I called you at work to make sure you would be home on time, and you said you would be. After I hung up, I went into the kitchen to put the finishing touches on our dinner. I then went to our bedroom and made sure everything was in place for our big night!

I heard you drive up and I went to the door and opened it. As I stood there, you stopped and looked at me from head to toe. I was dressed in only a hunter green velvet teddy, with a thong back. You smile widely as I ask you if you like it? You shake your head yes as you walk to me to get a kiss. I take your hand and lead you inside. I ask you to close your eyes. You do, and I lead you into the dining room. I tell you to open your eyes. When you do, you notice the room is dim from the candlelight. I lead you to your chair and you sit down. I tell you I will be right back. As I go to the kitchen and pour us some wine. I bring it out and sit it on the table. You smile and I turn to go back into the kitchen . You reach out and pinch my ass lightly. I turn and smile, as continue towards the kitchen. I come out with our plates. I sit yours in front of you and mine beside you. We sit and eat and sip our wine, while we talk about our day.

When we finish I get up and take our dishes to the kitchen. I ask you to blow out the candles, but to stay there, I will be right back. I come back and hand you another glass of wine. I take your hand and lead you to our bedroom.

Again, I ask you to close kartal escort your eyes just before we enter the room, and you do. I pull you inside and tell you to open your eyes. Again, you see that the room is all a glow with candles, and that the bed is covered with rose petals. You turn to me and pull me to you and kiss me deeply. I reach for the buttons on your shirt and start to unbutton them. I remove your shirt and let it fall to the floor. I look deeply into your eyes and kiss you again. My tongue runs over your lips and then into your mouth. I unbutton and unzip your pants. I push them down to your ankles. I come back up to your silk boxers and pull them down as well. I gently push you down on the bed and pull you pants and boxes completely off. I tell you lay back and relax, I will be right back.

I go into the bathroom and return with a bottle of warm massage oil. I ask you to turn over, as I pour some oil into my hands. I begin massaging your back, working to your ass and down your legs, to your feet. You moan, and I ask you to turn over. I put some more oil in my hands and begin to massage your chest, stomach and hips. I rub down the front of your legs and back up. I stop at you thighs and bend down to lick at the flavored oil. I begin to lick, kiss and suck your inner thighs. I look up to see you smiling widely at me. I take your cock into my hand and slowly bring my mouth to it. I suck it in to my awaiting mouth slowly.

I maltepe escort bayan suck on it eagerly and hear you begin to moan. As you begin to grow harder in my mouth I suck a little harder and faster. I suck you in to my wanton mouth deeply, then slide my mouth all the way back up to the tip or your cock. Holding your shaft in my hand, I lick, kiss and nibble just the head of your cock. Slowly I suck our cock back down deeply into my mouth. I caress your balls gently playing with them while I continue to suck, up and down your hard thick shaft. You moan and ask me to move to a 69 position, so you can pleasure me as much as I am pleasuring you. I turn around and place my pussy in your face. You move the little piece of material from my panties with your hands and begin to lick my clit, hungrily. I moan loudly as you plunge your tongue deep into my hot hole. I moan again and intensify my sucking.

Moving faster and sucking harder. Going down deep, back and forth from the base of your cock to the tip of your silky head . You continue tonguing my hot pussy, as then insert a finger, and then another. Pumping me wildly, while your tongue continues to work my clit. I continue to suck you as I feel my orgasm building deep within the pit of my stomach. A small scream escapes my lips as you call my name. You tell me you are about to explode. And I beg you to cum in my mouth. You work my hole and clit faster. You tell me to cum on your escort pendik face. I start to cum as you pull your fingers out of my pussy and insert your tongue into my sweet wet spasming hole. You lick and suck up all my juices. You then cry out my name as I feel your cock start to spasm in my mouth. You start to cum as I swallow deep and hold you cock deep in my throat. As your spasms subside I continue to suck you until you are dry and start to go limp. I turn around and move up to your face and kiss you deeply. Mmmmmmm; I love tasting me on you!

We kiss and cuddle for a while as we are content in each other’s arms. The smell of roses fills the air from the crushed petals. We start to kiss again and our hands begin to roam over each other’s bodies.

Soon, your cock is at full attention and you pull me on top of you. I straddle you and slowly insert your cock deep inside of me. I slowly begin to rock back and forth. You reach for my breasts, as I toss my head back and moan loudly. Still rocking slowly, I start to increase my speed as you moan my name and yell, “Oh yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me hard you horny bitch! I start to ride you like a wild animal. I feel my orgasm building, you wet your fingers and reach down to rub my clit. I ride you faster and harder. You thrust your hips up, and tell me you are gonna cum soon. I continue to ride you wildly as I explode on your cock. Soon after I start cumming, you shoot you creamy load deep inside me. I bend down and lay my head on your chest. With your cock still deep inside me, I look up into your eyes and smile warmly. You kiss me passionately and lay your head back on pillow covered with rose petals. We fall asleep, dreaming of our next lovemaking session.



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