouldn’t be looking this mad with me as Uncle Frank was. But then he took most things seriously.

“I’m really really sorry about that,” I breathed, sighing. “I just. . .I lost all track of time, my friends were having this party, I didn’t know when it got so late. . .”

“For a twenty-one year old, you sure act pretty dumb at times,” he snapped. “You could have rung to say you’d be late.”

I remembered that I hadn’t charged my cell phone for days and it had been off all night – but of course I couldn’t use that excuse or I’d look even more dumb. I felt totally responsible for the ticking off my uncle was giving me. After all as my Uncle had so rudely pointed out, I was a grown twenty-one year old woman living with her aunt and her family for the past two months while I worked in the city and saved for furthering my education. I was broke but had a lot of friends, and was more preoccupied with having fun than anything else really. My mom had asked her sister to take me in for a while so I could get myself settled while I made plans. I had a part-time job, made a little money, but would have made more if I was more serious with my life. It was safe to say I wasn’t.

“You’re not a child, Tara,” I heard my uncle say more calmly. “Why do you keep acting like one? You know your aunt and I care a lot about you.”

I looked up at him with more embarrassment. Yeah, he’d been nice to me ever since I moved in two months ago. He was an aloof kind of guy, handsome and fortyish, with the build of a boxer though he had a successful corporate career. Once in a while I speculated about him and how he got hooked up with a plain though sweet-natured woman like my aunt. I’d have thought him to have more. . .exciting tastes.

“I know, uncle, and I’m sorry,” I said once more, almost rolling my eyes now. I just wanted to go up to my room, have a shower and jump into bed. Gosh, I’d had a rough night of drinks, dancing and a bit of fooling around with my boyfriend and his pals. I didn’t need any more of this. I tried to walk past my uncle, but just as I brushed against him, I felt his hand grip my arm and I stilled.

“Saying “sorry” doesn’t make everything alright, Tara. No matter how many times it’s said.”

His hold was firm, almost hard, and it bit into my arm through the thickness of my coat. It was somehow electric, and I instinctively tried to shove it off. That sent my coat falling apart and his eyes widened. “What the heck do you have on?”

Good question, I though acidly, feeling like an idiot for not buttoning properly. Let’s just say, a little strip tease had been part of the evening, and all I had on was a mere slip of a dress. My underwear had been “seized” during the night on some pretext or the other by my raunchy friends. I could see my uncle staring at my fat, dark pink nipples and full breasts sticking through the thin material of my dress. It was short and exposed my bare thighs with my long legs tapering to tiny feet in heels. I wanted to hold the coat back closed but Uncle Frank held both wrists to stop me.

“Gosh, you’re practically naked!” he snapped, though I wished he’d look at me when he said that and not at my semi-exposed boobs. They were sort of huge, emphasized further by my small waist. It felt somewhat arousing to watch him look at them with a kind of helpless fixation. My aunt had modest assets, so I guess it was a while he’d seen so much boobs on display. I found myself struggling to break free- but weakly. I kind of liked the idea that he probably was turned on.

“Uncle Frank, can I please go up to my room? I’m tired,” I said quietly, forcing him to meet my gaze, which was expressionless. He let me go abruptly. He didn’t say another word, just shook his head at me. I walked past and up the stairs of the quiet house. My aunt slept like a drugged being till the next morning, so she couldn’t have heard or seen the exchange. And my two cousins, Anthony and Felicia, had rooms on the other side of the house. I could feel my uncle’s eyes on me as I climbed the stairs, but I didn’t look back.

Up in my room, I showered luxuriantly. I loved the feel of the rushing water down my naked body. I closed my eyes as I soaped my breasts. Somehow, my uncle’s face appeared, his eyes darkened and wide as they’d stared down at me. bursa escort I stroked my nipples, sighing. A familiar ache arose from my loins. I wasted no time in slipping my wet soapy fingers down to my lightly furred pussy to play with the pinkish little folds. I hummed at the delicious feeling. But it was never enough.

Once I was done, I pulled on an old t-shirt and plopped on the bed. There was only the reading light on at the head, so I lay back and opened the novel I’d been reading all week. Some light erotica, mild enough yet tantalizing sweet. I was tired and fell asleep to the thought of how nice it would be to be pleasured deeply by another. . .

I didn’t know when my bedroom door opened. Or did I? Somewhere in my hazy subconscious I should have known what was happening. After all it was mere minutes after I’d shut my exhausted eyes.

My mattress dipped to a weight far heavier than mine. A warm, gentle hand fell on my left thigh. With my face in my pillow and belly down, I could hardly tell who could be running smooth, firm fingers all over the soft skin of my legs and up to the hem of my short tee, which was slowly, noiselessly rolled up to reveal my bare bottom. Caresses, sweet and slow, followed all over my exposed skin, squeezing at my waist, my ass, like one savouring the taste of a delicious dish. I felt deeply aroused, and groaned deep in my throat at the gentle touch. But I didn’t wake up.

I didn’t even flinch when minutes later, those hands were joined by the feel of equally soft and equally firm lips. They licked, they practically chewed, on the flesh of my ass and thighs and waist. It was quite ticklish in fact, but I decided I didn’t want to interrupt by complaining. After all it felt good to be eaten, somewhat. I could hear hard, harsh breathing now, that wasn’t mine. I still kept my breath low, deep, relaxed, like that of one peacefully sleeping. I think I wanted to see where this would lead.

One hot tongue pushed through the generous globes of my bottom to slather my tight little crack, and this time I couldn’t help but shudder a little. Gosh that felt great. A lot of slobbering ensued, as I was licked and sucked and eaten so wetly by a hungry, seeking mouth. My legs were drawn apart now, and I could only imagine how much of my privates were exposed to devouring eyes and lips. Even those hands were never still but restless all about my frame, even underneath my tee and all over my back, stroking, kneading hungrily as sounds of laboured breathing filled the otherwise quiet room.

I shifted a little, suddenly, and everything went still for a moment. No breath, no touch, like something had been put on hold. Of course I didn’t want it to stop so I relaxed back into my sleep mode, letting only a single sigh of encouragement slip from my lips. It took a few moments before the onslaught continued. Several minutes of suckling and fondling later, I felt myself being turned slowly, gently on my back. My head rolled to the side and yet, through the corner of my eye, and even in the shadowed room, I could make out a familiar figure, a face I recognised. He was looking at my face, and I wondered what he was thinking. Did he think I looked beautiful, with my dark, silky long hair and small, oval face? I knew I had thick, long lashes, a nice little nose and full, pouty lips. My chin had been described as “elfin” by one or two ardent admirers, but I didn’t know how well that went down with me. In any case, I knew I was good to look at.

But he wasn’t looking at my face any more. He was gazing down at my body, as he carefully starting rolling up my flimsy tee shirt. A short gasp escaped his throat as he left the tee in folds at my nape, my breasts now bared to his burning gaze. Through half-slitted eyes, I realised that he’d been watching to check if I was truly asleep. He seemed convinced of this now, as his large hands lifted and fell to cover my generous mounds, firm and succulent and full. I loved to be touched there, I loved to be suckled and fondled too. I saw no reason to stop him when he proceeded to do all three.

“Hmmmn,” I couldn’t help but sigh. He was very good at this, I realised, though he seemed so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t noticed I’d made a sound. His lips were fastened to one nipple as he sucked so hard it almost hurt, and his hands caressed just as hungrily. He lathered his tongue all over one breast and then the other, squeezing and stroking in turn. He had to know I was getting hot from all this, as by now my head swung from side to side, though my eyes stayed tightly closed. I guess by now he didn’t really care.

One hand at this point slid down my belly to nestle between my open legs, as he came to lie almost wholly on top of me. I could tell from the slick, mushy sound that I was very wet. Nothing I could do to hide that. I heard his breath get even more belaboured, and by now I could feel an unmistakable hardness poking through his trousers against my upper thigh. It felt reassuringly

large and thick, even without me touching it.

And how I ached to do so!! My own hands virtually twitched bursa escort bayan to lift themselves from the sheets and hold that aroused cock, to free it from its cage. I was cock crazy, could never have enough of it. That was one thing in the world I could get freaking serious about. But I kept as still as I could, still feigning sleep or at least an indication of it. As he suckled at my breasts, he played with my pussy, tweaking my freaky little sex button and finger-pounding me in turns. It all felt so blasted good I was willing now to let him fuck me if he decided to do so.

At last he removed his fingers and, lying on top of me, began to hump me. He buried his face in my neck and bumped his clothed rod against my open cunt. This was somewhat disappointing yet, still enjoyable. I wanted much, much more. When his lips searched for mine, I wondered if I could let him kiss me and still pretend to be asleep. Could my mouth fall open reflexively at the touch of his searching lips? It seemed it could. My lips parted to welcome his, and he groaned with pleasure as he kissed me moistly and hotly. I was so freaking turned on now I felt I could come any moment. The whole scene was so incredibly erotic and unexpected. It was like I’d summoned him out of my fantasies back then in the bathroom as I’d showered. And now he was here, kissing me and touching me and mock-fucking me.

I couldn’t decide how long I wanted this charade of being asleep to continue. Though there was some element of erotic quality in being made love to while pretending to be asleep. Though how any body could sleep through this was beyond me!!

He released my lips to trail his way down my arched neck and back to suckle at my nipple. Aaaah yes, I loved that. He humped and sucked himself up to a point when I heard him whisper my name almost lovingly. I think I heard him say how lovely and sexy I was. A pleased smile cross my lips.

I stretched a little now beneath him, and felt him go still again. I pretended to blink myself awake, and gasped when our eyes met in the darkened room. “Uncle Frank!” I half-whispered in exclamation, my eyes flying round. “What. . . how.. .”

He was immobilized right there between my wide-spread thighs, his hands still glued to my boobs. His face was a mask of passion and disgrace. “Oh lord, Tara, I’m sorry,” he gasped, his eyes almost wild with desire. “I don’t know what’s come over me.” He sighed raggedly. “I just wanted to look at you. . .”

“But. . Uncle Frank!” I cried as loud as I dared, shifting underneath him. “Have you been kissing me? Have you been sucking my boobs?” My eyes were accusatory, alarmed and appalled. He seemed to change colour.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I couldn’t control myself. You’re so beautiful and sexy. Don’t be mad – “

“Well what should I be? Being practically violated in my sleep. . .”

“I said I was sorry – – – -“

His words broke off as he saw my eyes now dancing in humour up at him. It took a moment for it all to sink in. Earlier he’d berated me for saying those same words over and over, and now he was in my shoes.

He looked far from humorous though when he said, “No amount of “I’m sorry’s” is going to make what I’ve done right,” he said in a lifeless voice, as he suddenly went limp on top of me. “What I wanted to do. . .”

He meant to roll off me just then, but my arms slipped round his waist. “And what was it you wanted to do, Uncle Frank?” I asked softly. “Fuck my brains out? Even as I slept?”

He grunted in a semi-laugh. “Like I’d have gotten away with that.”

“You might have,” I said musingly. “But I was enjoying it so much I wanted to experience it with my eyes wide open. And wide awake.”

He was staring down at her in surprise and a look of growing need. I saw him swallow convulsively. “I guess you’re not your Aunt Shiela. She usually falls asleep by the time I finish making love to her.” He shrugged.

“Sometimes I have to take it while she’s deeply sleeping. That’s the only way she’d allow me do it.”

“Poor uncle Frank,” I purred, lifting my hand to stroke his strong, square jaw. “Well, I’m definitely not aunt Shiela. And I’m going to let you fuck me as much as you want tonight, and enjoy it fully awake. If that’s all right with you?”

“Ohh, Tara,” he groaned, closing his eyes briefly in desperate passion. I didn’t want for any more permission. I reached for his shirt and unbuttoned it quickly. He shouldered it off as I freed myself from my tee. “Get out your cock, uncle Frank. I want to see it.”

He licked his lips as I kneeled naked before him, and I watched as he hastily unbuckled his pants and got them off in record time, kicking them off the bed. He was fully erect and springing to attention, kneeling there on the bed with me. I gazed down at it with appreciation.

“What a monster,” I breathed, as it was my turn to swallow. I wanted to get that stuffed in my mouth as soon as possible. I loved to suck cock, most especially big, long and thick ones. And my uncle’s dick was right there at the top with the biggest I’d ever sucked – which was a damned lot.

He escort bursa had a flat belly, not athletic but not flabby. I pushed against him and made him lean back, supported by his arms, as I lowered my head to give him one of my trade mark blow jobs. It took me moments to work my way up his cap to the root close to his swinging, big balls. My fingers played with those heavy bags as my lips and mouth encased his throbbing fat member.

Uncle Frank was gasping, he was groaning and grinding into my mouth. I withdrew slightly to suckle that wet thick cap, and he bucked his thighs. I chuckled, then lifted a hand to hold the shaft, now slick with saliva. I stroked him expertly, enjoying the sweet musky taste of hot man meat. I could never get enough of this. I’d sucked two dicks earlier that night. My boyfriend’s and that of a random stranger we’d met at the party. They’d both come on my breasts, and I could still remember the heady feeling of pleasuring two cocks simultaneously. Little had I known I would get a third treat before the night was up.

“Tara, gosh. . .you’re fantastic. Aunt Sheila would never do this,” his mumbled, his head thrown back as he continued to rock his hips. My experienced hands and mouth continued to be devoted to his massive cock, which seemed to thicken even more. I was almost panting now for him to penetrate me.

“What else would my dear aunt never do, hmm?” I asked, lifting my mouth yet still keeping my hands working the shaft. I looked up into his passion glazed eyes. “I bet she never lets you fuck her doggy style. Would you like some of that, dear uncle?”

I knew my words were pushing him close to the edge. Dirty talk always got me feeling even hornier, especially when I was the one saying it. It had a lot of effect on him too, obviously, as without even bothering to reply, he took hold of my naked waist and flipped me on my hands and knees. Yes, it was time he took control. In moments, and without further ado, he’d rammed up into me from behind with an almost punishing thrust.

“Hell yeah,” I breathed, keeping my voice low. It wouldn’t do to wake up the house to the knowledge of this incredibly fantastic fuck my uncle was giving me. His big cock slammed into me again and again, up to the hilt, his hips banging against my pert little ass. I loved each painful jab, my pussy widening convulsively to encompass his ravaging dick. I slipped a finger down the middle to stroke myself in order to ease the sweet ache of his huge cock up my tight cunt. Damn, I hadn’t been so completely and totally stuffed in a long time! How could my aunt not want a load of this all night, every night, I wondered? She was as foolish as I’d imagined!

“That’s it, fuck me like you mean it Uncle Frank,” I gasped, my words punctuated by his hard, deep, forceful thrusts. He seemed incapable of speaking I guess, because he didn’t reply, obeying me by ramming into me even more strongly. I almost cried out in pain but it felt equally good too. His hands rubbed at my bottom, and I felt him lean down unto me till his breath was harsh and loud in my ear. He gave my ear one frenzied lick, even as his hips moved faster, pounding into me harder.

“You’re a dirty little bitch, aren’t you?” he let out with difficulty, pressing a kiss to the back of my neck, driving in with one deep stroke, then two. I groaned. “I knew you were not what you seemed to be.”

“Neither are you, uncle Frank,” I replied half-mockingly, twisting a little so our lips could merge briefly. My aloof uncle was actually a randy old dog, it seemed. He was grunting and slamming up against my ass with such fervour it almost made me laugh if it wasn’t so fucking fantastic. I could even feel his balls swinging somewhere against the top of my cunt, which was so freaking hot too. I felt myself shudder as he reached round to give both my boobs a hard squeeze.

“You could make a monk turn into a sex-mad beast, you know that?” he murmured, and from the hoarseness of his voice I figured he was close to the limit, as I was. I felt my thighs quiver, saw the black spots popping behind my eyelids as even a buzzing sound went through my ears. My mouth fell open in a tiny little scream as I prepared for the greatest cum of my life. . . .

“What the devil is going on here?”

I almost yelled in dismay as my uncle withdrew almost instantly at the unexpected sound of that voice. I was so fucking close! I almost cried out angrily at the interruption, my pussy virtually throbbing from the sudden withdrawal. And then I came to my senses as I realised we weren’t alone in the room. I turned at the waist to see who it was, giving out a deep sigh of relief to find it was just my cousin Anthony and not my aunt as I’d feared.

My uncle and I seemed frozen on the bed, although he was no more inside me, as his son gaped at us with his mouth hanging open in shock. He was my annoying younger cousin, and we hadn’t really got along since I came to stay. He was the sulky nineteen year old, a bit overweight and a little too fond of smoking pot. He was nothing like his father, and had a mean little pair of eyes that seemed to follow me everywhere when ever we happened to cross paths. I usually stayed out of his way, just to keep things smooth around the house. And now this. My head fell to hide my face behind my long hair as I let his dad handle this.



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