WARNING: The following story depicts fictional people, in fictional erotic situations. Do not attempt to emulate them. Playing with swords is dangerous. Sword-swallowing, let alone having sex with a sword, is not something you should try at home. Ever. If you are intelligent enough to understand the difference between ‘reality’ and ‘fantasy,’ I’m sorry for this warning. Read on. If not, then you are a moron and nobody else is legally responsible for your stupidity!


The camera zoomed in, focusing in on a tall and elegant middle aged brunette woman. She was wearing a short red sequin dress that showed off a more than generous portion of both her legs and cleavage, as well as the tattoos that formed a pattern up and down her arms. She smiled, her lips heavily made up with a deep red lipstick.

“So this is Audrey,” came a voice from off screen.

“Hello,” she said, making a little curtsy as she continued smiling at the camera just as she had practiced.

“And she came to us because she wanted to be in one of our videos,” the voice continued, “Why don’t you turn around and let them get a nice view of that big sexy ass of yours.”

Audrey complied, rubbing her hands over across her breasts and sides, slowly sliding down to her hips. She turned around, gently thrusting her hips and sticking her ass, giving the future audience an incredibly erotic view of her curvy backside. Slowly turning back around, she slid her hands back over her body, stopping to squeeze her breasts together, emphasizing her cleavage once again.

“Mmm,” she literally purred at the camera, her voice husky with desire, “Do you like that?”

“Oh yeah,” replied the cameraman, “I think they’ll like that… I like that!”

“Yeah,” Audrey whispered, “I bet you do!”

She continued to make her sensual poses, playing up her sexuality for the sake of the camera. Audrey smiled as she noticed a bulge slowly starting to rise in the cameraman’s pants. She still had it!

“So… ummm… Audrey,” the cameraman continued, trying not to get distracted by this middle aged vixen, “Why don’t you… ummm… why don’t you take a seat on the couch…”

“Anything you say lover,” she said, putting a definite emphasis on that last word.

As Audrey turned and walked towards the couch, the camera focused in on her delectable ass as it swayed back and forth temptingly. She climbed onto the couch, sprawling herself out with her legs up on top of the couch. One got the distinct impression that you could just see up her skirt if you were at the right angle. Unfortunately, the camera was not, only going far enough to give the viewers a better look at her shapely thighs.

Knowing the effect that she was having on the cameraman — and hopefully the future audience as well — Audrey simply smiled and rubbed her hand across the creamy white skin of her legs.

“So… umm… Audrey,” the cameraman finally managed to stammer out, still trying to regain some sense of composure, “Why don’t you… umm… tell us something about yourself.”

“Of course,” she said, “My name is Audrey, and ummm… I don’t know.”

She just giggled, acting like a woman half her age.

“How old are you Audrey,” the cameraman asked.

“I’m forty,” she said.

“You’re forty,” the cameraman exclaimed, “Well you don’t look like it! You’re a freaking cougar is what you are!”

“Growl,” Audrey replied, doing her best to flirt with the camera.

“Is that the noise that a cougar makes,” the cameraman chuckled.

“I don’t know,” she laughed, “Probably.”

“Cute,” said the cameraman, “Now you told me that you were in the circus, right?”

“Yes,” said Audrey, “I was.”

“And is that where you got the tattoos,” the cameraman asked.

Audrey leaned forward, trying to give the camera a better view of the various patterns that were inked up and down across her arms.

“That’s right,” she said, “It was part of my act.”

“And why don’t you tell the audience watching this what your act was,” said the cameraman.

“I was a sword swallower,” she smiled.

“You hear that guys,” the cameraman said, “Audrey here was a sword swallower. And guess what? She’s actually volunteered to give us something of a… demonstration casino oyna of her *ahem* talents, isn’t that right Audrey?”

“Mmm hmmm,” Audrey nodded.

“Okay,” said the cameraman, “Well why don’t you go get your swords.”

Audrey slowly got up from the couch, carefully to make sure that her dress was just short of riding up. She intentionally shook her shapely butt as she walked past the camera, hoping that the audience who viewed her performance would appreciate that move. And then Audrey disappeared off screen for a moment. The cameraman left the camera running while she was gone, and after a little while, she sauntered back, carrying a handful of swords with her. Audrey smiled at the camera and set them down on the couch, giving the viewers a good look at her ass when she bent over.

“Can I get a little music,” she asked the cameraman.

“Sure,” he responded.

There was a clicking noise as he pressed a button, followed shortly thereafter by the sound of vaguely Oriental music — sitars, tablas, and a woman with a high pitched voice chanting in some Asian language or another – filling the room.

“That good,” the cameraman asked.

“Perfect,” Audrey exclaimed.

As the rhythm of the exotic music playing off screen began to pick up, Audrey slowly began to fall into the familiar steps of her dance. She’d be doing it for so long that it was almost like a second instinct to her. Slowly, she began to work her hips, shimmying them back and forth suggestively. She turned back around, making sure that the camera got a good shot of her sexy ass. Then she turned again and arched her back, making sure that her ample breasts stuck out.

“You like this baby,” she asked, half-whispering.

“Oh yeah,” the cameraman replied.

He wasn’t quite sure if that question was directed at him specifically, or if it was meant for the future viewers at home. He didn’t really care either. All he was concerned about was getting a little piece of ass once this shoot was over.

Audrey just continued her dance, slowly slipping out of her red sequin dress. She was not wearing anything underneath, much to the cameraman’s delight. First, she let her right boob pop out, tantalizing him with the sight of her nipple. Slowly, the rest of her dress slid down, until both of her magnificent breasts stuck out. Despite her age, her breasts were still very firm and perky with only the slightest hint of sagging. If anything, it was a testament to her daily exercises that kept her in shape all of these years.

The cameraman snapped some still pictures of the topless middle aged woman as she continued posing for him, slowly turning her back to him once again. Another series of tattoos, only now visible, ran across her shoulders and down her back. Letting the rest of her little red dress slide down her shapely backside, Audrey finally revealed her delicious looking ass to the cameraman. She was not wearing panties either, so her whole butt was exposed, right down to the tattoo of a leaping tiger on her right butt cheek.

Audrey let the dress slide down her legs and fall to the floor, slowly stepping out of it. She was now entirely naked in front of the camera, and continued to pose a few more times in the nude as her companion furiously snapped photos.

“Great, great,” he exclaimed, “This stuff is pure gold!”

Audrey smiled, and then walked over towards the couch and picked up one of her swords.

“Why don’t we get a couple of you posing with the sword before we get going,” the cameraman said, stepping out of the role of horny pervert and back into that of a respectable (well, semi-respectable… maybe…) professional.

Audrey happily obliged him, taking the sword in hand and posing with it, as if she were some sort of big breasted Amazon warrior out of a Boris Vallejo painting. She held it, over her should, pointing down towards the ground, and even pointing it directly at the video camera, which was still filming her as this bizarre, yet strangely erotic, spectacle continued on into the night.

It was all very well and good, but after a while Audrey began to grow impatient. She couldn’t very well keep up posing and wearing nothing but a fake smile all night.

“Can I start my act now,” Audrey slot oyna asked, perhaps a little too eagerly.

“Yeah,” the cameraman replied, “Sure.”

He set his camera back down and went back over towards the camcorder, making sure that he caught every moment as Audrey began the world’s first erotic swordplay act. Holding her longsword aloft high above her, she opened her mouth as wide as possible and slowly began to insert it in her mouth. Carefully, she began to push more and more of it down her throat. Still completely naked, Audrey’s breasts jutted out, her nipples rock her from excitement. She tried to remain absolutely motionless as the sword finally went as far as it could go.

After pausing for a moment to let her cameraman snap some more pictures of her with her mouth stuffed by the metal object, Audrey pulled it out, and then began the entire process over again for good measure. She then returned to the couch, slowly working her way through everything from a Medieval looking broadsword to a curved scimitar from the exotic east, using each one in a similar act. The scimitar, with its fearsome looking curve, was by far the most impressive, as she had to take extra precaution not to cut herself as she accommodated the entirety of its length in her esophagus.

For a brief moment, the cameraman wondered if it was strange that he was getting aroused by this once in a lifetime show. After all, this naked and sexy middle aged woman was standing in front of him, completely naked, and essentially giving fellatio to a series of giant metal cocks! He tried not to think about it too much, and perhaps unconsciously rubbed his hand across the ever expanding bulge in the crotch of his pants.

Whether or not the cameraman actually noticed that move, Audrey certainly did. She smiled a little as she finished up her series of sword swallowing routines, making certain that he got enough time to snap some more photographs (and get even more aroused by her act, if that were even possible), and then returning to the couch to pick up her original sword.

Walking over towards the video camera, Audrey once again began her sword swallowing routine, only this time, she began to feel up her body, gently moaning as she shoved the sword down her throat. She had to be careful. Audrey knew that even with all her years in the circus, this was the most dangerous performance she’d even attempted. But if she could pull this off… she would be a legend! And so, egged on by her overly horny photographer, she continued with the act.

As she slowly took the sword out of her mouth, Audrey wrapped her lips around it as if it were a man’s cock, leaving a smeared trail of lipstick along it. She then posed with the cold metal weapon pressed firmly against her warm, middle aged body. Audrey closed her eyes, leaned forward and kissed it, gasping like a woman in the throes of pleasure for the enjoyment of anyone who saw her performance. She then reached down and began to stroke her clean shaven pussy.

“You ready for the next part,” Audrey cooed seductively.

“Fuck yeah,” the cameraman exclaimed.

Sitting her big, shapely ass down on the couch once again, Audrey spread her legs and began to finger her cunt. Starting with only a single finger at first, she slowly worked it up until she had two, and then three fingers ramming in and of our her cunt. She was slowly beginning to get sticky. The cameraman knelt over at his camcorder and zoomed in on her already juicy wet pussy. Audrey began to thrust her hips back and forth, tightly closing her eyes. With her head thrown backwards, the tattooed brunette started to scream out in pleasure.

“Oh yeah,” she said through her clenched teeth as she rocked back and forth, “Oh fuck yeah!”

Certain that the former circus performer couldn’t see him, the cameraman briefly snaked his hand down his pants and stroked himself. His cock was fully erect at the sight of the masturbating lady sprawled out before him on the couch, and a few drips of precum started to form, soaking through his boxers. The cameraman quickly snapped back to his senses, though, pulling his hand out from inside of his pants and taking a couple more pictures of Audrey.

Once she felt that she had satisfied her carnal desires canlı casino siteleri and was nice and lubed up, Audrey reached over to her side and picked up another one of her swords. Smiling for the camera, she brought it over to her face and licked it, running her tongue along the (intentionally dulled) edge of the fearsome looking piece of weaponry.

Then, taking hold of it once more, she lovingly rubbed it across her body. Audrey gently poked her erect nipples as she slid it across her chest and then belly, adding a few sighs and moans for dramatic effect. Once she reached the end of her honey trail, Audrey carefully dragged the tip of the sword across her sensitive clit, toying with it while the cameraman zoomed in.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t done yet! Audrey continued to massage herself with the sword for a while, but then she sat up and spread her legs, slowly working the sword into her sticky wet cunt. Audrey knew that she needed to keep herself properly stretched and lined up for this trick to safely work. Already more than lubed up, the sword slid in, albeit slowly. It had to, though. Audrey didn’t want to risk accidently cutting or stabbing the sensitive flesh inside of her reproductive organs.

Once it had gone in a safe enough distance, Audrey slowly pulled it out. She moaned with real pleasure, and more than a little relief, as the few inches of the metal object came out of her, now sticky with her own juices. The cameraman was quite impressed, eagerly snapping photos of her as he filmed the bizarre (and yet strangely erotic performance), preserving it for all time. Audrey just smiled demurely and carefully worked the tip of the sword back into her cunt.

It was tricky, but Audrey managed to get a rhythm going as she fucked herself with the weapon. With her shapely legs spread wide and raised up in the air, the cameraman was able to get an excellent shot of the woman’s stretched out cunt, and of course her big sexy ass too. A small trail of her juices built up around the edge of her cunt and slowly dripped out onto her ass and couch as she continued to fuck herself. She was too lost in her own lusts to care at that point.

“Think you can take more,” the cameraman asked.

“Mmm hmm,” Audrey said, her breathing heavy and muffled.

Stopping only briefly, the mature brunette reached across the couch and grabbed another one of her swords, carefully sliding it into her cunt alongside the other one. She then resumed thrusting the two swords in and out of her cunt, slowly stretching it wider as she did so. Audrey continued to process until she managed to work several swords up inside of her. Even she wasn’t ambitious enough to try working all of them up in there though. At least, not yet…

Finally, once she was stretched to her limited, Audrey managed to reach orgasm. Her eyes closed tightly, she breathlessly tried to word something as her entire body shook with pleasure. Her mouth, the bright red lipstick now smeared, went into the shape of an ‘o,’ but she made no sound. A thin coat of sweat covered her shapely body, and her breasts stood up as she was brought to the most intense ecstasy she had ever experienced in all of her forty years of existence.

“Wow,” the cameraman said as he continued filming.

As her orgasm finally subsided, Audrey opened her eyes and looked up at the cameraman. She laughed slightly, and then began the arduous task of removing each sword from her womb individually, once again being carefully not to accidentally carve up her reproductive organs from the inside. Each sword was coated with a thin sheen of her womanly juices. She simply set them down on the floor. She would have to clean them when she got back to her trailer.

The cameraman, still impressed by her unbelievable performance, watched as Audrey took the last few out, then after making sure he got one last shot of her stretched out and leaking pussy, shut off the camera.

“That was amazing,” he told her as he walked over and sat down beside her on the couch, “Do you… ummm.. have any other talents or…”

Audrey cut him off before he could even finish that sentence, gently rubbing her hand across his still fully erect member.

“Oh, I think I’ve got some more tricks you would like to see.”

As the tattooed, middle aged brunette sank to her knees, the cameraman unzipped his fly and let her take the full length of his shaft into her mouth. It looked like she really was a sword swallower after all…



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