TAKING MOMMichael was a tall lad of 5′ 11″, with a naturally muscular frame. He kept his black hair cropped short and his genitals clean shaven. He was popular with the girls at his college and had slept around with a few of the better looking ones, but nothing serious. They just didn’t appeal to him the way his Mother did. Her name was Mellissa. Her real parents had died in an accident when she was ten and she had been fostered by a Catholic pair who couldn’t have c***dren, though she was anything but Catholic. Also, she was only 33, having been 14 when she had had Michael. Michael’s biological father had served a ten year prison sentence for **** and c***d abuse and now lived at least four states away as stipulated in the court order issued upon his release.The boy had seemed nice at first; he had introduced himself as being 15 and she had liked him instantly. Until the night he took her to ‘meet his parents’; instead he had bound her in a field and ****d her. It was later discovered he was a very young looking 19 year old and had even used a false name.Her foster parent’s views on abortion had forced her to keep the c***d, and so Michael had been born. But she never once regretted the decision, never having anything but love for him. Her foster parents had supported her in everything, watching him for her so she could continue school and then college.At the age of 22 she had met Michael’s step-father, who was then 29 and the owner and founder of his own company. They had married and moved in together two years later.Michael was 19 when he first had his Mother and this is the story of how it happened.***Michael had hit puberty at 12 and was instantly a horny devil, with a mind only for girls and sex. He had matured quickly and lost his virginity at 14 to his 28 year old, hot, blonde, large C, maths teacher. It was not till he was 15 that he first began to notice his Mother as anything but his Mother. It started the way it starts for most boys who fancy their mums; his friends commenting on how lucky he was to have such a hot Mum, how much they would Do her, how she was such a MILF, girls commenting on how sexy her clothes were, how perfect she always looked and how they wished they had a Mum like her.At first of course, he had laughed at the comments and said he didn’t see what they saw, she was just his Mum. But soon, he began to see past this. He began to realise how young she was, how perfect her hair was, the size and shape of her breasts, the curve of her hips and the long, supple legs she possessed. Not just the obvious did he notice; he began to love the sway of her ass, the way she smiled, the delicate action of tucking hair behind her ears, the sound of her voice, the electric spark her touch caused in him. In short, by his 16th birthday, she was the only woman he really wanted.Over the next three years, he found as many opportunities as possible to be alone with her, to spend time with her when she wore a bikini in summer, to sit beside her while they watched films together. He went further, becoming more daring the older he got. You see, his step-father had to travel frequently as part of his job and could be gone for a week or more at a time and only home for a few before he was gone again. During these times, Michael spent his time stalking his Mother.When she went for showers, he would try and watch her through the keyhole but sometimes she closed the shower curtain and he couldn’t see her. Even if not, the keyhole only provided a view of her top half clearly. He would find excuses to be in her bedroom and talk to her while she was changing, looking the other way of course but slyly using the mirror to snatch glimpses of her. He even sometimes made her breakfast in bed, just because he knew she liked to sleep either in just boy-shorts. On several occasions he had entered the room before she was awake to be rewarded with a view of her when she had unknowingly kicked the covers off in the night. He would then go back out and knock, so she could cover up, thinking no-one had seen.But up until today, he had only ever seen her top half, her wonderful 34 D cups, firm and round, with nipples pointing straight out, not a hint of sagging. Little did he know just how much more he would see by the end of the day.He had got up early as he always did, even though it was a Saturday. He exercised for an hour or so before catching a quick, luke-warm shower in his private bathroom before donning some sport shorts and a tank top; he almost invariably slept naked. He had gone down to get some breakfast to find his Mother was already there. He had found it unusual for her to be up so early and commented as such.She had replied that his Father was due home today and that there were a number of things she wanted to have done before hand as he was scheduled to be home for a good few weeks this time and with the great weather that had set in, she didn’t want to have to spend the time on chores but with him.Michael had asked what she wanted him to do and she assigned him polishing and hovering duties before he was to mow the rear lawn. She was going out to get in supplies for a BBQ they would have the next day but she would be back soon.It was now three hours later and Michael was half way through mowing the lawn. He had ditched his top and had sunglasses on now instead against the bright mid-day sun. It was at least 77* out and he had stopped for a drink and a breather. Just then he heard the car pull into the drive. The engine shut off and a door was opened and closed, then he heard the boot go. A moment later he heard Mellissa calling for him.Leaving the mower where it was, Michael exited the garden through the side gate and went to help his Mother. He paused when he saw what she was wearing now. She had taken off the thin jacket she had been wearing that morning to reveal she only wore a skimpy bikini top underneath and the short-shorts didn’t help stem the erection forming in his pants.”Well? Don’t just stand there ogling your Mum’s new bikini, come and give me a hand,” she laughed at her son.They had a rather relaxed relationship, possibly due to the less of an age gap then most parents and offspring have but mostly because of how close they were for spending a hole lot of time together.Michael shook himself and canlı bahis moved to stand beside her at the back of the big SUV.Between them, they ferried what seemed to him enough food to feed an army from the car, through the gate and into the kitchen.”Jeez, Mum, how many people are coming to this barbie?””You know how much you and your Father eat; I just hope I got enough.”Michael had to grin at that. He had to admit he and his step-father really did like to eat.Once they had finished, Mellissa inspected the house to see how good a job he had done with the hovering.”Passable I guess,” was her joking report, for which she received a feigned look of shock and a bump on the arm.”Right, I’m going to finish this mowing, Mum, then I think I’ll go lye down for a bit, it’s really hot out here and my head hurts.””Okay, Michael. I’m going to sit in the Jacuzzi for a while and relax before I start gardening. If you want you can join me when you’re done instead of going in.”Michael said he might, depending on how he felt. Twenty minutes later he was nearly finished, only five or so minutes to go. His Mother was in the Jacuzzi on the other side of the garden on a raised area of decking.He took a quick drink and was about to continue when she called to him.”Michael?””Yes Mum?” he hollered back.”Are you coming to join me when you’re done? Only, if not, then I’m going to slip off my top as it’s too tight. I think I got a size too small.”Michael knew from earlier that it was a string tie bikini and so it was completely adjustable, so he guessed that was just a clever excuse to be topless. As he had already mowed and raked the lawn around there, he had no excuse to go over and he knew he couldn’t see her from here, not with the added elevation of the decking, and he knew she knew it too. But, from his bedroom …”That’s fine Mum, I’m just going to head in, I still feel woozy.”All he got in return was a lazy thumbs up. Obviously his Mother had been hoping he’d say no.Soon he saw her top straddling the side of the Jacuzzi and he had finished the grass. He packed the mower and rakes away in the shed, took one final look at his Mother’s head reclining on the Jacuzzi headrests, and went inside. He did not head straight up immediately, but got another drink first and then sauntered up at a leisurely pace. He didn’t want his Mother to think anything was up. Not that he thought she would notice anyway but he had to be sure.When he reached his room, he was relieved to see he had not opened his curtains that morning. There was a small gap, maybe two inches wide in the centre and he thanked his lucky stars. Exchanging his sunglasses for the binoculars resting on his desk, he shut his door and crept to the window. Peeping through the window, he was pleased to find that, although the sun was almost right above the house and bathing the garden proper in sunlight, it was at just the right angle that the back walls of the house were in deep shadow, the kind of dark shadows only created by contrast with stark, white light. Thus he would be rendered invisible at the gap and there would be no sunlight to shine off the binocular lenses and so give him away.He brought them up to his eyes and trained them down on the Jacuzzi. He twiddled with the focus and suddenly there was his stunning Mother, in plain view, topless in the clear water. Only the massage bubbles were on so the water hardly moved affording him an almost perfect view. His hand u*********sly slipped down and slid his shorts down his legs, releasing his ten inch cock; he hadn’t bothered with boxers today, too hot for more than one layer.He took hold of his throbbing shaft and began to stroke himself in time to his deep breaths. As if on cue, Mellissa sat up a little and looked toward the house, most likely to check he had indeed gone inside Michael thought. She lay back again, shifting her position slightly so she could spread her legs and bringing her hands up to her breasts. She began to squeeze and massage her breasts, playing with them in a shockingly sensual display. Michael’s tempo changed and he began to beat himself in sync with his Mother’s actions, his breathe quickening, his mouth growing dry.This was the first time he had ever seen his Mother playing with herself. Sure, he’d seen her itch her crotch or fiddle with her breasts to adjust her comfort, but nothing like this. He hoped she would go further and he didn’t have long to wait. Her left hand suddenly slid down her body while her right moved so she could cover both breasts. Her wandering hand disappeared beneath her flimsy bikini bottoms and he could tell she was straight in with her fingers. He had watched enough porn to recognise the signs as her back arched and she bit her lip to keep herself quiet so the neighbours wouldn’t here. Yes, they had a high fence but no need to advertise the sexual scene.After only a few more seconds, Michael couldn’t take it anymore. His balls squeezed and he felt seamen rush up his cock. Before it could shoot out and possible hit the window and give the game away he turned, bracing himself with his right hand on the window sill, and shot it into a tissue box on his bedside table, positioned for just such an event and in easy reach when masturbating on the bed.After his last few drips had landed on the carpet and tissues, he scooped up the box and wandered into his bathroom, where he cleaned himself up and flushed the used tissues. Returning to his room, he collapsed on his back on his bed, utterly spent. He was soon drifting in and out of sleep.He was awakened, what he thought was minutes later but had actually been a good couple of hours, by the sound of his door opening followed by his Mother’s voice. He froze, feigning sleep, keeping his eyes all but closed. His Mother was asking what he wanted for dinner but she also froze when she realised he was asleep. It was surprisingly dark in the room so Michael couldn’t quite see her clearly, but he could tell her top was back on, as were her shorts and that a pair of gardening gloves hung from her belt.He watched as she slowly began to back out. She was reaching behind her for the door handle when she froze again, staring at something. He couldn’t tell what yet but he had a pretty good idea. When he had collapsed into bed after his wank he couldn’t bahis siteleri remember pulling his shorts up and as such they were probably still sitting just below his balls. He knew any second she should be beating a hasty retreat, but instead she just stood there a while longer. He noticed her move her head from his face to his crotch, to his face and back again. To his surprise, she moved further into the room, tip-toeing beside his bed. He saw her hesitate then quietly drop to her knees. She seemed transfixed by his cock. He had known from the minute he woke that it was partially erect and when he saw her slowly reach a hand out towards it, all the while watching his face, he felt it harden further, especially when her finger tips brushed the shaft.His cock jumped a little at that and grew fully erect. He heard her giggle softly at that.”Wow,” he heard her whisper, “My son, blessed with such a monster.”He was quite surprised and warmed by this compliment, but he was finding it a little strange that she was so relaxed at being inches from her own son’s massive member.”You’ll make your future wife very happy,” she whispered to his ‘sleeping’ form before she rose quietly and slipped out of the room, closing the door behind her.Michael lay there awhile longer. He knew it was ridiculous but he felt cheated. He had had his Mother a mere foot from him, admiring his naked cock, and he hadn’t made a move. He knew he couldn’t; it was his Mother and she had just proven, to his way of thinking, by her inaction that she didn’t share his perverse feelings.A little later he went down stairs, cock away, to have dinner with her. They chatted about this and that, not really conversing much as they ate their burgers and fries. Each was preoccupied with private thoughts; he on how gorgeous she looked and how badly he wanted her, her on what he had hidden in his shorts and how she had never had a cock that big and what one would feel like in her. She had toys that big but she bet the real thing would be so much better.After the dinner dishes had been done, they sat and watched TV together for a half an hour or so, sitting a little further apart than usual, but neither seemed to notice. It was 6:30 and his step-father was due home any minute. Just then, the phone rang. Mellissa got up to answer it.”Hello? … Oh hi hunny, we’re expecting you … uh huh … ok … no, no that’s fine … of course … ok, I love you too … bye bye.””What’s up?” Michael asked.”He’s been delayed touching down and he won’t be back for another half hour now at least,” she replied, “Oh well though, means I have time to shower before he gets in.”With that she disappeared upstairs. She had a dirty shower in mind involving a favourite dildo and this gave her the time to do it.Michael grinned.’Thanks Dad’, he thought to himself.One last opportunity to spy before the presence of his step-father would prevent it … till the next time he went away, of course. Though his room was the only one with an attached bathroom, it wasn’t the biggest bedroom, so his parent’s had taken that one and just used the family bathroom. It was above one corner of the living room so he simply waited till he heard her moving about in it, then enter the shower. This was his cue. He snuck up the stairs, and kneeled in front of the door. His cock was erect and out already, having done this many a time. As he moved his eye to the keyhole he didn’t know just how different things would be this time.What he saw changed everything. There was his mother, in full view, leaning against the back wall of the bathroom, her feet braced on the opposite edge of the bath the shower was attached to which meant she was higher than usual, her pelvic area in full view. Not only this, her legs were spread and her left hand was driving a long, thick black dildo in and out of her already dripping pussy. He almost came there and then when he heard her moaning through the door.As he watched, she brought it completely out and brought it to her mouth to lick and suck for a minute or so before once more ramming it in and out of her pussy. Michael had realised something just then; the dildo was at least 10 inches long, maybe more and all he could think was ‘she must have been inspired by seeing my cock’, which was actually true. In an instant, he knew this was the golden opportunity he had been waiting for. He knew his step-father could be home any time now but he had to risk it; this might be his first and only chance.Quickly he moved to his bedroom and discarded his shorts, before running back to the bathroom. He put his eye to the keyhole once more to check on his Mother’s progress. He had found through his many sexual exploits that when masturbating, woman reached a certain point, second level as he called it, where from that point on nothing else mattered but getting release. It didn’t matter who was watching, how loud they were being, they just didn’t care about anything but pummelling their pussies. Michael intended to take full advantage of this.Just then he heard the first growl. This was it, second level had set in. He stood and tried the door handle. Just as he had hoped, she hadn’t locked it in her haste. He inched it slowly open and looked round. Her moans and growls were so much louder now, and her eyes were shut fast as she pounded the dildo in and out of her leaking pussy. Michael quickly stepped through and closed the door behind him. Stealthily, aided by her noise, he moved to stand right in front of the bath.”Ditch the dildo, how about the real thing?” he said aloud.”Yes, I want the real thing!” his Mother cried, obviously thinking it was her mind speaking to her.So Michael grabbed the dildo and yanked it out of her hand. It came easily, greased as it was. His Mother’s eyes popped open when she realised someone real had spoken. She saw it was Michael standing in front of her, knew it was her son naked and with his cock fully erect, sticking straight out towards her. Michael knew she knew it was him but he could also tell she was beyond caring; all she wanted was a good fuck.”So, Mum, do you still want the real thing?” He asked with a wolfish grin.All she could do was nod hastily, her eyes fixed to his cock, hips grinding thin air as they tried to find stimulus. Michael stepped into the güvenilir bahis shower between her legs and slid his arms behind his Mother, letting the hot water cascade over them both. His head found its own way to her opening and slid straight up into her well lubricated hole.Mellissa moaned as she felt his hot, thick cock stretch her walls like no dildo ever could nor cock ever had. The problem with her dildo was that even though it was 10″ she still had to hold part of it, but his cock just kept filling her up and up till she thought she couldn’t take anymore and then it went further, tearing groans of pure ecstasy from her with each throb inside her, each new part of her it touched.Michael felt their pubic bones touch and was amazed his Mother could take all of him at once. He looked into her eyes and found only that they mirrored his wanton lust. He began to pull out and slam back in, producing wild cries of joy from his Mother. Suddenly her right arm was wrapped round his midriff pulling him against her, squishing her breasts between them. Her left arm was behind his head, forcing his face to hers as their mouths met in a crushing kiss, her lips smothering his, their tongues entwined.She moaned into his mouth, never once breaking their kissing frenzy, even as each powerful up stroke caused her to bounce up and down on his massive member. From the rising pitch of her vocalisations, Michael could tell she was extremely close and so he redoubled his efforts. He was rewarded with her throwing her head back and screaming to the heavens as she came explosively all over his deeply embedded cock, the rapid squeezing from her pussy sending him over too, so that his cock throbbed deep within his Mother, plastering her inner sanctum with his white juices.They both were panting hard, and looking down at their linked groins. Then slowly, both looked up at each other. Michael’s face instantly fell as he saw his Mother’s eyes begin to widen, her jaw drop and a horrified look creep across her face. He had hoped that their passionate embrace would have uncovered her own feelings for him but obviously now she was no longer mad with lust, his Mother was realising just what had transpired. Michael let go of her and stepped back, his cock slipping out her easily with a satisfying slurp.His Mother made to step down into the bath properly and he reached to help her. Mellissa suddenly swung round and slapped him full-force across the right side of his face, causing him to jerk and slip, landing in a heap at the left hand end of the bathtub. Mellissa shut the shower off before turning away from him, leaning on the wall with her left hand, her right on her heart, doubled up in tears.”How could you? How could you?” she kept asking him over and over in a raspy, tear filled voice.He kept quiet till she turned to face him.”How could I not, Mum? I love you, I’ve wanted you for years and can you blame me? You’re absolutely gorgeous.”This seemed to quieten her a little but it was evident she was still appalled. But even then, he could see she was having difficulty keeping her eyes on his face and not looking further down. Unable to think of a come back she simply turned away again.”Get out, I can’t face you right now,” she said in an emotionless voice.Michael hung his head. He was beginning to get up so as to comply when they both heard the front door open and shut downstairs. Mellissa spun to face the bathroom door when they heard a male voice call out a jolly ‘Hello?’. They looked at each other, fear written across both faces.”It’s your father!” She whispered.”What do we do?” he whispered back.They heard him ascending the stairs.”Is that you in the bathroom, Mellissa?” he called.”You stay there and don’t make a fucking peep or we’re both fucked!” she hissed at her son as she jumped out of the bathtub.She yanked the curtain into place around the bath and just had time to scoop up her towel and wrap it round her before the bathroom door opened.”Well, hello,” Michael heard his step-father say.”Hi hunny, how are you?””Uh so tired, I really need to sleep, but I want to hear how you’ve been. Join me in the bedroom?”Michael heard them kiss then, and a wave of jealousy erupted through his system. It took all his energy not to leap out of the bath and reveal to his step-father that his step-son was naked and hiding less than four feet from him and that he had just fucked his own mother.”I’ll be in in just a minute, got to finish off in here.””Ok hun, but don’t be long.”He heard them kiss again before his step-father left the room closing the door behind him. Suddenly, the curtain was pulled back and his Mother was standing over him in just a towel which was just a little too short from this angle. He made to say the words ‘that was too close’ but she clamped a hand over his mouth and leant towards his ear.”Listen and listen well, you perverted little shit,” Michael shuddered; he’d never imagined his Mother could talk like that and it scared him, “You’re going to follow me to the door. I’ll check the coast is clear and then I’m going to go into my bedroom. As soon as you hear me start talking, you run your ass to your bedroom and stay there. I don’t want to see you at all again tonight, or tomorrow for that matter. Just disappear for the day. We’ll talk about this soon, make no mistake.”When she released him, he quietly clambered out of the tub and followed her to the door, even then enjoying the view of her shapely ass in the too short towel. She switched the light off before opening the door. The door to her bedroom stood open but luckily it didn’t face the bathroom. She quickly moved to it and disappeared inside, closing the door behind her. Michael waited till he heard her strike up a conversation before dashing as quietly as he could past their bedroom and into his across the way.Shutting the door behind him, he collapsed onto his bed and rolled himself into the quilt. He was dreading what might happen. He could tell his Mother wasn’t going to say anything, but he was scared of what she might do instead. He didn’t know what to expect from this conversation they were to have. But then he grinned as he realised, he didn’t really care that much. He had done it; he had fulfilled his ambition to bed his Mother. And what a bedding it had been. As he lay in the dark of his room, Michael began to stroke himself to fullness once more as he recounted the memories of their brief but passionate fuck. He fell asleep still dreaming of Mellissa and ways to have her again.



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