It was a lazy Thursday summer afternoon, not a cloud in the sky and humid. Vicky got a call around noon from her best friend Sarah to come over for a swim and to hang out.

This was a normal event during the summer as neither had much to do until college started up again in the fall. So Vicky put together her things including her favorite bikini (blue top and white bottoms) that showed off her long skinny legs and small breasts as much as possible.

When she got to Sarah’s house, Sarah was already outside on the deck of her pool. Vicky let herself in, went through living room and kitchen and out the back patio door. Sarah was also in her favorite bikini, blonde and tanned.

Vicky said hello, and they proceeded to chat about the great weather as they got ready to have a dip in the pool. After a quick dip in the pool and quick chatter about their upcoming class schedules in the fall, they both got out of the pool and lied down on the chairs they had set up to do some sun-tanning.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s father Jim, had been at work as a bank manager for the morning but came down with a mild headache and called it a day around noon. After picking up some fast food on the way home, he ate it in the car and decided it was probably best to take a nap. He arrived around 1pm and parked the car in the garage using the new stat of the art garage door opener he had just installed. Therefore, his entrance into the house was quiet and Sarah and Vicky had no idea any one else was home.

Jim went upstairs, got out of his suit, and lay down on the bed to rest naked. He thought to himself how nice it would have been if his wife wasn’t at work but he knew she had a busy day of work scheduled and wouldn’t be home for a while.

About 5 minutes into Jim’s nap, he heard some faint laughter from outside. He stood up and peeked out his window to see Sarah and her friend Vicky outside. He had a perfect view of both of them sun-tanning about 50 feet away. He was surprised as he thought Sarah was to do some errands today but also pleasantly surprised as Vicky was Jim’s favorite of all of Sarah’s friends. Jim had jerked off numerous times to the view of Vicky in his backyard swimming. Her long legs and firm tight body got him every time. He was hard as a rock before he knew it.

Then Vicky’s cell phone rang, it was her boyfriend and she walked out of Jim’s sight, Jim took this as a sign that he should probably lay down for that nap now but he put on some swimming trunks just in case Sarah came upstairs.

Vicky was annoyed that her boyfriend called as she was just starting to completely relax, after a quick chat, she went inside for some lemonade for the both of them. Upon return, Sarah güvenilir bahis was getting ready to get back in the pool again, so they both jumped in and again cooled off from the humid day. About a half hour later they went to get out again, Vicky wanted some more lemonade and went to towel off, this is when she realized she had forgotten her towel at home. Vicky told Sarah she would use Sarah’s towel to quickly dry off and go get more lemonade, and to find another towel for herself. Vicky had been in Sarah’s house many times and Sarah had no problem with it and stayed outside.

Vicky went in the house, it was extremely quiet. Meanwhile, Jim was upstairs, unable to sleep as he just stared at the wall from his back on the bed. When he heard Vicky tell Sarah she was going inside, he wished he was downstairs so that he could talk to Vicky and see her again.

Before Jim knew it, he heard footsteps on the stairs and he realized Vicky was coming upstairs. His cock reacted immediately. Vicky couldn’t find any towels downstairs so went to go upstairs, still a bit wet from the pool, she figured it was ok to go up as they were alone. She first tried the main bathroom, but it had no towels, then tried Sarah’s room, again no towels. Then she figured she’d try the master bedroom bathroom, she opened the door, and got the shock of her life, Sarah’s dad was home, he was lying down on his stomach in swimming trunks. Vicky said she was so sorry and was just looking for a towel and turned to go back downstairs. Jim wasn’t sure what to do, he called out to her to hold on and that he thinks there is a towel in the bathroom.

Vicky had always found Sarah’s father somewhat attractive for an older man. It was confirmed when she saw his chiseled back when she first burst into the room. Jim went to get the towel, he was still rock hard, but Vicky hadn’t seen his front yet so she had no idea. Jim tried to conceal it with the towel as he came back into the bedroom from the bathroom, by then Vicky was inside the bedroom beside the bed near the entrance just looking around.

Jim handed Vicky the towel, hoping to god she didn’t notice his erection through the shorts. Vicky grabbed the towel and decided to small talk a bit saying, “Thanks Mr. Davis, I forgot my towel at home.”

Jim replied, “No problem Vicky, it’s nice to see you, haven’t seen you in a while, and you can call me Jim!”

Vicky began drying her hair and they were standing 5 feet apart looking at each other. Vicky apologized, “Sorry for waking you up, we didn’t realize you were home.”

Jim said, “Ya, I came home early, had a headache, needed to take a nap, I was almost awake anyways, so no problem. How’s your summer going?”

Vicky türkçe bahis was getting comfortable around Jim, “Pretty good, going by too quick of course.”

By now, Vicky had tied the towel around her waist and was about to go when she glanced down and saw that Jim’s hard-on was VERY noticeable through his shorts. In her head, she was flattered and shocked and didn’t know if she should get out of there without him noticing that she noticed.

Jim noticed Vicky’s eyes glance down, and there was a very awkward moment.

Jim exclaimed, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, please don’t take offence!” Jim found it surprising that she wasn’t running out of the room.

Vicky just stood there almost staring at his crotch and said, “It’s ok Jim, it’s just a natural reaction right?”

Jim was worried what was going to happen, “Oh ya, you’re a beautiful girl and it has a mind of its own, I’m sorry again, please don’t tell Sarah about this.”

Vicky shyly answered, “It’s ok, I’m actually kinda flattered.”

Jim suddenly liked where this was going so decided to turn up the flattering, “You should be Vicky, you’re frankly very hot, your boyfriend Kyle is a lucky guy.”

Another very awkward silence hit the room as neither knew what to say.

Finally, Jim figured he may as well try and blurted out, “Would you ummmm…like to see it Vicky?”

Vicky’s brain was saying “run out now” but deep down she was very curious about how big Sarah’s dad was and she was already wet wondering.

Vicky surprised herself when she said, “Ummm sure, guess there’s no harm in looking.”

Jim’s cock throbbed hearing Vicky say that, he wanted to fuck her right then and there like there was no tomorrow but realized he needed to take this slow and said, “Ok, this is crazy, but here goes.”

With that, Jim just dropped his shorts to his ankles and stood there. Vicky was amazed, her jaw literally dropped, his cock was the biggest she’d ever seen in person, it was rock hard and at least 8 inches and thick.

Vicky finally broke the silence, “WOW, you have an amazing cock Jim!”

Jim answered giddily, “Thank you Vicky, as you can see it really likes you! I know you have to get back outside, but before you do, since I showed you something, would you mind showing me something?”

Vicky was caught a little off guard, “Oh, I don’t know about that, but you’re right, would you like to see my breasts?”

Jim couldn’t believe it worked, he’s wanted to see Vicky’s breasts forever, now he was going to get the chance up close and personal, saying “Oh wow, I would love to!”

In one swift motion, Vicky took her bra off and dropped it on the floor. Now it was Jim’s turn to have his güvenilir bahis siteleri jaw drop. They were nicer than he ever imagined. He figured 34b’s, small but solid with perfectly proportioned nipples.

Suddenly both couldn’t talk and it was one long awkward moment.

Jim slowly walked towards Vicky, reached out and felt one of Vicky’s breasts, while at the same time taking Vicky’s hand with his other hand and placed it on his cock. Vicky was getting very turned on very quickly but just froze in shock as to what was happening.

Jim then whispered in Vicky’s ear, “get on your knees sweety!”

Vicky knew immediately what he wanted. She had given head a lot to her boyfriend but he was half the size as Jim. She figured she was now stuck and half of her wanted to blow him anyways.

So Vicky slowly got on her knees and took Jim’s rock hard cock in her mouth. Jim held Vicky’s head closed his eyes and was suddenly in heaven. Vicky gave him the best head he had ever had, he was loving it.

Vicky could barely breathe, she had Sarah’s dad’s huge cock in her mouth, his hand on her head and his balls in her hand…she couldn’t believe what was happening.

About 5 minutes after she started, she could feel the throbbing start and the pre-cum was indicating it was time. Jim said to keep going and held her head in place, shortly after, she felt a huge load of cum shoot down her throat and then 3 or 4 in a row almost making her gag. All Jim said was, “swallow it sweety cuz we don’t want a mess.” It was the most cum Vicky had ever experienced and she was shocked how much he came.

When it was all over, Jim fell back onto the bed in pure elation.

Jim exclaimed, “Oh my god, thank you Vicky, that was amazing!”

Vicky was tired and surprised, “That was crazy, wasn’t expecting you to cum like that.”

With cum still dripping from her mouth and some on her neck she found her bikini top, put it back on and proceeded to leave.

Jim suddenly realized Sarah was still outside, and this could be bad if anyone found out and said, “Here, don’t forget the towel, and I hope you agree that no one can know about this.”

Vicky was thinking the same thing and replied, “Of course, I understand.”

Jim suddenly looked at her body again and in his mind wanted to fuck her hard right now, but knew he couldn’t and said, “OK, maybe we’ll do it again sometime sweety, get back outside now!”

Vicky trotted downstairs and back outside, Sarah was none the wiser, she had actually fallen asleep and barely noticed Vicky was gone. All Vicky could taste was Jim’s cum in her mouth still and just wanted to jump in the pool again to wash off. Before she could though, Sarah stopped her and said, “Hey Vicky, looks like you left some sun tan lotion on your neck you silly goose!”

With that she took her finger, swiped the gob of “sun tan” lotion and rubbed it into her own legs, if she only knew!!



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