I’d like to tell you about one of my best trips to a swimming pool ever. It was the warm time during summer when I was doing the last bits of work before finally having the time to enjoy the weather outside. I didn’t know what I’d actually do at that time but I planned to keep everything relaxed and not to make any ambitious plans. Suddenly Claire, a friend of mine, called and asked whether I’d like to go swimming with her.

I know her since school. She didn’t behave very girl-like and didn’t socialize much then because her character was a little difficult but that didn’t prevent me from becoming friends with her. Claire had dark, almost black, hair and very pale skin. She was about 5’10” tall and was rather slim, maybe just over 110 lbs. She didn’t have very feminine features but all in all was not bad looking.

For some time I was actually quite in love with her and acted rather sheepishly to become her boyfriend but finally she made clear that she was not the least interested in more than friendship with me. It took me some time to accept that but we stayed friends.

After we’d finished school we lost contact for a while and met very rarely. So I was quite surprised when the phone rang. As her character hadn’t changed much during that time it was just a short call and we were to meet in front of the public swimming pool the next day.

So the next morning I packed my swimming shorts and a towel and went to the pool. I wasn’t very surprised to see Claire wearing long jeans a t-shirt and even a thin long-sleeved jacket at a time of the year when all the other 22 year old girls wear short skirts, hot pants and thin tops. We hugged, said hello and went to the changing rooms. Of course we didn’t change in front of each other but agreed to meet again in the water.

As I’d forgotten to bring a coin for the locker I had to go and ask for one at the entrance. So when I entered came to the pool she was already in the water. The water was very rough as there were a lot of other people there and so I could only see that she was wearing something bright read because she was standing in neck-deep water.

When I went into the water she came to me swimming and whispered: “Now, let’s say hello properly!” She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me right on the lips! That was so totally out of character for her that I was shocked for a moment. When I was about to take her in my arms she broke the kiss saying: “Come on! We’re here to work out. Let’s swim a few laps!” and off she swam to the other side of the pool.

Again it took me some time to realize what’d just happened. I must have looked rather stupid in that moment. Then I began swimming behind her. Now I could see that she wasn’t wearing a boring swimsuit but an interesting sport bikini. For the next 20 minutes we swam our lanes and nothing out of the ordinary happened. I’d almost forgotten about her strange behaviour.

She then waited for me at the far side of the pool floating on the surface her neck and arms extended on the pool’s edge. When I came close I could see that the fabric of her bikini was rather thin and even a little see-through: With a little imagination I could make out the details of her small perky tits. I wondered whether she was aware of this…

When I was almost at her feet she parted her legs shortly before struggling to get in a vertical position. I thought that just like the top her bikini bottoms revealed… but no! That can’t be, she wouldn’t wear things like that, not her… She smiled at me and whispered: “Like my new bikini?” Once more I stood astonished.

But then she asked in a casual voice totally herself again: “Do you want to go to the outside pool?” I agreed and so we swam to the next ladder. She climbed out first and so I had the perfect vantage point to see that, because of her spreading her legs before, her bikini bottoms had ridden up between her ass cheeks revealing the greater part of her perfectly shaped firm backside! When she was out she turned, winked at me and covered herself again.

When we left the warm building the air felt colder than I’d thought. The sky was covered now. It was a rather long walk to the outside pool and we were walking side by side chatting about something. I suddenly remembered that if certain sensitive parts get exposed to chilly air, they react in a pleasing manner… I turned my head an risked a glimpse: And, yes! Her nipples were poking out about half an inch and I could clearly see every wrinkle of the skin through the thin bikini top! Out of the water but still wet the fabric became even more transparent so that I could even make out the dark colour of her erect nipples below the bright red top!

Unfortunately she then caught my glimpse, gave me an angry look and took up speed to walk in front of me so I couldn’t see anything. I thought she’d be very mad on me now and that the fun was over for today…

As we arrived at the pool the water turned out to be very cold as well — at least it felt very cold at first. Claire dared kartal escort bayan me to jump in first. I did and swam a short piece. She was still standing on the edge and told me she’d need to accustom herself to the temperature slowly. I didn’t have much problems once having gotten over the temperature shock and so we talked a little, while she was stirring the water with the tip of her toes. She then knelt down and put her arms in the water “to cool down”. If she’d got bigger tits I would’ve had a great view down her cleavage but even so her long hair hid what little could be seen.

She might’ve seen my disappointment and so she sat down on the pool’s edge knees together and her lower legs in the water. We still chatted about anything as she kept stroking her knees to put water on them. I had a quick look around — there wasn’t anyone else outside at the moment — and enjoyed the view from the water level as she began to put some water on the upper part of her legs. Her long pale legs were completely hairless, even from up close as I was now they were perfectly smooth…

She then moved her hands to her inner tights and slowly spread her legs sliding closer to the pool edge. Our conversation faded out as I couldn’t respond in a sensible way any more. Now being barely a foot away I saw that her bikini bottoms were really not padded at all but just as revealing as her top! She kept her pubic area as smooth as her legs — there wasn’t a hint of a dark hair to be seen! The sheer fabric clad to her body so that I could make out the contours of her labia in great detail. As she split her legs further her pussy parted as well the bikini bottoms sliding into her tight slit. I couldn’t believe it! At the top of it I could even make out the small knob of her clit now pressing against the bright red cloth!

As I stood petrified she put her left hand on her belly and slowly slid it down. As she reached the rim of her bottoms she paused for a moment and then slid her fingers under it…

Just then she suddenly jumped into the water making me swallow a nice deal of water. She giggled and waited for me to recover. As if nothing had happened Claire then proposed: “Let’s make a little race. Whoever finishes ten lanes first wins!” and off she swam.

I quickly managed to get ahead of her and had not problems staying there. The sky was now really dark and it would start to rain soon. So it was not surprising that it was just the two of us outside. As I was swimming I’d the time to think about what had happened so far. For most of the time Claire behaved pretty normal just as I used to know her. Then there were those moments when she definitely teased me. I couldn’t make head nor tail of that. I mean it definitely wasn’t just my imagination — she definitely acted on purpose — but to what end?

I almost lost count of how many lanes I still had to go thinking about it. Finally I finished the race about one minute earlier than her. I leaned on the pool’s side, my elbows resting on the edge, and watched Claire swimming and approaching me. When she was close I said: “So, I win right?” She answered so that I could barely hear it: “And here comes your price…”

She came closer, put her arms around my neck and kissed me again. As she felt for my left leg and lifted it making me bend my knee she whispered: “Let me have a seat” and straddled it facing me. Her bikini bottoms were so thin that it felt as if her naked pussy was on my leg! So we were standing in the water kissing when she rose her chest completely out of the water. I could see that her nipples were again fully erect pointing right to my face. She smiled and hushed: “You seem to like them. C’mon have a closer look!”

So I stood in the water, the pool’s edge in my back, a hot girl straddling my extended knee facing me and both her arms around my neck so that my hands were free. I put them on her side and slowly moved them upwards. When I reached the rim of her top I looked up into her eyes: they were lusting and encouraging. So I pushed it up and the lower half of her small mounds came into view. As her rock hard nipples sprang free she wriggled on my leg and snuggled a little closer to me.

I cupped her little tits with my hands and stroked her nipples with my thumbs. They were dark peaks sitting on top of smooth little white mounds. She moaned quietly and her legs were now wrapped tightly around my knee. I put my hands on her back, pulled her closer and kissed first her left and then her right nipple. Now she pulled closer making me suck her erect nipple. My right hand wandered to her free nipple and began stroking it. I could feel the vibrations of her chest as she breathed heavily and moaned.

I could feel one of her hands feeling through the fabric of my swimming shorts. My cock was fully hard by now despite the cold water and pointing upwards. She struggled but managed to manoeuvre it through the left leg of my shorts so that its head was free. She slid up my leg a little further. I could feel her warm escort maltepe pussy barely covered by her bikini bottoms touching my naked cock head! I bit slightly on her nipple and she gasped and rocked closer. It felt as if my cock slid between her tight pussy lips!

I tried to push further but she suddenly broke free swimming on her back. She pulled down her top covering her tits quickly that now tried to push through the half transparent red fabric again. She then reached to her left ankle and it struck me: her bald pussy was naked in front of me! She must’ve dropped her bikini bottoms and fastened them to her ankle before she straddled my knee! It was her bare pussy rubbing on my leg! And there wasn’t even a thin piece of red fabric in between when my cock was in the entrance to her pussy! As she regained her decency she smirked: “Now, that’s why it took me so much longer and you were able to win…” All the time I basically had a fully naked girl sitting on my knee in a public open air swimming pool! I would never have thought that Claire was so brave!

“It’s going to rain soon. So let’s swim a little more”, she said and added more quietly, “if you still can with that additional fin on you…” before she took off. My cock was still fully hard and pointing out of my shorts’ leg. I couldn’t possibly swim with that! I couldn’t leave the water to relieve my hard-on in the bathrooms either because I would have to walk past the crowded indoor pool in order to get there. And to wank off in the water where Claire could see me seemed too awkward. So I stayed at the pool edge waiting for my erection to wear down but seeing Claire’s ass wiggling through the water didn’t help that. Her bottoms were once again between her butt cheeks and so from my point of view her ass looked as bare as it was when on my leg…

I had to turn around and watch the green around the pool. There was no-one else on the grounds of the public bath. To my right there was the indoor pool and in front of me the grass where one could lie on a towel if the sun was out. To the left were some bushes and a small hut with cubicles for people to change if they don’t want to go indoors. After about ten minutes I felt fit to swim again and started to swim my lanes as well.

Me and Claire, we met in the middle of the pool several times swimming in opposite directions looking casually at each other, or splashing some water in the other’s face — just as friends would do in a swimming pool. The sky still got darker and it started to drizzle: a major thunderstorm was about to come by.

After I had passed her once more she swam after me, lay herself on my back holding to my shoulders and purred in my ear: “Carry me for a while, will you?” Of course I obeyed. Her hands were on my chest and her head rested on the back of my neck. I could feel her tits with hard nipples on my back but chose to fight my arousal for a while and to swim on carrying her.

Suddenly as she started to slip of me and struggled to regain hold I saw that she was holding something red in her right hand… I put one of my hands behind me probing carefully up and down her side: and there was no fabric to be felt! Recognizing the meaning of that my face came under water and I swallowed a great deal of it: Claire was now laying topless on my back!

“You can feel my nipples, right? Please, keep on swimming, I like the feeling…”, she whispered and kissed my neck. Well, swimming became more difficult again, as my lower front body part assumed a not quite well hydrodynamic shape but I did my best.

Just as we both were enjoying the situation and I began to wonder what might happen next I heard an “Ouch!” from my back and just then something hit me on my head. I wondered what it was, when I saw quite large grains of hail impacting the water around me. They really hurt when they hit. So it was all over before it had really started: Claire got off me and we both swam to the next ladder to get out of the water.

Gone was my erection and gone were any thoughts to have a look of Claire’s perfect figure when she climbed the ladder first. When I had cleared the water I saw that she had already put on her bikini top again but I hadn’t the time to regret as the hail was getting more and more. The indoor pool was quite a walk away but I remembered the changing hut. I hurried to get there.

As we were the only ones outside in the first place we now had the cubicles for ourselves. The cabin was hardly more than a few wooden walls not going all the way down to the wooden floor surmounted by a water- and hail-proof roof. We took the biggest cubicle intended for families and closed the door to get a little shelter from the wind. The hail was like cannon balls on the roof and the first flashes and thunder began.

Our small refuge had a bench and a kind of table fixed to one wall and a small dirty mirror on the other. I sat down and Claire stood at the door watching the weather outside through a small slit. I admired her ass now clearly showing pendik escort as her bottoms had ridden up her ass creek when we were running from the hail.

A bulge was forming in my trunks and I sat up straight to try to hide it should she turn around. After some minutes enjoying the view she turned around and said loud to be heard over the thunder that we should take off our wet clothes as it was getting cold. I agreed but remarked that we hadn’t got our towels with us.

She just smiled and facing me lifted her top over her head. Her small perky pale tits with their dark erect nipples were right in front of my face again! “Let me assist you”, she mouthed — I could barely hear it — and helped me stand up. She knelt down in front of me and put her hands on my waistband. She lowered my trunks slowly. The rim went over the bulge and her eyes got big when my hard cock sprang free. I stood petrified when she came closer to it with her lips. I could feel their warmth and her breath on my exposed cock head when she looked down and pulled my swimming trunks completely off my legs.

Claire stood up and pushed me to sit on the bench. She was standing between my legs and looked lustily into my eyes then encouragingly down her body. I looked at her crotch: her pussy lips were showing through the thin red fabric. I understood and pulled her bikini slip down. Now her completely hairless pussy was right in front of my face and I couldn’t resist to kiss it.

She put her right foot on the bench beside me and thus opened her pussy for me. I took her hips in my hands and let my tongue wander slowly upwards over her hole to her clit. She shuddered when I reached it. I started again at the bottom of her pussy and stroke lightly across her entrance. I could taste her delicious pussy juices. Claire let out a yelp when I reached her clit again, took it between my libs and sucked on it. I pulled my head back to see her reaction: Her hands were now on her tits and here eyes on the ceiling her mouth open. She quickly lowered her look and seemed almost disappointed. So I hastily resumed my work.

I had my hands on her ass and pulled her closer. My tongue worked her her pussy’s entrance. I could feel that the was getting wetter and licked her juices right from her hot cunt. She now began to moan loudly.

I guess she couldn’t take any more and so she grabbed my head with both hands, adjusted it for me to work her clit and pressed it into her crotch. I sucked on it and flicked my tongue over it in quick succession. Her moans became screams and a shiver seized her. Claire pressed her legs together trapping my head in between.

Then I stopped and didn’t move for a moment. Just in the moment she loosened the grip of her legs on my head I licked all the way from her pussy up to her clit again and her thighs locked me in place once more. Now I was licking the inside of her cunt as deeply as I could. She shivered wildly and finally she climaxed with a resonating “Ooohh yeessssss!” from deep inside her chest.

Now wet with sweat she collapsed on me. I was sitting on the bench and Claire was again straddling my left leg, shivering and her head sunken to my chest both of us fully naked. I could feel her wet pussy resting just above my knee her stomach touching lightly the tip of my hard cock. Claire was breathing heavily and I took my arms around her.

We had stayed like this probably for some minutes when a strong gush of wind came through the gab between the wall and the floor. It carried outside our swimming clothes that were still lying on the floor where they’d fallen. It took us a moment but then we remembered that we’d need them if we ever wanted to go back to the main building!

We hurried outside and chased after them. I was lucky: my trunks were still wet and heavy so they didn’t fly away far — unlike Claire’s bikini being of light fabric and having been almost dry again! After some searching we found at least her bottoms caught in a small bush but her top was nowhere to be seen. We gave up and hurried back to our small cabin. The hail had ceased now but the strong wind carried sand and small twigs with it that hurt on the naked skin.

Back inside we put our clothes in a corner where the wouldn’t be blown away again. We embraced and kissed deeply. My cock that lost all its hardness from the shock and chase quickly regained it and pressed into Claire’s pubes.

I lifted her up and put her down on the small table fixed to the wall still kissing her. I pulled her pussy close to the table’s edge and lifted her legs on my shoulders. My fully engorged cock was now right in front of her wet and swollen pussy. Claire had teased my for half the day and now my dick was hard and my balls filled as never before! I pushed closer and let the full length if my tool rub over her cunt. It slid easily across the perfectly hairless folds lubricated by her juices. She threw her head back and gave out loud moans again her hands fondling her breasts.

I pulled back and put a little more pressure on my cock so it slipped between her pussy lips. As I pushed forward it sprang out and rubbed directly on her exposed clit. She gave out another loud moan. Encouraged by this I positioned my cock in front of her reddened pussy and pushed to penetrate her finally.



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