Swathi With Old Man–1deleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeletedThis is a story about how i fell pray to a old man and enjoyed my sex venture with him. I am married and have a 2 year old son. My hubby works in a Chennai Port. We all moved to a new house for rent. For the first week it all went normal my hubby would go to work by 8.30 in the morning and return by night 9.00 pm. I would get up early and make him lunch then i would play with my son and chat with some friends and family. But after first week i felt like as if someone was watching me every day. Now let me tell u about myself i am not very beautiful, I am normally fair and short but my hubby would say that i am a perfect beauty in structure. I am 5’3¨ height weigh around 55+kgs and 38-32-40. I do have a big ass and my nick name during my collage days is SS(Soothu Shoba) and i like being called so.Now let get back to the story. I felt some one was constantly watching me but i never thought that it would be my House owner’s father. The house owner stays in the ground floor and our portion of house was in the first floor. They also had a separate room for the House owner’s father in the first floor and his name is Ramu. It was just a single room with all facilities like tv and bathroom. He is around 67 years old and he is the real owner of the house. His son has just acquired his property since he was the only heir.The old man has lost his wife 5 years back. Since then he rarely goes out. I felt pity for him since he did not have anyone to speak and share anything. I dint want him to feel so. So i tried to speak with him and he did speak to me and never misses a chance to ogle me. I kind of started liking his stares. I felt kinky when he ogles at my ass and boobs. So i started to wear tight chudis, low neck nighties and see-through sarees, now he was more happy. He would chat for hours in my house about everything and always ogle my treasures. I too took all my chances to show off to him. But he dare dint touch me.We were having our kind of fun like this for few days. One noon i took my usual nap and when woke up in the evening found out that it was raining. So i ran to get my clothes that i dried but when i went out i saw my clothes were not there. I knew he might have taken it. So i knocked his door but he dint reply so i slowly opened the door and found him sleeping almost naked, just his lungi was there but that too dint cover what it has to cover. That was the first time i saw him so, he was not bad at all for a man of 67 years old. He was not fat at all, he was lean to say well built. To say about his cock it was thick and around 4¨ long in normal condition. I felt a sudden twitch in my pussy and i also noticed that my bra and panty was near him. I did not stand there for another second, I took all my clothes and came back to my house.After coming home i felt that there was something stick in my panty, and i could sure say that the Old man has jerked and cummed using my panties. Suddenly i felt a want to wear that panty and feel his cum over my pussy. I wore the panty with his cum, and i felt a great pleasure to massage my pussy with his cum. I was not able to forget the view of his cock and the smell of his cum the entire night. I had dreams of him making out with me. The next day after my hubby started i took my bath dressed my self in a sexy pink see through saree and took my washed clothes to dry it. I put all the clothes to dry, and then took my panty and bra and hung it just opposite to his room so he could see it. He was watching me from the window, i gave him a smile. He gave me a lecherous smile. I could see he was stroking himself seeing me, i did not want to miss this chance to see his cock.So i directly went into his room asking if he has had his breakfast, and found him that he was stroking his cock which was around 7¨ long and it was as thick as a wood. He tried to hide what he was doing, but i was able to have a very good view of his erect cock piercing thorugh his lungi. I just acted as if i did not see anything and was talking to him for some time. I noticed that he was keeping his erection and was constantly ogling my hip and ass. When i was about to leave he asked me a question “Do you know my wife’s name?”. I said no. He asked me to learn from others what his wife’s name was. I tried to find out what his wife’s name and was shocked to hear my name Shobana.The next day as usual he came to my house for chat. In the mid of our discussion he asked if i had found his wife’s name, I said No. He saw me for few minutes and said that you are lying. I could see that from your eyes. Then he continued I call my wife Shoba, she was critically ill for nearly 3 years and then died 5 years back. So for the past 8 years i am unattended by any one. After my wife’s dismissal i dint want any one but untill u came into this elazığ escort bayan house with her name. It made me mad for you just for your name. But after i saw you for the first time i was feeling as if i got back to my 30s the days i used fuck my wife every night. I tired to stop him and the talk. But he said just give me few more minutes let me finish.Saying so he took the Mangal Sutra(thali) of his wife and placed it on the table. This is my shoba’s. I want you to have it and I will serve you forever. If you are fine with this put it in your neck and come to my room if not bring it to my room and leave it. Take your own time, and i know you like me saying so he left the house. I wanted to run to his room and open my legs and welcome him to my pussy, but i dint. I wanted to make him more desperate. I dint speak to him for next few days but made him see me at least every hour during the day with some sexy dresses. I am sure he found that i was palying with him. When he tried to speak to me i dint answer him and just went past him. In the mean while i came to know that the house owner and their family are planning a vaccation for a week and i am sure that Ramu might not go. It has been 2 weeks since Ramu came and gave his wife’s magal Sutra, I still did not return it to him. But we were kind of growing our lust for each other.The day came when they started for the trip and as expected Ramu did not go, so his daughter in law asked me to take care of him by giving him food daily. I knew i was waiting for these days. They all started on a friday evening and said they will return by next sunday evening. That evening i planned to do something kinky. So i took the mangal sutra he gave me to his room and asked him why he gave this to me. He said that he wanted to make me his wife.He explained saying that he dint want me to stain my life. If i carry his mangal sutra it would mean i am his wife and he would readily fuck her any time without being worried or afraid that i am someone else wife. I asked him what if i dont want to be your wife and carry your mangal sutra. He said he would persue me by someway and would make me his wife. I asked him if he would do anything to win me. He said he would do anything i wish for. With this conversation i came back to my home. I was thinking to ask him do something very low and kinky. My hubby came home in few minutes.So i took his dinner and went to his room, gave him the dinner. He asked me to get some water from the bubble top. I took his jug to the bubble top got full water, came near him drank the water full in front of him and gave him the jug. I did one of the most filthiest thing then, i lifted my saree so that he could have a glimse of my pussy(not fully just a bit) then took his hand with the jug near it and started to pee. I felt he was shocked by my act and also i saw that he was getting hard. I could feel my pee splashing over his hands. After filling the jug with my pee i stoped and moved back and let my saree down and said him drink this first then i will think about being your wife. He did not even think for a second, he took a sip gave a lecherous smile and took a gulp again. I never though he would do that. He came near and said whats next my dear shoba. I had nothing to say so i came back home.The next day morning when i went to give him breakfast he took me his jug and asked me to refil it. I gave him a sexy smile and said him why dont you try it yourself. As soon as i said so he came near and lifted my saree up kneeled in front of me kept his jug near my pussy and waited for me to pee.Now he was enjoying his view of my pussy. I filled his jug and when i was about to leave he said that he wanted to see my pussy without hair, so he wanted me to remove my pubic hair. I left without saying a word. But i did not get my privacy time to do that since my hubby was on leave for next 2 days. The weekend was over and my hubby started to work the morning 8.30 as usual. Butterflies were flying within me about thinking what all i might do today. I was sure today will be the day. After my hubby was gone i took my time to remove my pubic hairs then took a bath and dressed myself in a blue saree. I thought putting up the mangal sutra that ramu gave, but i had other plans for it so i did not wear it. I went to his room and asked him to come home for breakfast.He came to my house in few minutes. He was looking at me for some time and asked me why dont you wear the mangal sutra that i gave you. I said nothing instead i went close to his ear and whispered it should be tied by a male to a female then only it is mangal sutra or else its not so and went running to the kitchen. He laughed aloud and was saying you sexy shoba you want me to tie the mangal sutra to you. I do as you wish my dear saying so he came to the kitchen, I was waiting there escort elazığ for him he came near took the mangal sutra from my hand and put it over my neck. He hugged me tightly and embraced my ass and kissed me all over my face saying that he was very lucky to get such a beautiful wife. After few minutes of hugging each other i asked shall we go for breakfast now my husband. Sure shoba we shall go he said. I served him the break fast.In the middle of breakfast he asked for water i went and stood near him. He said he did not have a jug, i said him why dont you drink it directly. He immediately put his head inside my saree and started to kiss my pussy. He saw my shaved pussy and said you should have given this as my breakfast, why did i hide it from him this long. I laughed and said its all yours now do as you like. He started kissing my pussy and i started to pee he was drinking my pee like the calf drinking milk from the cow. He drank until the last drop of it and came out. He say me into my eyes and asked when will your pussy eat my cock, i see that your pussy is very hungry. I laughed at him and said i am ready shall we start. He said not here lets move to my room. Saying so he went to his room. I took my time made my son sleep then went to Ramu’s room.Ramu was readily waiting for me. As soon as i entered he hugged from behind and said he has been waiting for this day for 9 years. I laughed and said him that i came here only few months back. He laughed and again said i have waited to fuck my shoba like this for 9 years. He was looking at me and then he put his lips on mine. We were kissing freely just like husband and wife. Then he watched at my neck and said me to remove the mangal sutra. I asked why, he laughed and said me to remove anyone mangalsutra. I laughed at him slowly took of the mangalsutra that my hubby tied.Now he was very happy and started to kiss my neck and was licking my cheeks. I was wet all over my face by his saliva. As he was kissing me he slowly moved his right hand to my shoulders and got hold of my saree and slowly removed it, Now he was able see my boob within my blouse. He then pulled the saree completely. Now i was standing in front of him without a saree. He was enjoying my semi naked body. He came close to me and started to kiss my neck.He slowly moved down to my blouse. He crushed my boobs with my bare hands. He kissed over my blouse and bit my nipple over the blouse. I let out a small moan for his action and he was more excited now. He started to removed my blouse hooks on by one. He kissed my boobs for each hook he opened. This made me very hot and i shamelessly helped him to remove my last hook which was tight because of the weight of my boobs. Now he was slowly pressing my boobs over the bra. He started to kiss and bite my boobs over the bra. Meantime he managed to open the hooks of my bra and pulled my bra. He asked me to take of the blouse and the bra. I did as he said.Now i was wearing clothes only below my waist. My bare naked boobs was a real treat for him and he put lips on my left boobs and started to suck them meanwhile his hands were doing wonders on my right boob. He bit and licked both of my nipples and I was feeling waves in my body. My boobs were totally wet with his saliva and my sweat.He made me sit on his laps, he was kissing and playing with my boobs. He made me lie on the bed and said to that we will have more fun. I was thinking i am already having fun. He slided himself near me. He caught me by my waist and pulled me to his side. He put lips on my lips and then he started raising my petticoat upwards. He pulled it upto my knees. He went down knees to my knees and placed a kiss to the sides of my knees.Then he slowly moved the petticoat upto my thighs by biting it with his teeth.Then he was running his tongue over my inner thighs and played his fingers near my pussy. I was enjoying it. I caught his hand and helped him caress my pussy lips and my inner thighs. He placed his left hand over my pussy and was massaging it. His rough hands were making my pussy wet. Mean while he moved his right hand and caught my petticoat knot and gave gentle jerk.He raised from between my legs and came near me with a lecherous smile and asked me to get up and take of my dress completely and get nude. I gave him a smile and stood over the bed as i stood the petticoat slid down and revealed him my complete naked body. He seemed to enjoy my hot young body. He walked straight to me his lips were in straight with my pussy he started to smell my pussy with his nose and made a small kiss above my pussy. As he was kissing he removed his baniyan and lungi.He asked me to remove his jatti. I dint want to spoil the fun so i got down from the bed and went close to him. I could see his cock piercing over his Jatti. I touched his hard cock over the underwear elazığ escort and feeling his cock over the underwear. Then i kneeled before him and gave a small love bite over his meaty cock covered under the jatti.Then i got hold of the sides of his underwear and slided it down. His hard cock sprang before my face I went forward trying to kiss it he moved his cock up towards him then i came back now he let his cock normal again i tried to kiss it again he did the same. He laughed at me and gave me slap with his cock over my face. He got hold of me and pulled me up. We were full nude by now.He took me to the mirror and made me stand in front of it. He hugged me from behind and caressing my boobs from behind. I was able to feel his hard cock over my ass crack. He was pressing his hard cock to my ass. He moved his hands to my pussy lips and slowly making circles over my pussy lips, this was sending waves into my body and making my pussy wet.I turned towards him and asked him to eat my pussy.He gently lifted me and carried me to the bed and rolled me over his bed. He climbed over the bed and spread over me kissing my lips.After few minutes he turned himself and now we were in 69 position. His thick cock was straight to my face and his face close to my shaved pussy. My lips were close to his meaty cock and i slowly kissed the tip of his hard cock. He slowly let out a small moan. I could feel his manly pungent smell of his cock. He was breathing heavily and i could feel his breath against my pussy. I was very much excited. I felt that my pussy is getting more wet. He touch my vagina with his finger. He started to slowly massage my pussy lips. He slowly kissed my pussy lips passionately. I was feeling shivers in my body. He started to lick my pussy now. His hard tongue was doing wonders to my pussy. He slowly split my pussy lips and was having a peep into my vagina.I asked him what he is trying to do, the next second i could feel something both hot and chill entering my vagina. He was inserting his tongue inside my vagina. I have never felt such a feeling ever. I gave a light moan. I felt his cock becoming more stiff as his tongue was going in and put of my vagina. I wanted to taste his cock as he was enjoying my pussy. I started to stroke his cock and with my other hand was feeling his testicles that was in the size of an apple. I slowly moved towards him and took his cock in my mouth.That was first moment of taking a cock in my mouth. I have never done that to my hubby. But i felt a urge to do this to this old man. After few seconds he slid his finger into my pussy. He one finger was inside my pussy, he was licking my pussy lips with his tongue and with his other hand he was crushing my ass. I felt he was very strong. He was able to keep me in that position as long as he wanted. We kept sucking and licking each other for 15 mins.Then we changed positions and I started caressing over his legs and thighs making an attempt to excite him further but slowly so that we can enjoy to the maximum.He asked me to caress his cock and i followed him. I realized that his cock had stiffened and ready to plough me.I started feeling its length and size. I shook it few times, caressed it lengthwise. His cock hardened further. We kissed for few seconds and then he climbed on me and slowly put his erect cock in my pussy. I was able to sense his big hard cock slide into my pussy.First time we were making sex and we were excited. He inserted his cock inside pussy and started moving it inside deeper and deeper.He started moving faster and faster. He also caught my boobs and started pressing them.After few minutes he asked me to raise my legs and make him some more room. He bent down and gave me a deep kiss. My hands were caressing his back and his bald head. He fucked me for about ten minutes and then cummed inside me. He fired his hot juice inside me. We were making love in broad day light and i was enjoying it. I did not even think of using condom. He still lay on me for few minutes.I was now lying on his chest and he was caressing my ass gently but firmly. We were silent for few minutes, then i lifted myself and looked into his eyes. He asked me how did i feel. I went near him told him in a low voice, ” You are really good, gentle and manly. You make me feel very secure and happy. Please consider this as our first night no first noon. Fuck me daily and make me your woman”.As he said “I am lucky to have such a beautiful wife. I shall fuck and make you happy when ever you ask for it”. Now I moved down and took his lame cock in one hand and kissed it gently and said Thanks for giving me so much pleasure. He pulled me up to him and whispered that still there is lot more to come. We laughed at each other and Then i came out of bed, went to toilet and freshened. He also came and freshened himself.We both lay in each other’s arms and rested the entire noon embarrassing each others naked body. I put my clothes with his help and went back to my house as a good wife.In the next part i will let you all know our sexventures. Let me know your comments



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