Chapter 19 – I’m Mandy, Fly Me

Mummy held me in her arms as April sucked deeply on Daddy’s cock. Every now and then she’d release the shaft and let her tongue roam around the head and down to his balls. Every time her mouth would once again close over the slippery head and she’d work his cock into her mouth again. She looked up imploring Daddy to spurt his load in her mouth so she could savour the taste and swallow it down.

Mummy gently squeezed my nipples as she watched her young daughter lick and suck her husband’s prick. She delighted in watching us having sex but was particularly proud when we turned our attentions towards our Daddy. She moaned sensually in my ear listening to every slurp and sound made by April’s sucking mouth.

“Jim, darling,” she eventually said, “stop teasing her and cum in her mouth. We all have to be up early tomorrow for the trip to the airport.”

Daddy gasped as he felt the tip of his cock enter his daughter’s throat. “Oooh that’s it April, darling, milk Daddy’s cock. Poll, honey, these girls aren’t going to sleep a wink unless they get a little … oooooh .. exercise before bedtime.”

“Ok,” Mummy relented, “May, darling, open your legs wide, Mummy’s going to give you a bedtime cum.”

“Oooh Mummy, yes.” I answered excitedly. “I love letting Daddy watch me cum with your fingers up my pussy.”

Mummy slid her hand down between my spread thighs and lazily ran her fingers through my already wet pussy lips. She spread them open to let Daddy see the aroused state of my sex running her fingers around in little circles.

“Oooh baby, you’re already very wet. Jim see how slippery and wet my fingers are getting inside your daughter’s hot little cunt.” Teased Mummy.

Daddy just groaned, torn between watching April suck his cock deep in her mouth and Mummy fingering my smooth pussy while playing with my breasts. Her fingers dipped slightly into my pussy hole then circled around my clit sending shivers through my little body before dipping into my pussy again.

“Here baby, suck on Mummy’s nipple.” She said offering her breast to my lips.

As I drew the rubbery teat into my mouth and laved it with my tongue Mummy pushed two fingers deep into my pussy. Daddy groaned again as he watched Mummy start to finger fuck my cunt making slopping slushing sounds in my juices.

“Oooh that is sooo fucking sexy.” Daddy uttered through his teeth. “April, move round a bit so I can get at your cunt. I bet you’d love Daddy to finger you too while you suck on Daddy’s cock.”

April didn’t bother replying but moved her body round and offered her wet pussy to her Daddy’s fingers without missing a stroke sucking his hard prick. Daddy eased his hand down between her legs and cupped her mound eliciting a deep moan from her around his cock.

I was moaning too around Mummy’s breast as I sucked more into my mouth. Mummy’s fingers were pumping me rapidly now and her thumb rubbed firmly across my clit. I knew and Mummy sensed that I wasn’t going to last long before I drenched her fingers with my cum juice.

“That’s right, May darling, suck on Mummy tit and work yourself off against my fingers. You’re sooo wet, honey, you’re going to cum on Mummy’s fingers soon, aren’t you?

“MMmmf … mmmmff … mmmmfffff.” Was all I could pant in response as my orgasm built rapidly up inside me.

“Ooh baby, cum for Mummy, yes oooh yes, fuck Mummy’s fingers. Jim, look, May’s going to cum. Come on baby, that’s it, yes, yes, fuck Muumy’s fingers, fuck, harder …. Oooh yes, yes.” She chanted working herself up at the same time.

“Mmmf güvenilir bahis … mmmmmmf …. Mmmmf …. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmffffmmmff.” I came.

My hips bucked up against Mummy’s pumping fingers which were flying in and out, in and out of my tight, soaked hole. Mummy stiffened a little and squeezed her thighs together as she had a mini orgasm watching me.

Across the bed Daddy was thrusting his cock deep into April’s mouth. He was pumping two fingers into her aching cunt using his thumb on her clit as a lever and driving April over the edge. His hips lifted trying to fit as much cock in his little daughter’s mouth as possible as he felt his balls contract and issue a powerful spurt of cum down her throat.

We could see April’s throat swallow several times as she milked Daddy’s cock of all its cream and the look on her face told of pure pleasure. Suddenly she pulled back off his prick and convulsed violently.

“Fuck, shiiiiiit ……aaaah …. Aaah …. Cuuuuuuummmmmmmmiing!” was all she could scream as Daddy’s fingers brought her to a crushing orgasm.

Mummy and Daddy stroked us gently as we recovered then “Come on you two, time for bed.” Said Daddy playfully slapping April’s bottom. “And go directly to bed, do not pass Alan or Sam’s room and do not collect a pussy full of cum from Uncle Bob. It’s up early for the cab to the airport.” He added with a smirk.

“Oooh Daddy.” We chorused. “As if we would.” With our best butter wouldn’t melt look.

“And,” Mummy added, “Leave each other’s pussies alone and no disturbing Aunty June. Get some sleep.”

“Goodnight Mummy. Thank you for a lovely cum.” I said and kissed her deeply.

“Yes, and thank you Daddy. Your cum was delicious as always.” Added April.

We went to bed as we were told and fingered each other until we fell asleep.

The next morning all hell broke loose as we ran around like headless chickens collecting last minute forgotten items and stuffing them into our over full suitcases. Sam, Alan and Uncle Bob were no better but eventually we all met in the entrance hall with cases at the ready. The men all helped load up the people carriers with the luggage and before long we were on our way.

The boring bit at the airport was made a lot simpler now that we all travelled first class. The seats in the plane were sumptuous and take off led us to champagne cocktails that even Sam, May and I were allowed. As the flight got on we all found something to keep us occupied. April and I were reading trashy novels and Daddy and Uncle Bob had their newspapers and Alan had a magazine inside of which he had secreted a porn magazine.

The hostess came up behind us handing out blankets and Alan didn’t notice. I nudged April and Sam and we watched as the middle aged hostess as she stopped dead behind Alan’s seat, her eyes nearly popping out of her head. We noticed how her mouth slightly opened and a little pink tongue just visibly licked her lips.

She smiled at some unknown thought and popped her head in front of Alan’s. “Would you like a blanket, Alan, isn’t it?”

Alan nearly had a heart attack and dropped the magazines, the porn one slipping out onto the floor between his legs at a page showing a young model being fucked by two men.

“Interesting choice of comic book, Alan.” She teased, straight-faced. “It’s alright I’ll get it for you.” Bending over Alan’s lap to pick up the mags.

She stared directly into Alan’s lap and the rapidly receding bulge in his trousers and smiled. “Perhaps you should have a blanket, young man.”

As she handed back the magazine we türkçe bahis noticed how she arranged the blanket on Alan’s lap, making sure that she was able to stroke her hand over the lump in his trousers. Thinking she had made sure her body covered the action she spent a few seconds squeezing his now re-emerging erection.

“If you need to use the toilets the cubicle at the far end is probably best.” She winked at Alan and moved off towards the far end of the cabin.

Alan, with a big grin on his face, waited a few moments before getting out of his seat and heading for the toilets. He looked back as if to see no one was looking and saw three grinning girls leering at him. He looked momentarily embarrassed, gave us the finger, then turned and carried on his way. Getting to the toilet cubicle door he gingerly pushed it open and went inside.

We three girls, with blankets over our laps, slipped our hands down to our pussies ready to imagine what happened next. Later Alan shared with us all the sordid details.

Alan pushed open the door to the toilet to find Mandy, the air hostess, sitting on the toilet. At first he thought he had misread the situation and she was taking a piss but she pressed a finger to her lips to urge his silenced then immediately reached for his fly zip. With absolutely no preliminaries she fished out his semi hard cock and slipped her painted lips around it. Alan was rock hard in seconds.

Taking her mouth away she squeezed the base and brought her fist forwards making a large glob of pre-cum dribble from his piss slit. Pressing her tongue just beneath she licked it into her mouth and savoured the taste before taking him deeply into her mouth again.

After a few minutes of rabid cock sucking Alan’s cock was coated in pre-cum and saliva. He was more anxious than ever to join the swelling ranks of mile-high clubbers. Raising her up in the confined space they kissed wildly, sucking on each other’s hot tongues as Alan slipped his hand up her uniform skirt and started rubbing her pussy.

By now Alan’s cock was leading the way and he roughly turned Mandy around making her steady herself against the walls of the cubicle. He hiked up her skirt and was faced with a bit of an issue. Contrary to common fantasy air hostesses do not wear stockings; they wear support tights by regulation. Removing these to gain access to a hot pussy is not the most erotic action, particularly in a small enclosed space.

After several moments of struggle and banging off the walls Alan finally managed to get Mandy’s tights and panties down far enough to gain access to her hot box. Bending his knees slightly he grabbed his stiff cock, pressed it against her hole and unceremoniously rammed it deep in her dripping cunt.

“Oooohmf … fuck,” she gasped in as hushed a tone as she could before clamping down her teeth to try and keep quiet.

Alan whispered obscenities in her ear as he powerfully pumped his rod deep into her. “You like some young, hot cock in you, do you? I’m young enough to be your son. You like your son’s cock fucking you do you?”

Mandy was more than a match for Alan’s taunts and she put him down quickly. “Shut up and fuck .. oooh …aaah .. that lovely young prick of yours up my … aaah … aah …wet cunt. You better make me …. Aaah … aaaah … cum first …. Aaah … oooh … before you pump me oooh … ooooh .. full of your young spunk.”

They continued to trade dirty insults that wound them both up. Alan was painfully aware of the time critical aspect of this particular fuck and wrapped his arm around Mandy to rub her clit. It did güvenilir bahis siteleri the trick and moments later Mandy exploded on Alan’s prick.

“Oooh .. fuck yes, Alan … rub my clit … aaah … aaah … aah …I’m going to cum … oooh … oooh … fill Mummy’s cunt full of cum … yesssssssss.” She hoarsely panted.

That did it for Alan too. Being told to fill Mummy’s cunt for the first time in his life made his cock lurch in Mandy’s orgasming pussy as his pumped stream after stream of hot spunk deep inside her. Mandy came again as she felt Alan’s cock jerk inside her and half collapsed against the wall causing Alan’s cock to part company with her pussy. She managed to pull herself around and back onto the toilet seat to be confronted by Alan’s still semi erect and dripping shaft.

Her eyes lit up at the erotic sight and despite still panting heavily took his cock in her mouth the clean him up of their joint juices. As Alan revelled in the sight of the attractive middle aged air hostess cleaning his besmattered prick the door opened into his back.

“Oooh shit, sorry er .. engaged.” He said in a paniced tone.

“I bloody hope not, son. You’ve only just met her.”

“Dad,” Alan though quickly, “This one’s broken, you’d better use another.”

“Alan,” said his Dad, “just get out the way.” He pointed at his eye, “Do you see any green in there son? Fancy sending a boy to do a man’s job.”

Alan dutifully squeezed past his grinning Dad tucking himself back in as he went. He turned just before the door closed to see his Dad heaving out his stiff member and easing it into Mandy’s mouth.

Moments later he helped Mandy into the same position that Alan had had her not five minutes before. “How about you get some experience from the teacher rather than the student.” He told her as he eased his stiff prick deep into Mandy’s cum filled pussy.

Mandy stifled a groan as Bob’s thick cock started to pound her spunk filled cunt. The intrusion displaced the sticky liquid making it ooze around their joined organs and run in rivulet’s down her thighs and soaking into her panties and tights. A few minutes later Bob filled her for the second time as she orgasmed around his throbbing shaft. Again she turned to clean up the dripping sauce of her lover’s thick prick and again the door opened as she finished her duty.

“Oh my god,” she groaned as another male squeezed past her second lover into the cubicle.

“Over to you Jim. Hope you have some room in there.” Bob said pointing between Mandy’s legs.

A few minutes later and Mandy’s hot, sticky pussy was being rammed by her third cock in 15 minutes. “That’s some family we have on this flight.” She managed to moan between pants.

“I hope that’s not a complaint, Mandy. This is the best customer service I’ve ever had.” Grunted Jim whipping the creamy cunt to a froth.

“Uuuh … uuh … no complaint … aaah, yess deeper. This is more c. cc.. cock than I’ve had in a month oooh … ooh ..” Mandy panted closing in on yet another deep seated orgasm.

“Get ready Mandy, I’m about to add the third shot to your cum cocktail … here it is … nnnnrrrrgh.” He groaned as he unloaded stream after stream of hot sperm to Mandy’s collection.

We watched Daddy return to his seat with a big smile on his face. Mandy exited the toilets a few minutes later and looked very unsteady on her feet as she came back down the aisle. As she passed us the heady aroma of cunt and cum filled our nostrils and our pussies spasmed on our soaking fingers.

On the exit from the plane she was one of the hostesses bidding us farewell. When the boys came through she smiled broadly. “I hope you enjoyed your flight, gentlemen.”

Daddy smiled back. “Mmm, yes, very much so. It’s a great way to fly.” He said echoing the airline’s tag line.”



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