The week flew by and the mother-son relationship in our house has totally changed. My mother is now my slut and I’m taking full advantage by fucking her every chance I get morning, noon and night. On top of that my relationship with my girlfriend Jalisa Grey has gotten even hotter she has started talking about threesomes with me, her and one of her girl friends.

How the hell did my life get so twisted and perverted. Oh well what hell right might as well milk it.

It’s the night of the senior back to school party at the lake house of our star quarterback Brent Haas. He is my best friend kinda an ass and a total man whore guys or girls he will bang em out in equal measure, but that’s what you get when your parents have oil money coming out the ass. He is an awesome guy loyal to a fault to people he considers his real friends which is a short list admittedly.

I come down stairs dressed in a gaming T-shirt, jeans and boots ready to head out but first I stop in the living room to check on my mom. No surprise she is in the same position I left her in an hour before. On the floor, face down, naked, with her wrist pulled back and tied to her ankles with a nine inch green dildo shoved all the in her cunt. It’s turned up to the max and she looks dazed and confused from the shock of her near constant orgasms over the last hour.

I kneel down next to her head and look at her. Her eyes are totally glazed over. I smile smack her as making her jump out of her daze. This is punishment for her not asking permission to play with herself while I was at school. Discipline is something a slut needs especially mine Jalisa had to learn and so will my mother.

I remove the ball gag and ask “Have you learned your lesson?”

She says out of breath “Yes, I’ll never do it again daddy.”

Her submissive tone gets my dick hard instantly so I decide to have a quickie. I get on my knees behind her and undo my pants and pulled out my ten inch dick. I grab her hips and force her up on her knees. It’s and uncomfortable position for her because when her ankles go down her arm which are tied to them go back, forcing her upper body up into the air with no support. Her huge 26E tits don’t help as they swing freely below her.

Her pain is evident on her face but I pay it no mind this is her punishment. I start to go for her pussy but my eyes immediately lock on her ass I have yet to pierce that hole, saving it for just the right moment. Pain is my intent only through pain does a slut learn her place so now is that moment.

I reach into my back pants pocket and pull out a tube of oil lube why do I carry that around if you have to ask your not ready for the answer. I take of the top, pull her cheeks apart, put the head of the tube in her tight puckered asshole and squeeze a good amount into her.

Her reaction is quick as she realizes what’s about to happen she turns her head to look at me about to protest. The look in my eyes silences her and she drops her head in submission to her fate. Good she is learning.

I take two fingers and shove them up her ass getting her to yelp like a hurt puppy. Her breathing quickens as i start finger fucking her without mercy making sure the lube is spread well over the inside of her ass. After about five minutes of this I pull my fingers out and put my dick to the entrance of her unexplored asshole.

She shivers buts says nothing. I hold my cock with one hand and put the other on her shoulder and start pushing. She is a true anal virgin her hole fights back for all its worth. But, just like a castle pendik escort gate against a battering ram the ram will win given enough time and so will my cock. Sure enough after a minute my head pops in and she responses with a high pitch scream. I pause and give her a moment to adjust and reach around and fit the ball gag back into her mouth.

I grab both of her hips and shove my cock hard into her once virgin ass. She screams bloody murder under the gag and fights trying to get away from me. But with her arms pulled back and her wrist tied to here ankles it’s a pathetic attempt at best. Only a week ago I would’ve down anything to not cause my beautiful loving mother pain now I’m enjoying it damn I’m sick in the head.

I’d keep a firm grip on her waist and start fucking her ass. I mean I’m straight like driving her ass and she is sobbing tears running down her face. This just makes me hotter and reach up and grab a hand full of her beautiful blonde hair and I yank her head back while I’m slamming into her poor ass.

After awhile she slowly gets use to anal reaming I’m giving her and starts throwing her ass back on my dick. A slut is a slut no matter how you turn it. I continue pin ding her guts into jelly and the quickie quickly turned into a full on fuck session.

But, my phone alarm reminds me of the party so let go of the nut I have been holding in during the half hour anal pounding and spray hot cum into my mothers well fucked ass.

I let go of her hair and let her fall back to the carpet face first as I pull out my cock and stand up. I walk to the bathroom and wipe cum, blood and shit off my dick and fix my clothes.

I stop in the kitchen and get a knife on the way back to my bond mother and cut her ropes. She lays spread eagle on the floor for awhile before I tell her to get up.

She stands up slow and looks at me with her red watery eyes. I know she’s in pain from the fucking she just got and I feel a little sorry after the fact, she is my mother after all. I open my arms and she she falls into them hugging me tight.

“Don’t upset set me again, you touch yourself only with my permission understand.” I say softly but firmly into her ear.

She nods and says “Yea daddy I’m sorry.”

I raise her lips to mine and we share a deep kiss. After it’s over I break the embrace and get to keys to my dodge Challenger off the coffee table.

“Ill be back late.” Is all I tell her.

“Drive safe.” Is her reply.

The party is in full swing when I arrive at the lake house and full of must of the students at our school. I’m greeted with the usual hug, kiss or high-five. Jalisa quickly finds me and jumps into my arms kissing me hard. She is in a sexy tank top, mini skirt and six inch heels that leaves little to the imagination. Her 34DD tits are nearly spilling out if the shirt and if she bends over just right I’m sure her ass and no doubt her thong would be out for all to see.

I run my hand under hear skirt and confirm my thong suspicion. This makes her smile like a cat and I know she is ready to bent over anytime I get the urge.

“Well if it isn’t my black brother.” Booms a voice from across the room as Brent spots me and heads my way.

“Hey kid.” I say as I hug him.

He looks at Jalisa and says “Was I interrupting?”

“Not at all baby go get me a drink.” I say over my shoulder.

“Yes daddy.” She says as she walks away.

Brent laughs and says “Holy shit bro you have that girl trained.”

I shrug and say “You know what the subs are like escort pendik if you weren’t my friend I’d turn out that sister of yours in a flash.”

He laughs and says “I believe you man hell you would prolly turn my ass out if you rolled that way.”

I laugh and say “Naw you wouldn’t even by my type pretty boy I like em thick little more then a stick.”

We talk for awhile and Jalisa brings back my soda. Brent breaks off to go talk to what I’m sure will be his next piece of ass and me and Jalisa find a quiet corner to make out. She is hot to the point of melting and I torture her a little by not letting her touch herself.

I spot one of her cheerleading friends Chloe looking at us from across the room. She is a good looking Latina with a killer figure breast and ass my type of girl.

I break the kiss and whisper in Jailsa’s ear “How about you invite Chloe to join us.”

She looks over at the pretty Latina and smiles and says “If you want me to daddy.”

I nod and say “Bring her upstairs I’ll be waiting.”

With that I get up and head upstairs leaving it up to her to make that happen. The upstairs level is all bedrooms and some are already occupied. I pass one with the door open and look in and see Brent with some guy I don’t recognize since he is face down in a girls pussy with Brent plowing into his ass from the back.

Brent looks up and sees me and waves for me to come join. I wave off the offer and he shrugs and goes back to work. I move further down and find an empty room. I step in, pull my shoes off and lay in the king sized bed.

It’s not long after that Jalisa walks in leading Chloe by the hand.

I look up at them and say “Evening ladies.”

Jalisa closes and locks the door and gets behind Chloe and starts kissing her neck and lifting her shirt. Chloe doesn’t fight it and soon she is naked from the waist up and her amazing breast are on full display. Jalisa looks at me and I sit up on the edge of the bed and point to the floor.

She follows the unspoken command, leading Chloe closer to me and putting her on her knees in front of me still behind he her kissing and feeling her gorgeous body.

She whispers in the busty Latinas ear “You belong to daddy now and he wants that pretty mother on his dick.”

Chloe is wearing lightening blue lipstick that make her plump lips stand out even more. She looks up in eyes and starts unzipping me without ever looking away. She reaches in for my already hard dick and her eyes light up as she feels the size of it. She pulls out my monster and stares at it eyes wide like a deer in headlights.

With a little help from Jalisa my tool is soon in her mother and damn this brown botch can suck cock like a champ within the first three minutes my dick is covered in slobber and she is slurping it like a sucker, bobbing her her head up and down and swirling her tongue around it.

Well she is busy on my dock Jalisa has taken both their clothes off leaving on only the heels. Then she joins Chloe on my cock half kissing half sucking me off. I’m in sex heaven at this point and my cock is hard as a steel pipe.

“Ok girls I’m going to fuck one of you in the ass and the other in the pussy I’ll let you decide which holes and who goes first.”

Chloe looks a little hesitant and I know instantly she is a ass virgin so does Jalisa and she knows I want to pop that cherry.

“Chloe will take it up the ass.” She says smiling at her stunned Latina friend.

“I-I have never had it in the ass before.” Says Chloe in a shaky voice.

I pendik escort bayan say “First time for everything.”

Jalisa puts her on the bed on all fours with her ass in the air and then gets in behind her and says “Take my pussy daddy I’ll get her ready for you.”

I pull out my tube of lube and offered it to her but she just smiles and turn back to Chloe’s plump ass, pulls her cheeks apart and buries her tongue up her asshole. My girl is a freak in every sense of the word. Chloe is moaning hard as her friend eats out her most private hole.

I get behind Jalisa and line my dick up with her soaking wet cunt and ram ball deep into her in one thrust. She moans load into her friends asshole and keeps licking and sucking. I take hold of her hip and start fucking her pussy for all its worth hard fast thrust my thighs slapping her ample ass. Her huge tits swing freely under her as I thrust into her.

She releases Chloe’s asshole from her mouth and starts fingering it, first one finger then two then three now both her and Chloe are moaning like sluts. I keep working on Jailsa’s pussy pile driving it with my dick.

She moans load as a huge orgasm rolls through her and her pussy tightens on my dick, I fuck her right through it. Ten minutes she has had three more and my balls are tight. I let out a deep groan and shot my first load in her pussy. I back up and pull out of her well fucked, cum oozing pussy and she turns and takes it in her mouth. My eyes are locked on my next prize Chloe’s wet partly opened asshole.

Jalisa sucks me back hard and I’d get behind the Latina who jumps a little as she feels my hand touch her ass. She has not moved from her position on all fours since we started. Jalisa gets in from of her friend and lays down on her back with her legs open.

“Clean mommy’s pussy baby daddy left it all nasty.” She says as she takes Chloe by her long black hair and pushes her face in her cum fills cunt.

Chloe obeys and soon Jalisa is moaning as the girls skilled mouth goes to work. I pull out my lube and stroke my dick watching the sexy scene. When I’m slick enough I put my cock to Chloe’s ass and started to push. The resistance was weakened by the rimming and fingering it had gots earlier and my slick dick slips in four inch. Chloe tenses but Jalisa applies pressure keeping her head in her pussy.

“Relax baby just eat mommy’s pussy and relax.” She says calmly.

I give Chloe a minute to adjust then I continue the invasion. I push and I don’t stop until all ten inches are buried in her virgin ass. Chloe is breathing hard from the anal invasion but Jalisa keeps her head lock in her pussy so that she can’t speak to protest.

My eyes meet Jalisa’s and she gives me a slight nod. I start sawing my cock in and out of Chloe’s ass slow at fast but building speed. Soon I am pounding her plump Latina ass like there’s no tomorrow. She squeals like a stuck pig every time I bottom out in her ass. Jalisa has stopped holding her, instead she lays in front of her talking dirty.

“Yea slut you love that big dick in your ass don’t you, that dick owns your ass now say it.”

Chloe pants hard “This big dick owns my ass, oh fuck.”

Hearing her submit to me made me pound her even harder trying to fuck my way up into her throat. She is screaming like a banshee and begging for more of my dick, begging me to destroy her ass. Finally after thirty full minutes of ass fucking her to oblivion I cum like a cannon up her ass.

I shoot eight burst of cum up her sexy ass before I pull out leaving her once tight hole a wide open cave. Chloe having is down for the count with her head down ass in the air and breathing like ever breath is her last. Another day another slut who won’t be sitting flat or walking straight for a week.



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