It was Sunday, the first Sunday where I didn’t have to sing at the Cathedral of the Sacred Mother. The Chancel Choir was out for the summer. My first Sunday in six months of no commitments, no waking up early, no dressing up, nothing but sleeping in to my heart’s content. I didn’t have the struggle with the alarm clock of “to sleep or not to sleep” or my morning prayer to God to turn back the clock so I could have just two more hours.

I snuggled into bed as I heard the sounds of my Master’s wife, and my lover, getting herself and the kids ready for church. I heard Master get up to fiddle around on the computer and I snuggled deeper into the oblivion of sleep, so thankful for this free Sunday. No singing, no church, and I can sleep until noon if I so desire.

I fell back into sleep and dreamt of CSI agents investigating a dungeon on the World of Warcraft, while dragons flew overhead and a Catholic choir sang the “Ave Verum Corpus”. Obviously, I am slightly influenced by the television, my family’s video games and my life… As I lay in bed, reveling in the cozy warmth of my comforter, laying on my tummy and dreaming the weirdness in my own imagination, the slap of suede thudded into my dreamland, waking me up roughly, and flooding my bum with hot warmth.

Master pushed the blankets aside, exposing my butt to the cool air the fan was generating and his red sueded leather flogger. His fingers caressed my behind for several moments, as he made admiring comments about my butt belonging to him and him alone. I whispered my consent in the form of a “yes, Sir” and my butt, on its own volition, wiggled against his hands. As I started to drift off again, comforted by his caresses, my eyes closed and I gave a little moan, and then “Thwap!” the flogger’s leather strands slapped the backs of my thighs, and my moaning turned into a sharp yelp.

Master ordered me to follow him into his bedroom and I obediently followed, climbing up onto his King-sized bed and assuming my position, kneeling with my palms facing upwards on my thighs, my knees opened slightly and my head tilting down. I wanted to take off my glasses, and when they fell, I worried, afraid they might break in our playtime, so I jumped up and leaned over to find them. As cliché as it sounds, I really am blind as a bat without my glasses. As I bent in half, I wasn’t thinking of the target I was making of my ass to my Master’s hands, floggers, and other creative toys he might be hiding in his leather toy bag. He teasingly spanked me as I looked for my glasses, but seeing my distress over them, he kindly picked them up and put them on the dressing table so that we could resume our play without my worries. What a nice Master!

He shoved me roughly illegal bahis onto my face on his bed and made a big production out of showing me the brown leather Cat. The Cat?! I shudder even thinking about it. The Cat O’ Nine tails flogger is our punishment flogger. Whenever sis or I disobey (or when I’m too sassy), he brings out the Cat. Eek! It is not my favorite toy. I lay there worrying about what offense I may have committed and wondering if I should confess. Well, there were a couple times I masturbated without a May I? but those were late at night when everyone was sleeping and I was feeling a little horny, but knew he had to wake up early…Surely, he didn’t know about those?

I stayed silent though, not wanting to confess anything that might get me into trouble. He flogged the bed around me, startling me and sending a rush of hotness to my pussy. He then swatted my white behind several times in rapid succession with the Cat, making me yell out a cry and blink away tears. He alternated between whip-like lashes and feather caresses on my entire back, making me alternate between whimpers of pain and sighs of contentment.

He dangled the leather fingers of the cat in the crack of my butt and I arched my hips, raising my butt to his delicious touch. The handle of the cat pushed against my hole and I gave a little moan, but Master did not go further, just teased my greedy little hole. As I squirmed in need, he switched to my favorite red sueded-leather flogger and once again the hard thwacks began anew.

As ecstasy washed over me, sending me reeling, he paused and I heard a sound that makes me wrinkle my nose and think “oh no”. I peeked over my shoulder and he was holding two small rubber floggers and spinning them in the air like propellers. He brought them closer and closer to my skin and their stingy slaps felt like bee stings all over my shoulders, my back, my ass, the backs of my thighs, and the bottoms of my feet. I moaned in pain, and he ordered me to spread my legs. I complied and he began to flog my pussy, using the rubber floggers for a while and then switching to the sueded leather. Each flog made me wet and I started to involuntarily rock against the strap, meeting the flogger halfway.

Master dipped the leather strands slowly onto my wet pussy, and then dragged it endlessly, infinitely slowly across my pussy lips, drenching the leather, and making my hips squirm against him. He used the cold metal handle and chain and danced them over my clit. I was desperate for more. I was floating. As I neared my orgasm with the chain on my clit, he pulled away, and gave me a harsh swat with the now-wet flogger. Sting! The pain racked through me as he hit harder and harder and I floated illegal bahis siteleri higher up, my eyes drifting closed and my body starting to shiver. I felt stuck in that moment of “half sleep, half waking” that Lysander says in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I was entering sub-space when Master yanked on my hair and said “I’m dripping for you. On your knees, slave!”

I crawled up, on all fours, arching my waist to the position that gives him best access to my pussy, spreading my knees and giving an impatient moan when he pushed just the tip of his cock inside of me and stood still for a moment. He pulled out and used his cock to slap against my clit and I arched more, ready to beg if I had to.

I needed him inside me. He teased me for moments longer, but knowing what I needed, gave a quick thrust into me and started to fuck me. He hits such nice places in this position. I rocked back against him, reveling in each stroke of his cock inside of me. I made fists into the sheets and he grabbed at my hips, pinching the flesh between his fists and controlling each thrust. As an orgasm shuddered through me, I whispered an “I come for you, Master” and he praised me with a “Good girl” and continued to fuck me.

He reached forward and gathered my hair into a ponytail, tightly holding onto my hair with one hand, pulling my head back to an uncomfortable position and making each thrust more savage. My eyes rolled up to watch the ceiling and my neck ached, but the swat of his other hand on my ass focused my pain elsewhere. He slapped my ass as he pulled my hair and rode me hard. Another orgasm ripped through me, but I could barely gasp out that my orgasms belong to him. I was focused on the dual pain of my hair being pulled, my ass being slapped, and my neck in this hyper-extended position. When my wrists started to give out from holding my weight, I used my elbows for support, lowering my chest to the mattress, raising my ass, and allowing him better access.

Without warning, he pushed me on my side, grabbed my thighs and yanked me to the very end of the bed, my butt dangling off, and exasperating my fear of falling. But, he held onto me, using his body as support, and raised each of my legs to his shoulders, entering me again with rough thrusts. I had to stifle a couple giggles when I felt like he was using my legs as ski poles, but then he likes how tight my pussy gets and pulsates when I giggle, so I wasn’t too worried about killing the moment. He gave me a couple more waves of orgasms and then pulled out.

He pulled out, without reaching his own orgasm, and walked out of the room. I crawled up onto the pillows and curled up on my side, wondering where he was going, but still shuddering under canlı bahis siteleri the effects of the past hour of flogging and fucking.

I was ready to drift off into sleep. Don’t you love how a good orgasm, or six or seven, makes you drowsy and floaty? He returned with a Diet Mt. Dew (his fuel) and offered me a sip. He turned the ceiling fan onto a higher setting and as I lay on my side, he climbed behind me and entered me. We got kind of tangled and our sweat and my juices were making us stick to each other. He teased me about us sticking together and then we switched to a different position.

It was time for missionary….but he grabbed my ankles and spread my legs into almost the splits and thrust into me. I was caught between the pain of my thighs and hips stretching and the delight of each thrust. But I didn’t want to complain. Complaining might end this delightful experience. As it got to be too much, he knew without being told and moved my legs to another position, straight up against his chest, where my feet were in his face and he could nibble on my instep and bite my toes. His cock seemed to grow as his balls slapped my ass. I said a sassy “Now, your balls are flogging my ass” and he grinned this masculine grin of triumph and conquering hero that I love to see.

He moved my legs again, pushing them into an almost lotus position and reached his hands to my pussy, where his fingers danced on my clit and he took moments to pull on my pussy lips until I gave a cry of pain. He pinched at my lips and clit and thrust into my now-sore pussy and sent me into a wave of orgasms that didn’t seem to stop. I became incoherent. Couldn’t even get out a sentence, though I tried. “I c-c…ooh, I cum….ooh, nice….oh God….I cum…again…oh Sir ..ooh do that again….harder…..oooh…I c-c-c…..!” He slammed into me again and again and my pussy shuddered in response. He grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the bed, growling now. My pussy was getting sore and I was panting and out of breath and finally begging for him to cum.

He threatened to pull out and cum on my face, which sent another orgasm through me, and the strokes of my pussy tightening on his cock milked him into his own orgasm and he shot hot cum up inside of me. He came with a shout and several savage grunts. We lay there, him on top of me, still joined, and both of us sweating and breathing hard, my body trembling and him getting this tender grin on his face. After attempting to cuddle and realizing the sweat of our bodies and the wet spots on the bed weren’t too comfortable to lay in, we headed to the shower and I washed him thoroughly, and ended up in helpless giggles in our shower as he turned from stern Master to silly adolescent. He says he has a dancer’s body and I laugh and tell him to take her out of the trunk before she stinks up his car.

It’s now noon, and I didn’t get to sleep in; but what a wonderful way to spend my first Sunday away from the church choir…



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