Mona and Luke were best friends ever since they could walk. They attended the same schools, favored the same foods, loved the same genres. So it wasn’t that big of a shock that they got married. Mona was a raven haired beauty with brown eyes, her bust was large, but that wasn’t what drew Luke to her. They had a mutual liking of sweets.

Luke’s hair was blonde and his eyes were brown like hers. Luke favored frozen sweets, like frappes, smoothies, and popsicles. Mona favored baked goods. They were both twenty three and wanted to open a sweet shop. They decided that they should both have what they want.

So they opened a sweets shop, a large one, it not only offered fresh baked goods, but frozen treats like ice cream as well as smoothies, fruit tarts. It took about four people to man the entire shop, two at the register and two to prepare sweets in the back if they weren’t there in the glass.

It was night now, both Luke and Mona loved cooking and selling treats, but it had been awhile since one another touched. Luke had his old baseball shirt on and blue jeans turning the sign in front from open to close and locking the front door.

He went into the back of the shop where his wife Mona was shopping up fruit. She wore a lilac shirt and dark denim. He peered over her shoulder.

“What’s that for?”

“A banana pie. You know Mrs. Olsen loves these.” Mona smiled chopping the banana’s in half, the way she made the pie was different, the bananas were pulverized, she added whip cream and nuts, mixed, then froze it.

“I want another pie.” Luke smiled sliding his hand under her shirt.

“Luke we have a busy day ahead for tomorrow.” Mona told him.

“Then lets prepare tonight.” He whispered. kartal escort bayan Mona blushed at his tone. He pulled her top from over her head, she wore a black lace bra. He ran his fingers over it as she pulled down her pants, her thong stuck closely to her pussy lips.

“Mmm.” He rubbed his cock through his pants “I have an idea.”

“What would that be?” Mona asked.

“First.” Luke pulled her thong down glancing at her shining entrance, like a pink pearl. Luke went to the fridge and got the whip cream.

“What are you planning on doing with that?”

“Making a pie of course.” Luke laughed, he stole a kiss from her as he placed the cream down onto the counter in it’s bowl “Bend over for me baby.” Mona smiled and did as he said, her ass and pussy jutted out in the air. Luke stretched her pussy lips with his hand.

“First we need some cream.” Luke took the bowl while stretching her cunt with his other hand and slowly poured the cream into her pussy. Mona blushed as the cool cream drew near her center. Luke licked the excess around her pussy lips off with his tongue.

“Now for some banana.” Luke looked on the counter, she had barely begun cutting the banana, there was only five slices, so he took the long half of the remainder and slowly pushed it inside her.

“Ohhh…” Mona groaned as something soft and wet was filling inside her, even after it squished in his hands Luke shoved every bit of it inside her cunt

“Now lets stir.” Luke pulled his pants down and rubbed his cock against Mona’s slit. When he entered her he felt the banana still in the spot she had placed. He pushed it gently with his cock.

“Ahh.” Mona groaned in delight as he pushed inside escort maltepe her, he pushed until he was all the way in and then he started to pump quickly.

“Ah!” Mona felt him whip her pussy hard with his cock pulverizing the banana and cream, the squishy feeling of the fluid inside her made her want more of it. Luke pumped harder, the mixture started to thicken as he hastened to fuck her.

“Baby, I’m about to cum.” Mona groaned as he pumped her harder.

“Cum for me.” Luke said as he started to fuck her tight swatch faster. Mona screamed in pure delight as her cum filled inside her and squirted out onto her husband’s cock. Luke pulled his cock out and immediately he started licking her pussy. He moved himself on the floor as her pussy leveled over his mouth, her cum and the banana pie mix dripped out, Luke swallowed it all and started licking inside her.

“Mmmm.” Mona leaned down and licked the residue off his cock. The further he went inside her with his tongue the more she needed his cock again, she took the head in her mouth and swallowed deeply. Luke groaned as her teeth edging at the head of his cock, they kept licking and sucking until they both came in each others mouths.

Luke and Mona then kissed exchanging their cum with one another as their tongues swabbed one another.

“Bend over again baby.” Luke whispered. Mona stood up and leaned over against the counter. Luke picked up a wooden spoon and started probing her ass with the handle.

“Oh my god…” Mona groaned as the wooden hilt went inside her, her pussy became extremely wet with pleasure. Luke fucked her ass with the spoon harder, he didn’t stop, he was merciless and she loved it.

“Put something pendik escort in my pussy baby.” Mona moaned. Luke found a turkey baster in one of the drawer and slammed it into her cunt.

“Yes!” Mona groaned as she had both holes filled. Her moans were causing Luke to harden, he removed the wooden spoon and shoved himself in her ass.

“Ah!” It caught Mona off guard as he started to pound her ass hard and deep, but it felt so good, her ass muscles tightened against his hard cock as he fucked her with the baster almost like he had two dicks.

“More.” Mona groaned. Luke removed the baster and picked up her legs, they stretched out as if she were doing a split, Luke leaned on the counter as he brought her tight ass against his ball sack.

“Oh!” Mona was being fucked so hard and recklessly, her anus felt as if it were on fire, he kept pumping as he held her legs in the air until she came once more. Luke kept her legs spread in front of her, her pussy was on full display.

He edged himself to the freeze, there was a long blue popsicle inside, he had bought them for hot days in the summer when workers needed to cool off, but she needed to cool off, her heat was making him melt. He unwrapped the wrapper and slid the popsicle into her cunt.

Mona couldn’t speak as the heat of his dick in her ass and the coolness of the popsicle in her pussy were driving her to the edge, he fucked her hard, his dick being clinched by her tight ass and her pussy wrapping around the cool popsicle.

“I’m cumming.” Mona groaned.

“Me too.” Luke pumped her ass and pussy harder, he pulled the popsicle out and watched as her pussy shot cum out like a firecracker, the beauty of it caused him to cum roughly in her ass. He pulled him cock out of her ass and watched the cum floor onto the floor.

Luke held her in his arms and held her “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” Mona and Luke kissed knowing that there’d be more nights like that ahead and they couldn’t wait.



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