My younger sister had asked me to spend a week with her on Fire Island, my “Birthday Present for my Sister” (a story with three chapters). A couple of weeks later, she started a trip to Europe with a group of girls. Our married older sister’s present for her eighteenth birthday had been agreeing to tell her about men, sex. That conversation had an obvious impact on what we two had ended up doing together. I was, therefore, interested but a little apprehensive when I met our sister later that summer.

One day when we were alone together, she smiled slightly and said:

“That was nice of you to spend the week with her on Fire Island. How was it”

“Fine, better than I thought it would be.”

“Did she?”

“Did she what?”

“Go topless; she told me that she wanted to, while she was still hoping she could go out there with her girlfriend.”

I must have blushed. She smirked and said:

“I guess she did, at least said that she wanted to.”

“She did, told me she wanted to on the way there.”

“And did she?”

“Could I stop her? Make her put it back on?”

“I guess not. Would have been an interesting scene.”

“She told you that she wanted to?”

“Yeah, about wanting to on the Cote d’Azur.”

“Told me that too. Why didn’t you ask her yourself; you two were there the next week?”

“I thought it better to avoid any mention of it, especially since she didn’t. So she did; must have been, well, interesting.”



“She’s my sister, but …, well, yes.”

“Bridget Bardot?”

“I was thinking Ursula Andress. BB is maybe better.”

“She did, in France, a couple of the others didi too. Wrote me.”

“Really? And wrote you?”

“Just: ‘I did! A couple of us did,’ with a grin. Oh, she asked me to tell you.”

“Thanks. When did she tell you that she wanted to?”

I was pretty sure it had been during their conversation about men and sex, and wanted to hear what my older sister would say about it – at least, how she would answer my question. She hesitated a moment, letting me infer that I was right. Then she smiled wryly and said:

“She wanted to ask me some questions, said it would be my birthday present for her.”

“What you thought about her wanting to go topless?”

“That too.”

“And …? Doesn’t sound like you reacted like Mother would have, since she did.”

“I was thinking she would be with a girlfriend, so if they wanted to, and no one saw them.”

“She wasn’t, and no one saw her.”

“Except you, why I asked about the week, since she had made it so important that she didn’t look like a girl going topless for the first time. So I assumed that she must have with you instead of her girlfriend.”

“She did. Told her the guys would still probably look – BB.”

“Yes, I can imagine so.”

I was liking our conversation, hoping to hear more about theirs. With hindsight, I must have – obviously did – forget what it could lead to. Still fishing for more information, I said:

“She didn’t just ask you whether you thought she could; you said: ‘that too’.”

She hesitated again, then nodding with another wry smile, and replied:

“She didn’t want to go off to college and have her first time after a drunken party.”

“And …? No, that wouldn’t be good. Of course, you told her that. And …?”

She hesitated again, this time without the wry smile, and said:

“She had lots of questions about boys, about bursa escort what could happen, about what to do?”

“And you told her?!”

“She asked. My birthday present; I answered. Better to hear from me than have it be like that – her first time, like mine was.”

“Yeah, of course. What’s a big sister for?”

“What I was thinking, just a little surprised that she had ventured to ask me.”

“Great birthday present for her eighteenth birthday.”

“Something like that. … Hmm?! Oh! And then she was out there with you.”



“Said so already.”

“Oh? She didn’t ask you too, also want a male’s opinion?”

“Wanted to know if I had slept with girls.”

“I suppose you have.”


“And what did you tell her?”

“That I had.”

“Hmm? Maybe I shouldn’t have told her so much; she must have asked more.”

“She sure did! And that she had asked you.”

“She told you that?!”

I nodded, replying:

“Not just that she had asked.”

“What I told her?”

“Um-hmm, not all at once, asking if I had – this or that. Sounded like you told her some things she didn’t know to ask.”

“Oooh! It must have been ‘difficult.’ Yeah, maybe I did, didn’t want her to be surprised if a guy wanted to do something she hadn’t heard about. And you told her? Well, if you had – ‘this or that’?”

“Um-hmm, with her also telling me about not wanting her first time to be after a drunken party.”

“Well, we both don’t want that.”

I just nodded, knowing that her first time had not been like that, nor her second or all the other times – how many? We had used a dozen rubbers, and then done it again! My older sister said again:

“Must have been difficult.”

“Very,” I muttered to myself.

She nodded with another wry smile, and then with a wide-eyed, surprised – maybe shocked — expression. I wasn’t looking directly at her any more. She murmured:

“‘Very,’ … too?!”

Did I nod or just blush? She repeated: “Too?”

I did nod, not daring to look at her. She was silent for a few seconds. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her nod thoughtfully. After a couple of more seconds, she murmured: “Really?”

I nodded again, then venturing to look at her. She smiled slightly and murmured:

“If she wanted to?” and shrugged slightly.

“She did, … told me that we should, after she had told me everything else, and I had. I told her that we shouldn’t, a couple of times, that we wouldn’t, but we did, … not that day.”

“If she wanted to?” she repeated, then murmuring: “I did to, too – with Uncle Simon.”

She gave me another wry smile, shrugging. I must have looked surprised. I asked:

“Did you tell her?”

“No, of course not, but I can understand that you then did.”

“Funny, sort of; later we were talking about it, not directly, about her idea of a first time, if we hadn’t already: ‘tall, dark and handsome, a younger Uncle Simon.’ She said that he had wanted to kiss her when she was fifteen, but that they hadn’t, that it could have been her first real kiss.”

We both chuckled, almost laughing, my embarrassment and stress fading. She grinned with a snort, nodding, and replied:

“I can imagine. He is, was, maybe not as young as she was thinking. Remember the summer after my first year at college? You two were at summer camps, and I visited Mom’s parents at the lake, while the parents were on vacation. Of course, I liked bursa escort bayan him too, Mom’s youngest brother. He came after the first week, much better than just being with our grandparents. When he suggested that we take a boat ride, I was, of course, delighted to get out of the house, even dared to wear my bikini. Hadn’t worn it with just the grandparents there.

“So there we were in the motorboat, and he said: – I remember exactly – ‘You probably want to go topless, if you want to.’ I never had, but his suggestion that I could want to …? If he had asked if I wanted to, I probably would have said no, but his suggesting that I would want to, maybe had already … Well, it made me feel grown up. A couple of guys had seen them – the couple of not so good times freshman year. If he could assume that I would, I did, blushing, but I did. ‘Lovely,’ he said.”

“Mmm! Um-hmm! Of course!” I replied.

I was delighted with what she was telling and that she was so unexpectedly making what our sister and I had done seem less onerous. She seemed to feel the same, being able to tell about her similar experience. She grinned and said:

“But then you have to tell me.”

I nodded, returning her grin, and she continued:

“I was just liking that I had dared to, and that he had said that. So, we were out on the lake, and he asked if we wanted to swim, saying that he liked to skinny dip. If I was already half-naked, not much more for him to see, more for me to see. If he was treating me like a grown-up? He must have done it before. Wasn’t I one now, having slept with guys, even if it hadn’t been so good?

“We dove in the water, hardly having really seen each other, and swam a bit. But then he had to help me get in the boat, his hand on my hip.

“I don’t really have to tell you the rest. I didn’t tell her that that was the first time a man did that to me. I only did it to him after …”

“Seeing it go everywhere,” I interjected, adding: “her words.”

“Hmm? Guess I told her that. Yeah. She did too?”


“Of course. I had done it to a couple of boys, but not where I could see it like that. Then, of course, he did it to me. I was a little surprised when he started doing it that way. Mom sure hadn’t told me about that – or much about anything! But I wasn’t going to let him think I was so inexperienced. Of course it was good, very good, a lot better than what guys had done, which hadn’t been as good as what I could do myself.”

“And then you did it to him like that?”

“Not that day. He mentioned something about my doing it that way to him, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to, and he understood.”

“But then you did? She said you had only done it with your husband.”

“Couldn’t tell her that I did it with Uncle Simon; thought that should be something she didn’t do before she was sure she wanted to with him – whomever.”

“She wanted to.”

“With you?”

“Um-hmm. Oh yeah, your picture: mugshot, front and profile.”

“She told you about that too?”

“Very helpful; she sure knew what to do,when she saw the real thing. You must have told her how much you liked to.”

“Hm-hmm! I guess I did. I did. We took a lot of outings with the boat. That was the next day, and he had rubbers. Not much else to tell. Then he told me that after we had used one, he could warn me before he came, so I did it to him, not wanting to refuse anything he suggested, then deciding that I should let him come in my mouth. He really escort bursa liked that.”

“Of course!”

“Wicked! I would do it to him as soon as we were out of sight, while he was sitting on the stool steering the boat. I hope no one saw the boat rocking when we had the cushions down on the deck.”

“Hmm! Did you suck his balls too?”

“Did she?! I didn’t. Did I miss something?”

“He did,” I replied with a smirk. She snickered and remarked:

“Next time; he’ll be surprised, my husband, and now I learned something from her. Enough, now you tell.”

“A lot easier to tell now. After all our talk, I was in bed doing what I could, and then suddenly she was slipping under the covers. Ruined my impending orgasm, just dribbling, when I froze. Did you tell her to rub herself on my thigh, when we were kissing?

“No, and not on yours.”

“Could have been confusing, since she kept talking about ‘us’ when she meant with whomever else.”

“She really did that, just jumped in bed with you?”

“I guess not quite. She said she had also been playing with herself, and before that, we had been watching a film on TV. When I put my arm around her, not thinking about all this, she pulled my hand down on her boob. Oh, we had clothes on, but well, you can imagine, an hour like that.”

“Hm-hmm! Yes! No wonder that you both then were doing something.”

“And more for her after that. In the morning, she wanted to see what could ‘be everywhere,’ and then, well, we did.”

“Lucky girl, you too, like I was, after just having disappointing experiences.”

“Nice, that you see it that way.”

“Why not? It’s happened, was good, for me too, maybe not quite like siblings, but we have had no problem seeing each other again. Hope you two won’t.”

“Me too. Oh, we talked about that: better than just going our ways and forgetting each other like other couples do. She said that.”

“Nice. We haven’t either, just special smiles, but don’t tell her that Uncle Simon was that good for me.”

I shook my head with a smile. She smiled with a nod, then smirked and said:

“Probably a good thing that he didn’t kiss her back then; I might have had to find some other birthday present for her. Hm-hmm! But you probably wouldn’t have had to, just been surprised by her different arguments why you should have with her.”

“You can ask her sometime; I won’t.”

We both smiled wryly, nodding, and changed the subject. In the course of our further conversation, I remembered that they had also talked about girls’ doing it with each other, that she had advised her just to be careful not to get in the “wrong crowd,” girls that didn’t like boys. My expression must have changed, when I thought: she certainly wasn’t one of those! My sister’s eyebrows rose, and she asked:

“What was that about? What were you suddenly thinking?”

“Hmm? I forgot to ask and wasn’t going to now, but since you did: she said you also talked about girls.”

My sister actually blushed, but nodded immediately with another wry smile, replying:

“Wasn’t much we didn’t talk about, that too. If she told you, I guess she wasn’t too shocked about what I said.”

“No, just surprised that you did mention it.”

“And surprised that I told her I had. Like I told her, it probably happens more than people think, didn’t want her to be too surprised, well, to think it had to be so unusual, that only a strictly lesbian girl could suggest it.”

“No, I know of a couple who weren’t, so probably a good idea.”

“Hmm! You do? And told her? At least that confirmed what I said.”

“And surprised her again. What were we talking about?”

We returned to our previous subject.



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