Tales of a Hustler–Hangin wit da BoisTales of a Hustler Hangin Wit da BoisToday had been really intense, and busy. 9:00 AM had to be on set for this weeks set. “Cops that Fuck” or some stupid shit. Basic story was I, as a cop, pull over this tite lil twinkie boy for speeding, but he can’t let his dad find out, or get a ticket. Eith way would send him back to military school. So there, lots of the bois fall prey to the bigger and stronger boys, and therfore become their punks. Usually dishing out some sort of service everyday. So my line is basically to do the twink just one time, and cut him loose. We drive down the road to an access road, then up a hill to one of those electric towers. Get out , lean on the hood, while the twinkie boi blows the cop, and then takes his big 10″ cop cock up tite lil ass. Cop blows his wad allover twinkie bois back, and ass crack, the spins twinkie boi around, and does an ass to mouth on him for clean uo.. Wewh—easy shit–$500 bucks.Later in the day, about 4:00, went for some pics. Took a shoot for the video cover, plus Mr. Johnny had a friend was offering me $50 a pop for some stills that he would frame and put in his game room. We find a bench and some weights laying around, so In pump up, show some dick, and then damm, the photographer, Mr. Johnny, and the client all take turns swinging on my big fuck tool. Another $300 bucks. Not bad for a days haul—and we still got the night. As I headed for the pad, it had begun to start raining, and maybe a little sleet mixed in it. Corse with that meant it was cold as fuck, so probably no walking the streets tonight. As I pull into the motel, and then around back to the ‘house’ I see Leo’s car already under the tarp—so I pull up behind him. At least we could get inside without getting soaked. Entering the front door, into the commons, I dropped on the couch, kicked off my kicks, and ripped off my sweatshirt. Pouncing down on my back, and just chillin for a bit. I heard a voice that sung out “tough day at the office honey”? I pushed me feet into the far end of the couch, and hanging my head backwards over the arm see Leo and Kyle busy about the kitchen doing something. I just let out a throaty grunt–”ya”. They kinda laugh, and Kyle hops over to the couch, bringing me a beer. As he reached down to hand it to me, I grabbed his arm and pulled him down to my face. I grab his nose, and squeez it pretty hard, causing him to open his mouth, at which time I ran my tongue deep into his mouth and sucked on his tongue for about ½ minute. He laughed as I gripped the beer from his had and took down ½ the bottle in the first gulp. Kyle heads back to the kitchen exclaiming “damm Taz, I thought you didn’t kiss boys” flashing a big pearly white smile.. Damm, I thinks to myself—I can see why all those old fucks on the street like him.Small and compact, about 5’8”. Maybe 150 lbs. And a quit impressive bulge up front that was eagerly trying to get out. Maybe later tonight I’ll take him down to the bar and sneak him in the back gate on to the patio. illegal bahis He could probably score pretty quick.Anyways, as usual it’s hard for me to stick to the subject 🙂 Had that problem in school as well. So—back to the house. I took another swig of my beer, and picked up the remote to the TV. Found some motocross races, so I let it drop there. One of the boys in the kitchen spoke up “Hey Taz, didn’t you say one day you used to play in the dirt”? “Ya—still got my bike, just busy now with more real work”. It was kyle, and he came back with “For reals homie ? For reals ? SO shooting your jizz up some gay dudes ass while somebody is filming you is real work huh”? Bout that time I see Johnny out of the corner of my eye, emerging from his room. He pipes up with “ahh hell no, you punks—work is shooting your young jizz up some fags ass in the back of the parking lot, and then trying to get him to pay up”We all just kinda laughed, and Johnny went on with “who’s night to cook “? They decided it was Alex, who was still crashed out in his room. The cold and rain had driven everybody in tonight. At least most of them had turned a few bucks earlier in the day. I didn’t say anything, just plopped over on the couch on my belly, then dropped my left leg off to the floor. Put my hands up to my face to lay my head on, and just let out a soft low groan. Alex had now emerged, and came out to the living room. He walked between me and the coffee table, pausing long enough to scoop up one of my cigarettes, and then plowed down in one of the oversized chairs. “Hey Kyle—how bout a beer and a joint homie”? “Hey Alex—hows about a tip, and suck my dick, yo”? “LOL, well I guess that was fair” I muttered in my pillow, “Yo Alex—how bout a back rub homie, and I’ll spot ya a twenty so you can pay some dues today” Without saying anything Kyle came up from the chair and over to the couch. He sat on my butt, right under my waist, and went full force into the tops of my shoulders. He had really strong hands, and could sooth out even the toughest of muscles. He kinda had a rep for it on the streets, and a lot of men came to him for message, preferably while wearing spandex, lol.I let out a low groan, which usually meant approval, He was so deep and hard into my muscles that it almost hurt a bit, but at the same time felt sooo good. “Aight you two—I guess us three will start some food. We getting kinda hungry” I responded with “I love you guys”. “Ya, we know dude, for sure. Chili and dogs ?” “ya, that sounds excellent”By now Kyle had make his way down to my lower rib cage. Up my back to the back of my neck, back down to the middle of my back. He never rushed—he always delivered first class service, even if it was somebody in the house. Now right at my waist, he started in and out across the top of my butt. I squirmed a bit, and he leaned really hard into my jock ass, causing me to groan even more. “Does it feel good, daddy”? I kinda chuckled, and just said “work, punk” He giggled a bit himself, and did indeed continue to work. illegal bahis siteleri I know Kyle truly had some deep feelings for me, cause I had saved his ass, literally, one night on the streets. I brought him to the ‘house’ that night, and the boys all voted to allow him to move in. He’s has been here ever since. BUT that’s another story “)Still laying on my belly, my face buried in the cushion of the couch I could hear the clanking of pops n pans. Along with the chopping and dicing of fresh market veggies. This was going to be some fine ass chili—I know cause I taught them to make it. Without any instruction, Kyle jumped up to the floor, and spun around. Taking a seat back on my butt, but facing away from me now. He reached down to my right leg, still buried in the cushion of the couch. And bent it back towards him. Gently pulling it back, to where the heel of my foot was almost at my butt. Not many can do that, ya know. “Damm homie—you—got—some—fuckin—feet”!! I once again chuckled. Size 13, and not a millimeter less. He brought my foot up to his face, and put both of his thumbs in the middle. With a pressure that most would find uncomfortable, he ran his thumbs up and down the center of my feet. He did that for about 5 minutes, then tapped me on my left thigh. I scoot over into the back cushions of the couch, and raised my left leg up onto the edge of the couch. As with the first, Kyle pulled my leg backwards, and planted his thumbs deep into the small of my foot. But this time it was different. After just a couple of minutes I felt the warm moistness of Kyle’s tongue gently running up and down my foot . As he rubbed the ball of my foot, he ran his tongue across the top, and then into my toes, one at a time. It was so awesome, I actually started to bone up. The boi definitely knew what he was doing. After a few more minutes, he switched back to my right foot, to give it the fair treatment as the left.Kyle had such a wonderful tongue—he did well on the streets with it. Finally he got up and again, turned around and sat on my thighs this time, but holding most of his weight up with his knees. He ran his strong hands now up and over my jock ass again, giving them the same treatment as before, except in reverse. Johnny announced from the kitchen 30 mintues till chili. Short on time now, Kyle patted me on the butt. I knew the instruction, so I reached down and under my belly, and popped the buttons of my 501’s. Raising up a bit from the waist, Kyle, now at my feet again, pulled my jeans off me from the legs. He again strattled me around the knees, and started his deep tissue magic at the tops of my thighs, He would go left, then right, for a couple of minutes each, all the while inching down to my knees. I think I heard a mumbling of something like “fuckin hairy legs” One again I grinned. He probably didnt realize, but his soft under breath comments probably had a lot to do with his tips. Having reached my knees, he again went back up to my ass. Rubbing into my checks, and then bunching canlı bahis siteleri them upwards, like kneeding dough. God it felt awesome. Again Kyle muttered “jeez hommie—ur a fuckin ape. Admiring Im sure now my overly hairy ass, his thumbs begin to come together, diving gently into my hairy, and sweaty ass crack. As his efforts slowed, I suddenly felt that warm and wet tongue—zero’d right into my hot jock hole. He was probing my ass hole now with his tongue, with every bit as much effort his hands had been earlier. Stronger and deeper his tongue went into my ripe, funky hole, and then up and down the full length of my crack. Im guessing the boi had a thing for man funk, cause it had been a few days since shower night. As Kyle suddenly raised up on his knees, I flipped over on the couch, now flat on my back. The enormous bulge of my jock strap was barely containing my young horse cock. My jock was soaked with my thick fuck juice, that a lot of men had paid big time for. The kitchen had now gone quite, which meant two things—they were watching, or they were just standing with their backs to us, stirring. I hooked my left thumb into the band of my jock and pulled it down below my balls. I grab my cock with my right fist, and with my thumb started slicking my clear fuck juice across my piss slit, and head. I quickly swelled up to a huge spongy purple mushroom. Stroking gently now, slowly up and down. In only a few strokes my thighs started to tighten. Kyle seeing this knew it was time to go over the top. He knocked my fist from my dick, and in a second replaced it with his wet warm mouth.He clamped down on my dick and rode it like a vise grip. Down to my pubes, back up to my head. He did that just a few times, and then suddenly I jerked, almost violently, like I had been electrocuted. Kyle came up off my dick, and grabbing it with his fist now, pounded his firt into my pubes. He hit them hard, while gripping my b l o o d engorged cock, the started rubbing his thumb along that heavy b l o o d vessel on the bottom of my head. Up to my piss slit, then back to the base of my head. I jerked again, and this time grunted in a low deep voice. I felt Kyle point my dick at my face. I shot 2 quick shots within half a second—thick ropes, like snot flew over my head to land in the floor on the side of the couch. Three more pops landed my hot cock snot into my mouth, and chin. Then a trail of smaller ropes trickled down my chest, to my belly, where finally it puddled in my belly button. Kyle returned to my cock head, sucking it clean, then gently pulled my jock back up to my waist, and then stuffing my still massive meat back into the pouch. I let out another grunt, and then sat up on the couch.All the other boys—with two more having come in now, were lined up behind the counter in dead silence. Jack’s mouth was wide open—he wasn’t there the day of my arrival, so he had to see me all cocked up,lol. I stood up and grabbed my jeans, and headed for the bathroom. Which meant I walked right in front of them. Without even closing the door, I took a piss, and then toweled of the rest of Kyles wetness from his mouth. I walked back into the kitchen now, still barefoot and shirtless—my favorite dress code. “Yo dawgs—that chili ready”? “Ya dawg—sure you still hungry”?



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