It all started with a text message I received from my wife. “Don’t be late home I have a surprise for you.” Well how was I expected to get any work done or concentrate for the rest of the day with a message like that? I sent a reply back trying to get some information out of her but I got nothing. I love my wife, but she is not big into surprises, so this had me interested. Leaving work that Friday there was no thought of stopping into the pub on the way home for a quick beer, it was get home for the surprise.

When I got home there was silence. No kids running around, no wife. Searching the house I found a note that had been left behind, “relax, have a beer, I’m dropping the kids at your mothers for the night, home soon, love A.” Well this was a surprise, a night off, a sleep in, a night out, a night in, my imagination was starting to think of the possibilities.

Sitting on the back veranda starting on my second beer I was beginning to relax and thinking of what a great start to the weekend this was. I heard the car pull up, but the engine was still running, the wife ran in, dragged me out of my seat, to the car with beer in hand. Well at least I had a ‘roadie’ where ever it was we were going. I got an explanation on the way, pre-dinner drinks, dinner then what ever the night brings, I thought having a night off from the kids was the surprise, but dinner and drinks, fantastic.

A couple of beers at a local bar discussing our day, dinner at a nearby restaurant we both love and here we are back at the bar both enjoying the glow of a couple of drinks, fantastic food and the company of each other. That’s when I noticed, she had that look in her eye, had that smile, she had a secret she was keeping from me. The only thing is, my wife is hopeless at keeping secrets. I asked her what was up, expecting some lame excuse. Her response “I haven’t given you your surprise yet, it’s at home.” What are we doing here I thought, I grabbed her by the hand and headed for a taxi. We were like kids on the way home, we couldn’t keep our hands of each other and it was a relief to get home, paying the driver I ran inside after my wife. Before getting my surprise, my wife demanded that she have a relax in the bath and promptly ordered me to get a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses.

By the time I got to our bathroom she was already immersed underwater with a dense layer of bubbles framing her lovely face, teasingly preventing me from seeing any other attributes of her exquisite body. Handing her a glass of wine I ditched my business attire and jumped into the bath with her. Continuing our conversations from the bar we both now seemed in no hurry to get to the surprise of the night. This went on for a while, then suddenly handing me an empty glass, my wife said if I wanted the surprise I would need to get a refill for her. Drying off I studied the expression on her face, that little smile had returned and had me intrigued.

I was refilling our glasses, when my wife silently came up behind me, giving my bottom a gentle squeeze, then reaching around and giving my cock a grope, giving me an indication of where the rest of the night was headed. Turning, we enjoyed a passionate kiss before breaking apart. Told, “if I wanted the surprise, wait one minute then come to the bedroom.” I nervously waited, sipping on my wine, canlı bahis şirketleri then topping up the glasses again I waited the full minute then proceeded to our bedroom.

My wife was already under the covers when I got to our bedroom. I saw that little smile again that I had seen a number of times this afternoon. What could she be up to? I must have been standing there gawking at her, because she nearly yelled at me, “come on, I’ve bought a new naughty video for us.” Well this certainly was a surprise, my wife has never been into an adult store let alone bought anything of this nature. That sort of thing had always been left up to me to bring into our love life, wow.

I found the disc beside the DVD player and the title and appearance gave nothing away to the nature of it, but in it went, I turned and half jumped into our bed. This got some giggles from my wife, who quickly had me under the covers, and slapping my hands away from her. We sat through the usual opening credits waiting for the action to start and the action started in a typical enough way with a well proportioned blond sucking the cock of an equally impressive man.

A comment from beside me “that looks fun, I might try some of that” and without any delay she was sliding under the covers and soon had my hardening cock sliding down her throat. I’m not sure if it was because of the mundane start to the movie or if she had planed it this way, but who was I to argue. I was receiving a first class blow job, while watching one on the screen. I moved the covers back to get a look at my wife in action. As I did this she looked up and I saw that glimmer in her eyes, what else has she got in store for the evening. My wife now swung around a little and was now alternating between giving me slow lazy licks and watching the movie.

The scene of the movie had changed now, with a big titted brunet joining the other two. She wasted no time reorganizing the blond to a position where she could kiss her way down the length of her body, past her tits and towards a glistening pussy. There was a neat little ‘landing strip’ which the brunet kissed pass on her way to the goal that she already had a finger rhythmically working in and out of. A short time later, with the brunet now licking the blond like her life depended on it. I hear “I think I would like some of that,” well, who was I to deny, and we swapped positions with my wife having her head on the pillows watching, with my head between her legs.

I do enjoy going ‘down’ and tonight was no exception. This however is when I got the next surprise of the night. My wife had her own little ‘landing strip’, she had been busy. I looked up catching her eyes, and I saw that little smile again, but it stayed, making me wonder what else she may have in store. No time for thinking, I had a job to do, and with that in mind a started tonguing her pussy. Softly, teasingly and lovingly I was enjoying it, she was enjoying it, time to step it up gear though. I added a finger to the actions of my tongue, this quickly became two with the actions of my tongue becoming a bit more frantic. She was wet, really wet and with little effort I had her juices flowing freely to the extent they were seeping out of her pussy, down over her arsehole. With the pretext of not wanting to waste a drop of the juices being produced canlı kaçak iddaa I decided to let my tongue trail slowly from her pussy down over and around her asshole. On rare occasions this was something she would allow, and normally only to a very limit extend, and anal sex, well forget it. Tonight however I got an approving moan as an indication that, not only was what I doing okay, but the stimulus was something she was enjoying. With fingers continuing to leisurely pump in and out of her pussy, I thought of doing more than a couple of exploratory licks and I slowly increased the pressure of my tongue to a point where it made a slight penetration, resulting in another deeper and lengthy moan. She was certainly turned on tonight and rapidly heading towards orgasm from the combined forces of my fingers and tongue.

That is as far as I got, because a felt a hand under my chin urging me to return up her body. Kissing my way back up her body, sucking briefly on two very hard nipples, I returned some of my attention to the movie still playing. The scene had changed significantly. The blond was now lying on her back, with the brunet now thrusting a very large strap-on in and out of her pussy. Well, this was a bit different from the standard stuff we had seen together and certainly had my attention. After a few moments the brunet withdrew entirely, and then proceeded to slowly stuff the full length of the plastic cock up the blonds’ ass. This was encouraged by a mixture of moans and other more direct instruction coming from the blond. With my wife giving me a slow hand job under the covers, she rolled over and whispered the biggest surprise of the night in my ear. “I think I might like to try that.” I nearly came in her hand. My head was spinning, what exactly would she like to try, I had images and questions popping into my mind. The first one was girl on girl sex, can I watch. That was quickly replaced by the image of me cumming all over her ass that I had just fucked, can we start now.

Before I had a chance to ask any questions, she was up and out of bed, leaving me to stare blankly at the screen, feeling somewhat confused but still extremely turned on . Did my wife just suggest she wanted to try anal sex, and was this the surprise she had been building up to the entire night? My focus returned to the brunet on the screen, which now had the blond’s legs over her shoulders, strap-on still firmly berried up the ass of the blond and she had an action that I would describe more as grinding than trusting.

My wife’s return from our ensuite dragged my attention away from the screen. She was waiting at the edge of the bed, “do you want to do this” she questioned? I didn’t trust that any words I could say would make sense, so my answer was to kneel on the bed and rap my arms around her in the most loving embrace I could muster, causing her to lean in and eventually tumble into bed in my arms. We both knew what was going to happen next, but I think we were both nervous in how we were going to start. We both wanted to experience the one thing that was not part of our bedroom activities. We both wanted to try anal sex. We had gone down this path only once in our married life, and I think the fact we were both stoned at the time, had the most impact on our decision making on that occasion. This time would be different, we were canlı kaçak bahis both high, high on love for each other, something more exquisite than any drug could produce.

Grabbing a bottle of lube, we both had some giggles in applying it to each other. I think it was our nerves rather than anything particularly funny that we did, but the laughs seemed to take some of the stress out of the situation. With neither of us being 100 percent which would be the best position to start in, we settled down to spooning each other, letting small gentle movements be our guide rather than only one of us dominating the experience.

When we reached a point where both of our bodies were in full contact with each other, and we both paused, letting the full feeling of what we were doing sink in. Neither of us moved, neither of us said anything, we were both processing the new experiencing. The first part of what we had done had been gentle and careful, respectful of each other, where were we going to take this.

Not daring to use words to break this pause, but wondering where this could lead to, I decided to start moving again. At first small back and forth movements, similar to those movements that got us to our currently fully embedded position, but when A felt those movements she must have now felt comfortable enough to start moving and she too must have thought that we needed to get a little more active. Rearranging the two of us we ended up in a ‘doggy’ style position.

We were now in a position where we could see the TV again. Not needing any more stimulus but getting it anyway, the scene of the DVD had changed to something similar to what we were currently enjoying. The brunette was now getting ‘spit roasted’, with the blond at one end with a strap-on of her own and the original male with the healthy sized cock sliding it slowly in and out of the brunette’s mouth. We watched a moment before restarting our own thrusting. We enjoyed the new position but I had a need to look into my lover’s eyes as I came and I knew I couldn’t last forever. Even if I could not use words to describe the feelings she was giving me, perhaps I could communicate it through my eyes and face.

Disengaging, I lay on my back inviting her to have full control. For her to control how quick, how deep and how intense it could be for the two of us. She started again, going in and out the full length she could. I wasn’t going to last like this and she could see it, she could sense it. Reaching down and fondling my balls whilst mouthing “I love you” was all it took. Locking eyes on my lover I exploded, it was massive, she encouraged it by continuing to rock back and forth, and helping me to expend my orgasm to its fullest extent.

I must have closed my eyes at some point, because I was now opening them to see the love of my life looking down with a smile of enjoyment. It was a smile reflecting the enjoyment she had just given me. I was exhausted, there was cum everywhere, and wow was all I could think of. She reached down and slid a finger through some of the cum that was on me. She put the finger to her mouth sucked it off, then said “I think you enjoyed that.” Well that was an understatement. Then asking me “Did you like your surprise”, all I could do was nod.

The surprises of the night were not quite over. She gently with drew the strap-on from within me and said “if your not to exhausted, I think I might like a bit of that,” looking over her shoulder I could see the guy slamming his cock in and out of the ass of the Brunette. I smiled and said “you are on.”



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