I looked across at Alan who just shrugged. I took a deep breath and started to tell Doctor Bard about how my brother and my Dad had both had sex with me and about my Aunt and Uncle and the party at their house during the summer break.

As I told the doctor of my sexual exploits in great detail I noticed how the front of his tunic started to jut out. The nurse had slipped her hand under her housecoat and was clearly rubbing her pussy as I related my terrible tale.

When I had finished the Doctor Bard was left with an enormous erection under his tunic and the nurse was flushed and gently moaning as her fingers worked in her slit. Alan’s cock had revived and he was slowing wanking himself.

“I see.” Said Doctor Bard in a slightly less controlled tone than before. “I think, Nurse, we shall proceed with the endoscopy.”

The nurse sighed and pulled her hand from under her coat and reached over for a spray bottle from the medicine rack. She opened my mouth and sprayed some cold liquid from the bottle onto the back of my throat. “That’s just to relax your throat for the endoscope.” She explained.

She then manoeuvred me so that my head was hanging back over the end of the examination table. My knees were raised up again and my legs parted. The nurse moved round until she was between my legs and gently ran the tip of her finger down my wet slit. The next thing I knew her long tongue was parting my lips and seeking out my firm clit. I moaned with pleasure as she began her oral examination of me.

When I looked up behind me Doctor Bard was standing there. His tunic was open and his long thick cock was in his hand inches from my mouth. He moved forward and placed the tip in my mouth. “Now, Sam. I want you to breathe through your nose as I place this “endoscope” into your throat. You may use your tongue on it if you like.”

With that I felt his stiff cock slide deep into my mouth and encroach on the confines of my throat. I gagged a little then breathed deeply through my nose as the rest of his cock slid into my mouth and throat. His big hairy ball sack ended up on my nose then he started a slow fucking motion into my mouth.

By this time the nurse’s tongue was working on my clit while two of her fingers slid into my tight wet pussy hole. I gurgled with pleasure as both doctor and nurse worked on me.

Out of the corner of one eye I could just see Alan with his eyes like saucers rapidly moving his hand up and down his rock hard prick. I was aware that my next orgasm was creeping up on me and that the little movement I had was concentrated in grinding my hot slit onto the ataşehir escort bayan nurse’s tongue and fingers. Then I caught the doctor’s tense and uncontrolled voice “Nurse, I think she’s ready to have her brother fuck her. I want you to guide that long prick of his into his sister’s tight cunt.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The doctor has clearly lost all his professional control and was spewing forth a tirade of filthy sex talk as he rammed his large pole in and out of my mouth.

The next thing I experienced, as I couldn’t see, was Alan’s stiff knob entering my tight wet cunt. I groaned in ecstasy as he pushed it in deep into me stretching the taut vaginal walls. I let rip in orgasm immediately, bucking as best I could against the table. It was then I felt a slender finger slide slickly into my anus causing a second orgasm to burst in on the first.

As I calmed down I could clearly sense that the doctor was in distress. His body was stiffening and his strokes into my throat jerky and erratic. “Nurse, nurse, I going to cum. I’m going to fill this little girl full of my spunk. I’m going to spurt all over her face so that you can lick it up. Oh, nurse, I’m cummmmming!”

Seconds later his throbbing cock was pumping cum down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow. Still spurting cum he withdrew from my throat and mouth spraying my face with his salty jism. My tongue slipped out and collected what I could reach.

My body was still jerking with Alan’s long fucking strokes of his long pole deep in my hot little box. “Oh, sis, that was so fucking hot. I can’t hold on any longer.”

“Oh Alan, fuck me broth. I want to feel you spurt your hot cum deep in your little sister’s tight pussy hole. Fill me up, please, I want it all now.”

Alan groaned, stiffened then started to jerk his cock in me as he flooded my cunt full of his hot white cum. I orgasmed again as I felt spurt after spurt hose my insides.

The nurse lent over me, her long tongue scooping up the remains of Doctor Bard’s cum from my face. As Alan pulled out of me she moved down between my legs to lick his cum from me. I had other ideas. I pinned her down on the table and swung my leg over her head lowering my oozing hole down onto her mouth.

She moaned with pleasure as Alan’s cum starting to dibble from me into her mouth. Then I felt her long warm tongue slide inside me working out every last drop. I ground my pussy against her face coating her with the mixture of Alan and my juices. I then wiggled around until we were face to face and proceed to lick the juicy mixture from her face.

Working escort kadıköy down her I pulled open her white housecoat revealing her large fluid breasts. Her nipples were huge and I took one into my mouth and sucked hard on it extracting a long moan from her. I then sucked the other nipple while pinching the slippery nipple I had just left between finger and thumb. She started to writhe around on the table as I slid lower down until my head was nestled between her silky thighs.

I traced my tongue along the length of her moist, open slit all the way down to her tight puckered rosebud. Pointing my tongue I forced it inside her anal ring causing her to grab the back of my head and bury me harder against her and groan deeply.

Next I worked back up pushing my tongue as far as it would go into her soaking cunt hole. Then flicking my tongue hard upwards struck it against her stiff protruding clit making her buck up towards the object of her ecstasy.

I continued to work my tongue up and down on her pussy, clit and anus until, sensing her impending climax, went back to concentrate on her clit. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked it into my mouth gently teasing it with my teeth.

“Oh my god, yes, Sam.” She screamed. “Yes suck it. Suck my clit. Oh bite it, make me cum. Oh Sam, I’m going to cum all over your face. Push your fingers in me please. Fuck me, fuck me, nnrrrraaagh.”

I finally took her over the edge, burying two fingers in her hot hole and sucking and biting harder. She bucked around on the table with abandon, thrusting herself against my mouth as she came and came. Rivers of cunt juice exploded over my chin and I moved my mouth down to suck up as much as I could savouring the musky sweetness of it.

I felt movement behind me. Bent over as I was, fully exposed, I felt Doctor Bard’s renewed erection rub against my wet slit. “I’m going to stick my hard cock into your sweet tight hole, Sam. What do you think of that?”

“Oh doctor, are you sure that ETHical?” I managed as his swollen shaft pushed about half way into my primed cunt. Another thrust and he was in me to the hilt pausing for a second to adjust his position he proceeded to grab my hips and jerk his stiff cock harder and harder into my tight young pussy.

“That’s a big word for a little girl.” He chuckled, reaching forward to mash my small titties in his large hands.

Alan was eyeing the scene with a lust filled look on his face. His cock had regained its full glory again. He mounted the table right in front of me and pushed his arse into my face as he straddled the nurse.

I bostancı escort reached forward and pulled his cock back towards me and managed to get a couple of inches of it into my mouth. It still tasted of our mixed juices. Then I pushed it forwards again and guided it into the nurses dripping hole. “Oh, yes Alan,” moaned the nurse, “that’s just what I need. A good fucking from a young stud.”

“That’s right, Alan.” Spoke up Doctor Bard still hammering my soaking hole. “Pump her hard, young man, I want to hear her scream. In the mean time I’m going to plug your young sister in a slightly different way.”

He pulled his thick shaft from my sucking cunt and pressed the round end of his prick up against my tight little anus. A deep guttural moan escaped my lips as I felt his hard rod slowly ease its way into my arsehole. “Doctor, god, fuck, yes.” I yelled. “Alan, Doctor Bard has his prick right up my arse. Doctor, please fuck me, please fuck my tight arsehole.”

I leaned forward and buried my face between my brother’s pumping bum cheeks. My tongue sought out his already opened anus and worked its way inside making Alan stiffen and moan. “Oh sis, yes,” he groaned, “lick me there, god that’s sooo good.”

I felt a huge orgasm building up inside me and thrust back to get as much of Doctor Bard’s cock up my bumhole as possible. At the same time I replaced my tongue with my finger in Alan’s tight anus and used my finger from the other hand to do the same to the nurse.

All our bodies jerked and bucked as all four of us reached climax at near enough the same time. Doctor Bard grunted, thrust forward and hosed my insides with his juices. “Oh Sam, you’re so tight. I’m filling your tight rectum full of my hot cum. Take it, take it all.

Alan jerked forward, his anus gripping my finger as he filled the nurse’s cunt with his third sack full. “Alan, yes fill me up with your hot cum. God, you’re so big. Fill nursey’s fuck hole, pump it in me, fill me up!!” Nurse yelled as she exploded into orgasm around Alan’s cock.

Her copious juices escaped around Alan’s shaft and flowed down over my pumping finger in her anus and my knuckles. I leant forward and started to lick around their joined members lapping up the mixture of juices as my brother’s prick slipped out of her cunt. I took Alan’s wilting cock into my mouth and sucked it dry then continued to extract as much of his cum from the nurse’s dripping hole as I could.

Doctor Bard pulled his slackening member from my battered arsehole letting his cum seep out and dribble over my well fucked cunt. He rubbed it in slowly letting me feel his sticky goo be smeared over and in both my holes.

“Oh my god. What the hell’s going on here?” The shrill cry broke the air. It was the school secretary in all her primness, mouth agog, eyes like saucers surveying the scene.

To Be Continued…



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