I love having sex. And the more spontaneous the better. However, being married doesn’t give me the opportunity to have sex often. Rarely is more the case. But an unusual thing happened to me on one business trip.

I was designated driver to pick up three co-workers in the state of Florida and bring them to a meeting in South Florida. I never met two of the three but I new they were women. Well, by the time I had picked up the third, Sandy, I was fantasizing about her. She was petite with long brown hair and blue eyes that were just to die for. Of course, she was married, but it was nice to think of having her in a fantasy.

We got to the meeting and it started off be registering in the hotel and going through preliminaries. Boring. Because there was limited space at the hotel and the restaurant, we were paired off for dinner and had to eat in two different areas of the dining room. Everyone had there own room, bummer. I was paired off with Sandy and we hit it off real well. Basic small talk. We chatted during dinner and then wondered down to the beach area.

We found a bar and decided to have a drink and people watch. Hours later, we started to head back to the hotel to rest for the busy day ahead. We got to the hotel and we went to my room to get Sandy a notebook for the morning’s meetings. I handed it to her and then looked into her eyes and I was lost. She was looking back and it seemed that we were just standing there for an hour (I think it was more like ten minutes).

She said that she wasn’t ready to go to bed and wanted to know more about me, so we talked more in my room. It was idle chat. I don’t remember how, but the next thing I knew, we were both on the bed staring into each other’s eyes with our noses barely touching. Looking at her, I couldn’t help myself and I pulled her into my arms and started kissing her and let me hand wonder down her back to her ass. She was doing the same and then she slipped her hand down my pants to my ass and she was massaging it so softly. A noise in the hallway broke our embrace. Sandy looked at me and said, “Robb, I’ve never done this… I mean, not while I’m married.”

I looked at her and spoke softly, “Sandy, I have never done this either, but it feels so… natural.”

She looked at me and said that she should go back to her room. Depressed, I told her that she should go too. I walked her to the door and looked into her eyes again and got lost. kartal escort She did too, but broke it before it went anywhere. I closed the door and decided to take a shower to drown my thoughts. I hopped in and just let the water run over me wiping my face every now and then. Just as I started to reach for the faucet to shut it off, there was a hand on my back. Startled to no end, I turned and Sandy was standing there naked. WOW! My fantasies of her body didn’t do it just. She was incredible. Athletic build, her average sized tits dipped a bit as if they were pouting and her pussy lips stuck out of a well sculptured brown bush. My cock sprang to life.

“How did you get in here?” I asked (I know, stupid question)

“I took your key off the desk. I didn’t know what I was doing, but it seemed like that is what I wanted.”

Sandy climbed into the shower and we kissed and caressed each other for a long time. My hands kept finding there way back to her ass. It was so soft and tender. I let them go further and further into her crack until I hit her brown cave. She let out a little moan of pleasure. I couldn’t handle it anymore, so we got out of the shower and dried off quickly and found our way to the bed. She laid on the bed and I looked into her eyes and told her to relax.

My mouth found her left tit and started rolling over it with my tongue. She was reeling back and enjoying it. I was using my hands on her other tit and over her thighs, occasionally hitting her pussy lips. I continued south to find her naval and licked it over and over as she started to massage her tits. Her moaning was getting constant but it was just above a whisper.

I decided to go further south and lightly brushed her pussy lips on my way to her thighs. She let out a gasp as her lips were touched and it seemed to bring her moaning to a higher level. Down between her thighs I went, over and over. I continued further south to her toes and then did something I’d never done before; I started sucking on her toes and boy did she start to pant. I thought she was going to cum, when she begged to me, “Robb, please shove your cock into me.”

I was happy to oblige, but I wasn’t done. I moved up her slowly and stopped right in front of her pussy lips and said, “Cum for me baby.” And down I went licking her lips up and down over and over, slowly to make sure I got every bit.

“Oh…my …” was all she got out.

I maltepe escort bayan hit her clit and she exploded. Sandy grabbed my head and forced it down onto her pussy. I licked her over and over for twenty minutes. She was panting up a storm and my jaw was hurting. I wanted to see how her ass would react and I lifted her legs slowly and let my tongue caress her brown hole. She gasped and screamed as my tongue licked her ass. I continued and slowly brought a finger up to her ass and slid it in. Sandy was now begging for more. After a few strokes, I went back to her clit and brought her to another climax. I stopped everything I was doing and climbed up her body to look into her eyes. As I was looking she smiled and started licking my face letting her tongue into my mouth every so often. She was licking the cum off my face and after she had finished, she gave me a devilish smile.

I was ready to explode so I spread her legs and decided to ride her. As the tip of my shaft entered her pussy, her eyes rolled back in her head and she was leaning back for a ride.

I went slowly as to enjoy every inch of her pussy. When I was in, she started to buck, but I stopped her and just told her to relax. She looked at me and smiled with that grin again. I pulled out slowly and then in again. I did this for about ten strokes and she was loving it. It looked like she was hitting an orgasm, so I started to speed up and ride her widely. Knowing I was just about to cum, I hit full throttle and she screamed out as she hit her climax. Seconds later I blew my load deep into her. I gasped out and fell right onto her. Smiling and keeping my semi hard cock in her I pulled her onto me and we stared at each other for a while, falling asleep in each others arms.

It was only for a short while because I woke up and Sandy was between my legs grinning. I looked down at my cum-soak cock and she went for it. Her head was bobbing faster than a piston in a car. Her tongue was licking my shaft and her teeth were grasping my dick. God, did it feel good. She continued for a while and just when I thought I was going to cum, she stopped and crawled up my body. That devilish grin was intoxicating. “Where did you learn to do that?” I asked.

“A friend taught me a while ago. But I’ve only done it once before to my husband and he came all over me and went to sleep.”

“Wow, I’ve never felt anything like that, I’d escort pendik love to meet your friend who taught you.” I said from being so relaxed.

Grinning at me, “Maybe you’ll get to meet her.” She was sliding her pussy over my dick and when she hit my balls, she started bucking methodically.

“Her??” I thought. But my mind was getting fucked and she was riding my cock. She was gleaming at me and then she whispered in my ear, “I want to try something kinky. Something I’ve never done before.” Sandy climbed off me and got onto the floor on all fours. “Fuck me in the ass.”

I was rock hard at that thought. I have only fucked someone in the ass once a few years ago when she lost a bet to me. She didn’t want her pussy fucked, so she told me to fuck her ass and wow, that was intense.

I looked at Sandy and asked her if she was sure.

She looked at me and said, “Robb, I’ve never been kinky, but I wanna try. Please fuck my ass.”

I was on her before she finished her sentence. I was still wet from her pussy, but I wanted more, so I stuck my cock in her pussy for a few more strokes and then went to her puckered little ass. I was slow in entering her as she was biting her lip. Inching in her ass, I thought I was hurting her to much when all of a sudden, it was like the flood gates opened and in I went. She was now panting and I decided to take it slow, but Sandy didn’t want that. She slammed back on me and I could take a hint, so I pounded away.

“God, this is so good.” was all she could say over and over again.

I was slamming into her beautiful ass over and over again and thinking how much I was in heaven.

It wasn’t long before we both came. I was so spent that I pulled out of her ass and collapsed on the floor. She fell beside me. We cuddled up like two spoons and laid there for a while.

We got up and made it to the bed, Sandy whispered to me that she was happy that she met me and wondered if we could act out another kinky fantasy she had tomorrow night.

I smiled at her and said, “If we’re awake enough, I’ll do any fantasy you want.” She smiled and we fell asleep. Twenty minutes later the alarm went off and we had to get ready for the meeting. I took her into the shower and fucked her from behind as the water caressed her face and tits.

After the shower, I said, “I’m not ready for this meeting.”

Sandy was gathering her things and heading back to her room to get ready.

“Remember, later tonight. I want to try something kinky.”

Out the door she went.

For a fantasy to come true…It was incredible. I wonder what kinky fantasy she wanted for the night. But that is another story.

To Be Continued…



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