Talk Dirty to Me Part 6Most of the passengers on the two coaches slept till supper time in Zaragoza. Once we,d toileted it was back on the coaches to arrive at our resort not far from Barcelona on the Costa Brava much later than expected. Some took advantage of the dining room being left open, but Sarah and I were still tired so after a quick wash we went to bed wearing just underwear and slept soundly till breakfast time. Though a bright yet week sunshine the wind was surprisingly cold and not easy to escape from except our small balcony provided protection from the persistent breeze. I discovered that first morning that the local newsagent there in Espana sold hardcore magazines like “Private” and “Pirate” that unlike the tame soft core available in England these showed everything and featured really beautiful young females and males fucking and sucking each other in giresun escort every way possible and I was certain our sex life would benefit from it. As our new friends Ann and John were also spending the day Recovering from our high seas adventure we joined them to walk around the small resort and part of the sea front enjoying what remained of an old fort built to protect from invading moors from Morocco the other side of the Mediterranean. We had lunch together at a seaside cafe Enjoying the local paella washed down by delicious sangria then returned to our hotel, but the idea to sit by the outdoor swimming pool was out of the question as it was completely exposed to that frigid breeze so went to our rooms, put on our bathing costumes and flip flops and with large towels made our way to the indoor pool where we enjoyed a leisurely swim followed by a lovely escort giresun sensuous massage. I so much wanted the senora who worked the knots out of my naked body except for the small towel to work the stiffness out of my cock which just got stiffer as she used her strong fingers all around it. “Would you like Rosa to relieve the stiffness in your cock, Senor?” she asked. “Oh si por favour?” I agreed Feeling very naughty with my wife and our new friends so near, but John told me later his masseuse did the same for him. Sarah nor Ann ever confessed to their males ever fingering their pussies to climax. Rosa had magic in her fingers and soon had me on the verge then leaned over and sucked my cum out before cleaning me up and Finishing. I gave her a generous well deserved tip as she ducked just as well as my wife and also held no qualms on swallowing. Then it was giresun escort bayan back to,our rooms and Ann and John joined us as we,d invited them. Our balcony was just large enough to accommodate four sun loungers so we stretched out in the now warm sun out of the wind. With all the sangria we,d imbibed we all felt rather horny and. NO sooner had we settled than John began to kiss Ann passionately while pulling her bikini bottoms to the side to finger her hairy cunt which caused her to squirm a bit. “What are you waiting for?” Sarah nudged me. “I can,to do a thing till you take off your bathing suit!” I responded as she wore a one piece as she was now slightly overweight at fifty two years of age as Ann was still slim at forty five! “Okay I’ll take it off!” She stood up and worked it off. Anyone walking below the hotel would only have to look up to the fourth floor balcony to see us, but we didn,t see to care as my wife was now in the suit she was born in as I sucked her tits and probed her fancy with my fingers as Ann. sucked John,s quite long cock as he continued to work his gingers deep in her twat! TBC



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