Swinging with the Neighbors(Neighbor sucked my cock at the ABS)Part2A week later I ran into Jim in the parking lot working on his car. Asked if he needed help. Yeah I could use help. While working on the car Jim brought up our meeting the weekend before.”When I got back home I got in the shower and started stroking my cock.” The wife came in the bathroom and looked in at me thru the curtain. She said “Someone is horny!” She asked if she could join me. I told her “hell yeah!” She got undress and hopped in the shower with me and grabbed my cock and stroked it for me. I was so excited I shot my load on her. Donna told me “Wow that was fast!” My cock stayed hard I grabbed her from behind and fondled her breasts with one hand and fingering her clit with the other sliding my cock between her back and my stomach. Donna began to moan “Oh god that feels good! You’re going to make me cum!” I turned her around and she leaned in the corner of the shower. I dropped down on my knees and began licking and sucking her clit. She grabbed my head and force my face in her pussy. She started to have an orgasming. She told me let’s get out of the shower and go to the bedroom. She fondled my cock as I dried her off. She asked “What got you all horny?” I replied “I will tell you later. I want to fuck you good!”I fucked her 3 times. When she asked “so tell me what got you horny?”I told her what happened ” I had told her how I seen you in the pornshop. I had told her how we talked about having a 3 way with another guy or another couple. At first she was pissed off! Then calmed down we had sex 2 more times. I even had her fuck me with her strap-on. We went out to dinner then told her more. We moved around in the booth. I told her I’m still horny. She touched my cock “oh you are!” She rubbed my cock thru my jeans. I told her better stop I’m going to cum! Finished dinner and went back to the apartment and had sex again. Till we fell asleep. I told him I fuck the wife good that night. Jess is jealous doesn’t like playing having sex with others. She gets horny when she drinks. She likes playing cards. Jim said “So does Donna” How about Friday night we get together. I replied “Sounds good!” Jim told me Donna wants to see my cock and see me suck it. “Really!” I replied. Friday night came me and the wife went over to Jim n Donna as planned. Jim brought out a round of beers. Donna asked if we knew how to play spades. After playing cards and several beers. I brought up when we dated and first got married we use to go out too party’s with friends and usually everyone having sex at our friends house. They had shared how they use to do the same thing. Then fuck while other couples watched each other in the dim light.Jim began fondling Donna kissing her neck and ear. She was rubbing his leg I could see the outline of his cock beginning to get hard. I started kissing my wife. Donna said “Jim türkçe bahis had brought home some videos a couple nights ago. One was a bisexual movie. About 2 guys having oral sex on each other and sex with his wife.” “I’m not one that likes gays having sex. But it turned me on.” Jess had said “Jim had brought home a couple I found them interesting. I gotten horny watching them.” Donna turned her head and began kissing Jim. She said to him keep playing with me I’m going to fuck you right here!” I started kissing Jess, she touched my cock, and said “someone’s hard!” Jess said “Jim use to bring home 3some movie with 2 girl and a guy the 2 girls would have sex while the guy watched. Then he would have sex with them. It never really turned me on.” I started foundling Jess tits and rubbing her now moisten jeans we started kissing. I whispered “Want to fuck right here!” I looked over Donna had her eyes closed and Jim had her blouse open and her bra down rubbing her wonderful nipples. She said to him let me turn the lights off. She had adjusted her blouse and walked over and turned out the light. They had a night light in the hall. That dimly lit the room. She grabbed Jim by the hand and moved to the couch. She sat down and unzipped and undone his jeans his cock sprung out! Donna began stroking it then sucking the head. Jim motion for us to take the love seat. I stood up and grabbed Jess’s hand and led her to the love seat before I had her sit I undone her jeans and pulled them down having her step out of them. I had her sit down and wasting no time kneeling down and began eating her wet pussy, and sucking on her clit. She grabbed my head forcing it on her clit. “Oh yeah suck my clit!” She whispered. I had begun to strip. Once he was done he knelt down and began undressing Donna. Seeing her double D breasts. He pulled her pants off then see him go right for her pussy. I had took Jess’s top off and undid her bra. I started sucking on her nipples. Started fingering her wet pussy and rubbing her clit. Her pussy was wet. She whispered “Fuck me you’re going to make me cum!” I slipped my cock right in her wet pussy. Started pumping her slow and deep. Looked over and seen Jim doing the same thing he was pounding away at Donna I could hear his balls slapping against her. She began to moan “Oh fuck me! Fuck me good Jim!” Jess began to moan “Fuck Me! Fuck Me!” I’m going to cummmmm!” I start to fuck her hard and deep! She wrapped her legs around me moaning “Ohhh Yessss! Fuck Me! Fuck Me!” I shot my load deep inside her. Donna began to orgasm “Ohhh Jim Fuck Me! Fuck Me! Fuck me good!” Jim was pounding away then trusting his hips deep against her. Saying “Ohhh yeah Ohhh yeah I’m going to shoot!!” He gave one good push unloading his seed deep inside Donna. I had pulled out of Jess’s cum filled pussy and knelt down lifting her legs on my shoulder. I began eating and youwin licking her cream filled goodness sucking my cum from her pussy. Jim looked over at me he stood up and Donna started sucking the cum off of his cock. Once he was clean she made a comment “I wished you would eat me like that!” Jim then commented “I could never bring myself to try it.” I replied “you should try it!” Jess replied “I love it!” Jim had knelt down and began to eat Donna wet pussy. Jim commented “mmm not to bad!” I replied “maybe I should show you?” Jim replied “Maybe you should!” I asked my wife “do you mind if I lick Donna’s pussy clean?” Jess replied “if she will let you.” I laid on my back and asked Donna “can you sit on my face?” She looked at Jess for approval and asked “Do you mind if I sit on his face.” Jess said “If I can watch.” Jim asked Jess if he could lick her pussy? Jess replied “You can if Donna doesn’t mind” Donna replied “Jim laid next to Jim and Jess sit on his face!” Jim laid opposite of me. Donna squatted on my face as I opened my mouth a glob of Jim cum dropped in my mouth. I licked the cum from her labia I pulled Donna down on my mouth sucking and licking her cum filled pussy. She leaned forward and retracted my cum filled foreskin sucking my cock, and cleaning the cum off of my cock. I started sucking her clit it was growing in my mouth she let out a squirt of juices I lapped her juices. Donna began to moan she was going to cum soon. I had got a look at my wife sitting on Jim’s face. Jess started moaning “Ahhh I’m cumming!” She started orgasming. Donna then started cumming sat on my mouth grinding her wet pussy on my mouth! Juices started flowing she moaned! “Ahhh god I’m cumming Yessss!” She collapsed on top of me saying “give me a minute. “My cock was still ridged looked over seen Jim’s cock was hard he was edging his cock could see precum leaking from it. Donna said, “I have to go to the bathroom and clean up.” Jess said she needed to also. I commented “haven’t cum yet!” Donna replied “Jim you and your buddy can stroke your own cocks.” Jim sat up and with his back to the couch. Started playing with his cock and balls. I moved next to him. Playing with my cock. Reached down with my hand and grabbed his cock and grabbed mine. Jim commented “I wish I still had foreskin. So cool the way it rolls over your gland. Love the feel of it.” Jim cock was leaking precum on my hand, stopped just a moment and licked it clean. The ladies emerged from the hall. I had reached back down to Jim’s cock continued jacking him off. The ladies took a seat on the loveseat and lit a cigarette watching us. Then Donna said “I want to see you guys suck each other off!” Jess started nodding her head yes. “Yeah that would be hot!” Jim motion for me to sit on the couch. I sat on the couch spread my legs, and Jim had grabbed my cock nibbled on my foreskin pulling youwin giriş it, then rolling it over my gland. He lowered his warm wet mouth on my cock slowly taking my cock deep. He grabbed my balls and lightly gave them a squeeze. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. Jim started bobbing slowly and sucking the gland as he came up. It felt so good. As he continued to suck he slipped a finger from his other hand between my cheeks and began rubbing my anus. I placed my hands on his head and moaned” Ahhh yeah that feels so good!” Jim began sucking harder, after a couple time up and down head would hesitate and run his tongue around my gland and suck on it. He began probing my ass with his finger working in the first digit. I moaned again “Oh god it feels so good you’re going to make me cummm!” he started bobbing faster on my cock, and I started giving him a thrust forcing my cock deep against the back of his throat. “Yeah Suck Me! Suck Me! I’m going to Cummm! Yeah Suck me Jim!” Started thrusting my cock deep in his mouth. Shooting a huge load of cum down his throat. He managed to swallow most of it. Then clean the rest up. I opened my eyes and looked at the ladies. Both of them had their eyes wide open kind of dumfounded. As Jim continued licking my cock started nibbling and tugging on my foreskin. I commented “You ladies like seeing that?” Both began nodding there head with approval. “My turn!” I stood up so did Jim he took his place on the couch. I knelt down grabbing that hot cock of Jim’s. Started sucking on his gland rolling my tongue around it. Slowly inching down taking his cock deeper. Coming up and sucking on the tip. Cupping his balls pulling him closer to the edge. Jim spread his legs wider. My other hand started working my finger along his crack finding his ass, rubbing and slowly probing with my finger. Jim let a moan of approval “Oh yeah that feels good! Finger my hole.” Ohhh Yeahh! Suck Me Jim! Suck my Cock!” Started bobbing up and down taking his cock to the back of my throat. I could feel his ball begin to tighten. Jim moaned “Yeahh! Suck Me! Suck Me! I’mmm goin ta Cummm!!” He thrust his hip upward forcing his cock against my throat he grabbed the side of my head pulled it down. “Ahhh!!! Yeahhh! Yeahhh! I’m Cummin!” Felt several streams of cum shoot down my throat. Jim cock pulsed what seem like for a minute continued discharging shots of cum. I managed to swallow his entire load. (Had to be the largest Cumshot I swallowed) continue sucking his cock and sucking the gland. Jim pushed my head back. And said “hold up a second!!!” I sat back. Looked over at the wife’s, their eyes wide open and rubbing their clits and fingering them self’s. I said “What did you think?” Donna replied “I never thought it would be hot to see a guy suck another guy’s cock!” I said “Looks like to ladies need a little help!” I went over to my wife lifted her legs on my shoulder and started licking her juice and sucking on her erect clit. Jim had moved over to his wife and followed. They both had an intense orgasm. We took a break for a while. Then agreed we would have to do it again. Please comment



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